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DNS ebook: Four Ways DNS Can Accelerate Business Growth [ Source: Neustar ]

February 2014- This e-book describes how DNS has developed over the years to support business growth as new needs have emerged, for example, advanced traffic management and protection from cyber threats. It outlines the evolution of DNS as "invented by geeks, perfected by suits" and suggests how organizations can win by augmenting their current DNS set-up.

Financial Security: What Smaller Institutions Can Learn From DDoS Attacks On Big Banks [ Source: Neustar ]

February 2014- Since last fall, several waves of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have targeted major players in the U.S. banking industry. JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and PNC were among the first to sustain intermittent damage. Eventually, the top 50 institutions found themselves in the crosshairs. Websites crashed, customers couldn't connect to make transactions and banks scrambled to get back online- and stay there as long as they could. In the months to come, security experts ...

Ecommerce Site Needs Protection Against Cyber 'Pirate' [ Source: Neustar ]

February 2014- There are over 7,000 DDoS attacks every single day and they can happen to anyone, at any time. In this case study, learn how a business with 95% of revenues generated online was hit by DDoS attacks over a 6-month period, resulting in lost sales and damage to its brand. However, by assessing the threat and using Neustar SiteProtect and UltraDNS solutions, they were able to mitigate and protect their Website from future attacks. Read this case ...

Exploring the Fundamental Differences Between Network Memory and Application Caching [ Source: Silver Peak ]

October 2013- Enterprises have long been battling the inherent performance limitations of Wide Area Networks (WANs) when delivering applications to remote offices. Caching emerged in the 1990's as a potential way of addressing this problem, accelerating the performance of specific applications, such as web services, while reducing overall WAN traffic. While caching achieved reasonable success for a few short years, the market for these point products ultimately subsided as a result of several operational and functional limitations. ...

Detecção e investigação de ameaças avançadas. Infraestrutura [ Source: EMC ]

February 2013- A infraestrutura do RSA Security Analytics: oferece arquitetura modular para coleta distribuída, é baseada em metadados para fornecer indexação, armazenamento e capacidade de pesquisa eficientes. Utiliza a infraestrutura do RSA NetWitness para análise lógica e investigações, inclui o warehouse que fornece análise intensiva e arquivamento de longo prazo.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) & Business Networks [ Source: Blue Coat ]

October 2012- Learn how to control, optimize and accelerate BYOD traffic and minimize its impact on business applications.

Solution Brief: Customer Benefits of the New Blue Coat WebFilter Categories [ Source: Blue Coat ]

November 2011- Blue Coat WebFilter helps you easily manage web content by categorizing it into a discrete number of categories. This enables you to set and enforce granular policies based on your business requirements. We work to minimize any disruption to customer environments. However, we occasionally find it important to introduce changes based on customer feedback and the dynamic changes occurring in the nature of web content.

Bandwidth Bandits [ Source: MessageLabs, Symantec Hosted Services ]

September 2010- This white paper will discuss how the Internet bandwidth is a finite and expensive resource that needs protection from spammers, criminals, hackers, time-wasters and employee misuse. Not only is it expensive and limited, but it is a vital business tool. This paper also explains the true cost of bandwidth bandits on businesses.

Inside Remote Access [ Source: SMB ]

June 2010- Inside Remote Access

THE MISSING LINK: What your Existing Monitoring Solutions Don't Show [ Source: INETCO Systems Ltd. ]

June 2010- Is it time to evaluate the “next wave” of monitoring technologies? This whitepaper was written to help IT teams, working in payment processing environments, answer the question: “Is my current monitoring strategy missing critical information that could make, break or optimize our business?” We start by taking a deep dive into internal and external factors shaping IT priorities within a payment processing environment. The next section will help you evaluate existing monitoring strategies and problem ...

Not Just Words: Enforce Your Email and Web Acceptable Usage Policies [ Source: MessageLabs, Symantec Hosted Services ]

May 2010- Unmanaged employee use of email and the web can subject any organization to potentially costly risks including litigation, regulatory investigations, security breaches, lost productivity, business interruptions, and public embarrassment.

For responsible organizations operating in the age of email and the web, Acceptable Usage Policies (AUPs) are essential business tools. Clearly written and effectively communicated email and web AUPs—supported by employee training and enforced by proven technology solutions—can help employers minimize risks, ...

Cloud Computing and Web Application Performance: The Risks of Adopting the Cloud [ Source: Gomez ]

May 2010- Any business considering cloud computing to support its customer-facing Web applications must look beyond the cloud’s cost savings and scalability and evaluate how cloud adoption will impact the end-user experience.

This whitepaper addresses the Web experience challenges companies must address when adopting the cloud. It offers perspective and best practices to achieve world-class Web performance and assist in the evaluation of cloud providers and development of cloud performance SLAs.

Beating the Browser Wars: How to Win the Battle for Web Performance [ Source: Gomez ]

May 2010- With Internet Explorer’s dominance waning and Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and a host of others catching up fast, managing browser diversity is becoming increasingly challenging. Plus there are multiple versions of each browser in use, underscoring a fact of life for website designers, web application developers, and your entire IT department: web pages can look and perform differently from one browser to another.

