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Comprehensive Advanced Threat Defense [ Source: GENERAL DYNAMICS Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions ]

March 2015- The hot topic in the information security industry these days is “Advanced Threat Defense?” (ATD). There are many definitions, and plenty of marketing hype and spin on the topic, but it's the science – and the art – of defending yourself against sophisticated, persistent adversaries who can get past (or have already gotten past) your security defenses. We like to define advanced threat defense in terms of the adversary rather than the attack technique used to remind ...

Advanced Threat Defense Tactics [ Source: GENERAL DYNAMICS Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions ]

March 2015- Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) in the online realm are a painful reality for companies of all sizes, from the largest enterprises down to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Business leaders might be tempted to think that their own organizations are exempt from APTs, or that the security measures they already have in place are adequate to defend against these persistent, methodical attacks. Yet those temptations must be avoided. If your business has something of value ...

Case Study: A Critical Infrastructure Breach Response [ Source: GENERAL DYNAMICS Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions ]

March 2015- Read this case study to learn from a company who suspected that suspicious activity was occurring on their network. After determining they were likely the victim of a network breach, they were not sure how the breach occurred or what, if anything, had been taken. With more than 1600 servers and approximately 6000 user devices, there was a need to prioritize forensic evidence as they worked to determine affected infrastructure. Download this paper to find out how ...

Who are you trying to protect? [ Source: Gemalto ]

August 2014- If we are to progress towards more secure and convenient authentication solutions, we have to start thinking beyond passwords. Multi-factor solutions that operate independent of passwords, are the future. But not all users are created equal. Some need more stringent forms of authentication than others. So who are you trying to protect?

SecureAuth IdP Device Fingerprinting [ Source: SecureAuth ]

March 2015- Laptops, and now the plethora of mobile devices -- has left enterprises scrambling to properly control access to their resources. SecureAuth IdP's device fingerprinting delivers the flexibility, security, and convenience required to increase layers of authentication without creating high friction for users. Read on to learn more.

The Right Way to Protect Against DDoS Attacks [ Source: F5 ]

October 2014- CIOs want harmony. Security directors loathe point products. Network operations won't buy into anything new. CIOs can get the harmony they need around DDoS mitigation by extending the F5 Application Delivery Controller into a hybrid solution: on premises with a new cloud component. Read the white paper to learn more.

Deploying a Next-Gen IPS Infrastructure [ Source: F5 ]

May 2014- Enterprises require intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) to protect their network against attacks. However, implementing an IPS involves challenges of scale and performance. Leveraging the power of an Application Delivery Controller allows enterprises to efficiently deploy a next-generation IPS infrastructure. Read this white paper to learn how installing the right solution allows the IPS to focus on identifying and mitigating threats to the network, and ensure that no application is left unprotected.

The Expectation of SSL Everywhere [ Source: F5 ]

March 2015- SSL is the set of cryptographic protocols that secure data in transit. Today SSL is often the only tool standing between your organization and the bad actors. The stakes around SSL have been upleveled to the limit. Whether or not it's convenient to admit, it's time for organizations to uplevel their overall security posture to protect this last line of defense. Read this white paper to learn how your organization can properly embrace a higher ...

What Does the Cloud Mean to Enterprise Security [ Source: Zscaler ]

December 2013- The world of enterprise security is changing and being driven by mobility, cloud applications and social media. The disappearing corporate perimeter has made it easier to breach security as employees access corporate assets over unprotected networks. The level of protection needed cannot be achieved with traditional appliance-based security and hybrid solutions. This whitepaper talks about a new approach needed in today's complex IT environments that gives CISOs visibility into every user and device accessing the ...

Turning the Corporate Network Inside Out [ Source: Zscaler ]

December 2013- The world of IT security is undergoing tremendous change as the corporate perimeter disappears and employees are increasingly mobile. These always-on, connected employees become a point of vulnerability as they access the corporate network through unprotected Wi-Fi. This white paper talks about a new approach needed in order to protect the network from Internet security threats. It also highlights how Zscaler's Security-as-a-Service platform, built from the ground up and 100% cloud, protects organizations and employees irrespective ...

APT: The Best Defense is a Full Spectrum Offense [ Source: Zscaler ]

December 2014- APT attacks have led to breaches at very high visibility targets like financial institutions, government agencies and high tech companies. A new approach to defense is needed as security appliances and hybrid solutions are limited in protecting organizations and employees in today's social, mobile world. This whitepaper explores a uniquely differentiated approach to combating the four stages of an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attack lifecycle - Reconnaissance, Initial Infection, Control, Exfiltration. Zscaler's comprehensive new approach ...

Addressing the Full Attack Continuum: A New Threat-Centric Security Model for Before, During, and After an Attack [ Source: Cisco ]

March 2015- Download this paper and learn:

- How the industrialization of hacking and modern, extended networks are changing security dynamics

- Why a threat-centric security model addresses security professionals' most pressing issues

- How to increase security effectiveness before, during and after an attack

- Why technologies that are visibility drive, threat focused and platform based are essential

5 Steps for Securing the Data Center: Why Traditional Security May Not Work [ Source: Cisco ]

March 2015- Data center administrators face a significant challenge. They need to secure the data center without compromising the performance and functionality that new data center environments enable. Many are looking to secure the data center using solutions designed for the Internet edge, but these solutions are not enough. The data center has unique requirements around provisioning, performance, virtualization, applications, and traffic that Internet-edge security devices are simply not designed to address. Ready to learn more?

