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Transforming Enterprise Applications for Mobile/ BYOD Environments [ Source: Dell ]

September 2014- Preparing enterprise applications for the increasingly diverse array of mobile devices used for business purposes is a key challenge for insurance and other financial services IT groups. Many organizations are having to rapidly expand their mobility programs to enable more users to access enterprise applications and data from a wider range of devices. Apps development must also support a variety of operating systems, form factors, user preferences, methods of interaction and security requirements. As organizations ...

Mobility: Going Your Way
(Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions article by Anna-Lee Muck and Sean Wisdom, Dell)
[ Source: Dell ]

September 2014- Constant connectivity is the new norm - causing a shift in worker expectations that may not align with enterprise requirements. An effective mobility strategy empowers users and improves business performance without compromising essential IT controls. Mobile-device use is also transforming today's enterprise computing landscape for insurance providers and other financial services organizations. Employees and business leaders expect constant connectivity, diverse collaboration tools and on-demand access to enterprise applications and content.

An adaptable, end-to-end ...

Ponemon Institute Research: How IT security is addressing threats to structured and unstructured data [ Source: Informatica ]

June 2014- What scares IT security more than hackers? This Ponemon Institute Research report answers that question and then some. In a survey of more than 1,500 IT practitioners from around the world, they reveal what's worrying the people tasked with protecting the enterprise's most sensitive data. With the rise of the data-centric enterprise, there is a necessary and parallel development of the security architecture meant to protect it. But in the time it's taken for data security ...

3 Must-Haves for Rugged Devices [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

August 2014- A rugged device is just one piece of a mobile solution for highly demanding environmental work environments. Support, security, and manageability will keep employees in the field, on the road, and in the harshest conditions. Download this whitepaper to learn more about how to find the right combination of rugged mobile notebooks and services to meet the demands of your end users.

Securing The Enterprise Workspace: Protect Your Organization While Supporting Mobility and BYOD [ Source: Dell Software ]

August 2014- Worried that your growing mobile workforce could unknowlingly facilitate a security breach? Read this white paper to learn ways to balance the openness of mobility with the requirements of enterprise security. Discover how to prevent a costly breach by bolstering security across enterprise networks and mobile platforms while giving employees simple, authorized remote access to corporate applications and data on a range of mobile devices and operating systems. Also, find out how Dell Mobile/BYOD ...

Transforming Enterprise Applications for Mobile/BYOD Environments [ Source: Dell Software ]

August 2014- Wondering how to expand your mobility program to encompass your most important enterprise applications? Read this white paper for tips on how to prepare critical applications to be accessed from an array of company-owned and personal devices with different screen sizes and operating systems. Also, find out how desktop virtualization - and Dell Mobile/BYOD Solutions - can help reduce complexity and ensure application and data security.

Future-Proof Your Mobility Strategy with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management [ Source: Dell Software ]

August 2014- Trying to figure out how to future-proof your mobile strategy in the rapidly evolving world of devices, operating systems, work habits and mobile business models? Read this paper to discover best practices for devising a flexible and scalable approach to address a large number of changing variables while maintaining security and controlling administrative complexity. Also, find out how Dell Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) can help.

Enabling Devices and Device Management for Your Mobility/BYOD Program [ Source: Dell Software ]

August 2014- Wondering which mobile devices will help your team be the most productive? Read this white paper to learn how to support employees with the best devices - company-supplied or their own - to increase flexibility, productivity and job satisfaction. Get tips on how to reduce IT complexity as you manage a wider variety of devices, operating systems and user needs. Also, find out how Dell devices and Enterprise Mobility Management can help.

Enhance and Optimize Your Mobility/BYOD Infrastructure [ Source: Dell Software ]

August 2014- Want to get the most out of your mobile technology infrastructure? Read this white paper to learn how to expand mobile access and support BYOD initiatives while maintaining security and control over company data, applications and networks. Also, find out how Dell solutions can help you increase capacity and limit administrative complexities.

Maximizing Mobile Efficiency and Productivity [ Source: Dell Software ]

August 2014- Trying to get the most out of your evolving BYOD strategy? Check out this white paper to learn best practices to help your mobile users stay productive. Find ways to accommodate a wide variety of devices and operating systems, provide the best tools to support each specific job function - and meet overarching business goals. Also, learn how Dell Mobile/BYOD Solutions can help.

Mobility: Business Executive VS. IT - Who Holds The Wallet? [ Source: AT&T ]

June 2014- Whether they're consciously avoiding IT or not, line-of-business managers and C-level executives are becoming more comfortable with making their own technology decisions. In fact, many believe they can make such decisions better and faster than IT. But as strategy and purchasing decisions are being made for business-critical technologies, such as mobile computing, it's important to analyze how organizations are transforming their evaluation, buying, and building processes to maintain a competitive advantage. Who currently holds the ...

