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Defending Against Today's Targeted Phishing Attacks [ Source: Websense ]

May 2013- “Is this email a phish or is it legitimate” That’s the question that employees — and executives in particular — are asking with greater frequency. They’ve heard about how high profile organizations and even government agencies have fallen prey to attacks that stemmed from seemingly harmless emails. Has the door been left wide open?

Read this whitepaper to learn guidance on how to recognize advanced threats and protect yourself from them.


The value of training the IT organization [ Source: HP ]

October 2012- CIOs and IT managers routinely monitor and justify every investment they make. And they must make every effort to ensure each project succeeds and produces business benefits no matter how complex the deployment. During challenging economic periods when pressure increases to produce more with less, IT managers may see training programs as a place to cut costs. But cutting training will backfire.

IDC research shows an undeniably tight link between training, team skill, ...

Microsoft® Windows® MultiPoint Server 2011 Reference Architecture [ Source: Dell ]

September 2012- Become familiar with key considerations and reference architectures for Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011. Review configurations targeted to classrooms and training facilities and learn relevant hardware requirements and best practices.

Enterprise 2.0 People & Culture: HR Management Challenges & Opportunities [ Source: Enterprise 2.0 Conference ]

October 2010- This paper examines how social media applications are influencing the workforce and how these technologies can be implemented to achieve core organization performance goals and improving business processes.

Understanding how to gain greater value and flexibility from the new highly-engaged workforce in conjunction with ‘Enterprise 2.0’ processes and technologies to effectively support critical business functions is a major challenge for organizations.

We examine the changing workforce and what they expect from a ...

CSM in SEPA: Changes Abound [ Source: Polaris Software Lab ]

August 2010- Clearing and settlement is an important mechanism in the post-SEPA European payments environment. Prior to SEPA, each country in European Union had a separate local clearing and settlement mechanism. The cross-border payments were time consuming and had to be compliant with the payment laws and regulations of countries of both the originator and beneficiary. After the advent of SEPA, CSM framework has seen lot of revolutionary changes. In the post-SEPA scenario, cross-border fund transfer is ...

Video for the Web: What's In It For You? [ Source: Blue Chew Digital ]

July 2010- With video advertising for the Web becoming more popular, this white paper from Blue Chew Digital will provide an insight into its positioning, value, formats, delivery, and thought processes, as well as discuss how it is now becoming the essential tool for the B2B marketer.

10 Steps for a Successful CRM Implementation [ Source: Touch Ahead Software ]

June 2010- Nancy Keddy, co-founder and CEO of Touch Ahead Software, has "seen and heard about many CRM implementations that have gone poorly, but [has] also had the pleasure of being involved with many successful implementations." In this white paper, "10 Steps for a Successful CRM Implementation," Nancy makes critical points on key elements that organizations must consider when considering a CRM implementation. Without considering these key elements, a company's CRM initiative could fail.

The New Age of Compliance: Preparing your organization for a new era of increased accountability and enforcement [ Source: HP/Autonomy ]

May 2010- There are not “regulated” industries that must preserve records and “unregulated” industries that can discard their records with impunity. Rather, there are heavily regulated industries and less heavily regulated industries. So, all organizations must be compliant to some degree.

This paper examines the current state of regulatory compliance, the impact of non-compliance, the current political environment and the shift in the compliance landscape and compliance enforcement. Also discussed are best practices that can ...

Laying The Groundwork For Change: How Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Relates To Electronic Document Management (EDM) [ Source: Optical Image Technology - DocFinity ]

May 2010- This article discusses personnel-related issues that are vital to address if an organization wants to maximize the success of its electronic document management implementations. Getting stakeholders involved, asking the right questions, overcoming longstanding habits, training and education, and envisioning the future you are working toward are some of the points that are explored.

The Definitive Guide To Talent Mobility [ Source: Softscape ]

March 2010- Softscape provides a white paper to address talent mobility. This report explores the importance of a talent mobility strategy, considerations for approaching and deploying the strategy and supporting technology, and the significant business benefits that it affords.

The Greening of IT [ Source: SkillSoft ]

April 2010- A business is greener when it is more efficient and utilizes fewer resources. That's as true for the IT department as it is for any other area of a company. Analysts provide insight into why the most effective approach to green IT is the one that considers an organization's energy consumption and its cost objectives, and what steps leaders can take to expend less energy and save money in IT environments.

Training Vs. Hiring: Developing Your Staff When Hiring Is Not an Option [ Source: SkillSoft ]

April 2010- Employees are critical to a company’s competitive progress. This whitepaper offers today’s manager practical strategies for fostering continued employee morale, engagement, and growth for times good and bad.