Next-Generation Network Security: A Buyers' Guide [ Source: Cisco ]

March 2015- Read this buyers' guide for an in-depth explanation of the factors that impel organizations to look at next-generation security solutions.

Five New Laws of Anti-malware Protection: Keep Up with Evolving Threats [ Source: Cisco ]

March 2015- Malware has changed considerably since the early PC viruses were first introduced more than 25 years ago. Today, it evolves so quickly that many customers find it nearly impossible to stay ahead of the latest threat. If the explosion in malware variants wasn't enough, sophisticated Client Side Attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) target victims in ways that completely evade traditional security measures.

Current research suggests as much as 75% of new viruses are ...

Selecting a Next-Generation Firewall: Top 10 Considerations [ Source: Cisco ]

March 2015- Many midsize companies have reached a critical moment with their network security. They must reinforce their traditional security solution to address new trends arising from mobility and cloud, and meet a rising threat landscape. These dynamics complicate the challenge of maintaining network security, and tax the network's ability to perform optimally for the business. Are you ready to learn more?

How Traditional Firewalls Fail and Next-Generation Firewalls Prevail [ Source: Dell SonicWALL ]

March 2015- Learn exactly where traditional firewalls fall short, and discover how next-generation firewalls produce excellent network performance without compromising security. Read this whitepaper and uncover where next-generation firewalls fill the gaps left by traditional firewalls.

Why Threat Intelligence is Critical for Next-Generation Firewalls [ Source: Dell SonicWALL ]

March 2015- Learn why you should make threat intelligence capabilities one of the key criteria when evaluating a next-generation firewall. Read this paper and discover why top-tier threat intelligence networks make the difference between an effective NGFW and a mediocre one when it comes to defeating zero-day attacks.

Achieve Deeper Network Security and Application Control [ Source: Dell SonicWALL ]

March 2015- Discover a next-generation firewall solution that combats emerging threats effectively and without compromise while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). Read this paper and learn how NGFWs help you achieve a deeper level of security and safeguard your organization against today's evolving threats.

Anatomy of a Cyber-Attack [ Source: Dell SonicWALL ]

March 2015- Discover the most common strategies and tools cyber-criminals are using and how to stop them.

G2000 Firm Secures Critical Financial Applications and Generates 192% ROI (Forrester) [ Source: Veracode ]

March 2015- Learn how a global firm secured 400 critical applications and generated an ROI of 192% with cloud-based automation and centralization. The firm previously relied on a traditional on-premises scanning tool, but success was limited because specialized expertise was required to tune and interpret results. As a result, the firm's AppSec program only covered a small fraction of the firm's applications. This Forrester case study includes a detailed financial model showing how the firm leveraged centralized ...

How a Global Manufacturer Secures Its Software Supply Chain [ Source: Veracode ]

March 2015- A global manufacturer found that over 90% of their vendor applications had critical OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. The company now leverages Veracode's automated cloud-based service to audit hundreds of third-party applications per year without requiring access to proprietary vendor source code. It also tracks vendor progress with supplier scorecards from the Veracode platform, and has modified its procurement process to contractually require suppliers to meet its security policies. The company has also dramatically scaled its program ...

Hacking Exposed 7 - Chapter 10: Web and Database Hacking (McGraw-Hill) [ Source: Veracode ]

March 2015- Read this classic reference text to get into the cyberattacker's mind and understand the latest attack vectors and web application threats. The prerequisite for dealing with cybersecurity is knowledge: download this critical chapter to learn about web application vulnerabilities and hacking techniques; freely-available crawling tools; and countermeasures to protect your web application infrastructure.

Secure Agile Development (Securosis) [ Source: Veracode ]

March 2015- This white paper is for security professionals who want to understand how to embed security into the Agile SDLC. It describes Agile development and the issues developers face, so both teams can work together better. Agile frameworks have become the new foundation for code development, and secure development practices, just like every other facet of development, must fit within the Agile framework — not the other way around.

The CISO's Handbook - Presenting to The Board (Forrester) [ Source: Veracode ]

March 2015- This report describes strategies for articulating your risk posture and security strategy to executives so you can position yourself as a key influencer in the boardroom. Written by a CISO, it offers guidance on: answering common questions such as “How secure are we”; describing how your strategy aligns with the goals of the business; and helping the board understand complex security issues.

Federated Identity Service Buyers Guide [ Source: Radiant Logic ]

March 2015- To ensure security these days, the entire diverse and distributed enterprise identity infrastructure must become one secure global service. A federated identity service based on virtualization is the answer for protecting today's increasingly federated environments—and evolving them to meet future demands and opportunities. In this paper, we'll look at how such a service helps you manage all this complexity and see how other solutions stack up.

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