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Protecting Mobile Device Users from Advanced Persistent Threats [ Source: Marble Security ]

August 2013- The recent explosion of employee-owned mobile devices used for work, a trend known as bring your own device, has introduced a new set of vulnerabilities and opportunities for perpetrators of highly sophisticated advanced persistent threats. Unlike past attacks that caused widespread outages, mayhem and lost productivity, APTs aim for theft of highly valuable intellectual property, finances and customer personal information

Mobile security management from companies such as Marble Security provides mobile and BYOD-enabled ...

In-The-Wild Testing [ Source: uTest ]

August 2013- The mobile and web matrix has grown to such epic dimensions that it is nearly impossible and extremely cost-prohibitive to cover entirely in-house. There are thousands of device, carrier and platform combinations for mobile alone. Add web browsers, anti-virus software, plug-ins and PC specs into the mix and your testing lab would need to be the size of an aircraft hangar. But somewhere in the world there are potential users for every matrix combination. By ...

Mobile Security Guide: Protect Your Organization From Mobile Malware [ Source: Rapid7 ]

October 2013- As mobile devices become more common, cybercriminals see them as having huge profit potential, and aim to gain access to the users' confidential personal and financial information. In this Mobile Security Guide, we will walk you through the mobile malware landscape and what you need to know to keep your organization's data safe.

Mobile Workers: Are Your Documents Secure? [ Source: WatchDox ]

May 2013- Mobile devices like iPads, smartphones and notebooks make it easier to stay connected, but can also leave your valuable information more vulnerable.

Download the "Mobile Workers: Are Your Documents Secure?" white paper and learn:

•   The most common sources of data breach
•   Why mobile device management solutions can't protect you
•   Three steps you can take to protect your company data

Meeting the Challenges of HIPAA Compliance, Phishing Attacks and Mobile Security December 2012 [ Source: Proofpoint ]

February 2013- Healthcare organizations face three major IT security and compliance challenges:

•  Regulations such as HIPAA are getting stricter and enforcement actions are becoming more common and costly.
•  Hackers and criminal syndicates are targeting healthcare organizations with new forms of intrusive IT attacks that steal valuable data.
•  As in other industries, healthcare is undergoing an IT revolution enabled by consumer-class mobile devices like iPads and Android phones. While smartphones and tablets give healthcare ...

Care Management and the Future of Health Care [ Source: Wipro Technologies ]

December 2012- Medical care in the United States suffers from problems related to cost, quality, and fragmented delivery, and compliance to new models and reforms. What's needed, instead, is an approach to health care that is proactive, integrated, and patient-centric.

New strategies are evolving to propel health care in those directions. A new technology solution, known as integrated care management, is emerging to address the important processes and functions of those strategies.

Smart Devices, Smart Security [ Source: Voltage Security ]

November 2012- Once mostly prohibited by IT, smartphones and tablets—such as Android-based phones and Apple iPads—are now being used by hundreds of millions of employees worldwide to access, transmit and store corporate information in today’s 24x7 business environment. This “extended enterprise” introduces new challenges and complexities for IT.

Not surprisingly, security has emerged as the No. 1 challenge posed by the BYOD trend. Traditional security approaches typically involve perimeter-based security controls such as ...

Evolution of Mobile Device Management to Tackle Enterprise BYOD [ Source: BlackBerry ]

August 2012- Mobility has defined the workplace as the boundaries between personal and professional life, home and office, business travel and in-office productivity are rapidly disappearing. The arrival of 4G and a myriad of new smartphones and tablets is resulting in mobile office "makeover."

Today's mobile enterprise users are demanding more. Users want a seamless mobility experience that allows them to work anytime and anywhere, with the same productivity and performance they would get in ...

WLAN Management Moves to the Cloud [ Source: Aerohive Networks ]

January 2012- While wireless and mobile topics have been central to any discussion regarding IT strategy for some time, an element that goes hand-in-hand with mobility is the provisioning of a broad range of services in the cloud. Cloud, for our purposes here, refers to any capability that is made available via a network connection, this so as to encompass both public (typically, Web-based) as well as local or private cloud services. The concept of cloud services, ...

The iEverything Enterprise: Understanding and Addressing IT's Dilemma in a BYOD World [ Source: Aerohive Networks ]

January 2012- Virtualization, cloud computing, and wireless technology are fundamentally changing enterprise computing, providing revolutionary gains in productivity and cost savings. Powerful enterprise applications can now be delivered to almost any device, anywhere, at any time and take advantage of tremendous computing power available in consumer devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Regardless of whether these devices are issued corporately or personally owned, almost every IT department is experiencing the effects of unprecedented smart device adoption in ...

Managed Mobility [ Source: Sybase ]

April 2011- As smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices become the data access and communication tools of choice in the work place, the systems needed to support this new generation of mobility are changing.

7 Trends in Video Security [ Source: ADT ]

April 2011- In order to meet the regulatory and security compliance mandates of CFATS, OSHA, and other agencies, businesses are demanding more and more of their video surveillance technology investment. As the technology improves and images become crisper, seven trends are emerging that security experts believe will grow in strength over the coming year. They include:

• The ability to reduce the cost of false alarms and compliance

• A favorable ROI on remote guarding <...

