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The Critical Incident Response Maturity Journey [ Source: EMC ]

March 2014- This paper focuses on defining levels of critical incident response maturity and how organizations can continually improve their incident response capabilities to help reduce the risk of experiencing a damaging incident. It provides a framework to help organizations determine where they are in the security journey and where they want to be.

Signature-less Malware Detection: Finding an Evil in the Haystack [ Source: EMC ]

March 2014- Learn about the tools, technologies and techniques required for comprehensive detection and remediation of advanced malware threats and why traditional signature-based approaches fall short of protecting your organization.

Threat Intelligence & Incident Response: A Study of U.S. & EMEA Organizations [ Source: AccessData ]

February 2014- Threat Intelligence & Incident Response: A Study of U.S. & EMEA Organizations, sponsored by AccessData, surveyed 1,083 CISOs and security technicians in the United States and EMEA about how their company handles the immediate aftermath of a cyber-attack and what would help their teams more successfully detect and remediate these events.

Learn the unsettling truth about how limited today?s information security departments really are when it comes to defending their domains, including:


The FICAM Framework: Challenges and Guidance for Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management [ Source: Dell Software ]

March 2014- Dell solutions map to all components of the FICAM framework: credential, identity, and access management, federation, and auditing & reporting.

Privileged Accounts and Passwords: Risk Management in the Defense Community [ Source: Dell Software ]

March 2014- Learn how IT solutions can be used to mitigate risk by reducing requirements and implementing tighter controls on privileged accounts.

Seriously Organized Crime: Tackling Cyber Enabled Financial Fraud [ Source: BAE Systems Applied Intelligence ]

March 2014- Commercial organizations are under increasing attack from financial crime. And as those carrying out traditional fraud are adopting new techniques, that until recently were the domain of sophisticated cyber espionage groups, so commerce now has to manage a growing strategic risk to both their bottom-line and their brand reputation.

The following issues are highlighted in this new whitepaper:

•So what's happening?
•The attack components
•Taking control<...

Part 3 Whitepaper - How to Approach Implementation : A Practical Guide Big Data Security Analytics [ Source: BAE Systems Applied Intelligence ]

March 2014- How to approach implementation is number three in a series of three white papers - all focusing on Big Data solutions for cyber security analytics. We are aware that application of Big Data is still new to cyber security analytics, and changes in both the Big Data and the security analytics markets are on the way. To support an early adopter approach, we have, in chapter one, described some implementation principles which have led to ...

KuppingerCole Leadership Compass: Identity Provisioning [ Source: Dell Software ]

February 2014- Identity Provisioning is still an important part of the Identity and Access Management market. That?s why the field is crowded with vendors claiming to have the solution your business needs. But which one is right for your company?

This Leadership Compass delivers an overview of those market segments. Learn more about established vendors, smaller or regional vendors with good growth potential, and which vendors your company should take a close look at ...

KuppingerCole Leadership Compass: Access Governance [ Source: Dell Software ]

February 2014- Access Governance is a fast-growing component in the Identity and Access Management market - so trusting a solution to manage it is crucial for the success of your business.

In this white paper, see why Dell One Identity Manager is identified as an Overall Leader in the KuppergerCole Leadership Compass: Access Governance report. You'll also get a detailed overview and analysis of the Access Governance market segement, and the solutions available in it.

IAM for the Real World: Identity Governance eBook [ Source: Dell Software ]

February 2014- Managing identity and access across the enterprise is difficult enough, and even simple provisioning can be tough. Factor in regulating compliance and navigating complex IT and user environments, and you?re looking at pretty sizable challenge.

In this eBook, discover best practices to solve your identity governance challenges. Topics include:

A comprehensive view of governance that covers not only application access, but also data and privileged accounts.

The key ...

Six Steps to Achieving Data Governance [ Source: Dell Software ]

February 2014- In this white paper, learn six easy steps to achieve data governance - quickly, easily and without the headaches. See how to control security threats and limit data access - across all your diverse platforms - while satisfying compliance requirements.

Advanced Evasion Techniques for Dummies [ Source: McAfee ]

February 2014- This book provides an overview of network security in general, and explains how cybercriminals can use hidden or currently undetectable methods to penetrate protected network systems. Advanced evasion techniques (AETs) bypass current common network security solutions. They can transport any attack or exploit through network security devices and firewalls, next generation firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and even routers doing deep packet inspection. In this book you'll find out all about AETs, and get ...

Demand More white paper [ Source: McAfee ]

February 2014- As next-generation firewall (NGFW) technology becomes more mainstream, it is time to review the advanced capabilities and features that separate the leaders from the laggards. At its most basic, the consensus of a NGFW definition would include these capabilities - standard firewall features like stateful inspection and network address translation, integrated intrusion prevention, application awareness and some level of intelligence and integration with vulnerability and reputation databases. Network and cyber security teams understand the three ...

