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Management and Wireless in the Data Center [ Source: Raritan ]

March 2013- There are numerous advantages to using Wi-Fi for data center infrastructure management (DCIM) instead of hardwired Ethernet connections. This White Paper examines how wireless systems can support the reliability, performance and security requirements of mission-critical systems.

Gartner MarketScope for Wireless LAN Intrusion Prevention Systems [ Source: Aruba Networks ]

October 2012- Wireless LAN intrusion prevention systems address evolving wireless security threats. WLAN IPS is a distinct market, but baseline security is increasingly satisfied by products and capabilities from WLAN infrastructure vendors.

802.11ac Executive Brief [ Source: Aruba Networks ]

October 2012- 802.11ac promises to revolutionize access networks by offering Gigabit connectivity over the air. This new Wi-Fi standard will enhance many aspects of enterprise networking, but it's important to understand the features, benefits, and limitations.

AirPlay and AirPrint on Campus Networks [ Source: Aruba Networks ]

October 2012- Let your users wirelessly print from iPads, project in conference rooms, and share content using Apple TVs. Aruba AirGroup makes it possible to use Apple Bonjour services in the enterprise or in classrooms based on the user's identity and location.

Uninterrupted Internet: Maximizing Revenue and Minimizing Business Risk with 3G/4G Failover [ Source: CradlePoint ]

July 2012- Whether your businesses are connected to the Internet via T1/T3, or Cable, incorporating a mobile broadband backup solution adds uptime whenever there is a loss in connectivity via your wired line.

With CradlePoint routers as your Internet backup solution, you're ensured more uptime for your POS transactions and cloud-based services while gaining significant financial and operational benefits over wired backup solutions including:

• Better reliability

• Lower operating ...

GigaOm Report: Deploy a Wireless Network at Wired-like Speed [ Source: Xirrus ]

July 2012- This paper follows the ascent of Wi-Fi and looks at how its expanding role within the enterprise - including public or private organizations in the education, health care, government and safety sectors.

We also examine how these requirements will be met by further expansion in the Wi-Fi standards and by a new generation of Wi-Fi equipment and devices. We will discuss how the enterprise can benefit from the evolution of Wi-Fi by deploying ...

Avoid Your Wi-Fi Network Getting Crushed by BYOD [ Source: Xirrus ]

July 2012- As more devices use the corporate wireless network, the network needs to be able to handle the increased utilization of network resources.

The End of the Overlay: Unified Networks Arrive [ Source: Interop ]

March 2010- Unified networking is now firmly established as one of the key directions for LAN deployments going forward. As is the case with the improvement in visibility and strategic direction resulting from the ratification of the 802.11n standard,there is little question today regarding the viability of the unified approach, nor with the system vendors’ ability to field product lines implementing the concept. Learn about the benefits of unified networks in this whitepaper from Farpoint Group. ...

See what happens when your sales teams are "ON" [ Source: Motorola ]

June 2009- Provide a real-time always-on connection between your sales force and your enterprise voice and data systems. Learn the fundamental differences between first and second generation mobility; the impact of true mobility on both transactional and relationship-focused sales representatives; how and why a next-generation SFA mobility solution can reduce costs and improve sales management, IT and general operations—at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Where's Wi-Fi Waldo? A White Paper on Location-Based Services [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

April 2009- Physically keeping track of all of your expensive mobile assets is very inefficient, time-consuming, and often results in missing mobile assets, which are unaccounted for. Cisco has a location-aware solution that puts an end to this daunting task. Using Cisco's Wireless Control System (WCS), controller-based access points, Cisco 3300 Series Mobility Service Engine, and Cisco compatible radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, you can locate your mobile assets by looking at a digitized version of your floor ...

Business Class 802.11n: Ready To Deploy [ Source: D-Link ]

April 2009- Today’s Web applications, IP video streams, VoIP systems, and mobile devices are placing more and more demand on wireless networks. This white paper explores 802.11n technology and applications, while offering business leaders a solid educational foundation for making wireless deployment and purchasing decisions.

Upgrading Your Data Network For Voice And Video [ Source: NetForecast ]

November 2008- NetForecast explores voice and video network issues, IP telephony challenges, network immunity benefits and more in this presentation on upgrading your data network. This presentation includes information on the key components for establishing an effective network architecture to support remote users.

Integrating Mobility With UC [ Source: Microsoft ]

November 2008- Microsoft features this presentation on Unified Communications. Mobility isn’t just about mobile phones. Mobile users employ a combination of devices and tools. Consistent experience across PC, Web and mobile phone is important. Solutions need to work seamlessly regardless of where the user is--in the office or on the road.

Managing Your Cellular Spend [ Source: Leaden Associates ]

November 2008- U.S. corporate spending on wireless voice and mobile data services is expected to exceed business spending on all wireline voice and data services by 2010. Leaden Associates takes a look at the present and future costs of wireless.

