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Top tips for time stretched admins [ Source: ControlNow ]

April 2015- Administering IT in small and mid-sized companies can be a difficult task, often with a very small team responsible for hundreds of workers. As well as needing to solve urgent day-to-day issues, the IT team must balance strategic long-term project work, and provide advice to keep the business competitive. This whitepaper provides top time-saving tips that IT admins can use to stay on top of their workloads, keep systems running and protected, and maintain a ...

IDC Analyst Connection: Risk Management Considerations for Datacentres in 2013 [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- Innovative Canadian IT executives are becoming "service brokers" rather than "service providers" to drive productivity and competitive advantage. Managed hosting is a key part of their sourcing strategy, offering enterprise-class datacentres that can support today's business requirements of performance, security, and resiliency. The following questions were posed to Mark Schrutt, Director of IDC's Service and Enterprise Applications research regarding the role of managed hosting in supporting leading Canadian executives and what to look for in ...

Three Strategies To Protect Endpoints from Risky Applications [ Source: Dell ]

August 2013- Many organizations have invested heavily in improving their endpoint risk-management processes, but still find themselves ill equipped to handle the myriad third-party applications that pose the most serious risks. Find out three strategies you can employ to start protecting your vulnerable endpoints from risky applications.

Six capabilities of development platform ROI Whitepaper [ Source: IBM ]

March 2013- This executive brief looks at six proven capabilities of a development environment that complement a RADD platform for collaborative or workflow-driven business applications.

Capturing the Opportunity in Emerging and Growth Markets [ Source: Wipro Technologies ]

December 2012- Companies in a variety of industries - notably consumer products and goods - are looking to expand their presence in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions, as emerging markets in countries such as China, India and Brazil continue to see huge increases in demand, while growth remains sluggish in Europe and the U.S.

Entering these emerging markets can be a challenge, however, requiring new ways of thinking about business and IT. Companies ... Achieves 200% ROI in less than 12 Months with Splunk Software [ Source: Splunk ]

December 2012- is an award-winning online destination for car shoppers visited by approximately 12 million unique visitors each month. As a result, site performance and loading speed are of particular importance due to the high expectations of the Internet-based consumer and the number of competitors in its space.

The Application Management team maintains this highly distributed, technical environment. As part of their duties, members of the team are responsible for the application ...

Managing Multiple Operating Systems - 5 Best Practices [ Source: Dell ]

December 2012- The world of IT has changed significantly in recent years. With so many options, today's organizations and users are moving away from a PC-only model to a more diverse approach that embraces multiple devices running on a variety of platforms. This white paper addresses the enterprise IT trends that are forcing IT departments to broaden what they support.

Download now to get five best practices for tackling this growing issue.

Web Conferencing for SMBs: 3 Key Considerations for IT Teams at Small to Midsized Firms [ Source: ReadyTalk Audio and Web Conferencing ]

November 2012- This white paper will look at three issues of particular concern to SMB information technology professionals weighing the pros and cons of a new or different Web conferencing solution.

The Total Economic Impact To IBM WebSphere Application Server Migrating From An Open Source Environment [ Source: IBM ]

October 2012- This analyst report shows the total economic impact of migrating from an open source solution to IBM WebSphere Application Server -- a 44% return on investment (ROI) producing a net value of over $1 million, with numerous benefits, including reduced support costs, reduced support incidents, higher application availability, and more.

This report from Forrester, a highly respect independent analyst, provides readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of the WebSphere Application Server ...

HP BYOD in Education [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

May 2013- In today’s educational environments, more and more students and staff are bringing in their own Wi-Fi devices into the school’s network. This presents a unique challenge to the IT department but, done correctly, the bring your own device (BYOD) architecture can be beneficial to both staff and students. This white paper can help you address the security and management of multiple devices being introduced into your network. Read on and learn how to ...

Social IT Operations Management [ Source: ITinvolve ]

October 2012- The next big breakthrough in IT management is here. Learn how you can reduce change risk, speed incident resolution, and improve visibility across your environment with Social IT Operations Management.

How Technology Executives are Managing the Shift to BYOD Abstract [ Source: HP ]

October 2012- As healthcare personnel increasingly use their own mobile devices at work, IT departments need to ensure a high-level of data protection, manageability, and regulatory compliance. With the increase in productivity and collaboration comes the need for incremental server, storage and networking requirements.

This whitepaper discusses the benefits and challenges of BYOD and how client virtualization, virtual desktop strategies and solutions that address multivendor device management can help IT departments maintain control.


The Cloud Checklist for SMBs: 7 Tips for Safer Cloud Computing [ Source: ESET ]

October 2012- The cloud is supposed to be a "cure-all", but it also creates numerous new security issues for SMBs. Download this techbrief for 7 tips you must have before you commit to any service!

The value of training the IT organization [ Source: HP ]

October 2012- CIOs and IT managers routinely monitor and justify every investment they make. And they must make every effort to ensure each project succeeds and produces business benefits no matter how complex the deployment. During challenging economic periods when pressure increases to produce more with less, IT managers may see training programs as a place to cut costs. But cutting training will backfire.

IDC research shows an undeniably tight link between training, team skill, ...

