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Retaining Your IT Staff [ Source: IntaPeople ]

November 2010- At a time when many owners are just as happy sustaining business growth as they are increasing it, holding on to key IT talent should be a top priority. The cost of failing to hold on to these staff members can be enormous, especially considering the specialist knowledge often acquired by IT workers over the course of their employment. It is not unusual for incentives to be focused mainly around the sales team, but it ...

CRA Compliance [ Source: Marquis ]

December 1990- As an organization that serves financial institutions worldwide, we adhere to the security policies demanded by the industry and the regulators. We perform annual security audits to verify that our staff is following the procedures required to assure the privacy of all confidential data. We also have a SAS 70 Level II audit performed annually.

Beyond the Crossroads: How Business-Savvy CIOs Enable Top-Performing Enterprises and How Top-Performing Enterprises Leverage Business-Savvy CIOs [ Source: IBM ]

January 2010- According to industry leaders and pundits in 2006, the role of the CIO was at a crossroads. Read the white paper to see how CIOs are beginning to seize this opportunity to play increasingly impactful strategic roles within their enterprise, and how IBM research can provide CIOs with the skills necessary to become a Business-Savvy CIO.

Ensuring You Have The Right Talent To Execute And Grow Your Business [ Source: Softscape ]

July 2010- There is little doubt that recessions breed a "hunker down" mentality among employees. Layoffs, pay freezes and cuts, hour cuts and furloughs, and a dismal job market all contribute to low employee morale and engagement. Once productive environments can quickly become toxic, further deteriorating productivity. Fortunately, there are steps you can take today to forestall the exodus of your top talent as economic recovery proceeds and the job market improves. This CEO guide provides three ...

The CEO's Guide to Succession Planning: Managing Risk and Ensuring Business Continuity [ Source: Softscape ]

June 2010- Once reserved for the upper echelons of senior management, and often viewed as replacement planning should catastrophe strike, today’s succession planning is being redefined. The discipline has broadened in both breadth and scope to become a central component of board-level strategy. Succession planning focuses on managing risk and ensuring continuity across all levels of the organization –- risk of untimely departures of critical personnel, risk of retirees taking their skills and knowledge with them ...

Top Five HR Process Integrations That Drive Business Value [ Source: Softscape ]

June 2010- According to Softscape’s 2010 State of Global People Management worldwide survey of human resources (HR) leaders, organizations with fully integrated HR and talent processes, systems, and data outperform those organizations that have not integrated by 41% across 12 key HR and business operating metrics. The key benefits of integration include: better internal talent mobility; decreased voluntary turnover; better workforce alignment to overall business strategy; improved workforce productivity; and faster on-boarding (time-to-productivity). There is little doubt that improving ...

Talent-Based Learning: Goodbye To The Standalone LMS [ Source: Softscape ]

March 2010- This white paper from Softscape describes how talent-based learning provides a framework to truly track effectiveness of learning management across an organization and integrate those findings to improve workforce performance and productivity.

Staffing for Intelligence [ Source: SAS ]

April 2010- This technology brief explains how to get the best return on your analytics investment by seeking out a new combination of skill sets in your data professionals – and creating cross-functional liaison roles that bridge the gap between IT and business.

HR Field Guide: 5 Tips To Effective Learning Management [ Source: Softscape ]

December 2009- Learning management systems (LMS) manage all aspects of education by automating and managing the administration, management, delivery, and end-user experience of blended learning programs. This field guide will explore five critical steps to ensure that you get the most out of your learning management investments.

2010 State Of Global People Management: HR's Guide To Economic Recovery [ Source: Softscape ]

December 2009- The year 2009 was extremely challenging and exhausting for many human resources (HR) leaders and practitioners due to the worst recession the world has experienced in many decades. Yet, as economies across the globe continue to transition from recession to recovery, there is a unique opportunity for HR leaders to take a more active and strategic role in facilitating this transition for their organizations.

Leadership Training: Three Perspectives on Development Methods That Work [ Source: SkillSoft ]

August 2009- Developing talent is job one for human resources professionals to ensure their company's long-term competitiveness. Find out how top HR and talent development experts rely on leadership training inside and outside the classroom to drive alignment with corporate strategic goals and tap into unutilized employee potential.

Building Your IT Staff: Essential Experience and Skill Sets for Tomorrow's Challenges [ Source: SkillSoft ]

August 2009- Today's IT departments must be true business partners, actively engaged in serving internal and external customers, and aligned with company goals. IT leaders discuss how educating and training IT professionals for leadership leads to high-performance, business-savvy tech teams.

