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Five Emerging Trends in Carrier Wifi [ Source: Alepo ]

December 2013- With mobile data usage on the upswing, wireless carriers are looking to Wi-Fi hotspots as a viable option for the delivery of high speed internet services on mobile devices. With the introduction of Wi-Fi hotspots to their overall mobile data strategy, carriers can unlock new revenue channels, drive up business value, and optimize network resources and efficiencies.

This Alepo white paper reveals five emerging innovations surrounding Carrier Wi-Fi offload and monetization that are ...

Getting Wired Performance Out of Your Wireless Network [ Source: Xirrus ]

May 2013- Driven by the rapid evolution of mobile devices, the move to cloud-based applications and data, and the continued development of new wireless technologies, Wi-Fi has become the network of choice for connectivity. Most new devices no longer have wired connectivity-for them Wi-Fi is the only option. IT managers now count Wi-Fi as an essential business facility.

The Benefits of Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi for Budgets and Productivity [ Source: Xirrus ]

May 2013- Wireless devices have changed the way organizations and their users interact. Mobile smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wireless enabled devices have driven the mindset that wireless networks must be ubiquitous, fast, and constantly available. These are demands that have traditionally put organizations and their users in direct contrast with their IT departments, as constructing and maintaining wireless infrastructures have typically been time-consuming, complex, and costly endeavors.

Ensure Your Wireless Network's Performance - Even Under Heavy Load [ Source: Xirrus ]

May 2013- BYOD and cloud-based services are driving monumental changes in IT everywhere - they are no longer in control of what is running on their networks. The ability to provide a level of visibility and control over what is happening in the Wild Wild West of BYOD is mandatory for IT managers to do their jobs. The goal must be to ensure business-critical applications operate properly on the network and that in the least, there is ...

Demystifying 802.11ac [ Source: Xirrus ]

May 2013- 802.11ac is a new very high throughput Wi-Fi standard (final approval in 2014). It delivers data rates in excess of 1Gbps in its first phase of products with future iterations planned to take performance to nearly 7Gbps. 802.11ac maintains backward compatibility with existing 802.11 equipment to simplify network migration to the new technology.

Management and Wireless in the Data Center [ Source: Raritan ]

March 2013- There are numerous advantages to using Wi-Fi for data center infrastructure management (DCIM) instead of hardwired Ethernet connections. This White Paper examines how wireless systems can support the reliability, performance and security requirements of mission-critical systems.

An Integrated Approach to Managing and Securing your Mobile Environment [ Source: IBM ]

January 2013- This IBM solution brief shows how IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices software and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler integrate to create a unified approach to mobile device and mobile security management.

Gartner Magic Quadrant: Wired and Wireless LAN Access [ Source: Cisco ]

October 2012- In a Magic Quadrant study, Gartner compares the strengths and weaknesses of wired and wireless LAN access infrastructure vendors. Learn why Cisco remains an industry leader and "continues to be on shortlists for all access layer opportunities."

GigaOm Report: Deploy a Wireless Network at Wired-like Speed [ Source: Xirrus ]

July 2012- This paper follows the ascent of Wi-Fi and looks at how its expanding role within the enterprise - including public or private organizations in the education, health care, government and safety sectors.

We also examine how these requirements will be met by further expansion in the Wi-Fi standards and by a new generation of Wi-Fi equipment and devices. We will discuss how the enterprise can benefit from the evolution of Wi-Fi by deploying ...

Conquering today's Bring Your Own Device Challenges [ Source: Aruba Networks ]

March 2012- A BYOD solution should automate the device onboarding process for employees and guests, as well as the administration and enforcement of policies, by gathering information about the context of the device, user and connection. BYOD also requires real-time visibility and reporting to quickly measure, enforce, and meet compliance mandates.

Gartner Strategic Road Map for Network Access Control [ Source: Aruba Networks ]

March 2012- Long derided as an overhyped concept, network access control (NAC) has emerged as an important solution for mitigating the risks of consumerization. Network and security managers will use NAC to retain control of the network in a "bring your own device" (BYOD) environment.

Centralized/Infrastructure Spectral Assurance: Evaluating Total Cost of Ownership [ Source: Interop ]

April 2010- While many forms of wireless-LAN assurance and verification tools have become available over the past decade or so of the history of the WLAN and Wi-Fi, one of the last to be addressed is the ability to examine activity at the physical layer(PHY) – in other words, to look at what’s happening in the air itself, what we call spectral assurance (SA). SA is particularly important not just because the frequencies used by WLANs ...

India Wireless Broadband Operator Options [ Source: Savitar Research Group ]

August 2010- Today, one of the biggest decisions operators face has a technology choice at its heart. LTE or WiMax? This harkens back to many of the standard wars that the world has seen and the questions that have to be answered are myriad and complex. Decisions need to be made from spectrum acquisition to deployed networks and eventually a business plan that returns good money on the investment in reasonable period. Savitar covers one such migration ...

