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Defending against increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- This white paper provides insight into distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and defines a five-step process including preparation, mitigation, around-the-clock monitoring, response and intelligence to help address DDoS attacks.

Hidden Lynx - Professional Hackers for Hire [ Source: Symantec ]

December 2013- Take an in-depth look at the Hidden Lynx group, their targets, motivations, capabilities and attack strategies.

Protecting PoS Environments Against Multi-Stage Attacks [ Source: Symantec ]

March 2014- Securing your credit card data and PoS environment from attacks requires multiple layers of protection.

Layered Security, Why It Works [ Source: Symantec ]

December 2013- A layered approach to security provides better protection of your organization's IT assets.

B2B Collaboration: No Longer Optional [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- For today’s businesses, the need to make a change is clear: across industries, customers have become more demanding, supply chains have become more complex, and the trend toward globalization has created added complications.

B2B collaboration is a key method of responding to these and other business pressures. In fact, according to Aberdeen Group analyst Bryan Ball, B2B collaboration is so important to succeeding in the modern business world that companies ...

Meeting Changing Information Management Needs with Next-Generation Email Archiving [ Source: CommVault ]

April 2014- Learn more about the ever-changing landscape of next-generation email archiving and gain insight about information management needs in this Info-Tech whitepaper.

Enhancing Application Protection and Recovery with a Modern Approach to Snapshot Management [ Source: CommVault ]

April 2014- Massive data growth and shrinking application recovery windows are creating a huge challenge for IT administrators. Legacy backup models can't cope with multi-terabyte applications. However, by leveraging a modern approach to data protection that uses your current disk array snapshot technology, you can leave your recovery problems behind. This CommVault Business Value and Technology White Paper explains how Simpana IntelliSnap Recovery Manager can make your application recovery fast and reliable.

Exponentially Accelerate Data Protection and Recovery with Simpana 10 IntelliSnap Snapshot Management Technology [ Source: CommVault ]

April 2014- Are you making the best use of your storage array snapshot functionality? CommVault Simpana 10 IntelliSnap technology manages hardware-based snapshots across multiple vendor storage arrays. This whitepaper covers trends and challenges in snapshot adoption, and key features and benefits of IntelliSnap technology including snapshot indexing and catalog-based recovery, script elimination, automated application and database recovery, and accelerated protection and recovery operations for both physical and virtual environments.

Agility in the Cloud: How Dev/Test Teams Can Increase Velocity While Reducing Defects [ Source: Skytap ]

April 2014- Over the past decade, Agile development methods and continuous integration have seen broad adoption across the enterprise, large ISVs, and even amongst system integrators. Adopting an Agile mindset can help development and test teams improve software quality, shorten release cycles, and enable business owners and stakeholders to quickly deliver higher value to their customers. Yet, even after adopting Agile methods, dev/test teams still struggle with obtaining, building, and managing the resources and computing environments ...

Cloud-Enabled Software: Putting the Agile into the Infrastructure [ Source: Skytap ]

April 2014- Great software has changed our world. In order to thrive in today's market, your organization must be more innovative than ever before. Agile development enables teams to build better software faster, but development teams are often limited by inelastic resources. To be truly agile, dev/test teams require elastic, automated, self-service resources that work with on-premise infrastructure.

Download this white paper to learn more.

Six Keys to Effective Reputational and IT Risk Management [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- Interactive guide to provide insights on the key actions to take to take to safeguard your reputation by security and resilience investments.

Five Myths of DIY Disaster Recovery [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- Learn about the most common faulty disaster recovery assumptions - from insufficient employee work arrangements to the inadequacy of annual or biannual disaster recovery testing

Virtualizing Disaster Recovery Using Cloud Computing [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- Given the demands of an around-the-clock world, organizations need to start thinking in terms of application continuity rather than infrequent disasters. With faster recovery time and reduced costs, cloud-based business resilience can provide an attractive alternative to traditional disaster recovery. Read this paper to learn how organizations can use cloud computing to help speed response to frequent outages and infrequent disasters alike.

