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Augmented VPN [ Source: McAfee ]

February 2014- A Virtual Private Network delivers the best return on investment in securing communications. However, the lack of reliability of VPN links is risky for critical communication within organizations. Constantly available networks typically rely on several Internet service providers to ensure always-on connectivity and increase bandwidth. Augmented VPN aggregates all Internet Service Provider links to obtain a single high capacity tunnel. Augmented VPN provides a simple and cost effective way to create fast, secure, high capacity ...

Protect Against Advanced Evasion Techniques [ Source: McAfee ]

February 2014- The network security paradigm is currently shifting toward a new reality as advanced hacking methods become more prevalent and harder to detect. An example of such a method is advanced evasion techniques (AETs). Although evasions have been documented extensively in the last fifteen years, security vendors have systematically ignored the significance of evasions. Some vendors have even downplayed the threat posed by evasions as being purely theoretical. Yet this debate misses the bigger issue: the ...

Best Practices for Security and Compliance with Amazon Web Services [ Source: Trend Micro ]

February 2014- Amazon Web Services (AWS) has set high standards for the entire Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) industry by building a solid foundation with comprehensive administrative, physical and logical controls - from strict policies for physical access to its data centers, to well thought-out configuration change management procedures. However, a secure foundation is just the start and to build an end-to-end secure computing environment, organizations must take an active role in protecting systems, applications and data ...

Protecting DNS Infrastructure-Inside and Out [ Source: Infoblox ]

February 2014- DNS has become a key part of enterprise networks and is used constantly to perform business-critical functions. Unfortunately, it has been largely overlooked in efforts to protect IT infrastructures and is increasingly targeted by hackers. A comprehensive solution is now available to protect against both types of attacks that exploit DNS-attacks from outside aimed at bringing the network down, and attempts by malware planted on internal servers to exfiltrate sensitive information. Read this white paper ...

A Cybercriminal's Guide to Exploiting DNS for Fun and Profit [ Source: Infoblox ]

February 2014- Stories about devastating cyberattacks are plaguing the news every week. You might be thinking your network is secure. You have a sophisticated, layered, defense-in-depth strategy in place. Your customer data-and your business reputation-are undoubtedly secure, but is it? Take a look at yourself through the eyes of the cybercriminals who are making today's headlines. They know that there is a hole in most defenses and how to exploit it. Carrying out a DNS attack is ...

Data Security Architecture Overview [ Source: Vormetric ]

January 2014- The Vormetric Data Security Architecture white paper provides an understanding of the architectural underpinning of Vormetric Data Security Platform, a comprehensive solution for a data-centric security architecture for minimizing the attack surface of sensitive data and to assist in meeting data compliance requirements. It uses Vormetric Data Firewall, encryption, access controls and security intelligence across physical, virtual and traditional environments.

Discover how the Vormetric Data Security Platform provides:

Centralized policy management ...

Cybersecurity Imperatives: Reinvent Your Network Security With Palo Alto Networks [ Source: Palo Alto Networks ]

December 2013- Cybersecurity has become a leading topic both within and beyond the corporate boardroom. This attention is well-founded and marks a transition from information security being a concern primarily for businesses and governments to it being broadly acknowledged as an issue that impacts and requires the attention of everyone, from individual consumers to entire countries.

With all of the renewed attention, potentially shifting priorities, media and political activity surrounding cybersecurity, it is important for ...

IDC White Paper shares "How Security Improves Business Results" [ Source: Blue Coat ]

November 2013- IDC White Paper shares "How Security Improves Business Results". Learn why organizations should consider security technologies and infrastructures as enabling elements, not burdensome technology shackles and to think about what can be done from a security standpoint to mitigate risk as much as possible without stifling the underlying value of new technology.

RedSeal Platform Datasheet [ Source: RedSeal Networks ]

November 2013- The RedSeal Platform is a cyber-security intelligence system that is based on proactive end-to-end complex network modeling and analysis. It provides network, security, and risk management teams with a firm understanding of where security is working, where improvement is needed, and where greatest attack risks lie. RedSeal replaces blind security management with a platform that enables enterprises to visualize the network infrastructure; comply with regulatory and internal policies; and protect the enterprise's digital assets from ...

2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant For SIEM [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- IBM Security QRadar has been positioned again in the Leaders quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM. In addition to providing a technology that is a good match to current customer requirements, Leaders also show evidence of superior vision and execution for anticipated requirements.

Gartner reveals that customers' greatest area of unmet need is effective targeted attack and breach detection. Organizations are failing at early breach detection, with more than 92% of breaches ...

Focus on 5: Threat Intelligence SIEM Requirements Brochure [ Source: McAfee ]

September 2013- Integrating SIEM and threat intelligence to mitigate bad actors is essential for having a resilient security posture. This brochure focuses on 5 key areas where integration has helped McAfee customers:

1. Threat Acquisition
2. Suspicious Activity Identification
3. Risk-Based Prioritization
4. Incident Response
5. Business Value

To give you a better idea of how SEIM and threat intelligence complement the effort to mitigate bad actors, each of these key areas are described here ...

Transform Your Security Architecture and Operations for the Zero Trust Ecosystem [ Source: Bit9 ]

September 2013- Forrester Report Advocates for Integration of Network and Endpoint Security into Single, Consolidated Solution

Enterprises have been asking for security vendors to deliver a consolidated security solution that integrates more functionality into a single service or product. Integration means security professionals can reduce operational complexity and the cost of managing individual solutions.

