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Governance, Risk and Compliance Software - Maintain Your IT Budget with Consistent Compliance Practices [ Source: Dell Software ]

January 2015- Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software can help state and local governments move from a reactive to a proactive stance with their IT systems. It lets them answer the question, "How long since your last...?" with a comforting "less than an hour ago." Read this third-party report to learn about the attitudes of state and local government agencies toward GRC software, and see which features they rank as most critical when selecting a tool.

Best Practices Guide for IT Governance & Compliance [ Source: Dell Software ]

January 2015- Federal regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPPA) and the more recent Payment Card Industry (PCI) initiative, require businesses to know exactly what changes are being made to structured and unstructured data in their corporate networks. As a result, IT organizations need to provide more detailed monitoring, analysis, auditing and reporting on the changes being made to protected data. Learn about the best practices for implementing a compliance solution ...

Web App Acceleration: Practical Implementations [ Source: F5 ]

July 2014- Web application acceleration implementations use combinations of three key acceleration principles: 1. Send data as efficiently as possible; 2. Send data as infrequently as possible; and 3. Send as little data as possible. Different combinations can produce very different results and, more importantly, they can require dramatically different investments in time and resources. To decide on the best practical implementation of acceleration technologies for a particular organization, it is important to explore how each implementation employs the key ...

Creating the Best-of-Breed DDI Solution in a Microsoft Environment [ Source: Infoblox ]

May 2014- Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is great for managing Microsoft tools. But in the age of virtualization, cloud, and mobility, you need best-in-class DNS and DHCP management utilities for core network services. That's why 1000's of network teams have added Infoblox DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) to their Microsoft environment. By doing so, they enhance the availability, manageability, security, and efficiency of their networks. Read this white paper to learn how adding Infoblox DDI ...

The Cloud Supply Chain Data Network [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- Historically there's been great difficulty -- and importance -- in obtaining high quality data to fuel global trade management systems. The paper also explores the advent of the cloud data network and some of the powerful advantages of this approach, including those provided by network effects - the exponential power of a collaborative network of partners to solve supply chain problems.

Reengineering the Foundation for B2B Information Exchange in the Supply Chain [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- Cloud platforms represent a truly radical shift in how companies exchange information with one another. Examine the shortcomings of yesterday's technology and how new platforms based around the economics of cloud are enabling companies to become agile and hyper-efficient networked organizations.

Without the extra-enterprise nervous systems to see and control the supply chain, companies are at a strategic disadvantage in their markets, and this paper explains why.

Cloud Information Technology: A Model for the Networked Company [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- Cloud technology is rapidly changing the way B2B interactions are carried out. It provides a benefit that no amount of investment in traditional software can obtain—the exponential effect a robust network of companies with a common goal has on the quality of the technology and its users. As companies move to cloud-based software, their IT teams must correspondingly adapt the department's structure.

This new model involves IT taking on more ...

The Rising Threat Of Corporate Cybercrime: Cybercriminal Motives and Methods [ Source: Trusteer ]

October 2013- Cybercriminals are leveraging vulnerabilities of the Internet, browsers, operating systems, and applications to secretly and proficiently gain access to corporate information assets. Compromising employee endpoints with malware has become the preferred method; a far simpler path into the corporate network than a direct network attack. Our latest white paper discusses the cybercriminal motives and methods, and presents the need for Enterprises to recognize this growing danger and implement technologies that effectively prevent malware, the root ...

Empowering Optimization Through Tag Management Solutions [ Source: Ensighten ]

June 2013- If you haven't explored the benefits of website tag and data management, now is the time to discover it.

With the rapid adoption of website optimization and personalization solutions in the last few years, digital marketers have faced serious marketing and technical execution challenges. Efficient workflows, execution, and overall test management continue to be a struggle, and according to Web Analytics Demystified, the biggest hurdle is instrumenting the website with the testing vendor's ...

Boosting Enterprise Agility with Tag and Data Management [ Source: Ensighten ]

June 2013- Marketing agility is critical for enterprises that interact with their prospects and customers via a wide array of channels. Enterprises that deliver static, un-optimized experiences are losing consumers and market share to more nimble competitors that have mastered the art and science of consumer interaction in the digital age.

Marketing agility relies on three pillars that enterprises must have in place:

1. Rapidly execute any digital marketing initiative through any channel or ...

Advanced Use Case: Sony Electronics [ Source: Ensighten ]

June 2013- Target site users with a personalized experience

Creating more personalized web experiences is vital to growing revenue, especially for large enterprises.

This means the number of marketing technologies to vet, deploy and manipulate keeps growing. The volume of tags and websites to manage is exploding. And the pressure to optimize everything is relentless.

In this use case, see how Sony Electronics uses Ensighten to improve website performance, reduce customer ...

High Bandwidth Internet Access: Opening Doors to New Capabilities [ Source: Cornerstone Advanced Communications ]

March 2013- High bandwidth, and the content that rides over it, enables rapid acceleration of business development and the type of collaboration that drives innovation. Companies are now choosing - from options such as fiber, cable access transport, copper, and wireless - the greatest bandwidth available in their markets. Gain perspective on trends in American and global markets that are generating the need for big bandwidth as companies rely increasingly on business and IT tools such as ...