Wireless Broadband in India: Evaluation of Technology Options [ Source: Savitar Research Group ]

September 2010- In the backdrop of the ongoing standards war, operators face difficult migration choices, namely Wimax "e" to Wimax "m" or TD-LTE. Technology decisions by operators are roiled by competing claims from the competing factions about their own technologies. As a result, operators do not have clear information to make the right decisions. Savitar presents an in-depth study on the technological feasibility of the co-existence of the competing technologies and a migration from one standard to ...

Hotspots: Exploring The Opportunities [ Source: Verax Systems ]

May 2010- Verax Systems details the possibilities of hotspots in this white paper. The company discusses how the proper management of hotspots can be a source of additional revenue, market research, or a medium to display information such as advertisements.

Belden - Trapeze Wired/Wireless White Paper [ Source: Adventive Marketing, Inc. ]

October 2009- When installing or upgrading a structured cabling plant, IT departments can demonstrate significant time and money savings by determining their wireless LAN (WLAN) requirements and folding them into the project right from the start.

4G And Its Evolution [ Source: Tata Consultancy Services Ltd ]

May 2009- This paper focuses on 4G -- its features, initiatives, architectures, business models, specifications like physical and MAC layer, channel access, error control coding, and OFDM. Higher-layer issues, like mobility, congestion, and QoS are also discussed.

See what happens when your sales teams are "ON" [ Source: Motorola ]

June 2009- Provide a real-time always-on connection between your sales force and your enterprise voice and data systems. Learn the fundamental differences between first and second generation mobility; the impact of true mobility on both transactional and relationship-focused sales representatives; how and why a next-generation SFA mobility solution can reduce costs and improve sales management, IT and general operations—at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Where's Wi-Fi Waldo? A White Paper on Location-Based Services [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

April 2009- Physically keeping track of all of your expensive mobile assets is very inefficient, time-consuming, and often results in missing mobile assets, which are unaccounted for. Cisco has a location-aware solution that puts an end to this daunting task. Using Cisco's Wireless Control System (WCS), controller-based access points, Cisco 3300 Series Mobility Service Engine, and Cisco compatible radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, you can locate your mobile assets by looking at a digitized version of your floor ...

Integrating Mobility With UC [ Source: Microsoft ]

November 2008- Microsoft features this presentation on Unified Communications. Mobility isn’t just about mobile phones. Mobile users employ a combination of devices and tools. Consistent experience across PC, Web and mobile phone is important. Solutions need to work seamlessly regardless of where the user is--in the office or on the road.

Wi-Fi Update: WLANs For Next-Generation Application [ Source: Wi-Fi Alliance ]

May 2008- Wi-Fi Alliance notes that Wi-Fi Certified products bring interoperability and better user experience to WLAN technology; more than 4,300 products certified since March 2000. The Alliance provides this presentation to detail other benefits of Wi-Fi.

Wireless Security: Key Trends And Issues [ Source: AirTight Networks ]

April 2008- In this presentation by AirTight Networks, various forms of wireless security issues are addressed. Topics include WiFi threats, wireless breaches, 802.11n and others.

Motorola Enterprise Mobility [ Source: Motorola ]

March 2008- IP telephony, RFID, and location integration are the topics discussed in this Motorola presentation. It includes a discussion of Motorola's vision for the evolving mobility landscape.

Wireless Technology Update [ Source: dBrn Associates, Inc. ]

March 2008- The range of mobility options is exploding with the introduction of new wireless services and technologies. However, as the collapse of the Muni Wi-Fi business has demonstrated, success is difficult to achieve in deploying radio-based networks, and the wireless business has seen more losers than winners. This presentation discusses some of the major developments in the wireless arena, where they fit, and when and how they will be a factor in enterprise networks.

Integrating RFID And Location-Based Services with IP Telephony [ Source: Cisco ]

March 2008- Cisco features this presentation on location services. Business operations can be greatly enhanced through location services. A fully integrated location solution leverages existing WLAN infrastructure. Networks provide the integration platform for RFID, location services, and Unified Communication.

Wireless Consumer Electronics: Are connected gadgets the next big thing in mobile networks [ Source: inCode ]

January 2009- This paper analyze key factors that will influence the success of wirelessly connected consumer electronics devices and opportunities for wireless operators and device OEMs as this market evolves. The Consumer Electronics industry is known to favor a single dominant standard for technologies with competing standards (e.g. Betamax vs. VHS, HD-DVD vs. BluRay). In case of wireless connectivity, there is potential for multiple standards to co-exist. However, the standard with maximum penetration in this early ...

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