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Mobility: Business Executive VS. IT - Who Holds The Wallet? [ Source: AT&T ]

June 2014- Whether they're consciously avoiding IT or not, line-of-business managers and C-level executives are becoming more comfortable with making their own technology decisions. In fact, many believe they can make such decisions better and faster than IT. But as strategy and purchasing decisions are being made for business-critical technologies, such as mobile computing, it's important to analyze how organizations are transforming their evaluation, buying, and building processes to maintain a competitive advantage. Who currently holds the ...

How CIOs Can Guide the Enterprise to Mobile Success [ Source: OpenMarket ]

June 2014- In this paper we look at the new, front-line role of IT and security, specifically within enterprises using mobile messaging technologies, and suggest ways to mitigate risk and avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls.

A Wireless LAN That Works for Mobile Business [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

June 2014- Mobility drives the way businesses work today, with advanced applications requiring more capacity, security, and higher throughput levels than ever before from the wireless networks that connect them. And with increasing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, companies must also provide security to safeguard critical business resources from threats and ensure data integrity. The answer to these challenges lies in having a robust 802.11ac wireless LAN that can handle the highest available throughput. Find the best WLAN solution ...

Transforming Enterprise Applications for Mobile/BYOD Environments [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

June 2014- Organizations are rapidly expanding their mobility programs, enabling more users to access enterprise applications and data from a wider range of devices, often creating a hybrid environment of corporate-owned mobile devices and instituting BYOD policies. Delivering apps to mobile environments is a key challenge for IT groups requiring the need to support a wide variety of device types, operating systems, form factors, user preferences, and security requirements. As organizations continue to expand their mobility and ...

Mobile Data Security: Finding the Balance [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- Bring Your Own Device has changed the rules for corporate security on smartphones and tablets. Companies need to find the right balance in securing email, apps and content without compromising user experience.

Not all mobile security and management solutions are built alike, "Mobile Data Security: Finding the Balance" explores the business drivers to consider before marrying your organization to virtualization, email stripping or containers. Discover why each approach needs careful consideration - and ...

Mobile Device Management Policy Best Practices [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- Managing smartphones and tablets is only half the MDM story. Securing the data and access points between corporate systems and your workers' iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry devices requires just as much consideration and planning as protecting the devices themselves.

This white paper explores ten policy best-practices for secure and compliant enterprise mobility, including:

• Industry Regulations: No two industries are created equally - know yours well

• Warn ...

The Business Value of Integrated Anti-Virus Management [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- IBM Endpoint Manager delivers an integrated, cost-effective approach to anti-malware protection. IT staff can easily view the status of endpoints, automatically verify anti-virus status to help ensure compliance, and rapidly make changes to remediate issues and help prevent attacks.

Supporting Your Mobile Workforce [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- If you're asking your IT Department to provide support for your employees' mobile devices, here what they can expect

Your Pathway to Mobile Nirvana [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- Millions of mobile workers. Billions of mobile subscriptions. How can you manage this mobility mega-movement and impact on your operational expense? We're taking a page from Lean Six Sigma and applying it to our journey to mobile nirvana: the highest volume and quality of services at the lowest possible cost.

Enabling the Mobile Workforce [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- Enabling the mobile workforce requires enterprises to address a host of issues around management of mobile devices, data, applications, security, and expenses. But as solutions for these challenges become increasingly commoditized, the focus is shifting to optimizing the user experience.

How do you manage your growing mobile workforce? [ Source: Calero Software ]

April 2014- Enterprise mobility management ensures that you employees have secure, seamless access to the information they need, anytime and anywhere.

Securing the Enterprise Workspace: Protect your Organization while Supporting Mobility and BYOD [ Source: Dell Software ]

April 2014- Is your mobile workforce contributing to vulnerabilities that could lead to a security breach? This white paper explains how Dell Mobility Solutions for security can help protect your organization's information, systems and networks while simplifying administration and supporting employees with forward-thinking mobility initiatives for a range of devices and operating systems.

Maximizing Mobile Efficiency and Productivity [ Source: Dell Software ]

April 2014- BYOD programs help employees be more productive, but how is your mobile strategy affecting your IT department? Read this new white paper to learn how Dell Mobility Solution Sets can help you optimize your IT infrastructure, maintain data security, streamline administration, and develop and modernize apps for your mobile workforce.

