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The Future of Data Services Delivery and Management Starts Here [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- When today's businesses succeed, they can outstrip the capabilities of existing data systems. Data workloads are evolving and as a result data services need to be more robust and scalable. IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureData System for Transactions are designed to meet these needs.

Structuring IT for Integrated Systems [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- To meet business demands for more solutions faster at lower costs, IT leaders are transforming their systems, organizations, people, and processes. Much faster delivery of solutions is only half of the challenge; systems and business process integrity must complete the picture. Read this Forrester WhitePaper to understand how IBM is helping in the transformation

Simple is STILL Better [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- First generation warehouses were not designed to manage data at today's volume or variety. Coercing older technologies to satisfy new demands can be inefficient, burdensome and costly. Read how IBM PureData System for Analytics is built for simplicity and speed.

Empowering your Organization Through Patterns of Expertise [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- The skills needed to design, test, configure and integrate solutions can be costly. IT managers may be unable to develop and deploy applications efficiently, even in virtual and cloud environments. IBM PureSystems is designed to deliver faster time-to-value, reduced costs and lower risk.

Easily Deploy and Move Enterprise Applications in the Cloud [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- What if your organization could take advantage of emerging business opportunities by deploying new applications dramatically faster than you ever could before? What if you could increase the value of your existing application investments by leveraging them in the cloud-and easily move your apps across off-premises and on-premises cloud options? These capabilities are available today. With IBM PureApplication solutions, companies can build and use a cloud environment faster, easier and with less risk than traditional ...

EMA: The Evolution of Data-Driven Security [ Source: MapR ]

September 2014- The era of Big Data has begun demonstrating to information security that there is more that can be done to identify threats, address fraud and improve compliance monitoring activities by bringing better context to data for actionable intelligence.

The Executives Guide to Big Data & Apache Hadoop [ Source: MapR ]

September 2014- benchmarks that you can use to confirm that Big Data has indeed arrived in your organization, along with some suggestions about how to proceed. The intended audience for this book includes executives, IT leader and business analysts.

The Forrester Wave: Big Data Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2014 [ Source: MapR ]

September 2014- Hadoop is unstoppable as its open source roots grow wildly and deeply into enterprises. Its refreshingly unique approach to data management is transforming how companies store, process, analyze, and share big data.

CITO Research: Optimized Data Engineering: A Crucial Challenge for the Internet of Everything Era [ Source: MapR ]

September 2014- The data engineering challenges inherent in IoE are profound. Companies need to ensure they have adopted the right IoE architecture to take advantage of the real-time insights IoE data provides.

CITO Research: Putting Hadoop to Work the Right Way [ Source: MapR ]

September 2014- Big data has rapidly progressed from an ambitious vision realized by a handful of innovators to a competitive advantage for businesses across dozens of industries. More data is available now-about customers, employees, competitors-than ever before.

Hadoop Buyer's Guide [ Source: MapR ]

September 2014- This Buyer's Guide presents a series of guidelines that you can use when searching for the essential Hadoop infrastructure that will be sustaining your organization for years to come.

Cloud Storage and Solutions for the Mobile Workforce [ Source: AT&T ]

August 2014- Q&A article featuring Gartner Analyst Gene Ruth and Gregg Sexton from AT&T that explores cloud storage and solutions for the mobile workforce.

AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service [ Source: AT&T ]

August 2014- AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service is a secure, virtualized on-demand storehouse that easily scales up and down to any size you need and allows you to pay only for the storage you use.

AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service with Enterprise File Sync and Share [ Source: AT&T ]

September 2014- AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service with Enterprise File Sync and Share is an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade file sync and share solution that gives business users access to their files, on their supported devices, online or offline - hassle free.

Choosing the Right Service Provider for Storage [ Source: AT&T ]

September 2014- This white paper examines the current trends in enterprise storage, the ongoing growth and shift toward cloud-based storage services, and how enterprises should choose a cloud service provider. This white paper also provides an overview of AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service.

Managing Enterprise Workloads in the Cloud [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- An independent analysis on how cloud delivery models can help improve costs and flexibility of running ERP and CRM systems on the cloud, with an assessment of IBM's cloud managed services value proposition.

Safeguarding the Cloud with IBM Security Solutions [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- IBM Security solutions provide layered protection and deep insight across public, private and hybrid cloud environments. They help organizations manage user identities, protect data and applications, and prevent sophisticated attacks with advanced analytics.

Accelerating Continuous Delivery with Perforce [ Source: Perforce ]

September 2014- The Perforce platform is designed to support Continuous Delivery of complex products. Whether the product is a software application or an automobile, the levels of complexity associated with the process require visibility, governance, collaboration and communication across diverse teams. Perforce provides these capabilities as a scalable, production-ready solution

Why "Good Enough" Isn't Good Enough Anymore for Software Configuration Management [ Source: Perforce ]

September 2014- Your software change management system handles what changes were made by whom, when, provides the audit trail, makes sure no changes are ever lost, and serves as the foundation for your entire software delivery pipeline. If software development is core to your business-you can’t risk it on the status quo

Continuous Delivery: 5 Habits of Highly Successful Practitioners [ Source: Perforce ]

September 2014- Continuous Delivery is a development discipline in which software can be released to production at any time.

So what does it take to make Continuous Delivery successful? Here are five factors that distinguish companies that are doing Continuous Delivery well.

Seven Steps for Choosing a Software Configuration Management System [ Source: Perforce ]

September 2014- Have you been tasked with finding a software configuration management system for your team? There are many reasons you may be looking at version management. Download this guide and learn seven steps to help you analyze your needs, choose a vendor effectively, and start off brilliantly.

Continuous Delivery in Practice: How Leading Practitioners are Successfully Accelerating and Improving Releases [ Source: Perforce ]

September 2014- Continuous Delivery allows you to get new features and capabilities to market quickly and reliably-two highly desirable outcomes. In this best practice guide,

• Learn from successful Continuous Delivery practitioners
• Hear lessons from, NYSE-Euronext, and

Customer Service Analytics: Exploit Data To Improve The Customer Experience [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- Analyst report from Aberdeen on how companies using analytics as part of customer service activities perform compared to those without analytics.

Could your Content be Working Harder - and Smarter? [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- Equipping IT with the resources that they need to optimize the user experience to match that of consumer applications can help you achieve the business outcomes you want, while making the most of your enterprise content management (ECM) investments.

The Central Role of Content Management in Case Management [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- MWD Advisors report on how Case Management technology can help drive effective outcomes & how a clear Content Management strategy underpins success in Case Management.

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