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Bloor Research: The Economics of Cloud-Managed Integration [ Source: Dell Boomi ]

June 2014- Application and data integration doesn't have to be slow and expensive. Read this informative research report to learn how cloud-managed integration delivers 2.5 times faster time-to-value, offers nearly 40% lower total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) and speeds results for organization such as AAA, Brady and Panasas.

IBM SmartCloud for Social Business Mobility [ Source: IBM ]

October 2014- The growing mobile workforce expects to connect to the corporate network anytime, anywhere and using any mobile device. As the number of mobile employees continues to grow, enterprises of all sizes need smart mobility cloud solutions that reduce costs, increase control and mitigate security risks. Combining the power of cloud computing with the freedom and functionality of mobile devices can give enterprises access to a wide range of key benefits, including increased reliability, real-time updates ...

All In One Start Up Cloud Infrastructure Solution - Fujitsu Cloud Starter Kit [ Source: Fujitsu America Inc. ]

June 2014- Setting up a private cloud infrastructure can be a daunting task, and IT is often unsure how to begin. The Fujitsu Cloud Starter Kit simplifies a private cloud implementation with an all-in-one solution that provides an easy-to-manage and reliable cloud infrastructure with minimum deployment effort.

This pre-tested solution provides configuration templates for server, storage, network, virtualization and cloud resource management software. This will allow the customer to remove the need for complex design ...

White Paper: Cloud Computing - Creating Value For Businesses Across The Globe [ Source: Fujitsu America Inc. ]

June 2014- The information and communication technologies (ICT) industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in the way computing resources are procured. Cloud computing is emerging as a key area of focus for business leaders and technology decision makers due to its support for driving innovation; its ability to save costs; increase business agility and deliver IT in an on-demand manner. The use of cloud services has increased significantly over the last couple years with more than half ...

White Paper: Straight Talk - How to Cut Through Cloud Complexity and Implement Successful Cloud Solutions in your Company [ Source: Fujitsu America Inc. ]

June 2014- If your company is serious about competing in the marketplace, the cloud represents your best way to transform IT to support your company's most urgent business needs. However, the cloud is complex. As revealed in a recent Frost & Sullivan survey of cloud decision-makers, the majority of enterprise IT decision-makers face obstacles in their efforts to make cloud decisions. In fact, most decision-makers believe that cloud decisions are even more complex in their own companies than ...

White Book: Cloud Adoption - The Definitive Guide to a Business Technology Revolution [ Source: Fujitsu America Inc. ]

June 2014- Cloud is a huge step change in the way IT-based services are delivered, and one that will provide substantial business benefits through reduced capital expenditure and increased business agility. As ever, any topic with this much hype heightens expectations, thereby creating a challenge for CIOs. The key issue that every CIO must address is how and where we adopt cloud services so they maximize the benefits to our organizations and customers.

This Fujitsu ...

Predictions For 2014: Cloud Computing [ Source: VMware ]

June 2014- As we head into 2014, cloud computing is no longer a "future" but a "now." Investments are up, enterprise use is widespread, and the hybrid cloud model has arrived. While the bulk of cloud acquisition and use continues to be driven by line of business, in 2014, traditional IT departments will stop asking "why cloud?" and instead get busy integrating cloud into the existing portfolio, extending data center infrastructures with elastic cloud technologies, and consuming new bespoke ...

Hybrid Cloud Integration and Monitoring with IBM WebSphere Cast Iron [ Source: IBM ]

May 2014- As cloud computing has matured, two distinct cloud patterns have evolved: private and public. While the debate over which is superior continues, hybrid clouds are making an argument to combine the best of both worlds. Read this IBM Redbook to learn how IBM products can support the integration of public and private clouds.

The 12 Critical Questions You Need To Ask When Choosing an AD Bridge Solution [ Source: Dell Software ]

April 2014- Active Directory (AD) bridge solutions enable Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X systems to participate as "full citizens" in AD. Consolidating identities into AD reduces complexity and costs, and improves security, compliance and productivity. Learn what questions to ask when evaluating AD bridge solutions.

Application Development and Delivery: When and Where to Leverage the Cloud [ Source: OutSystems ]

April 2014- As IT organizations look for ways to deliver innovative business solutions fast, the cloud becomes a major factor as they embark on the infrastructure and application delivery decision-making process.

As the platform as a service (PaaS) market continues to mature, enterprise development teams are recognizing the opportunity to manage application development and delivery in ways that maximize business agility and responsiveness.

Download this paper and learn about:
• The fundamentals ...

Why IT Struggles to Innovate, and How You Can Fix It [ Source: OutSystems ]

April 2014- It seems that it's virtually impossible for IT to meet all business demands with current budgets, resources, and approaches. But the business keeps changing and IT needs to respond rapidly and innovate in order to stay relevant to the organization.

Why does IT struggle to innovate?

