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Achieving next generation policy with Alepo's PCRF [ Source: Alepo ]

December 2013- Alepo's Policy & Charging Control Function (PCRF) performs real-time policy management across all services and technologies, including LTE, WiMAX, eHRPD, HSPA+, WLAN, and more, empowering mobile operators to truly differentiate their business plans in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

Getting Wired Performance Out of Your Wireless Network [ Source: Xirrus ]

May 2013- Driven by the rapid evolution of mobile devices, the move to cloud-based applications and data, and the continued development of new wireless technologies, Wi-Fi has become the network of choice for connectivity. Most new devices no longer have wired connectivity-for them Wi-Fi is the only option. IT managers now count Wi-Fi as an essential business facility.

Cisco Catalyst Switches - Built-in Tools for Success [ Source: Cisco ]

October 2012- According to Forrester, operating expenses account for up to 70% of TCO for access switching networks. Learn how Cisco's network services toolkit, built into the Cisco® Catalyst® Series, simplifies lifecycle management tasks and helps lower TCO.

Cisco - Guide to Successful LAN Deployment [ Source: Cisco ]

October 2012- From business strategy to technical design to step-by-step instructions for deploying and configuring network infrastructure, the Cisco? Smart Business Architecture guide is your detailed manual for successful LAN deployment.

Lippis Test - Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor 2T [ Source: Cisco ]

October 2012- Lippis says, "No wonder why the Catalyst 6500 is so popular" Gain performance for growth and protect your investment with upgradability. Read Lippis' review of the innovative Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor 2T.

Gartner Magic Quadrant: Wired and Wireless LAN Access [ Source: Cisco ]

October 2012- In a Magic Quadrant study, Gartner compares the strengths and weaknesses of wired and wireless LAN access infrastructure vendors. Learn why Cisco remains an industry leader and "continues to be on shortlists for all access layer opportunities."

The Future of Enterprise Networks [ Source: Huawei Enterprise USA ]

August 2012- The vision of having one global communications network that covers the earth and allows anyone to get access to any information anytime, anywhere, and on any device is closer today than ever.

However, fulfilling that vision has its issues.

Cloud computing has led to a large-scale integration of information resources across the globe. We are living in a world where everything — from smartphones to tablets to buildings, cars and appliances — is ...

Uninterrupted Internet: Maximizing Revenue and Minimizing Business Risk with 3G/4G Failover [ Source: CradlePoint ]

July 2012- Whether your businesses are connected to the Internet via T1/T3, or Cable, incorporating a mobile broadband backup solution adds uptime whenever there is a loss in connectivity via your wired line.

With CradlePoint routers as your Internet backup solution, you're ensured more uptime for your POS transactions and cloud-based services while gaining significant financial and operational benefits over wired backup solutions including:

• Better reliability

• Lower operating ...

Gartner Report: Use Best Practices to Implement a WLAN [ Source: Xirrus ]

July 2012- Mobility is the #1 issue facing Enterprise IT today. With the rapid growth of smart devices, organizations are increasingly depending on wireless to transform their businesses.

Learn from Gartner?s Tim Zimmerman the best practices to implement a WLAN.

InfoTech White Paper: Expanding the Un-tethered Universe [ Source: HP ]

June 2012- The Wireless LAN (WLAN) market is maturing, but still generates some significant innovations to compete with wireline and cellular networking. It also continues to produce differentiation, even though core features have become commoditized, and consolidation among vendors continues.

As wireless expectations and demands continue to rise, and as WLANs continue to meet those demands, wired networks will increasingly become the difficult-to-justify cost that WLANs were a few years ago. The question is not ...

Conquering today's Bring Your Own Device Challenges [ Source: Aruba Networks ]

March 2012- A BYOD solution should automate the device onboarding process for employees and guests, as well as the administration and enforcement of policies, by gathering information about the context of the device, user and connection. BYOD also requires real-time visibility and reporting to quickly measure, enforce, and meet compliance mandates.

Gartner Strategic Road Map for Network Access Control [ Source: Aruba Networks ]

March 2012- Long derided as an overhyped concept, network access control (NAC) has emerged as an important solution for mitigating the risks of consumerization. Network and security managers will use NAC to retain control of the network in a "bring your own device" (BYOD) environment.

State and local governments target next-generation mobility [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

August 2012- Download this whitepaper to learn how state and local governments can leverage next-generation mobility to imrpove access for workers and citizens, while protecting privacy/data easing/unifying management and lowering total cost of ownership.

