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Adapting iPad and iPhone for Enterprise Use [ Source: Sybase ]

May 2010- Apple's iPad is being launched as a consumer device. Yet, there is little doubt that it will become a valuable enterprise productivity tool.

IT departments should consider iPad when planning strategies and policies to ensure corporate information stays managed and secured.

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• What studies are indicating about the use of iPad in the enterprise
• How IT can provide employees with ...

Developing Software for the CN3 Integrated GPS Receiver [ Source: Intermec Technologies ]

January 2008- The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system owned and operated by the US Department of Defense. The Intermec CN3 includes an integrated GPS receiver and antenna as an optional feature. The receiver can report horizontal position to a range of approximately 3 meters. This paper provides information for developers interested in developing software that makes use of the CN3 integrated GPS receiver.

Mainframes and GIS: A New ESRI Solution on IBM zSeries Using Linux [ Source: IBM ]

January 2008- IBM and ESRI are leading the development of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) solutions away from a focused departmental technology into a more comprehensive enterprise-wide platform. Enterprise GIS now contains all the reliability, manageability, and performance requirements demanded by Enterprise Information Technology solutions. Customer demand buoyant IBM and ESRI to expand GIS enterprise solutions to use mainframe database repositories for spatial information and analysis. Therefore, IBM undertook a study at the IBM eServer zSeries Benchmark Center ...

The Use of Satellite Remote Sensing for the Management of Cultural Heritage Sites in Cyprus [ Source: Frederick Institute of Technology ]

January 2008- Numerous applications have been developed, in particular for land management, such as agriculture, forestry, land use and land cover and the management of cultural and natural heritage areas. The satellite images provide the only possibility for the mapping of the heritage areas because of their instant availability and high resolution. This white paper highlights the beneficial use of satellite remote sensing for the monitoring of cultural heritage sites in Cyprus. The methodology adopted for the ...

The IT Revolution: Applications and Strategies for Transgeographic Learning and Academia in the Twenty-First Century [ Source: University of Maryland ]

January 2008- Digital technologies are closing spatial and temporal gaps while engendering expansive new international communities. Replete with symbolic interactions, these transgeographic communities inspire new realms of educational possibility, allowing educators and learners to broaden perspectives through intellectual discourse and collaboration while eradicating cultural divides. The Summer Ecosystems Experience for Undergraduates (SEE-U) is a superior model of how such technology can be used to this end. Available to colleges and university students worldwide, the SEE-U program operates ...

GIS Teaching Via Distance Learning Experiences and Lessons Learned [ Source: University of London ]

January 2008- The rise of the Geoinformation Industry in the past decade has generated a high demand for suitably educated graduates worldwide. This demand has only been partly met by the higher education sector. This research paper draws on seven-years’ experience of postgraduate teaching GIS via distance learning mode. Experience has shown that in setting-up, maintaining and developing the GIS course via distance learning, particular consideration has to be given towards the cultural and geographical diversity of ...

TERIA: The GNSS Network for France [ Source: International Federation of Surveyors ]

January 2008- TERIA, the GNSS Network for France will be one of the largest GPS networks in the world. Till now, more than 600 surveyors (i.e. about one third of all French surveyors) have associated themselves to the project. The French Union of licensed (private) Surveyors, Ordre des Geometres Experts is launching its own permanent network of GPS stations, with the intention of covering all the French territory by the end of 2005.

Computer Vision Techniques Applied to Ejection Seat Trials Instrumentation [ Source: Siemens ]

January 2008- While trajectory measurement systems have existed for some time the extraction of the trajectory from raw measurements has been laborious and the accuracy has been questionable. This paper published by Computer Vision describes a number of alternative approaches which have been considered recently and discarded in favor of a computer vision solution based on high-speed digital cameras (initially digitized cine film) and manually supervised computer vision processing implemented on a standard PC.

Making Mobile Data a Reality: ANPR Solutions [ Source: Brand Communications ]

January 2008- Brand Communications technology enhances the ANPR value by putting crime information immediately at the fingertips of officers and users - giving them knowledge and power when combating crime! With various government objectives to reduce crime, Project Laser was introduced by the Home Office to maximize the number of offenders brought to justice using ANPR.

Telecommunications Billing From a Different Perspective: The Comprehensive Billing and Accounting System [ Source: CoBilAS ]

January 2008- The customization of the billing systems also means additional costs for consultants, maintenance, change requests and the necessary middleware. These expenditures eat up a huge portion of the operator’s revenue. With its generic kernel CoBilAS is the only system necessary for the reliable high-speed rating, billing and accounting of virtually any type of service regardless whether fixed line, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, content, interconnect, roaming, IMS, VoIP, internet with subscriber accounts handled either pre or ...

ISIG/WEB: A Web-Based Tool for Viewing and Editing Maps [ Source: CPqD ]

January 2008- The Federal Government as well as the Brazilian private organizations have widely discussed about the Free Software. Brazilian politicians and economists are interested in the use of Free Software platforms for social services provisioning. Here one gets to know about a Web-based distributed platform for visualization, manipulation and edition of maps, which can potentially improve the government efficiency in planning, provisioning and management of social actions.

GIS & Mapping Systems for Public Safety [ Source: Official Publications ]

January 2008- What’s the best, surest, and fastest way to direct an emergency vehicle to the scene of an incident? Looking for a street address can eat up valuable time, and that address might not help much in a sparsely populated rural area in any case, since many residences are so far off any public road that they carry no house address at all. While E-911 systems have eliminated most of the problems associated with callers ...

