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Cyber threat landscape: Guide for business leaders [ Source: BAE Systems Applied Intelligence ]

April 2014- The cyber security threat landscape is constantly evolving. The tools, behaviours and techniques of those attacking and defending organisations are constantly adapting to each other.

While high-profile attacks now regularly appear in the press, many decision makers are left wondering what steps they can actively take to stay on top of a threat which is forever changing.

In our report Cyber threat landscape: Guide for business leaders we outline five cyber ...

Business and the Cyber Threat: The Rise of Digital Criminality [ Source: BAE Systems Applied Intelligence ]

April 2014- Across the world, cyber attacks are now taking place on an industrial scale. The World Economic Forum has warned that the theft of information and the intentional disruption of online or digital processes are among the very top business risks that major institutions face. It also suggests, however, that improved cyber security could save the world economy trillions of dollars.

Recent high profile attacks have highlighted just how much cyber crime can cost ...

Acheiving Trust After a Breach [ Source: Tripwire ]

March 2014- When an organization has been compromised, some of the first questions to ask are critical:

•Which systems can I trust?
• What was done to compromise my systems or data?
• How quickly can I figure out where I stand?

Tripwire is often called in after the fact to help answer these questions, even if the breached organization was not monitoring their systems with Tripwire technology. The following ...

Vulnerability Management Evolution: From Tactical Scanner to Strategic Platform [ Source: Tripwire ]

May 2012- Organizations have traditionally viewed vulnerability scanners as a tactical product, largely commoditized, and only providing value around audit time. How useful is a 100-page vulnerability report to an operations person trying to figure out what to fix next? But the tide is definitely turning?there is now a clear shift from a largely compliance-driven orientation to a more security-centric view. It?s widely acknowledged that compliance provides a low bar for security, and it just ...

Reducing Risk Through Prevention: Implementing Critical Security Controls 1-4 [ Source: Tripwire ]

March 2014- In almost every year since 2000, the Internet Crime Complaint Center has reported an increase in cybersecurity crime reports by individuals and organizations. Over the last dozen years, the number of attacks reported in the United States seems to grow consistently over time. After examining this trend, the question arises: Is there anything an organization can do to stop these attacks from occurring and protect their critical information systems from intruders?

Business leaders need ...

Threat Intelligence & Incident Response: A Study of U.S. & EMEA Organizations [ Source: AccessData ]

February 2014- Threat Intelligence & Incident Response: A Study of U.S. & EMEA Organizations, sponsored by AccessData, surveyed 1,083 CISOs and security technicians in the United States and EMEA about how their company handles the immediate aftermath of a cyber-attack and what would help their teams more successfully detect and remediate these events.

Learn the unsettling truth about how limited today?s information security departments really are when it comes to defending their domains, including:


Key Components Of Your Resiliency Strategy [ Source: Verisign ]

February 2014- DDoS attacks continue to grow in size, frequency and complexity, forcing network-dependent companies to implement a plan for protection. However, recent research from Forrester suggests many companies are coming up short in their DDoS attack protection strategy. Learn how changes in processes or technology can improve your DDoS attack readiness.

12 Things Effective Intrusion Prevention Systems Should Do [ Source: Dell Software ]

February 2014- Do you know what to look for in an intrusion protection system? Read our eBook, "12 Things Effective Intrusion Protection Systems Should Do," and learn to detect and block the latest generation of exploits used to attack computer systems and resist the most sophisticated evasion techniques.

Demand More white paper [ Source: McAfee ]

February 2014- As next-generation firewall (NGFW) technology becomes more mainstream, it is time to review the advanced capabilities and features that separate the leaders from the laggards. At its most basic, the consensus of a NGFW definition would include these capabilities - standard firewall features like stateful inspection and network address translation, integrated intrusion prevention, application awareness and some level of intelligence and integration with vulnerability and reputation databases. Network and cyber security teams understand the three ...

10 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do [ Source: Palo Alto Networks ]

December 2013- Without question, your network is more complex than ever before. Your employees are accessing any application they want, using work or personal devices. Often times, these applications span both personal and work related usage, but the business and security risks are often ignored. New prospective employees are asking about application usage policies before accepting their new job. Adding yet another layer of complexity is the underlying concern around the effectiveness of your cybersecurity posture. Is ...

Firewall Buyers Guide [ Source: Palo Alto Networks ]

December 2013- At one time, the concept of allowing an employee to use an external or personal application for work related purposes was unheard of. Today, employees are always online and are continually using the latest applications, often times melding personal and work-related usage. Summarily blocking these applications is equivalent to blocking the business.

The 10 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do validates the fact that the best location to execute secure application enablement is at ...

Approaches to DDos Protection: An Overview on Keeping you Networks Protected [ Source: Verisign ]

July 2013- Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks today are targeting businesses of all sizes and types. This article provides an expert overview of common methods of DDoS attacks and four main ways enterprises and providers of Web applications can protect themselves and their customers from falling victim to this type of attack.

How To Protect Against the Top 6 Vulnerability Trends [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- This in-depth report provides a broad view of the cyber vulnerability landscape, ranging from industry-wide data down to a focused look at different technologies, including Web and mobile. Download this valuable report to gain the security intelligence you need to better understand how to deploy limited enterprise resources and best minimize security risks.

