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Intelligent Imaging Leadership Guide [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- Read this paper to discover -

&bul; Deliver a better customer experience. Intelligent imaging solutions combine advanced document capture, imaging archive, workflow and content analytics to consolidate multiple inputs from email, faxes, mobile devices, online sources, archives and paper.

• Create a map for getting from here to there. If your clients are going to get ahead with intelligent imaging, they need to start by mapping their current process. This guide ...

Cloud Storage: How to Successfully Manage Resources and Costs [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- Cloud technology impacts storage strategies whether you are moving your storage to the cloud, managing the on-premises storage of private cloud applications, or a combination. IT operations and storage managers realize that the cloud offers increased agility and potential savings. But it also further increases IT complexity especially in hybrid environments, and its benefits cannot be realized without proper preparation.

Download this report today to learn how a comprehensive cloud strategy will enable ...

Leveraging the Cloud for your Business [ Source: Cornerstone Advanced Communications ]

April 2013- Small and midsized business owners, enterprise clients, and IT professionals are all able to benefit from reliable and affordable hosted services offered over robust and stable technology platforms. This article provides industry statistics and trends that reveal how these services are being used. For those decision makers who are getting used to different types of cloud services, brief overviews of Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Platform as a Service are offered.<...

Gartner Research Report: The Four Key Risks of Developing and Executing a Cloud Sourcing Strategy [ Source: Cornerstone Advanced Communications ]

March 2013- In this Cornerstone newsletter featuring Gartner research, decision makers will find insights to help develop and execute successful cloud computing strategies. Organizations have embraced new ways of “consuming” cloud computing resources and are realizing the power of affordable hosted IT and communications services. Although migration to cloud-based services provides many benefits, there are inherent challenges that – with appropriate planning – can be addressed with ease.

CIOs and business decision makers will find a useful ...

File Sharing Beyond the Firewall [ Source: Egnyte ]

March 2013- Learn how to provide local file access with any computer or mobile device outside the firewall, without the need for VPN. See why cloud-enabled storage is the next generation of file sharing infrastructure.

Comparing Consumer and Enterprise Online File Sharing [ Source: Egnyte ]

March 2013- Learn the difference between consumer and enterprise file sharing. Understand the risks of rogue online file sharing (Dropbox) and how it impacts business security and regulations.

Forrester Report: Supply Chain's Role in Commerce Evolution [ Source: IBM ]

December 2012- In order to engage customers in relevant, personalized ways, today?s organizations need to deliver extraordinary experiences across all channels?online and offline. A flexible, integrated supply chain is key, but poor collaboration, low investment, and high volatility make it hard for supply chain leaders to transform their approach.

Read the results of a survey of nearly 400 business leaders to learn about the new strategic imperatives for supply chain leaders, and discover the ...

Cloud-based email archiving: A practical guide [ Source: mimecast ]

November 2012- In this whitepaper, we detail the issues involved in email archiving, consider best practices,and present a solution that emphasizes scalable cloud-based storage, secure access to assets, and high availability.

Project Management Office: Seeing the Whole Picture: Project Portfolio Management gives PMOs the Tools and Techniques to Get Lean in Lean Times [ Source: Innotas ]

November 2012- Read this whitepaper to find out why being a more strategic organization requires PMO applications, or support tools, that provide visibility, accountability, and control including resource, request, and time-management.

Email marketing in a complex world [ Source: IBM ]

July 2012- Experts estimate that approximately 20 percent of emails never make it to the inbox. Read this white paper to see how a focused approach and relevant content can drive customer actions, build communities and extend the reach of your brand.

HP Insight Online [ Source: HP ]

May 2012- Proactively and efficiently monitor and support your infrastructure from anywhere, anytime.

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HP Support Center Overview [ Source: HP ]

May 2012- Tour the new HP Support Center, a one-stop access to information, tools & experts needed to keep your technology running, as well as a comprehensive set of support alternatives.

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Leveraging the Always On Support Experience for IT Transformation [ Source: HP ]

May 2012- This IDC white paper outlines the importance of support services in IT environments.

IT organizations are now required to support everything from legacy systems and storage to virtualized configurations and cloud-based computing in complex, heterogeneous environments.

The increasingly critical role of vendor-supplied external support services is discussed and highlighted in addressing these emerging IT environments going forward.

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Seeding the Cloud: How Choosing the Right Model Can Be a Business Rainmaker [ Source: mindSHIFT Technologies ]

February 2012- The business benefits of cloud computing are clear, but for many IT decision makers, the path to cloud implementation is not. Each cloud model offers its own set of strengths and weaknesses and many business and technical factors must be considered. Choosing the right cloud provider with expertise in the cloud model and solutions you need based on proven technology is key to achieving the increased business agility and flexibility, reduced capital and operating expenses ...

