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Safely Unleashing The Power of Social Media [ Source: CA Technologies ]

September 2012- In this whitepaper, "Safely Unleashing the Power of Social Media," you will understand that by being proactive and working with the marketing department to enable them to securely and easily register social media users in their system, you will potentially be in a position to positively influence revenue growth.

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet's Good Bones - by BlackBerry [ Source: BlackBerry ]

January 2012- This whitepaper details the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry Tablet OS. Discover the benefits, including: real-time OS, true multitasking, self-healing microkernel architecture, security, US federal agency certified and speedy, smooth, natural...

Creating the Enterprise-Class Tablet Environment - by Yankee Group [ Source: BlackBerry ]

January 2012- This whitepaper includes information about tablets and mobile computing, including how creating the enterprise-class tablet is important for enterprises.

Equip iPhone for Enterprise Productivity [ Source: Sybase ]

July 2010- The iPhone’s popularity has generated high demand for enterprise use. But before widespread adoption takes place, IT departments must solve specific security and management issues to maintain control and ensure compliance.

Watch this video to learn how Sybase can help integrate the iPhone into your enterprise while meeting everyone’s needs.

Adopting iPad and iPhone for Enterprise Use [ Source: Sybase ]

July 2010- Apple's iPad is being launched as a consumer device. Yet, there is little doubt that it will become a valuable enterprise productivity tool. IT departments should consider iPad when planning strategies and policies to ensure corporate information stays managed and secured.

Join Sybase for this on-demand webcast and learn:
•?What studies are indicating about the use of iPad in the enterprise
•?How IT can provide employees with the flexibility ...

Adapting iPad and iPhone for Enterprise Use [ Source: Sybase ]

May 2010- Apple's iPad is being launched as a consumer device. Yet, there is little doubt that it will become a valuable enterprise productivity tool.

IT departments should consider iPad when planning strategies and policies to ensure corporate information stays managed and secured.

Join Sybase for this on-demand webcast and learn:
• What studies are indicating about the use of iPad in the enterprise
• How IT can provide employees with ...

Smart Policies for Personal-Liable Smartphones [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- When an individual’s device selection matches corporate control, policy and security needs, business benefits abound Smart Policies for Personal-Liable Smartphones.

With sleek designs and a variety of userfriendly features, smartphones have implanted themselves on the public’s consciousness—so much so that one leading industry research firm reports that a record 54.5 million such mobile devices were shipped in the fourth quarter last year. With sales rising nearly 40 percent over the same quarter ...

Reducing The Complexity Of Sub-band ADPCM Coding [ Source: APTX ]

February 2009- The number of consumer audio applications demanding high-quality audio compression and communication across wireless networks continues to grow. Although the consumer is increasingly demanding higher audio quality, devices such as portable media players and wireless headsets also demand low computational complexity, low power dissipation, and practical transmission bit-rates to help conserve battery life. This paper discusses research undertaken to lower the complexity of existing high-quality sub-band ADPCM coding schemes to better satisfy these conflicting criteria.

apt-X Lossless For Lossless Audio Compression [ Source: APTX ]

January 2009- This technology white paper introduces a new scheme for lossless audio compression called apt-X Lossless. This scheme has been conceived, designed, and developed by APTX, an audio processing technology company, the commercial originator of the apt-X low-latency audio codec, and a company with a long association with both the broadcast industry and the studio post-production business.

iPhones In The Enterprise - Open To All Attendees [ Source: Range Networks ]

May 2008- Are iPhones ready for business? Some never thought iPhones would make it for personal use. Now Range Networks profiles iPhones and their business capabilities in this presentation.

Information Leakage: What it is, and how Digital Rights Management (DRM) can Prevent it [ Source: LockLizard ]

August 2008- This paper covers what information leakage is and why it has become so prevelant. It discusses why DRM (Digital Rights Management) is required to prevent information leakage from within and outside of the enterprise and why encryption and access control are only effective inside the enterprise.

Kleer Advantages Over Bluetooth [ Source: Kleer ]

April 2008- This whitepaper compares Kleer technology to Bluetooth technology for the application of wireless streaming audio. Bluetooth is a standard for relatively short-range general-purpose data communications. Bluetooth has found initial market success in wireless voice headsets for mobile phones and is now trying to address stereo audio for mobile phones and portable audio players. Bluetooth solutions suffer from poor audio quality due to the use of lossy audio compression, poor ISM (2.4GHz) band coexistence performance in ...

Why Virtual Worlds Can Matter [ Source: University of Southern California ]

January 2008- Virtual worlds are persistent, avatar-based social spaces that provide players or participants with the ability to engage in long-term, joint coordinated action. This paper is an effort to outline some of the things happening in and around virtual worlds which make them more than ""just games"" and which may in fact point in the direction of new forms of knowing and acting in virtual spaces and give insight into what new, technologically mediated worlds may ...

Introducing DLP 3-D TV [ Source: Texas Instruments ]

January 2008- 2006 saw the introduction of several new cinema titles, such as Return of Superman and Nightmare on Christmas. In 2007, Meet the Robinsons was released by Disney Studios. In each case, the films that were presented in 3-D retained higher receipts than those that were shown in 2-D. With studios like DreamWorks announcing that all future animated titles will be in 3-D, it stands to reason that there will be 3-D content available for home viewing in ...