Enabling Business Mobile Collaboration [ Source: Cisco ]

November 2008- Cisco explores the challenges and provides some solutions for a voice-ready WLAN.

Wi-Fi Update: WLANs For Next-Generation Application [ Source: Wi-Fi Alliance ]

May 2008- Wi-Fi Alliance notes that Wi-Fi Certified products bring interoperability and better user experience to WLAN technology; more than 4,300 products certified since March 2000. The Alliance provides this presentation to detail other benefits of Wi-Fi.

Upgrading Your Data Network For Voice [ Source: NetForecast ]

March 2008- NetForecast features this presentation on designing a voice-ready data network. Feedback from four network vendors is offered, addressing such issues as requirements in the infrastructure, converged voice and data security, NAC support, rogue access point protection, and many more.

Fixed/Mobile Convergence: What's Real For The Enterprise? [ Source: dBrn Associates, Inc. ]

March 2008- here are lots of different ways to do fixed/mobile convergence. Each solution addresses a different set of perceived problems and provides a different set of capabilities. It is important that you understand what you are getting, the costs involved, and to be able to discuss these various solutions and their benefits with your users. dBrn explores FMC in this presentation.

Wireless Technology Update [ Source: dBrn Associates, Inc. ]

March 2008- The range of mobility options is exploding with the introduction of new wireless services and technologies. However, as the collapse of the Muni Wi-Fi business has demonstrated, success is difficult to achieve in deploying radio-based networks, and the wireless business has seen more losers than winners. This presentation discusses some of the major developments in the wireless arena, where they fit, and when and how they will be a factor in enterprise networks.

HD VoIP Sounds Better [ Source: Audiocodes ]

January 2009- For over 100 years, telephones have grown to become a primary means of communications in both our personal and business lives. Even with all the changes from analog to digital, wireline to mobile and eventually to Voice over IP, one thing has remained consistent – limited audio quality. Why do we have to sound like air traffic controllers when spelling out confirmation codes? “Papa, Alpha, Delta”. This is due to the limitations that the PSTN enforces on ...

Is Your WLAN Helping You Comply with Security Guidelines of the PCI Standard? [ Source: HP ]

January 2009- This white paper provides an overview of security threats in a wireless LAN (WLAN) environment, many of which go unnoticed. It discusses how HP ProCurve can help you deploy a secure and managed Wi-Fi infrastructure that can defend itself against wireless threats and help you comply with PCI guidelines.

Multi-Network Handover: How to Realize Manageable and Reliable Fixed Mobile Convergence Results [ Source: Agito Networks ]

October 2008- Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) offers the promise of unifying services provided by cellular mobile operators with an enterprises’ PBX and fixed line services. This creates the need for handover between the private enterprise network, running an 802.11-based WLAN, and the public cellular network.

With FMC, there is tremendous value for enterprises to converge these services, including reduced costs and enhanced productivity. To truly converge these two systems, an active wireless call must be ...

WPA2 Security: Choosing the Right WLAN Authentication Method [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

October 2008- Ask a hundred CIOs what three things about WLANs (wireless LANs) strike fear into their hearts, and the answers are likely to be similar: Security, Security, and Security. Sure, you want good coverage. Sure, you want to minimize drops. But the only way an executive is likely to lose their job over a wireless network is if they end up like the folks at The TJX Companies, who saw millions of credit card numbers stolen ...

Simple Tricks To Ace the Subnetting Portion of Any Certification Exam [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

November 2006- Subnetting seems to be a battle of fighting bits, decimal numbers, and countless methods and processes to convert from one to the other. While the methods may be confusing, the mathematics behind them is the same for all. In this paper, you will learn some of the simpler ways to figure out many of the subnetting questions that you will find on the industry certification tests.

Next-Generation Technology for Videoconferencing Over IP and 3G Networks [ Source: Vidyo ]

June 2008- The convergence of multimedia technology with the Internet and the rapid adoption of broadband IP services for both consumer and enterprise communications is creating strong demand for improved digital media delivery. Video is at the forefront for home users as well as enterprise knowledge workers. Both constituencies are now demanding higher quality and easier-to-use video telephony and videoconferencing solutions. As a result, vendor and service provider interest is exploding along several different deployment and service ...

The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Unified Communications Products and Services [ Source: Forrester Research ]

January 2008- Business communications are progressively more complex and require workers to manage multiple devices, applications and face-to-face interactions in an attempt to stay productively connected with one another. People naturally list multiple phone numbers and email addresses, so rather than simplifying things, a business card actually makes connecting quite complicated. As a result, when an individual wants to reach someone else, typically leaves numerous messages at multiple addresses. The idea of this white paper is to ...

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