12 Steps to Ensure Successful SaaS Delivery - How to protect revenue, renewals, and customer satisfaction [ Source: Gomez ]

May 2010- SaaS leaders like Omniture,, and Webex have known for years that performance problems can impact customer experience and have a huge impact on revenues, renewals, brand perception and overall user satisfaction.

Savvy SaaS leaders know that overall Web performance — including availability, responsiveness and consistency — needs to be a top concern in order to protect their customer experiences and minimize Web performance issues before they have a catastrophic impact on ...

Why the Mobile Web is Disappointing End-Users: A Market Research Study [ Source: Gomez ]

May 2010- One thing is clear — the mobile web has crossed the chasm — to the benefit of organizations everywhere. Yet what are mobile users’ expectations and how do they characterize the current mobile web experience? To find out, Gomez, Inc. commissioned Equation Research to conduct a study of consumers’ mobile Internet usage and perceptions.

When more Website visitors hurt your business: Are you ready for peak traffic? [ Source: Gomez ]

May 2010- Peak Online Traffic Periods are critical since more Web visitors mean more revenue opportunities. Yet what are consumers’ expectations during peak traffic times, and how do they behave if/when they experience poor web performance? To find out, Gomez commissioned Equation Research to conduct a study of consumer Internet usage experiences during peak traffic times.

Controlling Peer-to-Peer And Recreational Internet Traffic [ Source: Exinda Inc. ]

June 2009- Recreational use of the Internet at work has far reaching implications for employers. wide area networks, already strained to the limit supporting business-critical applications, are increasingly vulnerable to the adverse effects of traffic generated by peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, YouTube, and social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. This white paper discusses strategies for controlling a broad range of recreational Internet traffic, such as instant messaging, P2P file sharing, and social networking ...

A Smarter Approach To WAN Optimization [ Source: Exinda Inc. ]

April 2009- Organizations rely heavily upon their applications to do business and support employees and customers. When bandwidth congestion and network issues slow the performance of critical business applications, productivity suffers and the entire organization may be put at risk. This white paper discusses how organizations can best optimize their wide area network (WAN) and meet growing expectations for fast access to applications. It also shows how common practices such as application acceleration and adding more bandwidth ...

Making Sense Of Search Positions [ Source: Ambergreen ]

June 2009- What does monitoring your Google organic search positions mean to you? Grant Whiteside, technical director of Ambergreen, looks at the new developments that mean you can now work out exactly what the value of each organic search query was worth to you.

Modern Filtering Solutions Rein In Employees' Internet Usage [ Source: RnD Software ]

April 2009- This whitepaper presents the latest trends in Internet usage at the workplace, the ways in which this usage affects companies' productivity, and the latest, most effective methods to fight informational threats through modern content-filtering solutions.

Visibility and Control With Proxy Appliances [ Source: Blue Coat ]

April 2009- The majority of enterprise Internet traffic passing through the firewall is Web traffic, which creates serious business risks. What's needed is a high-performance solution that can provide total visibility and control of all network users during Web-based communications with zero impact on firewall operations and network bandwidth.

Application Visibility And Monitoring: An Integrated Approach To Application Delivery [ Source: Blue Coat ]

April 2009- It's no secret that application performance drives business performance. But to achieve the level of application performance your business demands, you need total visibility into your network infrastructure so you can identify and monitor all your applications and resolve the issues that impede performance.

5 Reasons Why You Need Better Visibility Of Your Network [ Source: Blue Coat ]

April 2009- Ever try walking across the room in the dark? Lack of visibility makes even the simplest task difficult indeed. Imagine tackling complex jobs like nailing ROI targets or meeting rising network performance expectations. Get five concrete reasons why you should work toward greater network visibility.

Event Driven Marketing Woos Customers with Pull Strategy [ Source: Cequity Solutions ]

December 2008- Event Driven Marketing (EDM) has come as a breath of fresh air for financial institutions. Offering the ability to access customers through a "pull" strategy, EDM is relevant instantly as it meaningfully assimilates to a customer's need. From a technological point of view, it also is vital in explaining the importance of what drives audiences on their Web pages and elsewhere.

A Guide To WAN Application Delivery For The SME Market [ Source: Ecessa ]

January 2009- Today’s small-to-medium sized enterprises (SME) are undergoing the same IT evolution as their large enterprise counterparts, only on a smaller scale. For SMEs, WAN reliability, flexible scalability, performance, and ease of management are as essential to their WAN infrastructure as they are to a large enterprise. SMEs are able to achieve efficiencies and competitive advantages through the adoption of affordable, yet feature-rich WAN optimization technologies. On the other hand, without suitable technology, they will ...

Google Insights: A Social Baraometer For The Digital Age [ Source: Ambergreen ]

March 2009- Ambergreen search guru Grant Whiteside looks at Google Insights for Search tool and how it can give you a pictorial breakdown of the social barometer.

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