Helping ensure student success and retention [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- Southern Illinois University university partners with Dell, Intel, Microsoft and textbook publishers to launch "Mobile Dawg," a tablet-based comprehensive suite of applications and e-texts to enhance student' educational experiences, learning and retention.

Dell Student Retention Model for Harper College [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- Within the foundational academic work, the Dell student retention model seeks to help colleges and universities retain students by quickly identifying students at risk through a structured information technology solution, and delivering the information to administrators, instructors, counselors and students in an easy-to-access model.

Helping busy Executive MBA students focus on learning [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- Emory University deploys full-featured Windows 8 tablets from Dell, preloaded with all necessary applications and consolidated information resources and applications, to Executive MBA students so they can spend more time learning and enjoying a better educational experience.

University uses data insight to drive student success [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- The University of Kentucky uses Dell Education Data Management solution with real-time BI to improve data insights and student success.

A Wireless LAN That Works for Mobile Business [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

June 2014- Mobility drives the way businesses work today, with advanced applications requiring more capacity, security, and higher throughput levels than ever before from the wireless networks that connect them. And with increasing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, companies must also provide security to safeguard critical business resources from threats and ensure data integrity. The answer to these challenges lies in having a robust 802.11ac wireless LAN that can handle the highest available throughput. Find the best WLAN solution ...

Transforming Enterprise Applications for Mobile/BYOD Environments [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

June 2014- Organizations are rapidly expanding their mobility programs, enabling more users to access enterprise applications and data from a wider range of devices, often creating a hybrid environment of corporate-owned mobile devices and instituting BYOD policies. Delivering apps to mobile environments is a key challenge for IT groups requiring the need to support a wide variety of device types, operating systems, form factors, user preferences, and security requirements. As organizations continue to expand their mobility and ...

Mobile Data Security: Finding the Balance [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- Bring Your Own Device has changed the rules for corporate security on smartphones and tablets. Companies need to find the right balance in securing email, apps and content without compromising user experience.

Not all mobile security and management solutions are built alike, "Mobile Data Security: Finding the Balance" explores the business drivers to consider before marrying your organization to virtualization, email stripping or containers. Discover why each approach needs careful consideration - and ...

Mobile Device Management Policy Best Practices [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- Managing smartphones and tablets is only half the MDM story. Securing the data and access points between corporate systems and your workers' iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry devices requires just as much consideration and planning as protecting the devices themselves.

This white paper explores ten policy best-practices for secure and compliant enterprise mobility, including:

• Industry Regulations: No two industries are created equally - know yours well

• Warn ...

The Business Value of Integrated Anti-Virus Management [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- IBM Endpoint Manager delivers an integrated, cost-effective approach to anti-malware protection. IT staff can easily view the status of endpoints, automatically verify anti-virus status to help ensure compliance, and rapidly make changes to remediate issues and help prevent attacks.

Supporting Your Mobile Workforce [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- If you're asking your IT Department to provide support for your employees' mobile devices, here what they can expect

Your Pathway to Mobile Nirvana [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- Millions of mobile workers. Billions of mobile subscriptions. How can you manage this mobility mega-movement and impact on your operational expense? We're taking a page from Lean Six Sigma and applying it to our journey to mobile nirvana: the highest volume and quality of services at the lowest possible cost.

Enabling the Mobile Workforce [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- Enabling the mobile workforce requires enterprises to address a host of issues around management of mobile devices, data, applications, security, and expenses. But as solutions for these challenges become increasingly commoditized, the focus is shifting to optimizing the user experience.

How do you manage your growing mobile workforce? [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- Enterprise mobility management ensures that you employees have secure, seamless access to the information they need, anytime and anywhere.

Securing the Enterprise Workspace: Protect your Organization while Supporting Mobility and BYOD [ Source: Dell Software ]

April 2014- Is your mobile workforce contributing to vulnerabilities that could lead to a security breach? This white paper explains how Dell Mobility Solutions for security can help protect your organization's information, systems and networks while simplifying administration and supporting employees with forward-thinking mobility initiatives for a range of devices and operating systems.

Maximizing Mobile Efficiency and Productivity [ Source: Dell Software ]

April 2014- BYOD programs help employees be more productive, but how is your mobile strategy affecting your IT department? Read this new white paper to learn how Dell Mobility Solution Sets can help you optimize your IT infrastructure, maintain data security, streamline administration, and develop and modernize apps for your mobile workforce.

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