Download this Forrester report to learn how:

Security solutions will consolidate and integrate as part of an ...

Securing Executives and Highly Sensitive Documents of Corporations Globally [ Source: Gemalto ]

September 2013- Every week brings new stories of companies damaged by the breach of sensitive information. For IT professionals up against the significant challenge of keeping corporate networks and information secure, top level executives and board members present unique requirements. These highly mobile individuals typically have access to the enterprise's most confidential information, from earnings outlooks to acquisition plans to new products, making them prime targets. It is evident that username and password authentication is simply not ...

The Insider Threat - How Privileged Users Put Critical Data at Risk [ Source: Vormetric ]

September 2013- This white paper discusses the growing insider risks. It will also cover how organizations become breached?either by internal users through malicious or benign actions or from external threats that acquire the credentials of trusted insiders. It also touches on how organizations can limit privileged users' access to data so that, in either case, sensitive information does not leave your organization in an unencrypted state. Finally, it shows how organizations can implement technologies to protect ...

Secure File Sharing and Collaboration [ Source: WatchDox ]

September 2013- The Path to Increased Productivity and Reduced Risk

Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) products are making inroads into the enterprise -in fact, Forrester analyst Ted Schadler recently called the space the "hottest technology category since social networking". However, many EFSS implementations leave many issues unanswered, such as:

How will intellectual property be protected if a user shares or syncs it?
How will compliance be handled if regulated data ends ...

Two-factor authentication: Security for an age of zero trust [ Source: Duo Security ]

July 2013- A shift in the information security paradigm is well underway. We operate in an Age of Zero Trust, where the lines of trusted or untrusted users are becoming increasingly hard to credibly define. In this whitepaper you will learn about the increased risks and exposures caused by the de-perimeterization of computing and the failure of passwords. In addition, you will learn how weak authentication can sabotage other security measures, and why strong two-factor authentication should ...

Ensuring application security in mobile device environments [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- In today's business environments, mobile devices make up the fastest growing segment of computing devices - outpacing desktop and laptop computers. As more employees prefer to use mobile devices in the workplace, organizations are rapidly moving towards a bring-your-owndevice (BYOD) model - allowing employees to use their own mobile devices for business purposes. This often leads to employees having a mix of corporate and personal applications on the same device, which gives the security team ...

Transforming IT GRC into a Mainstream Business Application [ Source: TraceSecurity, Inc ]

February 2013- Coping with the complexities of IT GRC is a growing market dilemma for small and medium organizations (SMEs) and a new IT GRC prescription is well overdue - one that provides true enterprise-class capabilities, but without the enterprise burden on resources.

This paper explains the SME information security landscape and how to best leverage an integrated, cloud-based approach to adopt an IT GRC strategy that reveals your organization's risk posture, enforces security policies, ...

McAfee Vulnerability Manager Product Review by S3KUR3 Inc [ Source: McAfee ]

February 2013- Threats and vulnerabilities are a way of life for IT admins. This paper focuses on how McAfee's Vulnerability Manager and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator provide IT Admins with powerful and effective tool for identifying and remediating vulnerable systems.

ESG Technology Brief: Real-Time Risk Management [ Source: McAfee ]

February 2013- Information security based on regulatory compliance stipulations cannot keep up with today's sophisticated and rapidly changing threat landscape. CISOs need to implement a new discipline that ESG calls, "Real-time Risk Management."

Miercom Lab Test Report - McAfee Risk Management Solution January 2011 [ Source: McAfee ]

February 2013- Taking a risk-based approach to vulnerability lifecycle management is becoming the norm for vulnerability assessment vendors. This paper reports on the findings when testing McAfee's Risk Management solution from a holistic risk management and vulnerability lifecycle management perspective.

Gartner MarketScope for Vulnerability Assessment Report [ Source: McAfee ]

February 2013- Vulnerability assessment vendors compete on management features, configuration assessment, price, reporting and integratin with other security products. Buyers must consider how VA will fit into their overal vulnerability management process when evaluatiing VA products and services.

Top 10 Reasons Your Company Does NOT Need McAfee Vulnerability Manager [ Source: McAfee ]

February 2013- Some IT and Security teams wonder if automated vulnerability management is important given the many pressing demands for other IT projects and investments they face. The purpose of this paper is to help these IT and Security professionals evaluate their security posture and risk.

Protect Critical Assets with Virtual Patching White Paper [ Source: McAfee ]

February 2013- As long as there is software, there will be software vulnerabilities. And wherever there are vulnerabilities, you will find malware and cybercriminals. This paper will examine that risk and provide a step by step process to protect your companies critical assets.

Discover. Evaluate. Act. White Paper [ Source: McAfee ]

February 2013- Up until now, your view of risk while monitoring your network has been incomplete. This white paper discusses a new, innovative approach to protecting your network through a combination of active and passive network discovery and monitoring, in real-time.

Using ADC's to Effectively Mitigate DDoS Attacks [ Source: F5 ]

February 2013- Companies are in high alert to fight off Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks that can halt business and amount to a costly burden on companies and customers. DDoS attacks are increasing in volume, frequency, and sophistication, and they are targeting every level in the data center. Smart organizations are moving to defend not only their network, session, and application layers, but also their business logic and database tiers as well. In defense, today's enterprises ...

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