Forrester: Endpoint Security Trends [ Source: Absolute Software ]

March 2014- This report outlines Forrester's take on the endpoint security trends seen from Q2 2013 to Q4 2014, looking at IT spend, and the adoption of Endpoint Security Software-As-A-Service. Forrester provides data for organizations to benchmark their spending patterns against their peers, and strategize their endpoint security adoption decisions.

The Insider Threat : How Privileged Users Put Critical Data at Risk [ Source: Vormetric ]

January 2014- This white paper discusses the growing insider risks. It will also cover how organizations become breached-either by internal users through malicious or benign actions or from external threats that acquire the credentials of trusted insiders. It also touches on how organizations can limit privileged users' access to data so that, in either case, sensitive information does not leave your organization in an unencrypted state. Finally, it shows how organizations can implement technologies to protect data ...

CIO Series: Why Sandboxing is a Necessary but Insufficient Defense against Targeted Attacks [ Source: Proofpoint ]

November 2013- Sandboxing is all about protecting users from their email by isolating and checking potential malicious messages before they can do any damage. It's a great first step, but it's no longer enough. We explain why

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Finding and Stopping Advanced Threats [ Source: Proofpoint ]

November 2013- Today's most-damaging targeted attacks are carefully planned and executed by a new breed of professional criminals. They're sneakier and more sophisticated than anything we've seen in the last decade. If you don't take action, your organization could make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

2013 Server Security Survey Report [ Source: Bit9 ]

November 2013- 26% of organizations' servers have been hit by advanced malware.

In October 2013, Bit9 conducted its third-annual survey on server security. In the past year, the inability to detect or stop advanced attacks has remained a constant challenge for enterprises. This survey was designed to analyze these challenges from respondents who are responsible for their organization's security posture.

Key findings and takeaways:
Targeted attacks and data breaches are top concerns for organizations, ...

Why the Endpoint Must be the New Security Focus [ Source: Bit9 ]

November 2013- Today's computing challenges require organizations to take a holistic, end-to-end approach to security, extending the traditional focus on network security to external devices and all endpoints.

For now, the primary requirements are for securing servers, desktop PCs, and laptops and other mobile devices but this will need to be extended to an ever-growing range of endpoints, such as smart grids, medical devices and cars. As the range of endpoint devices expands, so will ...

Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation: Continuous Diagnostics Begins with RedSeal [ Source: RedSeal Networks ]

November 2013- In any comprehensive cyber security program, especially for federal agencies and government contractors continuous monitoring is the fundamental building block and a core practice.

RedSeal is positioned to find and help eliminate gaps in one's security controls and, more importantly, prioritize or measure the impact of those gaps so that users can balance security investments with the highest return on those investments. RedSeal takes into account the underlying business value of enterprise/individual ...

Defending against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks [ Source: HP ]

November 2013- The modern cyber threat landscape requires enterprise organizations to be more vigilant than ever in their mission to protect sensitive data and network resources. Would you like to learn about several new intrusion prevention system (IPS) products, technologies, and features available in the market today that can have a notable impact on security efficacy, cost, scalability and usability? Download this report to learn the top factors that enterprise organizations should consider when evaluating an IPS ...

Rethink your Enterprise Security [ Source: HP ]

November 2013- The world is constantly evolving and always connected, and your enterprise must be too. Forward-thinking enterprises realize that they need a sustainable approach to security and risk management -- one that addresses the new wave of vulnerabilities that prevail due to increasing trends in IT consumerization, mobility, social media, cloud computing, cybercrime, and nation-state attacks.

IT Pros Guide to Data Protection: Top 5 Tips to Securing Data in the Modern Organizations [ Source: Lumension ]

October 2013- Ready your organization for more robust data protection measures by first implementing these five steps to improve data security in a business- and cost-effective manner.

Mobile Devices Drive Majority Of Endpoint Security Concerns [ Source: Lumension ]

October 2013- The results of the 2013 State of the Endpoint study tracked endpoint risk in organizations, the resources to address the risk and the technologies deployed to manage threats. This study reveals that the state of endpoint risk is not improving and one of the top concerns is the proliferation of personally owned mobile devices in the workplace such as smart phones and iPads. Download "Mobile Devices Drive Majority of Endpoint Security Concerns" to review some of ...

Boosting Enterprise Security With Integrated Log Management [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- This white paper explains an integrated approach for reducing potential security risks and facilitating compliance, and introduces how security risks and facilitating compliance, and introduces how IBM Security QRadar Log Manager can help organizations stay a step ahead of the latest security threats.

Evolving Endpoint Malware Detection, Dealing with Advanced and Targeted Attacks [ Source: Trusteer ]

October 2013- Advanced malware targeting employee endpoints is a major threat to corporate intellectual property, regulated data and financial assets. Perimeter and traditional endpoint defenses are struggling to meet this emerging threat in the face of a changing IT landscape: desktop virtualization, remote access, BYOD and Cloud migration. This whitepaper explains how advanced malware challenges traditional defenses to take advantage of the increased exposure of employee endpoints. It review's the evolution of advanced targeted attacks, the various ...

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