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Turn Identity into a Business Enabler, Not an IT Bottleneck [ Source: Radiant Logic ]

March 2015- Business is all about adaption and change, so being able to easily reorganize people, processes, and resources is essential to productivity and growth.

More agile identity management is the key ingredient for the success of your initiatives, from the tactical to the strategic level. Whether you're adding a business unit, taking advantage of a cloud application, or orchestrating a billion-dollar merger, an agile identity management system is purpose-built to dispatch the right

Building a Cloud-Enabled Network with MPLS IP-VPN [ Source: XO Communications ]

August 2014- One of the leading ways that today's organizations are providing secure, reliable and scalable answers for their networking needs is through MPLS IP-VPN network usage. However, businesses are also looking to create Intelligent WAN that integrates security, application performance management, and cloud services in order to create more intelligent wide area networks. This paper examines how to use the attributes of MPLS-based VPNs to enable enterprises to create a truly intelligent WAN, discussing key planning, ...

The ROI of Application Performance Management [ Source: XO Communications ]

August 2014- Application performance management (APM) tools allow enterprises to proactively manage their investments in bandwidth and the business-critical applications used every day. An application performance management solution is recognized as an essential component of WAN optimization-techniques that help businesses get the best possible performance from existing networks.However, building a business case for an application performance management solution requires more than a belief in its benefits. It requires some data to quantify the value of a ...

Journey to ITaaS Survey Highlights [ Source: VMware ]

January 2014- The 2013 "Journey to IT as a Service Survey" of 1,000 IT leaders found that full adoption of a ITaaS strategy is resulting in higher ROI, increased agility and responsiveness, and more resources for innovation. View the infographic for other key findings.

Building a Business Case for HP Blades Servers [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- As IT administrators expand their infrastructures, they face a recurring question: do blade servers or rack servers deliver the best value?

This white paper covers all the factors that comprise an ROI model for comparing blades to rack servers, including power usage, cabling, software licensing and maintenance. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how blades can save up to 50% of TCO over a three year period and why blade servers make economic sense ...

IDC Analyst Connection: Using Blade Systems to Cut Costs and Sharpen Efficiencies [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- Data centers need to be more agile than ever, as IT increasingly becomes a strategic asset that determines how well an organization interacts with its customers, suppliers and employees. Yet with today's constrained budgets, IT administrators must ensure that their hardware investments deliver optimal ROI and help reduce operational expenses at every level.

In this IDC Analyst Connection white paper, server expert Jed Scaramella discusses how to address the challenges of data center ...

Six capabilities of development platform ROI Whitepaper [ Source: IBM ]

March 2013- This executive brief looks at six proven capabilities of a development environment that complement a RADD platform for collaborative or workflow-driven business applications.

Telehealth ROI: 5 Ways to Profit with Telepresence [ Source: Vu Telepresence ]

March 2013- In very recent months CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicated Services) has released new billing options that, combined with the right technology, can mean big profits for your healthcare practice.

Have you had a chance to review the new CPT and HCPCS codes? Have you seen the new technology that lets you add another layer to your services? We're happy to present this free Telepresence for Healthcare ROI Guide This guide is a ...

Return on Investment in EHRs [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

February 2013- This whitepaper discusses features and benefits of an EHR system, government incentives, sources for ROI (return on investment) as well as building the business case for EHR. It also addresses areas of efficiency savings and reductions in "soft costs."

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Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study: Okta Identity Management Service [ Source: Okta ]

June 2013- For this October 2012 study, Okta commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Okta On-Demand Identity and Access Management service. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Okta on their organization. For this study, Forrester conducted an interview with one existing Okta customer.

The analysis showed that Okta benefited ... Achieves 200% ROI in less than 12 Months with Splunk Software [ Source: Splunk ]

December 2012- is an award-winning online destination for car shoppers visited by approximately 12 million unique visitors each month. As a result, site performance and loading speed are of particular importance due to the high expectations of the Internet-based consumer and the number of competitors in its space.

The Application Management team maintains this highly distributed, technical environment. As part of their duties, members of the team are responsible for the application ...

Top 5 Considerations for Cost-Effective Computer Lifecycle Management [ Source: Dell ]

December 2012- Many mid-sized businesses are locked into refresh cycles for their desktop and laptop computers that are more a reflection of past experience than current opportunities. So how do you develop a cost-effective strategy for managing computer lifecycles? Find out how you can maximize investment and enhance business agility with some key considerations.

Quantifying the Value of a Unified Approach to Endpoint Data Management [ Source: Druva ]

November 2012- This study by the Ponemon Institute determines the value of cost savings and productivity improvements to an enterprise from a unified approach to endpoint backup, data loss prevention, secure file sharing, and analytics. It also provides estimates of the value per user, and the value per endpoint.

The report quantifies benefits of a unified solution for endpoint data management by:

•  Defining five categories of cost savings and productivity improvements
•  Estimating ...