10 Dying IT Skills [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

June 2009- There are some things in life, like good manners, which never go out of style, and there are other things, like clothing styles that fall in and out of fashion, but when an IT skill falls out of favor it rarely ever comes back. Here's our list of 10 dying IT skills. If any of these skills are your main expertise, perhaps it's time to update your skill set

10 Hot Skills for 2009 [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

May 2009- Whether we are in a down economy, seeing jobs go offshore, or witnessing jobs being cut altogether, there are certain IT skills that will never go out of style. With spending on cost-saving technologies such as virtualization rising, and the maintenance of networking and enterprise Microsoft software keeping IT professionals constantly in demand, here's our top 10 hot skills that will take us from a down economy and beyond.

Changes to the PMBOK® Guide, 4th Edition, and What You Should Know [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

April 2009- In December 2008, The Project Management Institute (PMI®) released the 4th edition version of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge® (PMBOK® Guide), the Project Management Institute's collection of published "generally recognized good practices". This white paper discusses what has changed in the new 4th edition Guide and how will it impact those running projects as well as those studying for the PMP or CAPM exams.

5 Rules of Effective Negotiating [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

April 2009- Negotiation is an interactive process by which people reach mutual agreement on solving a common problem, but for many people this is easier said than done This white paper discusses five tips for helping you approach and carry out your negotiations with confidence. Rule number one? You won't know what you can get until you ask.

The Business Benefits of e-Learning in High-Growth Companies [ Source: SkillSoft ]

March 2009- Smart companies know that investing in resources to develop new management and professional talent is a top priority. In this Bersin & Associates report, discover how six businesses growing at 10 percent or more a year use e-learning as a fast, effective and strategic tool to develop and nurture talent, scale up operations, and maintain their competitive edge.

Workday Offers Different Approach To Human Capital Management [ Source: Workday ]

March 2009- Before implementing Workday Human Capital Management, Chiquita Brands International had three legacy HR systems that no longer supported a diverse, global enterprise. Learn how Workday's on-demand architecture means Chiquita can roll out its new system worldwide from a single instance, eliminating IT hassles. Workday's flexibility means HR can build in the business processes and organizational structures it needs—even as the company grows.

Healing the Wounds: Overcoming the Trauma of Layoffs and Revitalizing Downsized Organizations [ Source: SkillSoft ]

March 2009- This summary provides an antidote to the widespread malaise on the American business scene left in the wake of massive layoffs. Drawing on case studies and original research, David M. Noer — a frequently quoted expert in major media such as The Wall Street Journal and Fortune — provides executives, human resource professionals, managers and consultants with an original model and clear guidelines for revitalizing downsized organizations.

2009 IT Skills and Salary Report [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

March 2009-
How much more could you be earning?

For the second year in a row, Global Knowledge and TechRepublic have partnered to create a comprehensive IT salary survey. With over 14,150 responses, the 2009 report has turned out to be one of this year's most relevant and revealing salary surveys in the industry.

Despite the current economic pressures, the salaries of IT professionals did post a 10% gain over the results reported in our 2008 ...

The Greening of Training: How Sustainability Is Reshaping Organizational Learning [ Source: SkillSoft ]

February 2009- More and more companies are making sustainability a highly visible part of their corporate strategy. There are many factors driving companies to go green, from the desire to improve corporate image to competitive differentiation in the market. But whatever the reason, the training department can be a key part of a green strategy. This dovetails nicely with the overall trend in training to align learning with corporate initiatives. If your company is championing a green ...

Dealing With Specific Types of Difficult People [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

November 2008- About 10 percent of the typical workforce falls into the category of "Difficult People." The effects they have on the organization vary greatly, but usually involve low moral, increased conflict, change in group attitude, intimidation, insults, team demoralization, decreased productivity, rising costs, increasing project risks, and/or a tax on resources. This white paper describes some of the more common types of difficult people and provides you with tips on how to handle them.

Tips on Applying for and Passing the PMP or CAPM Exam [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

January 2007- This white paper outlines the application process for both the PMP® and CAPM® exams, explains the composition of the exam questions, provides tips for successfully passing the exam, and lists the requirements to maintain certification.

CCNA Wireless Certification [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

October 2008- As networks continue to stimulate economic growth, collaboration, and interaction, the need for networking talent will grow in importance. To meet this growing demand, Cisco has introduced three new concentrations: CCNA Security, CCNS Voice, and CCNA Wireless. This paper will describes what the CCNA Wireless certification is and its benefits, and what pre-requisites, exams, and training is required to get certified.

Skills Gaps in the WorldÂ’s IT Workforce: A CompTIA International Research Study [ Source: CompTIA ]

September 2008- This ground-breaking research identifies trends and gaps in IT skills, explores issues surrounding recruiting and hiring, investigates the current and potential IT market growth and demand for IT professionals, and discovers which factors most influence, and are expected to influence, the IT industry.

The IT industry has experienced many changes and much growth in the past decade with the fast pace of technological change and the ever-increasing globalization of business. We believe that ...

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