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Minimizing cost and risk for capital markets: Industrialized operations in the back office [ Source: Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets ]

December 2013- As the events of the financial crisis grow more distant with each year that passes, the search for a sustainable operating model for capital markets operations is intensifying. Costs are escalating while the deleveraging of the business model has stunted the growth of the industry's US$340 billion in annual revenues. As a result, the call for a transformational change in the back office have grown louder. Banks must reassess their definition of "core" operations and ...

Improve Insurance with a Smarter Process approach [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- For insurance leaders, the time has come for Smarter Process. In today's mobile, connected era, customers expect perfection from their service providers. With competitors only a click (or tap) away, companies have a strong incentive to deliver flawless operations. Online retailers have ?set a high bar? in the way that they engage customers throughout the entire sales process?not just during the commercial transaction, but before, during and after the transaction. Can your insurance company ...

Managing the Growing Pains in Today's Expanding Networks [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- Change may be constant, but in today's IT networks there's one type of change that's more constant than others' growth. More people are generating more data than ever before with iPhones, iPads, Android phones and other mobile devices. Each platform and each business operation requires new applications. Work occurs across greater distance. But functions still occur on the network. The result? To accommodate increasingly sophisticated personal devices and wider ranges of service types, networks are ...

Forrester Consulting: The Total Economic Impact of RSA Archer IT-GRC [ Source: EMC ]

August 2012- In this study, Forrester Consulting examines the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying the RSA's governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software tools, beginning with the information technology (IT) domain. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of the IT-GRC software implementation on their organizations.

Collaborate at the speed of business [ Source: IBM ]

July 2012- The goal: Collaboration at the speed of business. Organizations feel the pressure every day for higher productivity, more innovative ideas and lower operating costs. In response, forward-thinking enterprises are becoming social businesses activating dynamically constructed networks, including employees.

Consolidate and Modernize B2B, File Transfer and SAP Processes: Reap Big Rewards [ Source: SEEBURGER ]

June 2012- Consolidating and modernizing the IT that runs your B2B and file transfer environments - the backbone of your supply chain - can deliver big rewards: cost savings, improved efficiency, and revenue growth. By applying best practices, many best-run businesses have achieved a competitive edge from consolidating and modernizing their EDI, B2B and file transfer environments - including their SAP processes. Learn their secret: the seven key success factors for a consolidation and modernization ...

Secure Managed File Transfer: Bringing Coherence & Control to Compliance [ Source: SEEBURGER ]

June 2012- Adherence to data security policies and mandates for compliance or governance is the most important objective for executives in companies running SAP. But many reveal that their data security policies are lacking. Traditional methods of managing file transfers can't prevent or protect your enterprise from compliance violations: they're insecure, inefficient, and non-auditable. This situation leaves a serious gap in compliance strategies. Learn how to close this gap with managed file transfer.

Streamline, Speed and Secure the Supply Chain with Managed File Transfer [ Source: SEEBURGER ]

June 2012- Your enterprise has invested heavily in SAP. But data exchange restrictions can limit the ability of your chain supply to reach its maximum potential. Large data files, FTP spaghetti and unreliable network connections all limit your ability to send and receive information. Just one of these problems is enough to raise costs and risks, and create long waits for data to come through.

Read the white paper to find out how Managed File ...

The TCO of FTP: Hidden Costs of Free File Sharing [ Source: SEEBURGER ]

June 2012- Information is one of your enterprises biggest assets. Yet while companies invest heavily in SAP systems, many overlook the fact that 80 percent of data is actually stored in files. While plenty of file storage and sharing methods abound - what looks like a good deal on the surface can end up costing plenty in the end.

Read the white paper to discover more about the true cost of "free" file sharing systems and ...

Leveraging the Always On Support Experience for IT Transformation [ Source: HP ]

May 2012- This IDC white paper outlines the importance of support services in IT environments.

IT organizations are now required to support everything from legacy systems and storage to virtualized configurations and cloud-based computing in complex, heterogeneous environments.

The increasingly critical role of vendor-supplied external support services is discussed and highlighted in addressing these emerging IT environments going forward.

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A Smarter Approach to CRM [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- With instant access to information, customers expect a purchase experience that matches the ease and speed of the information-gathering experience. Read this white paper, created in collaboration with Frost & Sullivan, to see how a customer relationship management (CRM) solution can help you respond on the customers? terms.

Business Continuity and Resiliency Services from IBM--Helping Business Stay in Business [ Source: IBM ]

February 2012- How do you know if your organization is proactively prepared for - and able to flexibly respond to - unplanned events? Does your business possess the resilience it needs to rapidly react to potentially costly man-made or natural disruptive events?

Read this paper to discover how IBM can help protect your brand and potential revenue should the unthinkable occur by helping you to:

Assess your risks
Develop a tailored business ...

IBM and SAP: Delivering enterprise solutions [ Source: IBM ]

January 2012- IBM supports SAP clients with business consulting services with global implementation and outsourcing capabilities plus infrastructure of optimized servers (mainframe, POWER, x, BladeCenter) and storage, DB2 database, Alloy, middleware and software. An innovation partner for SAP projects.

Sell. Smarter. Achieving sales success in the age of the customer [ Source: IBM ]

January 2012- You're not in charge anymore. Your customers have greater and greater influence. While that can be a hard truth for some to accept, it's a reality that many of today's most successful businesses have embraced.