The Socially Enabled Document Workforce [ Source: IBM ]

February 2013- The cloud enables a new age of Web-based editors for creating, sharing and collaboratively authoring office documents, in real-time or asynchronously, securely, and without the burdens of manual version tracking and management.

What's your Social IT maturity? [ Source: ITinvolve ]

November 2012- Some believe social media in business is just hype, and some say it's the future. By reading this thought leadership paper you will gain new understanding into how social IT is defined, its benefits, and how to assess your own social IT maturity.

IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Concepts, Planning, and Design Guide [ Source: IBM ]

October 2012- This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides information about the concepts, planning, and design of IBM WebSphere® Application Server environments. This book is aimed at IT architects and consultants who want more information for the planning and designing of application-serving environments, ranging from small to large, and complex implementations.

This book addresses the packaging and features in WebSphere Application Server and highlights the most common implementation topologies. It provides information about planning for specific tasks ...

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) & Business Networks [ Source: Blue Coat ]

October 2012- Learn how to control, optimize and accelerate BYOD traffic and minimize its impact on business applications.

Secure File Sharing and Collaboration in the Cloud: Maximizing the Benefits While Minimizing the Risks [ Source: Accellion ]

December 2011- The rampant use of free, cloud-based dropbox-type of applications has created new security vulnerabilities for enterprise organizations. Employees using mobile devices are increasingly taking advantage of these services to share confidential or protected information and collaborate with people outside the organization?without providing adequate security, tracking, or visibility for the IT department.

Employee use of unmanaged cloud-based services puts your organization at risk for a data breach or non-compliance with industry and government ...

8 Critical Requirements for Secure, Mobile File Sharing and Collaboration [ Source: Accellion ]

December 2011- By giving users mobile access to secure collaboration and file sharing, enterprises can boost business productivity and organizational agility. However, IT departments need to ensure that mobile file sharing never jeopardizes the organization's data security or compliance mandates.

With more and more employees downloading free, dropbox-type applications to access work files whenever and wherever they are needed, your enterprise may be at risk for a security breach.

Download this whitepaper to ...

Managed Service for Visual Communications [ Source: Techweb ]

December 2011- Managed Service for Visual Communications provides a solution for clients to not only implement and manage their technology investment, but to also address the challenges associated with user adoption.

The benefits for organizations wanting to use managed videoconferencing services are compelling:

As organizations continue to invest in visual communications, finalize their global video strategies ...

2011 Network Barometer Report [ Source: Techweb ]

December 2011- The Network Barometer Report 2011 presents the aggregate data from 270 Technology Lifecycle Management Assessments conducted by Dimension Data in 2010. The report reviews the networks' readiness to support business by evaluating the configuration variance from best practices, potential security vulnerabilities, end-of-life status and operating system environment of the included network devices.

It is clear from this year's results that businesses are maximizing their investment by choosing to sweat network assets deeper into the technology replacement ...

Managed Service for Visual Communications [ Source: Techweb ]

December 2011- Managed Service for Visual Communications provides a solution for clients to not only implement and manage their technology investment, but to also address the challenges associated with user adoption.

The benefits for organizations wanting to use managed videoconferencing services are compelling:

As organizations continue to invest in visual communications, finalize their global video strategies ...

Managed Video Conferencing - Essex University [ Source: Techweb ]

December 2011- International university deploys managed video conferencing to attract more international students and further broaden the teaching options for its students. It facilitated face-to-face interactions with international guest speakers in traditional lectures. Also it's impacting staff development and enhancing collaboration. The University turned to high definition video conferencing and Telepresence to deliver a 'new way of learning'. The Dimension Data solution not only enhanced the teaching toolkit at Essex but has given the University a strong ...

The IPv6 Future Is Now: Are You Ready? [ Source: CenturyLink ]

November 2011- There are more people on earth than total IPv4 addresses, and they're expected to run out by the end of 2011. Preparing for the transition now can help you maintain business continuity during the changeover while taking advantage of immediate business benefits.

Recession Proofing Your Organization with Electronic Forms [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- The current economy is forcing organizations of all sizes to look more closely at reducing operating costs and improving efficiencies while getting the most out of their existing IT investments. IBM Lotus Forms offers a proven solution that provides real value, quickly and easily, to help organizations better position themselves for success in these uncertain times and into the future.

LotusLive Notes Security [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- IBM strives to implement security and privacy best practices. The LotusLive Notes security controls provide a range of protection of e-mail while enabling business operations. LotusLive Notes helps to protect our customers? information through governance, tools, technology, techniques, and personnel, each of which we discuss in more detail below.

Smarter Collaboration Solutions from IBM [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- Cloud-based solutions from IBM are helping organizations around the globe?in banking, telecommunications, retail, government, education and more?leverage the power of the cloud to collaborate both internally and externally. IBM is helping them increase productivity and lower costs, while creating a security-rich data environment that is available when and where it?s needed. IBM?s depth and breadth of experience in data center management provide the confidence that security, availability and reliability are built ...

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