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Harnessing the Power of the Mobile Cloud [ Source: Antenna Software ]

October 2012- This whitepaper discusses the convergence of mobility and cloud computing and discusses six strategic advantages by harnessing the power of the Mobile Cloud for driving competitive differentiation and delivering happiness to employees and customers.

IBM Customer Experience Suite and Mobile Application Delivery [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- IBM Customer Experience Suite software-enabled web portals provide personalized applications based on role, context, actions, location, preferences and team collaboration needs. Mobile Web portals extend access to portal services and data from many of the approximately 3 billion mobile devices in use to help enterprises reach their audiences, thereby increasing customer loyalty, improving mobile employee productivity and gaining competitive advantage.

LTE Advanced: Mobile Broadband [ Source: Teleca ]

April 2010- This paper provides an overview of some technology components currently considered for the evolution of LTE, referred to as LTE-Advanced, which falls under the Release 10 category of 3GPP. A brief overview of the requirements of the LTE Advanced and frequency spectrum details are presented. The technology components considered for LTE Advanced include extended spectrum flexibility to support up to 100 MHz bandwidth, enhanced multi-antenna solutions with up to eight layer transmission in the downlink and up ...

The Promise of Mobile Unified Communications [ Source: BlackBerry ]

February 2010- Mobile unified communications allows organizations to provide employees with the ability to collaborate and communicate efficiently, as well as access information on-demand. An exclusive Computerworld online survey offers insight into how companies can develop cost-effective strategies for implementing or improving mobile applications and foster an efficient workplace. Mobile devices provide a platform for mobile access to enterprise applications as well as a host of new methods of communication and collaboration.

The CIO's Guide to Fixed Mobile Convergence [ Source: BlackBerry ]

February 2010- Mobile working has transformed the business world, stimulating innovation, improving productivity and creating new opportunities. Industry analyst estimates suggest the mobile workforce could exceed 800 million in 2009. These workers can spend as much as 40% of their time away from their desk, complicating their communication needs and draining productivity. As businesses look to do more and encourage the best from their workforce, flexible, on-demand access to information has become a requirement.

Equipping staff with the ...

5G Superfast Internet Era [ Source: Tech Mahindra Ltd. [R&D Services] ]

December 2009- At present 2G Technology (GSM) is widely used worldwide. One strong imitation with 2G technology is that the data rates are limited and is fully voice centric. This makes it inefficient for Data Transfer applications like videoconferencing, music, or video downloads, etc. To increase the speed, various new technologies have come into the picture.

Communications Continuity Solutions for Government Agencies [ Source: Sprint ]

June 2009- Secure, reliable communications are absolutely critical for government agencies. In the case of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or other large-scale emergency, the costs of communication failures are measured in lost lives or millions of dollars in property damage. Download this brief to learn more about secure communications solutions.

Converged Communications Solutions for Federal Government Agencies [ Source: Sprint ]

June 2009- The success of continuity programs is dependent on the availability of robust, effective and secure communications to provide Federal Agencies the ability to access critical applications and to quickly share vital information. Download this paper to learn how leveraging a flexible IP core can enable Government voice, video and data applications.

Is Your Network Ready For VoIP? [ Source: Blue Coat ]

April 2009- Do you fully understand how your network will handle the voice and data convergence without compromising performance and reliability? Get a summary of the critical factors pertaining to VoIP's viability.

Upgrading Your Data Network For Voice And Video [ Source: NetForecast ]

November 2008- NetForecast explores voice and video network issues, IP telephony challenges, network immunity benefits and more in this presentation on upgrading your data network. This presentation includes information on the key components for establishing an effective network architecture to support remote users.

Fixed Mobile Convergence: The Hows And Whys [ Source: dBrn Associates, Inc. ]

November 2008- To what extent is fixed mobile convergence really ready for prime time? What vertical markets or applications are the most likely targets for FMC? dBrn highlights various aspects of FMC, and discusses its future, in this presentation.

Network Security Meets Building Security [ Source: Cisco ]

April 2008- What does network convergence mean for IT? Cisco takes a look at physical security and IT in this presentation.

Wanted: High Performance in Mobile Wireless Applications [ Source: MeshDynamics Corp ]

April 2008- Outdoor enterprises such as the military and the transportation industry require high-performance wireless mobility.

Platforms for Mobile Applications [ Source: ACCESS ]

April 2008- As mobile growth outpaces that of desktops, the key issues for mobile devices include security, adaptability and flexibility, strong third-party ecosystems, and open versus proprietary platforms.

Fixed/Mobile Convergence: What's Real For The Enterprise? [ Source: dBrn Associates, Inc. ]

March 2008- here are lots of different ways to do fixed/mobile convergence. Each solution addresses a different set of perceived problems and provides a different set of capabilities. It is important that you understand what you are getting, the costs involved, and to be able to discuss these various solutions and their benefits with your users. dBrn explores FMC in this presentation.

Fixed Mobile Convergence - A Carrier Avenue to Profits, Growth and Competitive Differentiation [ Source: HP ]

January 2009- Following a long period of development, fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) appears ready to arrive in the form of real carrier services for enterprises. The concept of FMC—the ability to access multimedia applications from a variety of end-user devices while roaming across a range of fixed-line and mobile networks—has broad appeal. Enterprises see FMC as a way to improve employee efficiency which may also help reduce telecom costs. Carriers look to FMC to help them ...

Mobile Video Services: Ready For Prime Time [ Source: Surf Communication Solutions, Ltd. ]

August 2008- Video on the Internet has taken off in recent years. The rapid growth of online video has been driven by widespread broadband connectivity, a growing number of site offering commercial video content, and the explosion of user-generated video content (UGV).

Multi-Network Handover: How to Realize Manageable and Reliable Fixed Mobile Convergence Results [ Source: Agito Networks ]

October 2008- Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) offers the promise of unifying services provided by cellular mobile operators with an enterprises’ PBX and fixed line services. This creates the need for handover between the private enterprise network, running an 802.11-based WLAN, and the public cellular network.

With FMC, there is tremendous value for enterprises to converge these services, including reduced costs and enhanced productivity. To truly converge these two systems, an active wireless call must be ...

Generating New Revenue With Fixed Mobile Convergence [ Source: Cisco ]

January 2008- Many businesses around the world are extending their wireless networks to support voice services in addition to data communications in an effort to improve cost efficiency and employee productivity. To meet market demand for next-generation Fixed-Mobile-Convergence (FMC) services, major service providers around the globe are beginning to realize that it is possible to improve customer loyalty and grow customer base while deploying profitable FMC services. This Cisco white paper defines the concept of FMC with ...

A Mobility Model Based on WLAN Traces and Its Validation [ Source: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ]

January 2008- The simulation of mobile networks calls for a mobility model to generate the trajectories of the mobile users (or nodes). It has been shown that the mobility model has a major influence on the behavior of the system. Therefore, using a realistic mobility model is important if one want to increase the confidence that simulations of mobile systems are meaningful in realistic settings. This paper published by IEEE present an executable mobility model that uses ...