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Evolution of Mobile Device Management to Tackle Enterprise BYOD [ Source: BlackBerry ]

August 2012- Mobility has defined the workplace as the boundaries between personal and professional life, home and office, business travel and in-office productivity are rapidly disappearing. The arrival of 4G and a myriad of new smartphones and tablets is resulting in mobile office "makeover."

Today's mobile enterprise users are demanding more. Users want a seamless mobility experience that allows them to work anytime and anywhere, with the same productivity and performance they would get in ...

Red Alert: Why Tablet Security Matters - by BlackBerry [ Source: BlackBerry ]

January 2012- In this paper, explore: Why tablets are particularly vulnerable, how tablets should be secured, why the Blackberry PlayBook is the gold standard for secure enterprise-ready tablets, and more...

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet's Good Bones - by BlackBerry [ Source: BlackBerry ]

January 2012- This whitepaper details the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry Tablet OS. Discover the benefits, including: real-time OS, true multitasking, self-healing microkernel architecture, security, US federal agency certified and speedy, smooth, natural...

Creating the Enterprise-Class Tablet Environment - by Yankee Group [ Source: BlackBerry ]

January 2012- This whitepaper includes information about tablets and mobile computing, including how creating the enterprise-class tablet is important for enterprises.

Managed Mobility [ Source: Sybase ]

April 2011- As smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices become the data access and communication tools of choice in the work place, the systems needed to support this new generation of mobility are changing.

iPhone and BlackBerry: IT Managers Guide To Managing Personal Devices in the Enterprise [ Source: Sybase ]

July 2010- You can’t avoid it any longer: Developing a strategy for managing and securing employees’ personal mobile devices. iPhone and Google Android devices are joining BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile smartphones in the workplace, and their numbers are only increasing. Regardless of whether corporate policy allows them, workers are still bringing their personal devices into the office.

According to a recent Forrester Research report, almost half of U.S. and European businesses surveyed ...

Smart Policies for Personal-Liable Smartphones [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- When an individual’s device selection matches corporate control, policy and security needs, business benefits abound Smart Policies for Personal-Liable Smartphones.

With sleek designs and a variety of userfriendly features, smartphones have implanted themselves on the public’s consciousness—so much so that one leading industry research firm reports that a record 54.5 million such mobile devices were shipped in the fourth quarter last year. With sales rising nearly 40 percent over the same quarter ...

Maximizing Smartphone Value: Standardize And Simplify [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- The latest smartphone applications foster more mobility and productivity than ever before -- as long as a secure mobile network is in place. Maximizing Smartphone Value: Standardize and Simplify Mobility is the future of business; more business is conducted in real time and between geographically dispersed situations than ever before.

Also, mobility ties closely into important collaboration trends including the increasing use of social networking tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The ...

Successful Mobile Deployments Require Robust Security [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- Mobility is no longer considered a luxury within enterprise but a critical part of a networking strategy as firms look to increase productivity and remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

As mobility becomes an integral part of the infrastructure, IT must deal with supporting numerous devices including laptops, smartphones and other mobile handhelds. The challenge for IT will be enabling productivity improvements while mitigating the risk of numerous types of devices. The ...

Understanding High Availability for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- Over the last fifteen years, mobility solutions have evolved from cell phones and pagers to platforms for wireless email and mobilizing business applications. Today’s road warriors depend on their mobile devices for fast, reliable, easy access to applications and corporate data. Mobile solution downtime can adversely affect customer service, productivity, sales, and revenues.

Overcoming CIO Challenges in Global Mobility Management [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- This paper looks at some of the challenges that CIOs are facing in managing mobility. This is clearly becoming more complex for large enterprises as mobility penetrates more deeply into their organisations, driven by changing working practices and supported by rapidly evolving technology.

In multinational companies, management of mobility is especially challenging because they almost always need to control mobility of staff across multiple countries and manage relationships with many service providers and ...

Economic Impact of a BlackBerry Solution in North American Enterprises [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- In September 2008 Research In Motion (RIM) commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises can realize by deploying mobility solutions using BlackBerry® smartphones and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software.

Forrester defines a BlackBerry enterprise solution as consisting of both BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server which together deliver a range of benefits to the organization. BlackBerry smartphones are mobile handheld devices that enable companies to ...

Managing Mobility as a Business Imperative [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- Over a decade ago, mobile telephony entered the enterprise through the back door: employees who could afford mobile phones occasionally used them for business; specific business units budgeted for employee mobiles and then procured them locally; policies surrounding the usage of mobile phones for work were – where they existed at all – haphazard; there was little means of policy enforcement; and in no case were these mobile phones integrated into a business’s fixed telephony strategy, ...

