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How CIOs Can Guide the Enterprise to Mobile Success [ Source: OpenMarket ]

June 2014- In this paper we look at the new, front-line role of IT and security, specifically within enterprises using mobile messaging technologies, and suggest ways to mitigate risk and avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls.

The Business Case for Mobile Security and Management Solutions [ Source: AT&T ]

March 2014- Organizations that have not developed an effective mobile empowerment and management strategy risk falling behind their more mobile-enabled competitors. Every organization today should have a viable mobile strategy that maximizes its market advantage while addressing the management and security challenges of a mobile-enabled workforce. An essential component of such a strategy is investing carefully in effective mobile management and security tools, as well as in the deployment model that brings the most benefit with the ...

How to Secure Your Wireless Network [ Source: Sophos ]

March 2014- It isn?t hard to set up security for the wireless router in your basement: change the SSID, pick a strong password and perhaps install VPN software for remote access. But securing wireless networks in a business environment is much more demanding. Learn best practices that can help administrators go beyond the basics of wireless security to provide advanced security, manageability and accessibility.

Mobile Device Management Buyers Guide [ Source: Sophos ]

March 2014- With mobile device usage exploding, the average worker now carries three devices. Users are embracing their mobility, flexibility and productivity that come with it. Now more than ever, IT needs to balance data security and end user productivity while managing scarce resources.

Download this MDM buyers guide to learn how to select the right mobile device management solution that fits your company's BYOD objectives. It explains how an effective MDM system can support ...

Making Smarter Mobile Security Decisions [ Source: Dell Software ]

March 2014- This paper examines mobile platform security vulnerabilities and discusses how to protect infrastructure from mobile security threats.

Best Practices for Security and Compliance with Amazon Web Services [ Source: Trend Micro ]

February 2014- Organizations must take an active role in protecting systems and applications as part of the AQS shared security model. This paper discusses what part of the shared responsibility equation customers are responsible for and recommended practices that help create a security cloud-computing environment.

Survey Report: Mobile Content Security and Productivity [ Source: Accellion ]

February 2014- This report provides the key findings taken from a survey conducted by AIIM (an advocate and supporter of information professionals) between June and July 2013. Learn how important mobile access is to users, how likely they are to by-pass authorized systems, how compliant current collaboration practices are, and what collaboration functionality user expect on their mobile devices.

GigaOm Pro: The Rewards and Risks of Enterprise Mobility [ Source: Accellion ]

February 2014- The productivity gains that are uniquely enabled by the cloud and mobile also present significant enterprise security challenges. Valuable and private data stored on mobile devices presents potential nightmare scenarios for departments and teams using the technology as well as CIOs, CSOs, and IT managers. This research report will outline the importance of balancing the advantages and risk of increasing enterprise mobility.

Enterprise Mobility Management: A Data Security Checklist [ Source: Accellion ]

February 2014- Secure file sharing, syncing and associated productivity requirements impose pressing technical and operational challenges on organizations. This document presents a checklist of features organizations should review when evaluating a data security solution as part of an enterprise mobility management strategy.

NFC Implementation Model [ Source: UL ]

November 2013- UL developed an innovative process to help mobile network operators, banks, acquirers and merchants implement an NFC payment infrastructure quickly, effectively and securely.

Transaction Security Infographic [ Source: UL ]

November 2013- Learn how technology is transforming transactions - offering greater ease, speed and mobility - while also creating potential security risks and challenges.

Healthcare Information Management: A New Urgency [ Source: Proofpoint ]

November 2013- With the challenges of an evolving regulatory environment and the information overload problem with management practices, many organizations have now reached an inflection point: get control of your information to enable security, compliance, and innovation, or continue down the current path of information anarchy and pay the consequences. Policies and procedures can only go so far if the amount and variety of information outpaces the ability of the human element to manually mange it. Learn ...

Mobile Devices Drive Majority Of Endpoint Security Concerns [ Source: Lumension ]

October 2013- The results of the 2013 State of the Endpoint study tracked endpoint risk in organizations, the resources to address the risk and the technologies deployed to manage threats. This study reveals that the state of endpoint risk is not improving and one of the top concerns is the proliferation of personally owned mobile devices in the workplace such as smart phones and iPads. Download "Mobile Devices Drive Majority of Endpoint Security Concerns" to review some of ...

Supporting Workforce Mobility: Best Practices in Enterprise Mobility Management [ Source: FrontRange ]

October 2013- Success in meeting today's dynamic organizational requirements is dependent on your ability to securely and reliably empower a mobile workforce through every type of device, whether owned by the business or by an employee. Read this whitepaper to learn the essential practices in Enterprise Mobility Management that will lay the foundation for effective, long-term delivery of business IT services regardless of what devices are used.