Universal Lessons: Training the Global Workforce [ Source: SkillSoft ]

April 2010- Leadership is hard even in good times. In tough times, the challenges of motivating employees who've seen their colleagues laid off and are worried about their own jobs can seem almost impossible. But managers can develop the skills they need to deal with this crisis and help the organization and its employees emerge stronger from it.

The Multigenerational IT Department: How to Effectively Manage Conflicting Cultures [ Source: SkillSoft ]

April 2010- This ExecBlueprint discusses how today’s CTO/CIO can utilize the varying skills, backgrounds, and work habits that a multigenerational team brings to the table to build a high-performing IT department that continues to effectively service the overarching technology needs of the organization.

On-Demand Learning: Secret to Better Performance [ Source: SkillSoft ]

April 2010- Looking for more people to perform better quickly and cost-effectively? Today, many companies are using online learning platforms to teach large organizational groups everything from compliance procedures to the principles of project management. Discover the successful methodology to on-demand learning in this whitepaper.

Enterprise Learning: Lessons Learned [ Source: SkillSoft ]

April 2010- An effective enterprise learning system must be structured and implemented with much forethought so that it not only supports organizational learning, but also the vision and objectives of that company. This whitepaper discusses benchmarking, ROI, and how to increase the chances of success before training even begins.

Using Technology to Enhance Organizational Effectiveness: 5 Success Strategies Revealed [ Source: SkillSoft ]

April 2010- Three top innovators from Pizza Hut, Inc., Sprint Nextel Corp., and Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, reveal 5 internal success strategies and action points that have made their organizations more resilient, productive and positioned for long term success.

Harnessing Your Tribal Knowledge [ Source: Altus ]

November 2009- Corporations are modern tribes, with their own members, culture, and knowledge. Capturing, saving, and sharing the collective knowledge of the tribe can lead to a more informed and productive organization over the long haul. Most senior corporate leaders would readily agree that the wealth of their organization lies with the knowledge that is locked in the minds and desktops of their employees. The ability to capture and share that knowledge to maintain success and growth ...

ECM: Tips For Managing Change Effectively [ Source: Optical Image Technology - DocFinity ]

November 2009- This article discusses six vital steps to effective change management to help staff transition to an enterprise content management system successfully. Readiness and reasons for change, planning, the importance of providing a unified front, and how to manage resistance are discussed, as well as ways change affects employees and what to do to manage uncertainty.

Best Practices for Webinars [ Source: Adobe ]

April 2009- Creating a successful and effective webinar takes advance planning and a commitment to spend the necessary time and effort. But the extra work pays off in audience satisfaction and achievement of your business goals. Download this whitepaper to learn best practices that will ensure your next webinar is a huge success.

Leadership Training: Three Perspectives on Development Methods That Work [ Source: SkillSoft ]

August 2009- Developing talent is job one for human resources professionals to ensure their company's long-term competitiveness. Find out how top HR and talent development experts rely on leadership training inside and outside the classroom to drive alignment with corporate strategic goals and tap into unutilized employee potential.

Building Your IT Staff: Essential Experience and Skill Sets for Tomorrow's Challenges [ Source: SkillSoft ]

August 2009- Today's IT departments must be true business partners, actively engaged in serving internal and external customers, and aligned with company goals. IT leaders discuss how educating and training IT professionals for leadership leads to high-performance, business-savvy tech teams.

Manager's ECM Training Checklist: 6 Ways To Ensure Success [ Source: Optical Image Technology - DocFinity ]

March 2009- This article helps managers understand the risks involved in managing change to an enterprise content management solution and how to address them with effective training. The article will help them to evaluate, establish, and execute training for their staff to ensure successful adoption. Setting goals, establishing clear and realistic expectations, and choosing the right environment for learning are some of the topics that are discussed.

A Lifecycle Practice For Attrition In The Call Center [ Source: Knowlagent ]

October 2008- Who cares about attrition? If it concerns the effort involved in hiring 30-50 percent of the workforce every six months, human resources does. If it concerns the length of time it takes for new hires to become adequate, supervisors do. The lifecycle approach is based on addressing different attrition factors at different stages of the agent lifecycle. Solving the challenges at each stage requires different tactics, but the underlying strategy for each relates to the ...

The Need for CIO Coaches and Interim CIOs [ Source: Estrella Partners Group ]

June 2009- In today’s challenging economic environment insurance companies require effective IT executive leadership. As businesses evolve and develop new strategies for growth they often find limitations in their current technology and business practices. In many cases the business determines that its current IT systems and business processes are outdated and not aligned with its evolving strategic business goals, market needs, and regulatory requirements.

10 Dying IT Skills [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

June 2009- There are some things in life, like good manners, which never go out of style, and there are other things, like clothing styles that fall in and out of fashion, but when an IT skill falls out of favor it rarely ever comes back. Here's our list of 10 dying IT skills. If any of these skills are your main expertise, perhaps it's time to update your skill set

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