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Rethink Your Branch Network Strategy: Create More Flexible, More Productive Branch Networks [ Source: Aerohive Networks ]

January 2012- In today's virtual enterprise, access to corporate resources must be secure, reliable, and manageable, with consistently enforced policy while simultaneously allowing access from anywhere at any time. This is why access network strategies have become critical to business growth. If IT can empower every remote worker with the full capabilities available at headquarters, the business can differentiate itself and directly influence the company's bottom line.

The Ultralight Branch White Paper [ Source: Aerohive Networks ]

January 2012- The distributed, virtualizing enterprise seeks to limit - or break - the relationship between physical location and the ability of a business to function. By shifting from traditional mid-sized to small branches to larger numbers of very small locations, the enterprise can more agilely address its business needs and opportunities.

This strategy requires that IT be able to implement a location for a small number of users with very low overhead, and that ...

WLAN Management Moves to the Cloud [ Source: Aerohive Networks ]

January 2012- While wireless and mobile topics have been central to any discussion regarding IT strategy for some time, an element that goes hand-in-hand with mobility is the provisioning of a broad range of services in the cloud. Cloud, for our purposes here, refers to any capability that is made available via a network connection, this so as to encompass both public (typically, Web-based) as well as local or private cloud services. The concept of cloud services, ...

The iEverything Enterprise: Understanding and Addressing IT's Dilemma in a BYOD World [ Source: Aerohive Networks ]

January 2012- Virtualization, cloud computing, and wireless technology are fundamentally changing enterprise computing, providing revolutionary gains in productivity and cost savings. Powerful enterprise applications can now be delivered to almost any device, anywhere, at any time and take advantage of tremendous computing power available in consumer devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Regardless of whether these devices are issued corporately or personally owned, almost every IT department is experiencing the effects of unprecedented smart device adoption in ...

Wireless Technology Update [ Source: dBrn Associates, Inc. ]

March 2008- The range of mobility options is exploding with the introduction of new wireless services and technologies. However, as the collapse of the Muni Wi-Fi business has demonstrated, success is difficult to achieve in deploying radio-based networks, and the wireless business has seen more losers than winners. This presentation discusses some of the major developments in the wireless arena, where they fit, and when and how they will be a factor in enterprise networks.