Security Evaluation of Apple’s iPhone [ Source: Independent Security Evaluators ]

January 2008- The Apple iPhone was released to much fanfare on June 28, 2007. Because of the large amount of personal information stored on these mobile devices, the authors decided to conduct a security analysis of the iPhone. The iPhone’s applications for surfing the web and checking emails are potentially at risk to remote attacks. This paper examines exactly how well the software on the iPhone is designed to resist such attacks.

Developing Software for the CN3 Integrated GPS Receiver [ Source: Intermec Technologies ]

January 2008- The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system owned and operated by the US Department of Defense. The Intermec CN3 includes an integrated GPS receiver and antenna as an optional feature. The receiver can report horizontal position to a range of approximately 3 meters. This paper provides information for developers interested in developing software that makes use of the CN3 integrated GPS receiver.

Security Associations in Personal Networks: A Comparative Analysis [ Source: Nokia ]

January 2008- Short-range communication standards have brought a large number of new services to the reach of common users. For instance, standards for personal networking technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,Wireless Universal Serial Bus (WUSB), and HomePlug AV enable users to easily introduce, access, and control services and devices both in home and mobile environments. The initial process of introducing a new device to another device or to a network is called an association. This Nokia paper ...

The iPhone: A Consumer Perspective [ Source: Parks Associates ]

January 2008- The Apple Inc. iPhone is the definition of a convergence device. It has the ability to play back music and videos on its 3.5 inch display, a unique ability for video/image displays to automatically flip between landscape and portrait views when the device is rotated, special software that makes finger-based scrolling easier, a Safari Web browser that shows Web sites in their standard format, and more options for users to access and listen to voice ...

BlackBerry and LEMONADE Approaches to Mail Filtering [ Source: Isode ]

January 2008- The BlackBerry system provides server side filtering that can be managed from either the desktop or from the BlackBerry client, which is illustrated above. When new messages arrive, they are matched against the filter. LEMONADE provides two approaches to email filtering, which can provide equivalent services to Blackberry filtering, with a number of overall benefits. This paper looks at how mail filtering is provided by a Blackberry, and compares this with the open standards based ...

Comparison of BlackBerry & LEMONADE for Mobile Email [ Source: Isode ]

January 2008- LEMONADE is the Internet Standard for Mobile Email, based on IMAP and SMTP. This paper compares LEMONADE’s approach to handling and delivering email and email attachments to mobile devices with that of the well known and widely deployed BlackBerry system. BlackBerry Enterprise Service and LEMONADE can be used to provide a similar level of service, and neither has any compelling advantage over the other. Both have substantial functional advantages over BlackBerry Internet Service.

Bluetooth PAN and External IP Networks [ Source: University of Oslo ]

January 2008- This paper discusses how ad-hoc Personal Area Network (PAN) based on Bluetooth technology may connect to external networks. The paper assumes that the Bluetooth network (piconet) is formed by the automatic SAPIFO procedure that one or more piconet devices have access to external networks, and that IPv4 is used for external communication. Bluetooth have specified a PAN profile for IP over Bluetooth, which uses BNEP (Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol) to emulate an Ethernet segments between ...

Delivering Converged Quad-Play Services With IPTV and IMS [ Source: Nortel Networks ]

January 2008- This paper published by Nortel tells the reader that as service providers combine interactive video with voice, data and mobility services to form quad-play bundles, will their subscribers be watching IP Television (IPTV) or engaging in a new multimedia experience? There is an elegant and cost-effective way to not just deliver a video, voice, data and mobility bundle - but to seamlessly integrate them into a richly interactive and personalized experience.

BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Security: Version 4.0.x - Technical Overview [ Source: Research In Motion ]

January 2008- This paper describes the security features of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution and provides an overview of the BlackBerry security architecture. Many companies are realizing significant return on investments and productivity gains by extending their enterprise information to mobile employees. With an increased demand for mobile content and the threat of information theft, companies have concerns about addressing security needs and requirements when evaluating wireless solutions. Without an effective security model, any company might expose sensitive ...

Simple Pairing White Paper [ Source: Bluetooth ]

January 2008- The primary goal of simple pairing is to simplify the pairing process from the point of view of the user. Secondary goals are to maintain or improve the security in Bluetooth wireless technology. Since high levels of security and ease-of-use are often at opposite ends of the spectrum in many technologies and products, much care has been taken by the Core Specification Working Group in the creation of the Simple Pairing proposal to maximize security ...

Placing the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution in a Segmented Network: BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.0 and Later [ Source: Research In Motion ]

January 2008- Using a firewall, one can separate a network or LAN into multiple components to create segmented network architecture. The firewall blocks data that is not destined for a particular segment, and might block all protocol ports except those that that segment specifically requires. Thus each segment contains filtered and isolated network traffic, which might improve the security and performance of the network. A particular department or a specific group of servers in the organization can ...

SNMP Monitoring for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server [ Source: Research In Motion ]

January 2008- One can use Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to assess the configuration, health, and status of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry user accounts. SNMP monitoring consists of multiple components. An SNMP service is a Microsoft Windows service that one can run on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. An SNMP service contains an SNMP agent that sends notifications, or traps, to an SNMP trap management tool when certain conditions are met. These conditions are described in ...

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