Private cloud in the hybrid era: The critical choices driving business value and agility [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- Capitalizing on the transformative potential of private cloud requires leveraging the differentiators that will drive exponential value down the road. This IBM white paper discusses the core differentiators that drive transformative business value.

Challenging Some of the Myths About Static Code Analysis [ Source: Rogue Wave Software ]

April 2014- Static code analysis, or SCA, can be described as the analysis of whole-program source code without the execution of that program. A number of interpretations and even misconceptions about this technology and how it impacts or benefits you, the developer, have emerged over time.

Thankfully, there is also a lot of information about the many benefits SCA provides, from faster project execution, to better source code at check-in, to less costly development cycles ...

Supporting Your Mobile Workforce [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- If you're asking your IT Department to provide support for your employees' mobile devices, here what they can expect

Your Pathway to Mobile Nirvana [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- Millions of mobile workers. Billions of mobile subscriptions. How can you manage this mobility mega-movement and impact on your operational expense? We're taking a page from Lean Six Sigma and applying it to our journey to mobile nirvana: the highest volume and quality of services at the lowest possible cost.

Enabling the Mobile Workforce [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- Enabling the mobile workforce requires enterprises to address a host of issues around management of mobile devices, data, applications, security, and expenses. But as solutions for these challenges become increasingly commoditized, the focus is shifting to optimizing the user experience.

How do you manage your growing mobile workforce? [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- Enterprise mobility management ensures that you employees have secure, seamless access to the information they need, anytime and anywhere.

Building a next-generation identity and access management program [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- Think for a moment about all the employees, customers and business partners who need access to your enterprise resources - using all sorts of different devices in all sorts of locations. Today's identity and access management solutions need to do more than just "let the good guys in and keep the bad guys out." In fact, there are few security initiatives that currently demand as much deliberation and scrutiny.

Research: Beyond IT Service Management [ Source: ServiceNow ]

April 2014- There are two ways to look at an IT as a service model: as a well-intentioned but jargon and bureaucracy filled worldview or as a fully integrated, engaged and involved part of the company's operations. You can guess which one we recommend, and it seems the 409 respondents to our InformationWeek 2013 Service-Oriented IT Survey agree.

Fully 83% say making IT more service-oriented, where IT at the larger organization is consumed, priced, evaluated and paid for ...

Cyber threat landscape: Guide for business leaders [ Source: BAE Systems Applied Intelligence ]

April 2014- The cyber security threat landscape is constantly evolving. The tools, behaviours and techniques of those attacking and defending organisations are constantly adapting to each other.

While high-profile attacks now regularly appear in the press, many decision makers are left wondering what steps they can actively take to stay on top of a threat which is forever changing.

In our report Cyber threat landscape: Guide for business leaders we outline five cyber ...

Become a Cloud Service Broker: Seven Success Factors when Transforming IT into a Cloud Service Broker [ Source: HP ]

April 2014- Transforming your organization to function as a broker of IT services will enable you to keep up with today's accelerated business and product-development cycles. It will allow you to deliver more responsive, flexible and scalable IT services.

This white paper will highlight the seven success factors necessary when building a hybrid IT model comprised of traditional and the cloud-based services.

HP is the sponsor of this material. By submitting your information ...

Managing Hybrid Clouds: A Comprehensive, Secure, and Flexible Cloud Management Solution [ Source: HP ]

April 2014- Hybrid cloud delivery brings a fundamental shift to the enterprise, and a new style of IT. The IT department that develops a hybrid delivery model, one that creates an optimal mix of traditional IT, private, and public cloud, is the department that realizes success.

Read the white paper and learn how hybrid cloud management can help you simplify and unify business and operational management; deliver secure, compliant cloud services; and rely on open, ...

Performance Management: The Seven Deadly Sins of SPM [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- We view sales compensation as an ecosystem that is comprised of a number of independent systems that all interact with each other.

Build for Growth: Master the ICM Advantage [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- It is important to understand key trends and developments that are making compensation an issue of concern to decision makers. Incentive compensation management (ICM) technologies can simplify and improve efforts to organize and incent workforces to strive to succeed.

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