Comparing Secure Mobile Workforce Solutions: Research in Motion BlackBerry vs. Microsoft ActiveSync [ Source: Microsoft ]

October 2009- In today's mobile work culture, corporate staff - from executive to individual contributor - work beyond the boundaries of the traditional office environment. To support this concept, many organizations are adopting mobile solutions for these employees, who expect not only access to information, but full participation in business from any location whenever it is required. What is the best solution for your company? What options are there?

This paper analyzes key user experience ...

9 Features of Must-Have Mobile Security [ Source: BlackBerry ]

February 2010- As mobile devices become more common and more powerful, security becomes a more important consideration. Download this white paper and gain a better understanding of the security tools that come preinstalled with the Blackberry solution and discover how to use these tools to better secure your BlackBerry deployment.

Read this white paper and discover nine areas of concern you should consider before purchasing mobile devices and how the BlackBerry solution addresses each of ...

11 Myths about Microsoft Exchange Disaster Recovery [ Source: appAssure Software ]

October 2008- Avoiding an Exchange outage requires a well thought out disaster recovery (DR) plan. One that is positioned to subvert disasters in the first place, but also reduce their severity (length and data loss). Here then, are 11 Myths about Microsoft Exchange Disaster Recovery and how we can overcome them with careful planning and the right toolsets.

Platforms for Mobile Applications [ Source: ACCESS ]

April 2008- As mobile growth outpaces that of desktops, the key issues for mobile devices include security, adaptability and flexibility, strong third-party ecosystems, and open versus proprietary platforms.

Finding The Right Offshore Vendor [ Source: Notetech Software India ]

August 2008- This white paper addresses common pain points in existing Offshore Outsourcing Processes and elaborates on how Notetech Software India could implement a customizable but productive methodology to provide its clients a hassle-free outsource experience.

Implementing Transparent Security for BlackBerry Users: Solutions to automate secure BlackBerry communication with external parties [ Source: Entrust, Inc. ]

February 2008- As employees are increasingly un-tethered from the desktop, RIM’s extensive line of BlackBerry devices has become one of the cornerstones of office productivity tools — regardless of industry. From routine correspondence to conducting business-critical tasks, BlackBerrys are relied upon to get the job done. With this new way of managing electronic communication, organizations must consider how their sensitive corporate information will be kept secure and confidential in a BlackBerry environment. Addressing the need to secure ...

Comparison of BlackBerry & LEMONADE for Mobile Email [ Source: Isode ]

January 2008- LEMONADE is the Internet Standard for Mobile Email, based on IMAP and SMTP. This paper compares LEMONADE’s approach to handling and delivering email and email attachments to mobile devices with that of the well known and widely deployed BlackBerry system. BlackBerry Enterprise Service and LEMONADE can be used to provide a similar level of service, and neither has any compelling advantage over the other. Both have substantial functional advantages over BlackBerry Internet Service.

BlackBerry and LEMONADE Approaches to Mail Filtering [ Source: Isode ]

January 2008- The BlackBerry system provides server side filtering that can be managed from either the desktop or from the BlackBerry client, which is illustrated above. When new messages arrive, they are matched against the filter. LEMONADE provides two approaches to email filtering, which can provide equivalent services to Blackberry filtering, with a number of overall benefits. This paper looks at how mail filtering is provided by a Blackberry, and compares this with the open standards based ...

BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Security: Version 4.0.x - Technical Overview [ Source: Research In Motion ]

January 2008- This paper describes the security features of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution and provides an overview of the BlackBerry security architecture. Many companies are realizing significant return on investments and productivity gains by extending their enterprise information to mobile employees. With an increased demand for mobile content and the threat of information theft, companies have concerns about addressing security needs and requirements when evaluating wireless solutions. Without an effective security model, any company might expose sensitive ...

Placing the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution in a Segmented Network: BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.0 and Later [ Source: Research In Motion ]

January 2008- Using a firewall, one can separate a network or LAN into multiple components to create segmented network architecture. The firewall blocks data that is not destined for a particular segment, and might block all protocol ports except those that that segment specifically requires. Thus each segment contains filtered and isolated network traffic, which might improve the security and performance of the network. A particular department or a specific group of servers in the organization can ...

SNMP Monitoring for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server [ Source: Research In Motion ]

January 2008- One can use Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to assess the configuration, health, and status of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry user accounts. SNMP monitoring consists of multiple components. An SNMP service is a Microsoft Windows service that one can run on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. An SNMP service contains an SNMP agent that sends notifications, or traps, to an SNMP trap management tool when certain conditions are met. These conditions are described in ...

BlackBerry Messenger IT Policy Management [ Source: Research In Motion ]

January 2008- This paper published by BlackBerry describes how system administrators can manage usage of BlackBerry Messenger, as well as enable auditing for BlackBerry Messenger users on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server using IT policy rules. Usage of BlackBerry Messenger is managed using default IT policy rules on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Auditing of BlackBerry Messenger is implemented by importing custom IT policy files.

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