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Retaining Your IT Staff [ Source: IntaPeople ]

November 2010- At a time when many owners are just as happy sustaining business growth as they are increasing it, holding on to key IT talent should be a top priority. The cost of failing to hold on to these staff members can be enormous, especially considering the specialist knowledge often acquired by IT workers over the course of their employment. It is not unusual for incentives to be focused mainly around the sales team, but it ...

The Definitive Guide To Talent Mobility [ Source: Softscape ]

March 2010- Softscape provides a white paper to address talent mobility. This report explores the importance of a talent mobility strategy, considerations for approaching and deploying the strategy and supporting technology, and the significant business benefits that it affords.

Staffing for Intelligence [ Source: SAS ]

April 2010- This technology brief explains how to get the best return on your analytics investment by seeking out a new combination of skill sets in your data professionals – and creating cross-functional liaison roles that bridge the gap between IT and business.

2010 State Of Global People Management: HR's Guide To Economic Recovery [ Source: Softscape ]

December 2009- The year 2009 was extremely challenging and exhausting for many human resources (HR) leaders and practitioners due to the worst recession the world has experienced in many decades. Yet, as economies across the globe continue to transition from recession to recovery, there is a unique opportunity for HR leaders to take a more active and strategic role in facilitating this transition for their organizations.

From Authorized To Engaged Turning On Your VAR Channel [ Source: MarketLink Services ]

November 2009- Creating a productive reseller channel requires many steps, but the primary step is the conversion from authorized (signed) to engaged resellers. This is the most important, and most difficult, component to an effective channel campaign.

When Should You Hire A Mainframe Systems Consultant? [ Source: Longpela Expertise ]

September 2009- As mainframe technical skills become increasingly hard to find, many organizations are struggling with their mainframe-related problems and projects. In particular, high-caliber senior systems-related skills are exceptionally rare, and for some organizations unattainable. This white paper discusses how consultants can be a viable, cost-effective way of accessing mainframe systems skills. It examines mainframe consultants, how they can be a good or bad choice, how to find the best consultants, and how to get the most ...

New Study Shows Leading Edge Companies Receive Failing Grade At HR SEO Strategies [ Source: Sharkstrike ]

June 2009- In this first of a four-part series, Sharkstrike discusses the emergance of HR SEO, as well as findings from its research into current HR SEO practices at leading companies. Search engine optimization (SEO) has been a standard practice used by corporate marketing departments to attract qualified buyers to Web sites for years. And while many human resources leaders might know little or nothing about SEO, leading-edge companies seeking to win the talent acquisition wars are ...

A Lifecycle Practice For Attrition In The Call Center [ Source: Knowlagent ]

October 2008- Who cares about attrition? If it concerns the effort involved in hiring 30-50 percent of the workforce every six months, human resources does. If it concerns the length of time it takes for new hires to become adequate, supervisors do. The lifecycle approach is based on addressing different attrition factors at different stages of the agent lifecycle. Solving the challenges at each stage requires different tactics, but the underlying strategy for each relates to the ...

Why Outsource Health Care IT Staffing? [ Source: Team International ]

April 2009- The health care industry is ultimately the most complex in needs, data demands, regulations, market size and revenue models, core functions, and outsourcing niche vendors. Regardless of the fact that in recent years the complexity of health care IT solutions has significantly increased, this industry is still projected to be one of the most dynamically developing and fastest-growing segments of IT technologies’ implementation and development in 2009.

Solutions for Staffing the IT Department [ Source: OSF Global Services ]

September 2008- In solving the problems that appear in staffing the IT department of your company, there are two main questions you should answer: What is the right IT staffing model for your business? and Should I outsource the IT department?

Why, What, Where and How of Outsourcing [ Source: S5 Systems ]

April 2008- To implement a successful outsourced project considerable planning and efforts are required. This white paper discusses the important guidelines to help through your next outsourced project.

This whitepaper is for product/project managers, CFO and other managers involved in making decisions related to outsourcing.

The Talent Challenge: Creating A Culture To Recruit, Engage And Retain The Best [ Source: ]

January 2008- Successful talent management requires a sustained, three-pronged effort to recruit, engage and retain the best talent available. To succeed, a company needs strong, supportive leaders and a caring, innovative culture. Competitive advantage and business results depend more than ever on recruiting, engaging and retaining the best talent--people who are highly effective at both leadership and technical skills.

Recruiting, Retaining, and Reskilling Campus IT Professionals [ Source: John Wiley & Sons ]

January 2008- For various reasons, many institutions of higher education have lost touch with the research and best practices associated with recruiting and retention that are widely reported in HR journals as well as IT trade magazines and business publications. Although some recruiting and retention tactics such as stock options may be unique to private enterprise, the strategies and principles explored in this chapter are equally effective in an institution of higher education.