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Centralized/Infrastructure Spectral Assurance: Evaluating Total Cost of Ownership [ Source: Interop ]

April 2010- While many forms of wireless-LAN assurance and verification tools have become available over the past decade or so of the history of the WLAN and Wi-Fi, one of the last to be addressed is the ability to examine activity at the physical layer(PHY) – in other words, to look at what’s happening in the air itself, what we call spectral assurance (SA). SA is particularly important not just because the frequencies used by WLANs ...

The End of the Overlay: Unified Networks Arrive [ Source: Interop ]

March 2010- Unified networking is now firmly established as one of the key directions for LAN deployments going forward. As is the case with the improvement in visibility and strategic direction resulting from the ratification of the 802.11n standard,there is little question today regarding the viability of the unified approach, nor with the system vendors’ ability to field product lines implementing the concept. Learn about the benefits of unified networks in this whitepaper from Farpoint Group. ...

Managing And Securing Mobile Healthcare Data And Devices: A Custom Tech Adoption Profile Commissioned by MaaS360 by Fiberlink [ Source: Fiberlink ]

March 2010- Healthcare and life sciences organizations depend on knowledge workers –  physicians, researchers, technicians, nurses, analysts, statisticians, salespeople and other professionals – who count on being able to work anytime, anywhere.

A recent report from Forrester® Consulting confirms that healthcare organizations are among the most mobile in the world, and among the most concerned with issues like regulatory compliance and data security. 

Controlling Wireless Costs With Any Connection Reporting: Supporting Three Dimensions of Mobile Intelligence [ Source: Fiberlink ]

March 2010- Employees today are connecting their laptops to the Internet from everywhere: homes and offices, airports and train stations, hotels and retail stores, street corners and moving cars.

These mobile workers expect simple connectivity and fast performance. They expect to be able to use whatever access method is most convenient, but they don’t pay much attention to cost or security. So it is no surprise that wireless costs are spiraling upward, while security ...

Ethernet Enables The Smart Grid [ Source: Belden ]

January 2010- The electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution system has survived for decades with limited intelligence. But the emergence of independent power producers, green power sources, and new regulatory regimes is making it imperative to add smarts to the grid.

Networking and Unified Communications [ Source: CDW ]

June 2009- IT managers face a difficult task in trying to offer robust services and applications while reducing IT costs and complexity. With unified communications, IT managers can offer streamlined communication solutions and advanced productivity applications throughout the network. Find out how.

Future-Forward To 802.11n [ Source: Lionbridge Technologies ]

March 2009- The crucial interoperability of wireless network devices built around the 802.11 standard is threatened by the advent of new and faster technologies. The IEEE is trying to cope by introducing the 802.11n standard--but it’s still in draft form. Meanwhile, how can manufacturers cope with the confusion and promise surrounding 802.11’s future? The situation is outlined, and a forward path, based on strategic testing, is proposed.

Re-engineering The Wireless Network In Healthcare [ Source: Radiant Networks ]

July 2008- The Radiant Networks StatAware Healthcare solution tracks equipment, medical staff, and patients to improve workflow, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction. The StatAware solution has combined the Cisco Unified Wireless Network and Mobility Services Engine with AeroScout’s WiFi-based RFID tags and MobileView application to cost effectively automate asset management.

Business Class 802.11n: Ready To Deploy [ Source: D-Link ]

April 2009- Today’s Web applications, IP video streams, VoIP systems, and mobile devices are placing more and more demand on wireless networks. This white paper explores 802.11n technology and applications, while offering business leaders a solid educational foundation for making wireless deployment and purchasing decisions.

Infrastructure And Security Planning For WLANs [ Source: dBrn Associates, Inc. ]

November 2008- Michael F. Finneran, Principal, dBrn Associates, discusses802.11, WLANs, WiFi, WLAN switching options, security, WEP, and more in this recent presentation.

Improving Cellular Coverage With Indoor Antenna Systems [ Source: dBrn Associates, Inc. ]

November 2008- A presentation by dBrn Associates on the challenges of indoor cellular coverage and potential solutions for improvement.

Enabling Business Mobile Collaboration [ Source: Cisco ]

November 2008- Cisco explores the challenges and provides some solutions for a voice-ready WLAN.

Wi-Fi Update: WLANs For Next-Generation Application [ Source: Wi-Fi Alliance ]

May 2008- Wi-Fi Alliance notes that Wi-Fi Certified products bring interoperability and better user experience to WLAN technology; more than 4,300 products certified since March 2000. The Alliance provides this presentation to detail other benefits of Wi-Fi.

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