Accelerating the Cloud [ Source: Riverbed ]

October 2012- To stay competitive and keep costs down, today's enterprises need to consolidate resources, quickly provision services, and more effectively rationalize costs with new business models. If done correctly, cloud computing can help solve these problems, and further help IT managers maintain business-critical applications and data. But there are numerous challenges that can prevent organizations from succeeding with cloud initiatives. This solution brief addresses those limitations, and looks at how Riverbed Technology helps you overcome them.

Cricket Communications Turns to Splunk [ Source: Splunk ]

September 2014- Keeping up with a quickly expanding business is difficult if you do not have the right tools. Cricket Communications was growing in its number of subscribers at a rate of 10 to 20% annually and needed a system that could handle processing of up to 3,000 new subscriber requests per hour.

It implemented automated business processes and contract processing systems to keep up with the new requests, but if an error occurred the whole system would ...

HealthTrans Streamlines Claims Processing, Improves Customer Satisfaction with Splunk [ Source: Splunk ]

December 2012- HealthTrans, the fourth-largest pharmacy benefits provider in the U.S. (by claims volume), delivers member claims processing services to customers of healthcare benefit plans. The infrastructure supporting HealthTrans' claims processing environment is complex and diverse in terms of hardware, software and OS heterogeneity. In addition, the company supports multiple UNIX "flavor", Windows environments, Apache, custom applications, and a variety of Web and Java application servers.

Few tools provide end-to-end visibility and monitoring across ...

Seven Priorities for Integrated Network Management - How HP Intelligent Management Center Delivers an Enterprise-class Solution [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

September 2005- This white paper describes the major requirements for network management solutions to help the organizations become more profitable, efficient and reliable.

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Measuring the Business Value of Converged Infrastructure in the Data Center [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

September 2005- One of the key strategies that IT teams are pursuing to reduce capital costs while boosting asset utilization and employee productivity is the transition to highly virtualized data centers.

However, IDC finds that expectations for further boosts in IT asset use and operational efficiency often surpass the actual results because of overloaded storage and data network facilities, overprovisioning of storage capacity, and a quantum leap in administration workloads.

In combination, these ...

Cloud Computing for CIOs: Getting Inside the Mind of Your CFO [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

September 2005- Information Technology is now at the top of the CFOs agenda according to Gartner, 26 percent of IT investments require the direct authorization of the CFO and 42 percent of IT organizations now report to the CFO. Cloud computing, like the emergence of the internet, has the potential to radically change the IT and business landscape.

And while the CIO community has become well versed in the concept over the past few years, cloud computing ...

Improving Business Value of WAN Optimization [ Source: Riverbed ]

April 2012- Want to achieve faster ROI by deploying a complete WAN optimization solution? Read the latest IDC report entitled "Improving the Business Value of WAN Optimization" to get the facts. You'll discover how WAN optimization can help your business to cut IT costs without compromising performance, gain greater efficiency, and improve end user productivity and overall satisfaction. There are also some key real world case studies where current customers have shown real results.

Enterprise Information Management Security Options [ Source: Brainloop ]

January 2012- As organizations increasingly participate in a collaborative economy, sharing documents becomes ever more crucial. Documents travel farther and wider than ever before due to expanding corporate ecosystems and increasingly virtualized business networks encompassing more partners, joint ventures, and collaborative projects. While transactions such as M&A and technology licensing have long wrestled with the problem of securing documents traveling outside the company, now a host of business and collaborative processes face the same problems.

10 Questions to Identify Compliance Risks [ Source: Brainloop ]

January 2012- Corporate and regulatory compliance policies have forced companies to ensure that information flows are documented, auditable, and highly secure. Yet in order to conduct their business, companies must share sensitive information outside the firewall, introducing serious potential information risk. How can companies enforce security policy and cost-effectively meet compliance objectives when documents must be shared with partners, investors, board members, bidders and others outside the enterprise?

This white paper by Cheryl Klein, CPA, ...

Managing Information Risk in the Extended Enterprise: Why Corporate Compliance and IT Security Must Join Forces [ Source: Brainloop ]

January 2012- It's no secret: end users take huge security risks in order to get their jobs done. One of the biggest sources of information risk companies face is collaboration with externals. Companies can't operate without sharing sensitive information with strategic partners, regulatory authorities, board members, consultants, acquisition partners, contractors and legions of other individuals outside the corporate network.

But without a safe means to do so, how do employees share sensitive documents? Too often, ...

Security Policy: Five Keys to User Compliance [ Source: Brainloop ]

January 2012- Business users are a key part of a company's security, and even the most conscientious employees can introduce serious breaches of security policy. IT can do everything in its power to secure the company's confidential documents - provide first-class security infrastructure, develop reasonable security policies and engage in extensive communication and training - yet still people fail to comply. The solution is to provide security that helps people do their jobs more efficiently, thereby inducing ...

Realizing Massive ROI Through Data Virtualization [ Source: Delphix ]

January 2012- Will your IT Budget Scale?

Today's IT trends from cloud computing and convergence to consumerization all result in new data management and analysis needs. IT budget and headcount growth are dwarfed by application and data growth. Without an order of magnitude improvement in cost efficiency and productivity the problem can only get worse. Download this whitepaper to learn how enterprises like yours are using the Delphix database virtualization platform to realize:

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