What's the most cost-effective route to a unified IT cloud computing solution? Ask a calculator. Run some ROI. [ Source: External IT ]

February 2012- This paper offers a detailed guide to help any company calculate both the initial, transitional hard costs associated with moving to a unified cloud IT solution, and the ongoing management costs.

It offers an objective way of assessing whether your financial needs will be best served in building a unified cloud solution in-house, or teaming with a cloud unifying specialty firm.

Why Cloud-Based IT Outsourcing Firms Are So Popular [ Source: External IT ]

February 2012- Best-of-Class Resources. Conserving Capital. Reducing Risk. Speed of transformation. These are a few of the most common reasons why companies, in increasingly large numbers, are choosing to team with cloud IT unifying specialty firms.

While every company has its own reasons for making this decision, industry surveys have identified ten common reasons that companies cite as driving factors.

This paper details the ten. The list may serve as convenient reference criteria ...

Everything A CEO Needs To Know To Select A Cloud IT Unifying Platform [ Source: External IT ]

February 2012- Technology may not be your specialty, or even your interest. But given its critical role in supporting a business, and the rapid transition companies are making to unified cloud solutions (to cut costs, lower risk and otherwise enhance their competitive stance), this five minute read will be time well spent.

It explains the fundamental differences between the two cloud unifying platforms (the OS33 Portal Desktop and Hosted Desktop/VDI), and does so in ...

The Real World Value of the IBM XIV Storage System European User Experiences [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- Customer feedback shows that the IBM? XIV? storage system delivers absolutely predictable performance across the whole array, even when supporting unpredictable I/O workloads. This paper summarizes the real-life stories of six medium-sized enterprise European XIV users from their choice of the system through installation and into workload migration, live production and daily use.

Five Simple Steps for Transforming Your Application Backup with Online Recovery Services [ Source: SunGard Availability Services ]

October 2011- Businesses today operate in an environment where significant application downtime and data loss lead easily to lost productivity, lost revenue and lost customers. A better backup and recovery process is within online reach of your business.

The Transformative Benefits of Cloud [ Source: SunGard Availability Services ]

October 2011- The benefits of cloud are transformative because, by replacing in-house infrastructure with a scalable and efficient service, they allow an IT organization to move out of a functional role based on procurement and maintenance and toward a leadership role founded on guiding and participating in core business initiatives.

Breaking Through The Storage I/O Barrier For Cloud Computing [ Source: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. ]

September 2011- It's no secret that public and private cloud computing is experiencing exponential growth. IDC projects that by 2014, server sales will grow to $718M for public clouds and $11.8 billion for private clouds. IDC also projects public cloud services will grow at 30% per year, five times that of global IT spending in 2011.

One of the biggest challenges in cloud computing is the storage I/O bottlenecks that come with large-scale virtual machine (VM) deployments. As ...

Three reasons why ITIL is essential to your cloud [ Source: HP Software ]

June 2011-
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Cloud computing and hybrid delivery models promise to help IT seamlessly integrate services. But when services are both in- and out-sourced, the emphasis on service levels, trust, security, and the user experience ...

Why You Should Consider The Advantages of Cloud-Based Email Archiving [ Source: Perimeter E-Security ]

January 2011- In 2011, the average corporate employee will send and receive about 112 email messages per day and this volume of emails sent and received is only growing with time. This continuously growing number could mean a large impact on your organization’s regulatory compliance, and security. Organizations not only need a system to store and manage these messages, which may contain sensitive and confidential data, but also a system that provides an efficient way to monitor and ...

Building a Rock-Solid IT Foundation [ Source: IBM ]

December 2010- Midsize businesses are the engines that power the world’s economy: In fact, they generate 65 percent of the world’s revenue and employ 90 percent of its workers. When the economy slips into a tailspin -- as it has done in the past few years -- these companies’ challenges intensify. Recently, their customers have been spending less, energy prices have been rising, market barriers have been falling, and competition has been increasing. Consequently, they need to ...

Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Data Centers: Selection Criteria [ Source: NEF ]

August 2010- In a world where both natural and manmade disasters can strike at any moment, large companies must have a business continuity/disaster recovery plan to ensure survival through even the darkest times. But it's important to select the right BC/DR facility to meet the organization's specific needs. Learn the right questions to ask when choosing your BC/DR facility.

Hybrid Clouds: The Best Of Both Worlds [ Source: NSK Inc ]

June 2010- Cloud Computing is not a specific technology, but a model of computing. The term "cloud" refers to both the applications delivered as services over the Internet and the hardware and system software in the datacenters that provide said services. When a cloud is offered as an on-demand (pay-as-you-go) service, it is considered a public cloud. On the other hand, a private cloud refers to internal data centers, not open to the public, that are deployed ...

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