Enterprise Mobility Management Checklist [ Source: Code42 ]

October 2013- Mobility isn't just a hot topic. The enterprise mobility management (EMM) market is huge, with dozens of vendors and acronyms like MIM, MEM and MCM all claiming to address issues. But fear not! There are many ways you can address BYOD, keep users happy and still enact your own policies to better manage mobility in your enterprise environment. Read this checklist for must-have guidelines and considerations when implementing your own enterprise mobility management strategy.

Wireless Networking: The Promise of the 802.11ac Standard [ Source: Meru Networks ]

September 2013- This IDC Technology Spotlight explores the trends driving BYOD (bring your own device) adoption and the associated impact on enterprise-grade WLANs, especially as it relates to the emerging high capacity 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

BYOD 2.0 Moving Beyond MDM [ Source: F5 ]

October 2013- BYOD has quickly transformed IT, offering a revoluntionary way to support the mobile workforce. The first wave of BYOD featured MDM solutions that controlled the entire device. In the next wave, BYOD 2.0, control applies only to those apps necessary for business, enforcing corporate policy while maintaining personal privacy. The F5 Mobile App Manager is a complete mobile application management platform built for BYOD 2.0.

2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management [ Source: Citrix ]

August 2013- After its yearly evaluation of more than 100 companies, Gartner has recognized Citrix as a Leader, reflecting its completeness of vision and ability to execute on mobile device management solutions. View the complete report.

Best Practices to Make BYOD Simple and Secure [ Source: Citrix ]

August 2013- Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and policies empower people to choose the best device to get their work done, including personally-owned consumer smartphones, tablets and laptops. BYOD enables people become more mobile and productive while IT adapts to consumerization in a simple, secure and controlled manner. This white paper provides guidance for selecting technologies and developing policies to introduce a BYOD initiative. Download the white paper

Top Ten Financial Industry Cybersecurity Myths Busted [ Source: Ciena ]

July 2013- In the financial industry, an organization's reputation and its ability to maintain the security of personal or payment information are crucial to customers. Do you continually identify and control risks to customer information and systems using policies and procedures that assess risks, control access, test for failures/breaches, oversee service providers, and periodically review, update, and report to both internal boards and external regulators? Are you aware of the myths that can put your clients ...

How to Engage Mobile Customers While Protecting Sensitive Enterprise Data [ Source: CA, Inc. ]

July 2013- New business opportunities are taking shape as consumers across the globe are adopting new mobile devices, high-speed access and innovative mobile applications. But this proliferation of mobile devices, the development of intelligent and composite applications, the number of multi-device users, and the shift to bring your own device (BYOD) has created many challenges for businesses to effectively capitalize on mobile opportunities.

Download this white paper to explore how to:

• Grow your ...

Deploying Effective Mobile Authentication for Your Mobile Enterprise Strategy [ Source: CA, Inc. ]

July 2013- To protect your consumer and enterprise data in the fast-growing mobile app and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) business environment, your enterprise needs a solid security strategy that addresses, and supplies effective mechanisms for, mobile authentication. Deploying access policies that can be applied to multiple interaction methods provides a more user-friendly and consistent experience, while simplifying their administration and reducing support costs.

Download this white paper to discover how to:

• Deploy ...

Websense 2013 Threat Report [ Source: Websense ]

May 2013- Conventional information security measures, including anti-virus and next-generation firewalls, aren't enough to protect your organization from today's deluge of sophisticated web threats.

That's just one of the key findings in the "Websense® 2013 Threat Report." Based on data collected by the Websense ThreatSeeker® Network, the world's largest and longest-standing security intelligence network, the Report details how advanced threats are specifically targeting mobile devices and social media, and rendering traditional security solutions ineffective.

Defending Against Today's Targeted Phishing Attacks [ Source: Websense ]

May 2013- “Is this email a phish or is it legitimate” That’s the question that employees — and executives in particular — are asking with greater frequency. They’ve heard about how high profile organizations and even government agencies have fallen prey to attacks that stemmed from seemingly harmless emails. Has the door been left wide open?

Read this whitepaper to learn guidance on how to recognize advanced threats and protect yourself from them.


Ensure Your Wireless Network's Performance - Even Under Heavy Load [ Source: Xirrus ]

May 2013- BYOD and cloud-based services are driving monumental changes in IT everywhere - they are no longer in control of what is running on their networks. The ability to provide a level of visibility and control over what is happening in the Wild Wild West of BYOD is mandatory for IT managers to do their jobs. The goal must be to ensure business-critical applications operate properly on the network and that in the least, there is ...

Mobile Device Management for Financial Services [ Source: Fiberlink ]

May 2013- Financial Mobility-Balancing Security and Success

Financial services companies have been leery to embrace the enterprise mobility wave. Rightly so, regulations from Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) have given financial IT professionals extra concern for caution. From BYOD to Corporate-Owned, Every Mobile Device Protected

The good news is that with Mobile Device Management (MDM) iPhones, iPads and the ...

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