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Advanced Evasion Techniques for Dummies [ Source: McAfee ]

February 2014- This book provides an overview of network security in general, and explains how cybercriminals can use hidden or currently undetectable methods to penetrate protected network systems. Advanced evasion techniques (AETs) bypass current common network security solutions. They can transport any attack or exploit through network security devices and firewalls, next generation firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and even routers doing deep packet inspection. In this book you'll find out all about AETs, and get ...

Cyber Security Index [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- An effective cyber security strategy calls for the latest intelligence on the kinds of attacks that are occurring, who is committing them, and how often they are happening. A new IBM report offers expert insight into a range of security statistics, based on monitoring tens of billions of security events that occurred at 3,700 organizations around the world.

Transforming Big Data Into Insights in an IBM System z Environment [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- This paper looks at how Big Data can be used to improve customer insight as well as operational effectiveness. It looks at the data and analytical requirements needed and at problems with traditional analytical environments in dealing with them. It then defines new requirements to accommodate Big Data analytical workloads and shows how your analytical Infrastructure needs to change to accommodate these extraordinary requirements and deal with the diversity of today's data as well as ...

High volume Database Activity Monitoring z/OS [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- This document discusses various database activity monitoring concepts and topics, and also includes a supplemental technical discussion regarding the performance characteristics of the IBM? InfoSphere Guardium solution.

A Defense in Depth Approach for the IBM System z Platform [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- When mainframes were introduced in the early 1960s, networks were small and well-defined. Users were few and known within the organization. To gain access, a person needed to be on the premises, usually during regular hours. Physical data may have been susceptible to removal or theft, but if an unauthorized user did get into the system, the information stored there was typically limited to transactions and batch processing.

Today, in the era of ...

Biometrics [ Source: UL ]

November 2013- UL tested, analyzed and ultimately helped ensure the functionality and security of an innovative fingerprint authentication system.

Transaction Security Journal [ Source: UL ]

November 2013- Learn more about how UL is facilitating the adoption of new technologies, while working to make transactions safe and secure.

2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup / Recovery [ Source: Asigra ]

October 2013- Gartner published its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup/Recovery for companies to pilot the many solutions to address their backup/recovery needs.

Big Data Demands Big Changes To Legacy Backup [ Source: Asigra ]

October 2013- Download the Storage Switzerland report on backup software licensing placing undue burden on organizations and the new era of licensing to improve efficiencies and costs.

Boosting Enterprise Security With Integrated Log Management [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- This white paper explains an integrated approach for reducing potential security risks and facilitating compliance, and introduces how security risks and facilitating compliance, and introduces how IBM Security QRadar Log Manager can help organizations stay a step ahead of the latest security threats.

2013 Gartner Critical Capabilities For SIEM [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- IBM Security QRadar received an "Excellent" product viability rating again by Gartner in its Critical Capabilities for SIEM report. The report assesses 13 SIEM technologies by evaluating the capabilities that are critical for the support of threat management, compliance, and general SIEM deployment use cases.

Gartner notes that SIEM technology is an important element of an organization's security strategy, because it establishes a consolidation point for all forms of security monitoring and can be ...

Delivering Success That Scales with the Largest Enterprises [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- This white paper explains an integrated approach for reducing potential security risks and facilitating compliance, and introduces how security risks and facilitating compliance, and introduces how IBM Security QRadar Log Manager can help organizations stay a step ahead of the latest security threats.

Vormetric Data Security to Enhance Security Intelligence [ Source: Vormetric ]

October 2013- When the barbarians penetrate the perimeter, how do you protect your critical data? Learn why combining Vormetric Security Intelligence with your SIEM is the next step in protecting your enterprise. You can pinpoint unusual patterns that indicate malware, detect possible malware or malicious insiders, and more.

How Public Sector Organizations Can Overcome Data And Audit Protection Challenges [ Source: Vormetric ]

October 2013- Public sector organizations must protect critical data and meet compliance and cybersecurity requirements, while gaining security intelligence across physical, virtual, cloud and big data environments. Learn how Vormetric provides a single platform that can provide data security and operational efficiency in a variety of use cases.

Simplify Data Security For Cloud Environments [ Source: Vormetric ]

October 2013- Make your transition to the cloud confidently and protect what matters most. Meet exacting compliance requirements with a solution that is transparent, strong, easy, and efficient.