Messaging and Web Security Best Practices for 2011 and Beyond [ Source: GFI ]

March 2011- In this white paper, Osterman Research discusses how the daily occurrence of malware within organizations has become decidedly worse over the past several years. The number of platforms from which threats enter organizations on a daily basis continue to grow and they include but are not limited to email, social media websites, smartphones, flash drives and direct hacker attacks.

Equip iPhone for Enterprise Productivity [ Source: Sybase ]

July 2010- The iPhone’s popularity has generated high demand for enterprise use. But before widespread adoption takes place, IT departments must solve specific security and management issues to maintain control and ensure compliance.

Watch this video to learn how Sybase can help integrate the iPhone into your enterprise while meeting everyone’s needs.

Adopting iPad and iPhone for Enterprise Use [ Source: Sybase ]

July 2010- Apple's iPad is being launched as a consumer device. Yet, there is little doubt that it will become a valuable enterprise productivity tool. IT departments should consider iPad when planning strategies and policies to ensure corporate information stays managed and secured.

Join Sybase for this on-demand webcast and learn:
•?What studies are indicating about the use of iPad in the enterprise
•?How IT can provide employees with the flexibility ...

iPhone and BlackBerry: IT Managers Guide To Managing Personal Devices in the Enterprise [ Source: Sybase ]

July 2010- You can’t avoid it any longer: Developing a strategy for managing and securing employees’ personal mobile devices. iPhone and Google Android devices are joining BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile smartphones in the workplace, and their numbers are only increasing. Regardless of whether corporate policy allows them, workers are still bringing their personal devices into the office.

According to a recent Forrester Research report, almost half of U.S. and European businesses surveyed ...

Adapting iPad and iPhone for Enterprise Use [ Source: Sybase ]

May 2010- Apple's iPad is being launched as a consumer device. Yet, there is little doubt that it will become a valuable enterprise productivity tool.

IT departments should consider iPad when planning strategies and policies to ensure corporate information stays managed and secured.

Join Sybase for this on-demand webcast and learn:
• What studies are indicating about the use of iPad in the enterprise
• How IT can provide employees with ...

Hotspots: Exploring The Opportunities [ Source: Verax Systems ]

May 2010- Verax Systems details the possibilities of hotspots in this white paper. The company discusses how the proper management of hotspots can be a source of additional revenue, market research, or a medium to display information such as advertisements.

Smart Policies for Personal-Liable Smartphones [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- When an individual’s device selection matches corporate control, policy and security needs, business benefits abound Smart Policies for Personal-Liable Smartphones.

With sleek designs and a variety of userfriendly features, smartphones have implanted themselves on the public’s consciousness—so much so that one leading industry research firm reports that a record 54.5 million such mobile devices were shipped in the fourth quarter last year. With sales rising nearly 40 percent over the same quarter ...

Secure Smartphone Apps: The Next Generation [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- The latest smartphone applications foster more mobility and productivity than ever before—as long as a secure mobile network is in place. Secure Smartphone Apps: The Next Generation It’s no secret: Smartphones are infiltrating the corporate world and making employees more productive.

Their use is no longer dictated by IT departments that provision them to executives and sales people. The rankand-file are buying them and receiving them as holiday gifts. And thanks ...

Maximizing Smartphone Value: Standardize And Simplify [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- The latest smartphone applications foster more mobility and productivity than ever before -- as long as a secure mobile network is in place. Maximizing Smartphone Value: Standardize and Simplify Mobility is the future of business; more business is conducted in real time and between geographically dispersed situations than ever before.

Also, mobility ties closely into important collaboration trends including the increasing use of social networking tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The ...

Economic Impact of a BlackBerry Solution in North American Enterprises [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- In September 2008 Research In Motion (RIM) commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises can realize by deploying mobility solutions using BlackBerry® smartphones and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software.

Forrester defines a BlackBerry enterprise solution as consisting of both BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server which together deliver a range of benefits to the organization. BlackBerry smartphones are mobile handheld devices that enable companies to ...

New Research Reveals Untapped Market for Mobile Banking Among Offline Consumers [ Source: Syniverse ]

November 2009- U.S. financial institutions face ongoing pressure to boost profitability, lower channel costs and enable more self-service banking. Many institutions have chosen to focus most of their mobile banking marketing efforts on those who are already using online banking. However, in doing so, they have overlooked a key customer segment: the 55 million American households who do not bank online on a regular basis. Today, financial institutions should consider expanding their approach to mobile banking and ...

Reducing The Complexity Of Sub-band ADPCM Coding [ Source: APTX ]

February 2009- The number of consumer audio applications demanding high-quality audio compression and communication across wireless networks continues to grow. Although the consumer is increasingly demanding higher audio quality, devices such as portable media players and wireless headsets also demand low computational complexity, low power dissipation, and practical transmission bit-rates to help conserve battery life. This paper discusses research undertaken to lower the complexity of existing high-quality sub-band ADPCM coding schemes to better satisfy these conflicting criteria.

4G And Its Evolution [ Source: Tata Consultancy Services Ltd ]

May 2009- This paper focuses on 4G -- its features, initiatives, architectures, business models, specifications like physical and MAC layer, channel access, error control coding, and OFDM. Higher-layer issues, like mobility, congestion, and QoS are also discussed.

Preparing Your Next IP Telephony System RFP [ Source: TEQConsult Group ]

November 2008- An RFP reduces risk and the uncertainty of the unknown by specifically identifying customer requirements, supplier capabilities, and product/service prices and costs. TEQConsult Group provides a tutorial on preparing an IP telephony RFP.

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