Creating an Agile Workforce in Financial Services [ Source: Verint ]

January 2013- Is your organization struggling to find innovative ways to contain costs, generate revenue, and improve customer satisfaction? Discover why industry-leading banks are turning to enterprise workforce management solutions to help them create an agile workforce one that can swiftly adapt to changing conditions and cross functional boundaries to service customers across the enterprise. Download this ebook from Verint? Systems to discover:

??How scheduling requirements differ for branch, contact
??? center, and ...

The Total Economic Impact To IBM WebSphere Application Server Migrating From An Open Source Environment [ Source: IBM ]

October 2012- This analyst report shows the total economic impact of migrating from an open source solution to IBM WebSphere Application Server -- a 44% return on investment (ROI) producing a net value of over $1 million, with numerous benefits, including reduced support costs, reduced support incidents, higher application availability, and more.

This report from Forrester, a highly respect independent analyst, provides readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of the WebSphere Application Server ...

Strategy Guide to the Cloud in Government and Educational Institutions [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

October 2012- Most state and local governments, as well as educational institutions, are under serious budget constraints, with few funds available to develop new services. Public sector entities are eyeing cloud models as a way to consolidate IT, save money and provide new services both internally and to constituents.

This whitepaper is a rich media document, and includes industry viewpoints, multimedia content, and up to three detailed customer case studies embedded within this single dossier. <...

Network Policy Impact Report: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Smartphones and Tablets [ Source: Blue Coat ]

October 2012- Learn how to reduce the impact of BYOD uploads and downloads, contain bandwidth costs, and ensure the performance of business critical applications.

Esri® Location Analytics for Business Intelligence [ Source: ESRI ]

October 2012- This paper discusses the market dynamics that are driving integration of two highly complementary enterprise software solutions: business intelligence (BI) and geographic information system (GIS) technology. It also outlines the benefits of such an integration and how to easily enable it with Esri® Location Analytics.

BI is a priority for organizations interested in gaining a competitive advantage. BI leverages corporate data and strategically equips knowledge workers with insights that drive sound business decisions.<...

The value of training the IT organization [ Source: HP ]

October 2012- CIOs and IT managers routinely monitor and justify every investment they make. And they must make every effort to ensure each project succeeds and produces business benefits no matter how complex the deployment. During challenging economic periods when pressure increases to produce more with less, IT managers may see training programs as a place to cut costs. But cutting training will backfire.

IDC research shows an undeniably tight link between training, team skill, ...

ESG - Optimizing Collaboration Environments for Maximum Productivity [ Source: Riverbed ]

October 2012- Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful collaboration tool proliferating throughout enterprises. Download this white paper to learn about the challenges of optimizing a web-based SharePoint environment and how to address all the requirements across the application and technology stack to deliver the best return on investment and productivity for the business.

Accelerating the Cloud [ Source: Riverbed ]

October 2012- To stay competitive and keep costs down, today's enterprises need to consolidate resources, quickly provision services, and more effectively rationalize costs with new business models. If done correctly, cloud computing can help solve these problems, and further help IT managers maintain business-critical applications and data. But there are numerous challenges that can prevent organizations from succeeding with cloud initiatives. This solution brief addresses those limitations, and looks at how Riverbed Technology helps you overcome them.

IDC: Real-time Compression Advances Storage Optimization [ Source: IBM ]

September 2012- It should come as no surprise that storage budgets are constantly under pressure from opposing forces: On one hand, economic forces are pushing budgets to either stay flat or, in many cases, shrink as a percentage of a company's revenue.

On the other hand, the infrastructure struggles to keep up with the pace of data growth, pressured by many variables, both social and economic. Businesses have no choice but to acclimate their storage ...

Taneja Group: Optimization for Real Time Storage [ Source: IBM ]

September 2012- SVC and Real-time Compression reduces costs, improves IT Optimization and provides a outstanding savings for virtualized third party arrays through a software upgrade.

Storage Switzerland: Don't Let Storage Eat Your Cloud ROI [ Source: IBM ]

September 2012- The investment that an organization makes in their virtualization or cloud initiative is significant, but so is the ROI (Return On Investment) that these projects deliver. The challenge is that the cost of providing the storage infrastructure to these initiatives can be expensive and can quickly eat into any ROI that was gained by the virtualization and/or cloud project.

Shifting Performance Strategies and Solutions for Mobile & Web Delivery [ Source: Akamai ]

September 2012- Did you know that most companies underutilize services that can improve the performance of Web and mobile architectures, focusing mistakenly on more costly and complex solutions?

That's just one finding in the new independent study: Shifting Performance Strategies and Solutions for Mobile & Web Delivery, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Akamai Technologies.

As users flock to a growing universe of mobile devices, optimizing browsing experiences across platforms ...

Cricket Communications Turns to Splunk [ Source: Splunk ]

September 2014- Keeping up with a quickly expanding business is difficult if you do not have the right tools. Cricket Communications was growing in its number of subscribers at a rate of 10 to 20% annually and needed a system that could handle processing of up to 3,000 new subscriber requests per hour.

It implemented automated business processes and contract processing systems to keep up with the new requests, but if an error occurred the whole system would ...

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