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Enterprise Mobility Management: Embracing BYOD Through Secure App & Data Delivery [ Source: Citrix ]

November 2014- The transformation of computing through mobility, consumerization, bring-your-own device (BYOD) and flex-work offers powerful benefits for today's organizations -but it poses significant challenges for IT. These trends make it possible to increase business agility, individual productivity and job satisfaction by freeing people to choose the best time, place and device to get their work done. To allow this flexibility, though, IT must be able to secure apps and data on a potentially unlimited variety of ...

10 “Must Haves” for Secure Enterprise Mobility [ Source: Citrix ]

November 2014- Becoming a mobile enterprise means new opportunities for your organization. Employees are happier and more productive when they have mobile access to their email, apps and data on tablets and smartphones. Companies running their businesses on mobile workstyle solutions gain competitive advantages and drive top-line growth.

10 Essential Elements for a Secure Enterprise Mobility Strategy [ Source: Citrix ]

November 2014- Mobility and bring-your-own device (BYOD) are transforming the way people work and the way organizations support them. There's more to mobility than simply enabling remote access - and mobile devices are far more than limited-use gadgets. Capable of accessing, storing and transmitting applications and data like traditional computers, smartphones and tablets can be used for almost any business task. To unlock the full potential of enterprise mobility, IT needs to allow people the freedom to ...

Delivering Enterprise Information Securely on Android, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows Tablets and Smartphones [ Source: Citrix ]

November 2014- Android, iOS and Windows-based mobile devices - including smartphones, tablets and everything in between - have transformed enterprise computing, providing new mobility and flexibility for people and IT. At the same time, they compound the challenge of maintaining effective security and privacy of business information. Enterprise mobility calls for a new approach to security - one designed for a world where mobile devices, bring-your-own device (BYOD), corporate-owned devices with personal data, cloud apps and public ...

Transforming Enterprise Applications with Mobile/BYOD Environments [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

November 2014- Organizations are rapidly expanding their mobility programs, enabling more users to access enterprise applications and data from a wider range of devices, often creating a hybrid environment of corporate-owned mobile devices and instituting BYOD policies. Delivering apps to mobile environments is a key challenge for IT groups requiring the need to support a wide variety of device types, operating systems, form factors, user preferences, and security requirements. As organizations continue to expand their mobility and ...

Mobile Security: Confidence Ebbs as BYOD Booms [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

November 2014- Security risks have grown roughly in proportion to the meteoric growth in employee-owned mobile devices within the workplace. Meanwhile cyber-attacks are growing in sophistication and severity. According to data from a new IDG Research survey, these dynamics have IT decision makers scrambling to tighten and revise BYOD policies while addressing the holistic issue of endpoint security. Download this two-page paper detailing the IDG Research results and for expert advice on securing your organization's data in ...

Tablets That Work for Business [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

November 2014- Tablets designed for work as well as play finally are robust enough to overcome barriers to enterprise adoption. Here's a look at how enterprise tablets differ from their consumer cousins -- and how their use can open doors to new opportunities.

Tablet Management Simplified [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

November 2014- Tablets first became popular as media devices for consumers and then began to invade workplaces with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies in place. Now, a growing number of businesses are not only supporting employee-owned tablets, they're also purchasing tablets, particularly Windows tablets, for employee use. Read now and learn how systems management and deployment appliances can make enterprise tablet support easier, reduce costs, enhance security, and free staff to concentrate on strategic projects.

5 Best Practices for Managing and Securing Enterprise Tablets [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

November 2014- Following some best practices can help your organization craft a tablet strategy that meets your short-term and long-term needs. Doing so enables companies to take advantage of the productivity and other benefits that tablets offer without overburdening IT.

Read now and learn why these five steps are critical to creating a tablet strategy:
- Identifying Needs and Goals
- Establishing Mobility Policies
- Selecting a Flexible Mobility Management Solution

Future-proof your mobility strategy with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

November 2014- Employees are increasingly relying on mobile devices for a wider range of work functions and expect to access corporate information on their terms. These changes in work habits can lead to new security issues. This paper discusses how to maximize workforce productivity, companies need ways to securely connect mobile users with the resources they need anytime, anywhere.

How Mobile is Transforming Enterprise Customer Experience [ Source: OpenMarket ]

September 2014- Customers today demand smooth and efficient experiences throughout the whole customer lifecycle--from the moment they start to look for a product or service to the moment they decide whether to replace it or upgrade. In that continuum of customer touch points, enterprises have many opportunities to improve the customer experience and to engage with customers where they are: on their mobile devices. This paper describes a more holistic view of customer service, provides real examples ...

Six Essential Elements for a Modern Mobility Strategy [ Source: Box ]

October 2014- Enterprises that understand the strategic importance of mobility are moving to the head of the pack. With a cohesive mobile strategy that balances secure content sharing, enhanced collaboration, and a superior user experience, a company can improve employee productivity, enhance decision making, engage with customers more effectively, and ultimately facilitate innovation across the organization. There's no question that the time for enterprises to hone their mobile strategies now.

Master Mobile By Focusing on Productivity [ Source: Box ]

October 2014- View this infographic and learn how more enterprises are applying mobile to core processes, making customer support, sales operations, and everyday tasks more effective. By mastering mobility, IT teams play a key role in boosting productivity, efficiency, and ROI across the business.

The State of Managed Phone Services in the Cloud [ Source: Comcast ]

October 2014- More than 59% of small and midsized companies are considering a hosted or virtual alternative to traditional phone services in order to boost collaboration, reduce costs, and accommodate the changing mobile nature of work. Download this exclusive research report to learn more about the solutions they're pursuing, the results they're seeing, and the challenges they encounter along the way.