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Rethinking your enterprise security [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- The world is constantly evolving and always connected, and your enterprise must be too. Forward-thinking enterprises realize that they need a sustainable approach to security and risk management-one that addresses the new wave of vulnerabilities that prevail due to increasing trends in IT consumerization, mobility, social media, cloud computing, cybercrime, and nation-state attacks.

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HP 2012 Cyber Risk Report [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- Did you know it takes an average of 416 days to detect a security breach? Read the 2012 HP Cyber Risk Report for information that will guide you in deploying security programs to minimize risk and protect against breaches. You'll gain insight into the top vulnerability trends, web application vulnerabilities, and mobile application security, and you?ll learn what to look for in the year ahead to keep your enterprise secure.

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Stay compliant and IT-friendly with NAC Security [ Source: ForeScout ]

June 2013- Confused about Network Access Control? NAC is critical to an enterprise network's defense against unauthorized devices. Don't sacrifice on business process. ForeScout's CounterACT offers granular policy control with the least amount of user disruption.

Combining Cloud-Based DDoS Protection and Managed DNS Services to Thwart Large Attacks. [ Source: Verisign ]

May 2013- As businesses continue to move critical operations online, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are increasing in frequency, sophistication and range of targets. In a 2011 Verisign study, 63 percent of respondents reported experiencing at least one attack that year, while 51 percent reported revenue loss as a result of downtime from the attack. Those numbers are undoubtedly higher today as the size, frequency and complexity of DDoS attacks continue to grow.

Mitigation against these types ...

DDos Malware [ Source: Verisign ]

May 2013- The most recent financial institution attacks have been launched via the BroBot/itsoknobroblembro toolkit. This advanced toolkit supports multiple attack methods, including HTTP, HTTPS and DNS.

DDoS and Downtime Considerations for Risk Management [ Source: Verisign ]

May 2013- While most enterprise risk managers are accustomed to addressing regulatory compliance, data integrity and data privacy within an IT risk management framework, many have not fully accounted for IT availability as it relates to business continuity. Even risk managers who do consider IT availability may focus only on operational and environmental threats (e.g., human error, fires and floods) while overlooking distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which are one of the leading causes of ...

DDoS Mitigation Best Practices For A Rapidly Changing Threat Landscape [ Source: Verisign ]

May 2013- Given the extraordinary and rapid changes in the DDoS terrain, traditional DDoS mitigation tactics such as bandwidth overprovisioning, firewalls and intrusion prevention system (IPS) devices are no longer sufficient to protect an organization's networks, applications, and services. Verisign has successfully defended its global DNS infrastructure against DDoS and other attacks for more than 12 years and has maintained 99.99 percent availability of its critical infrastructure during that time.

In addition, Verisign has maintained 100 percent availability ...

First Aid Kit for Sys Admins [ Source: GFI Software ]

May 2013- You've found a virus running on your server. You discover logon IDs on your network that don't belong. A hacker has your credit card database. Any one of these is enough for you to hit your panic button and lose it - don't. In this eBook, get the steps you need to take to provide immediate aid to hacked systems, infected workstations, and other IT security disasters. This ultimate first aid kit for system admin ...

3 Strategies To Protect Endpoints From Risky Applications [ Source: Dell ]

May 2013- Though most organizations have invested considerable time and effort in improving their endpoint risk management processes, many of them are ill-equipped to handle the myriad of third-party applications that are increasingly introducing the most risk into today's IT environment. That's because as the typical IT organization has worked on reducing the risk profile of PC and server operating systems, cyber criminals have started to look for greener pastures - namely among third-party applications. This white ...

Websense 2013 Threat Report [ Source: Websense ]

May 2013- Conventional information security measures, including anti-virus and next-generation firewalls, aren't enough to protect your organization from today's deluge of sophisticated web threats.

That's just one of the key findings in the "Websense® 2013 Threat Report." Based on data collected by the Websense ThreatSeeker® Network, the world's largest and longest-standing security intelligence network, the Report details how advanced threats are specifically targeting mobile devices and social media, and rendering traditional security solutions ineffective.

Providing security for software systems in the cloud [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- The software industry has learned that putting fancy boxes on the network doesn't fix bad software, cloud converts must focus on the risks they bring along with the software they deploy. This paper details risks to software deployed in the cloud and what steps to take to mitigate that risk.

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Just Released! Hope is Not a Strategy [ Source: Neustar ]

April 2013- When DDoS attacks hit, companies go into crisis mode. It's all hands on deck until the danger passes. In February 2013, Neustar surveyed IT professionals across North America to see how companies are managing the crisis and measuring its bottom-line impact. The report compares 2012 results with survey findings from 2011, detailed in last year's Neustar report "When Businesses Go Dark."

The 451 Group Impact Report: Skybox Enters Vulnerability Management Space [ Source: Skybox Security ]

April 2013- New vulnerabilities are discovered at a rapid rate, so in order to discover and defend against them, companies conduct vulnerability scanning. However, the frequency and coverage of scans provide increasing challenges for some organizations. Active scanning can be disruptive if conducted excessively, and there are some parts of the network that companies don't feel comfortable scanning at all. In order to address this problem, Skybox Security has introduced what it refers to as its next-generation ...

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