Consumers - both businesses and individuals - are smarter. Your approach to selling to them must be smarter as well.

With Enhanced POWER7 Systems, IBM Raises the Ceiling, Again Clipper Navigator white paper [ Source: IBM ]

November 1011- As vendors abandon the UNIX market, IBM continues its commitment to AIX and POWER7 components on Power Systems. And with its recent architectural upgrades, it's even redefining performance.

Read the Clipper Group white paper and see how POWER7's faster processors accelerate the delivery of applications and services, and improve the utilization of resources.

Moving Business Communication to the Cloud [ Source: eFax Corporate ]

February 2013- Cost, clutter and loss of productivity associated with traditional faxing are just a few of the problems facing companies that still use a fax machine today. Fortunately, there are several ways to tackle the traditional fax problem without spending big money.

Thanks to cloud technology, receiving or sending a fax can be as easy as the click of a mouse. After all, you don't expect your employees to go to the printer to ...

HP 3PAR Utility Storage Benefits Summary Next-Generation Storage for Virtual and Cloud Data Centers [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

September 2011- An "Instant-On Enterprise" serves customers, employees, partners, and citizens with precisely what they want and need, precisely when they need it-instantly, at any point in time, and through any channel. Traditional storage technologies that don't keep pace with the growth and use of information prevent enterprises for accomplishing "Instant-On" service.

Discover a storage platform that exceeds the economic and operational requirements of demanding and dynamic IT environments, and supports a converged infrastructure by ...

HP CloudSystem Matrix: Managing at a Higher Level [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

September 2011- The effort to make IT "more manageable" has been going on for years. The key problem is that manageability is thought of as an add-on. It is clear that to make systems more manageable, you have to build manageability in from the get-go.

This white paper reveals a single package infrastructure as a service offering that results in IT that is easier, more automated, less labor-intensive, less expensive, more reliable, and more flexible.

HP Cloud Service Automation: Intelligent automation for building, managing, and securing cloud services [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

September 2011- Cloud services deliver more for less, but the risk of uncontrolled purchasing and security breaches are high due to the lack of IT governance. On the other hand, traditional IT approaches require manual processes that inhibit IT innovation. Shifting from traditional methods to an internal private-cloud model solves both problems.

This white paper explains how to safely make this transition with HP Cloud Service Automation, a unique blend of software and services that ...

Break free from impractical and costly IT solutions [ Source: IBM ]

September 2011- Read this whitepaper to learn what IT industry experts-both analysts and users-are saying in reply to key questions about who can be trusted to deliver viable solutions in today's critical areas of information management including improving efficiency and IT economics, optimizing data-intensive workloads for performance and value, and trusting the right IT vendor for the capabilities, solutions and services your business and clients demand.

Interstage Business Process Manager V11 Architecture [ Source: Fujitsu ]

August 2011- Interstage BPM advanced architecture flexibly addresses requirements of the next generation BPM to effectively manage work in today's enterprise. Broad array of capabilities enables organizations to respond to business change by supporting all types of business processes and all forms of work.

Interstage Business Process Manager incorporates all of the building blocks necessary for adding a flexible and sophisticated process layer to business applications. Business processes should not be hard-coded in to application ...

The Executive Guide to Agile BPM [ Source: Fujitsu ]

August 2011- In today's challenging business climate, you need to be smarter and nimbler. Agile BPM from Fujitsu drives operational efficiencies, creates unique business opportunities, and provides real-time insight into your business performance. Read The Executive Guide to Agile BPM to see if you have the capabilities you need to respond to ever-changing business dynamics with Agile BPM.

For years, business process management (BPM) solutions have focused primarily on long-running, routine and seldom-changing processes. BPM ...

Fujitsu Interstage Business Process Manager: Creating Agile BPM [ Source: Fujitsu ]

August 2011- Organizations today need to drive growth while optimizing costs, improving efficiency, and achieving greater business agility. Fujitsu Interstage Business Process Manager (Interstage BPM) is a leading solution for the next generation of Business Process Management (BPM), Agile BPM. Interstrage BPPM helps best-in-class organizations achieve business results by improving all categories of business processes for all forms of work.

In recent years many organizations have come to the understanding that their business processes are ...

IDC Case Study: Optimizing eCommerce Decisions at TIAA-CREF [ Source: Oracle ]

June 2011- This IDC case study examines the benefits TIAA-CREF, a Fortune 100 financial services firm, gained from automating their eCommerce marketing. By deploying Oracle Real-Time Decisions, TIAA-CREF was able to apply intelligent process automation to customize online customer interactions. The result was a significant lift in positive customer response to TIAA-CREF's marketing campaigns.

Four Steps to Better Application Management and Deployment [ Source: HP Software ]

June 2011-
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As you know, application management and deployment are only getting more difficult. Applications are complex and error prone to deploy because each application makes unique requirements on the underlying IT environment supporting ...

Agile development meets IT operations - in the cloud [ Source: HP Software ]

June 2011-
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This paper explains how agile and cloud-computing initiatives can act as catalysts to the ever important relationship between development and operations. The result is higher-performing, easier-to-manage, more reliable and more cost-efficient applications ...

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