The Route to Efficient Mobile Field Service [ Source: Oracle ]

January 2008- The pressure to achieve workflow efficiencies is now overwhelming. Practices based around paper and personal knowledge are not sustainable in today’s electronically enabled world. The time when repair, maintenance and inspection were left to manage themselves is coming to an end. But finding the right integrated business solution may seem easier said than done. This paper from Oracle takes a look at the operational and business issues from a practical perspective: what kind of ...

GIS - Tool for Simplifying the Collection Management System in Banks and Financial Service Organizations [ Source: ]

January 2008- There is an increasing need for exploiting spatial information for effective management of enterprise in virtually every industry, in the competitive world. Banks and Financial Institutions thrive by the financial services that they offer like, a variety of loans, credit cards, etc. This paper proposes ways and means through which an integrated GIS approach would enable banks to help their customers serve better.

A GIS/LIS Approach for Study on Suitability of Shallow Foundation at Southern Chennai, India [ Source: ]

January 2008- The tedious bore-log studies or costly specific subsoil investigation techniques demand the necessity of a GIS / LIS based database system. This paper presents a synoptic analysis of the safe bearing capacities of the soil in southern part of south Chennai of India and subsequent digitization at various depths. Using Arcview/ArcInfo, the iso-standard penetration number (SPTN)-StrengthTest is integrated with the base map as well as the generated/interpolated thematic maps to obtain user-friendly Foundation-Suitability ...

Distributed Wireless Geomatics Kit [ Source: GEOIDE ]

January 2008- The research paper investigates a new technology for real-time mobile information management in support of energy and resources operations. The integration of the four core technologies, namely, satellite navigation, geospatial information systems, distributed computing and wireless communication is undoubtedly the key to success. Due to the nature of the applied research, the scope has been narrowed down to the following aspects: Evaluating the methodology of location-aware distributed mobile computing; Investigating a network centric open architecture ...

GPS-Aided-INS for Mobile Mapping in Precision Agriculture [ Source: ]

January 2008- The increasing accuracy and reliability of GAINS has opened door of Mobile Mapping Solution (MMS) in Precision Agriculture. The Global Positioning System (GPS) provides the positioning, velocity, and timing data from the satellite signals in the line of sight. And the Inertial Navigation System (INS) maintains the availability of the navigation solution during GPS outages that are due to interference, jamming, etc.

Implementing Internet GIS With Java Based Client/Server Environment [ Source: ]

January 2008- Data pertaining to spatial attributes in a GIS can be efficiently managed with any relational database management system (RDBMS). Java’s open, platform-independent, object-oriented design is an ideal platform for mapping and geographic information system (GIS) solution for developers. Extensible Markup Language (XML) standards can be used to describe and exchange map data between applications. It describes the salient features of a spatial database that was developed by integrating thematic layers stored as feature datasets ...

GIS Based Application for Rural Development - A Policy Warranted [ Source: ]

January 2008- The boom in mobile and internet technologies continues to grow the importance of Geographic Information whilst customers demand better quality, consistency and accuracy of geographic data in the location based market. At the same time technological innovation is enabling to collect, integrate, store, manage, manipulate, enhance and distribute this information more and more effectively in hand with a growing customer requirement for real time data update.

Development of an Enhanced Emergency Locator Transmitter for General Aviation [ Source: SAE International ]

January 2008- This paper has presented the results of a research project to design, develop, and test an Enhanced Emergency Locator Transmitter system that combines wireless communications and Global Positioning Systems with a network of inexpensive sensors for crash detection. Efforts to date have successfully designed and constructed a working prototype system. Successful operation of the prototype has been demonstrated in establishing a wireless web connection between the Mobile Unit and the Base Station. This paper has ...

Student and Teacher Created GIS as Curriculum Tools [ Source: RAIN Network ]

January 2008- Developing K-12 and Public Ocean Education Programs which make full use of current technologies such as the Internet and Internet delivered GIS has been a focus of the RAIN Network’s work over the past years. Through a combination of funding from USDA, Department of Education and USGS they have been able to setup the hardware, bandwidth and support staff for a Central California Metadata Clearinghouse.

Universal Location Framework: A New Wireless Building Block [ Source: Intel ]

January 2008- Intel has proposed the Universal Location Framework (ULF) as a building block that can enable the creation of innovative and profitable applications and services. This paper published by Intel describes implementation of the Universal Location Framework, a technology that allows aggregating multiple location technologies, seamlessly transitioning between them, and exposes a single Application Programming Interface (API). The paper presents the architecture and the API. The architecture is based on the Location Stack, a layered software ...

Municipal GIS for Resource Mapping and Planning: A Case Study From Byass Municipal Area, Nepal [ Source: ]

January 2008- This paper is based on the project ""Municipal Level GIS for Resource Mapping and Planning using GIS and GPS"". Main objective of the assignment was to prepare a GIS based Digital Database and Preparation of a Resource Maps as a planning and resource management tool in accordance with the provisions made in the Local Self Governance Act and Regulations.

Fleet Management: A GPS-GIS Integrated Approach [ Source: ]

January 2008- Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite system that provides highly accurate location with the use of special GPS receivers and their augmentations. This accurate GPS data is of limited use by itself, unless it is coupled with a powerful visualization tool like the Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The GIS is a widely accepted visualization tool that presents data in a graphic form, which is a convenient and effective means of communicating complex information.

GIS and GPS Based Asset Management for Road and Railway Transportation Systems in India [ Source: ]

January 2008- A state-of-the-art asset management technology for road and railway transportation systems, with special focus on conditions in India has been developed by MaxSys Engineering Solutions Inc. (MaxSys) and LEA Associates South Asia (LASA). The technology consists of, GIS based digital maps, high-resolution satellite imagery, digital elevation models based on satellite imagery and appropriate data base management system and GPS based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) hardware units.

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