The New Economics of Video Conferencing: Now Affordable Anywhere, Anytime with Anyone [ Source: Lifesize ]

October 2014- From Salesforce to Quickbooks, the cloud, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), is fundamentally reshaping the economics of all kinds of business applications by allowing them to be delivered over the Internet via a browser. Video conferencing is the latest cloud trend--it removes the need for high-priced infrastructure and ongoing maintenance, while allowing technology to be deployed quickly and easily.

Cloud-based video conferencing isn't simply about providing traditional services at a lower cost. The new value ...

Beyond the Executive Suite: Video Conference is Now Available to Virtually Everyone [ Source: Lifesize ]

October 2014- Until recently, video conferencing has had limited usefulness because the technology was expensive to own and maintain. And, since no global address book existed, the only people you could speak to were those with whom you shared the system--typically people in your own company. As a result, video conferencing was restricted to Fortune 500 business units talking to colleagues in the same corporation. But all that has changed, thanks to the cloud. It's moved video conferencing ...

The "Upwardly Mobile" Enterprise [ Source: IBM ]

October 2014- When IBM and Oxford Economics surveyed 600 organizations about their current and future mobility strategy, they found that most had not put the necessary building blocks in place to realize the full advantages that mobile technology can deliver. Read the white paper to learn how organizations are using mobility to improve the customer experience; enable a more productive workforce; and deliver on new and innovative value propositions in the marketplace. The paper also reveals how mobile ...

Transforming Enterprise Applications for Mobile/ BYOD Environments [ Source: Dell ]

September 2014- Preparing enterprise applications for the increasingly diverse array of mobile devices used for business purposes is a key challenge for insurance and other financial services IT groups. Many organizations are having to rapidly expand their mobility programs to enable more users to access enterprise applications and data from a wider range of devices. Apps development must also support a variety of operating systems, form factors, user preferences, methods of interaction and security requirements. As organizations ...

Mobility: Going Your Way
(Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions article by Anna-Lee Muck and Sean Wisdom, Dell)
[ Source: Dell ]

September 2014- Constant connectivity is the new norm - causing a shift in worker expectations that may not align with enterprise requirements. An effective mobility strategy empowers users and improves business performance without compromising essential IT controls. Mobile-device use is also transforming today's enterprise computing landscape for insurance providers and other financial services organizations. Employees and business leaders expect constant connectivity, diverse collaboration tools and on-demand access to enterprise applications and content.

An adaptable, end-to-end ...

Ponemon Institute Research: How IT security is addressing threats to structured and unstructured data [ Source: Informatica ]

June 2014- What scares IT security more than hackers? This Ponemon Institute Research report answers that question and then some. In a survey of more than 1,500 IT practitioners from around the world, they reveal what's worrying the people tasked with protecting the enterprise's most sensitive data. With the rise of the data-centric enterprise, there is a necessary and parallel development of the security architecture meant to protect it. But in the time it's taken for data security ...

3 Must-Haves for Rugged Devices [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

August 2014- A rugged device is just one piece of a mobile solution for highly demanding environmental work environments. Support, security, and manageability will keep employees in the field, on the road, and in the harshest conditions. Download this whitepaper to learn more about how to find the right combination of rugged mobile notebooks and services to meet the demands of your end users.

Securing The Enterprise Workspace: Protect Your Organization While Supporting Mobility and BYOD [ Source: Dell Software ]

August 2014- Worried that your growing mobile workforce could unknowlingly facilitate a security breach? Read this white paper to learn ways to balance the openness of mobility with the requirements of enterprise security. Discover how to prevent a costly breach by bolstering security across enterprise networks and mobile platforms while giving employees simple, authorized remote access to corporate applications and data on a range of mobile devices and operating systems. Also, find out how Dell Mobile/BYOD ...

Transforming Enterprise Applications for Mobile/BYOD Environments [ Source: Dell Software ]

August 2014- Wondering how to expand your mobility program to encompass your most important enterprise applications? Read this white paper for tips on how to prepare critical applications to be accessed from an array of company-owned and personal devices with different screen sizes and operating systems. Also, find out how desktop virtualization - and Dell Mobile/BYOD Solutions - can help reduce complexity and ensure application and data security.

Future-Proof Your Mobility Strategy with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management [ Source: Dell Software ]

August 2014- Trying to figure out how to future-proof your mobile strategy in the rapidly evolving world of devices, operating systems, work habits and mobile business models? Read this paper to discover best practices for devising a flexible and scalable approach to address a large number of changing variables while maintaining security and controlling administrative complexity. Also, find out how Dell Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) can help.

Enabling Devices and Device Management for Your Mobility/BYOD Program [ Source: Dell Software ]

August 2014- Wondering which mobile devices will help your team be the most productive? Read this white paper to learn how to support employees with the best devices - company-supplied or their own - to increase flexibility, productivity and job satisfaction. Get tips on how to reduce IT complexity as you manage a wider variety of devices, operating systems and user needs. Also, find out how Dell devices and Enterprise Mobility Management can help.

Enhance and Optimize Your Mobility/BYOD Infrastructure [ Source: Dell Software ]

August 2014- Want to get the most out of your mobile technology infrastructure? Read this white paper to learn how to expand mobile access and support BYOD initiatives while maintaining security and control over company data, applications and networks. Also, find out how Dell solutions can help you increase capacity and limit administrative complexities.

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