Securing - Big Data [ Source: Vormetric ]

October 2013- We are awash in data, but enterprises must still protect their sensitive data, no matter where it resides. Traditional data security approaches such as perimeter security have proven to be permeable and put big data initiatives at risk. Learn about a new way to safeguard sensitive information in big data environments.

Guidelines for Choosing an Advanced Authentication Solution for Accessing Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Services [ Source: SafeNet ]

October 2013- For law enforcement agencies, timely information sharing is critical for stopping and reducing crime. Criminal Justice Information (CJI) is shared at all levels starting at the federal level through state and even municipal local agencies. With the crucial need to share CJI comes the need to protect this sensitive information, the leakage of which can affect the effectiveness of ongoing crime fighting operations.
The Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy defines the requirements ...

Focus on 5: SIEM Requirements Brochure [ Source: McAfee ]

September 2013- McAfee talked to customers and asked them about their primary issues with SIEM. Here are the top five issues:

Big Security Data
Content and User Awareness
Dynamic Context
Solution Customization
Business Value

In order for SIEM to help usher in more effective security and risk management strategies-particularly as they relate to threat mitigation, embracing trends, and aligning with business priorities- these five issues must be solved. Read ...

Security Considerations for Online File Sharing [ Source: WatchDox ]

September 2013- The trend toward individuals and even departments subscribing to easily available cloud-based services, such as file sharing applications, without IT authority, is pushing many companies to deploy a corporate online file sharing and collaboration solution (OFS).

Download the "Security Considerations for Online File Sharing" white paper and learn what you need to look out for when considering an Online File Sharing Solution.

Topics include:

Advantages and disadvantages of different ...

DDoS Malware - A Verisign ® iDefense ® Research Paper [ Source: Verisign ]

September 2013- Distributed denial of service (DDoS) malware and tools threaten an organization's Internet-facing systems. This technical brief covers DDoS-enabled malware and several DDoS-specific tools, their capabilities and the network indicators they generate while performing the attack methods. It includes new attack vectors observed in late 2012/early 2013 with regard to highly publicized and targeted DDoS attacks.

The Ups and Downs of Network Availability [ Source: Verisign ]

September 2013- As the 2013 peak online holiday season approaches, the world's retail industry eagerly anticipates this projected growth in spending. However, as an online retailer, your business has the added burden of ensuring website availability and security. In Verisign's latest version of The Ups and Downs of Network Availability, a set of four best practices is shared to assist organizations in driving high availability of their e-Commerce systems this holiday season. Download a copy today.

Five Steps to Prepare for a DDoS Attack [ Source: Verisign ]

February 2014- In today's cyber climate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a matter of when, not if. This article provides an expert overview of the most common types of attacks and five key DDoS mitigation steps enterprises can take now to prepare for a future attack.

DDoS Mitigation: Best Practices for a Rapidly Changing Threat Landscape [ Source: Verisign ]

September 2013- Given the extraordinary and rapid changes in the DDoS terrain, traditional DDoS mitigation tactics are no longer sufficient to protect an organization's critical web systems. Verisign has identified a set of best practices that enables organizations to keep pace with DDoS attacks while minimizing impact on business operations.

Approaches to DDoS Protection: An Overview on Keeping Your Networks Protected [ Source: Verisign ]

February 2014- Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks today are targeting businesses of all sizes and types. This article provides an expert overview of common methods of DDoS attacks and four main ways enterprises and providers of Web applications can protect themselves and their customers from falling victim to this type of attack.

DDoS & Downtime: Considerations for Risk Management [ Source: Verisign ]

September 2013- Proactive DDoS threat mitigation may be one of the easiest and most cost-effective tactics for minimizing financial risk associated with IT-related downtime. This paper draws on Verisign's DDoS mitigation expertise to examine the threat of DDoS in the context of IT availability and enterprise risk management.

RUAG Reduces Backup Admin Time by 93 Percent with NetVault Backup [ Source: Dell ]

July 2013- The RUAG Group is an international aerospace and defense technology company with production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Hungary and the United States. Following a merging of IT departments, RUAG wanted to consolidate its local backup processes with minimal impact to users. After testing, the company successfully migrated its existing backups to NetVault Backup over a two-month period, all without adverse impact on daily business or service-level agreements.

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