Enabling Devices and Device Management for your Mobility/BYOD Program [ Source: Dell Software ]

April 2014- With so many mobile devices out there, how can you know which ones will best meet your business and IT requirements, while also satisfying employee preferences? In this new white paper, learn how to maximize your mobility/BYOD program by selecting the right devices for your organization and managing them with efficiency, flexibility and security - today and in the future - using Dell Enterprise Mobility Management and a range of Dell mobile devices.

Future-Proof your Mobility Strategy with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management [ Source: Dell Software ]

April 2014- Looking for ongoing ways to securely connect your mobile team to the resources they need today and in the future? Read this new white paper to learn how Dell Enterprise Mobility Management can help your IT team adapt as devices, operating systems and work habits constantly evolve.

Transforming Enterprise Applications for Mobile/BYOD Environments [ Source: Dell Software ]

April 2014- What's the best way to securely provide your diverse mobile users access to all the apps they need? This white paper explains how the Dell Application Modernization and Development Solution Set can help you understand whether to develop new mobile apps, modernize existing apps or implement a desktop virtualization solution.

Enhance and Optimize your Mobility/BYOD Infrastructure [ Source: Dell Software ]

April 2014- Wondering how to meet the needs of your growing mobile workforce without increasing security risks or administrative complexity? This new white paper outlines how Dell Mobility Solutions can help you increase mobile performance and capacity for mbility/BYOD initiatives while protecting your data, applications and networks, and streamlining IT management.

Dell Mobility Solutions: A Powerful Portfolio [ Source: Dell Software ]

April 2014- How do you balance security, efficiency and freedom of access when rolling out a BYOD strategy? Read this new white paper to see how Dell Mobility Solutions can help. Tailor your BYOD approach to give employees the flexibility they need for anytime, anywhere access to information while boosting productivity, enhancing security and streamlining complex IT management for a range of devices, operating systems and user types.

The Business Case for Mobile Security and Management Solutions [ Source: AT&T ]

March 2014- Organizations that have not developed an effective mobile empowerment and management strategy risk falling behind their more mobile-enabled competitors. Every organization today should have a viable mobile strategy that maximizes its market advantage while addressing the management and security challenges of a mobile-enabled workforce. An essential component of such a strategy is investing carefully in effective mobile management and security tools, as well as in the deployment model that brings the most benefit with the ...

Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing Responsive Web Design for Your Financial Services Firm [ Source: Nagarro ]

April 2014- Growing numbers of banks and financial service organizations are adopting responsive web design to address heated demand for multi-device application access. Should your firm do the same? Though responsive design may not always be the best solution to your mobility needs, it offers extremely attractive advantages, and is a powerful option to increase the number of customers who can use your applications effectively. If you're a CXO, IT leader, or business executive looking for increased ...

Mobile Device Management Buyers Guide [ Source: Sophos ]

March 2014- With mobile device usage exploding, the average worker now carries three devices. Users are embracing their mobility, flexibility and productivity that come with it. Now more than ever, IT needs to balance data security and end user productivity while managing scarce resources.

Download this MDM buyers guide to learn how to select the right mobile device management solution that fits your company's BYOD objectives. It explains how an effective MDM system can support ...

Gartner Report: A Guide to Gartner's Enterprise Mobile Security Self-Assessment [ Source: Absolute Software ]

March 2014- Gartner introduces a model and a Toolkit intended to help mobility and security IT leaders assess their enterprise mobility programs from a security perspective.

Secure Mobile Access for Enterprise Employees [ Source: CA Technologies ]

January 2014- Mobile technology is revolutionizing the corporate IT landscape. Enterprises want to leverage mobile to maximize employee productivity, efficiency and availability. Meanwhile, employees are already taking the initiative by using their own personal mobile devices for business purposes. For enterprises, the benefits of enterprise mobility and the reality of the "bring-your-own-device" (BYOD) movement are becoming impossible to ignore.

Putting mobile first: best practices of mobile technology leaders [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- Building a mobile collaboration or bring-your-own-device solution requires three things: mobile applications, the mobile devices themselves and the network that underpins them both. Often, the network and its capabilities take a back seat to applications and devices?which can ultimately lead to poor performance or an inflexible infrastructure. Find out how to develop the type of network that truly supports mobile devices, applications and unified communications programs, thereby establishing the foundation for stronger mobile solutions.

Mobilize Magazine - Innovating for a Mobile World [ Source: Cisco ]

January 2014- Mobility is changing the world around us. From education to the private sector, smart organizations are seizing the opportunity and doing astonishing things. In this issue of Mobilize Magazine, discover what is possible when harnessing the power of mobility.

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