According to Gartner and other analyst reports:
• 80%-85% of IT budgets are spent just "Keeping the Lights On" (KTLO)
• Backlogs are ...

PaaS - Powering a New Era of Business IT [ Source: OutSystems ]

April 2014- Cloud computing services have become an integral part of many organization's enterprise IT strategies. In the last 12 months, platform as a service (PaaS) has become one of the fastest growing areas of all cloud computing services with analyst firms like Gartner and IDC predicting sharp uptakes in PaaS adoption.

This paper explores why PaaS has suddenly become relevant and irresistible to many organizations. It dives into the opportunities and considerations associated with using ...

Gartner Research Paper: Private Cloud Matures, Hybrid Cloud Is Next [ Source: VMware ]

April 2014- Nearly half of large enterprises polled have deployed a private cloud service, and only 11% have no plans to do so through 2014. While actual hybrid cloud computing deployments are rare, nearly three-fourths of large enterprises expect to have hybrid deployments by 2015.

Cloud Integration for Hybrid IT: Balancing Business Self-Service and IT Control [ Source: Informatica ]

February 2014- It's no longer a question of if your company will be adopting cloud-based solutions, but when and how many. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2016, more than 50 percent of Global 1000 companies will have stored customer-sensitive data in the public cloud. With the proliferation of cloud-based applications, platforms and infrastructure, the potential for data fragmentation and disconnected data silos has grown exponentially. While the benefits of cloud computing have been well documented-scalability, business agility, and ...

5 Habits of Highly Successful Practitioners [ Source: Perforce ]

February 2014- Whether it's New York Stock Exchange or Netflix, Samsung or, companies of all kinds have embraced the design practice known as Continuous Delivery - a discipline in which software can be released to production at any time.

In this Best Practices eBook discover 5 habits that set top practitioners apart. Learn how to dramatically speed up your release cycles by:

Thinking beyond code
Automating, automating, automating
Making everything ...

SharePoint in the Cloud: Environment Management and Complex Application Integration [ Source: Skytap ]

December 2013- SharePoint comes with collaboration capabilities that allow organizations to address their business needs. Unfortunately, SharePoint's advantages come with a number of challenges and pain points. Combining SharePoint with Skytap Cloud eliminates many challenges, especially those related to dev/test.

Download the white paper to learn more about how we make SharePoint development and testing easier.

Vormetric Data Security to Enhance Security Intelligence [ Source: Vormetric ]

October 2013- When the barbarians penetrate the perimeter, how do you protect your critical data? Learn why combining Vormetric Security Intelligence with your SIEM is the next step in protecting your enterprise. You can pinpoint unusual patterns that indicate malware, detect possible malware or malicious insiders, and more.

How Public Sector Organizations Can Overcome Data And Audit Protection Challenges [ Source: Vormetric ]

October 2013- Public sector organizations must protect critical data and meet compliance and cybersecurity requirements, while gaining security intelligence across physical, virtual, cloud and big data environments. Learn how Vormetric provides a single platform that can provide data security and operational efficiency in a variety of use cases.

Simplify Data Security For Cloud Environments [ Source: Vormetric ]

October 2013- Make your transition to the cloud confidently and protect what matters most. Meet exacting compliance requirements with a solution that is transparent, strong, easy, and efficient.

Securing - Big Data [ Source: Vormetric ]

October 2013- We are awash in data, but enterprises must still protect their sensitive data, no matter where it resides. Traditional data security approaches such as perimeter security have proven to be permeable and put big data initiatives at risk. Learn about a new way to safeguard sensitive information in big data environments.

Intelligent Imaging Leadership Guide [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- Read this paper to discover -

&bul; Deliver a better customer experience. Intelligent imaging solutions combine advanced document capture, imaging archive, workflow and content analytics to consolidate multiple inputs from email, faxes, mobile devices, online sources, archives and paper.

• Create a map for getting from here to there. If your clients are going to get ahead with intelligent imaging, they need to start by mapping their current process. This guide ...

Enterprise Endpoint Backup Checklist [ Source: Code42 ]

September 2013- Let's face it, users store business data on laptops and desktops, even if they're not supposed to. And mission-critical data-including sensitive, executive-level information-exists exclusively on these endpoint devices.

IT organizations unprepared to provide easy-to-use, easy-to-administer, cross-platform endpoint backup and restore are at risk for needless data loss and IT management nightmares.

Read this checklist to learn how to create a back up strategy to quickly and easily protect your endpoint data.<...

Client Management Checklist [ Source: Code42 ]

September 2013- Corporate adoption of tablets and smartphones poses new challenges for IT admins in the quest to offer enterprise management capabilities. New machine deployment, software updates, new software distribution and issue resolution all play a part in successful client management.

But implementing your client management strategy doesn't need to be heavy-handed with your end users. Using a light touch for system administration ensures that you'll be managing simply and your users love you completely.<...

Post-TMG: Securely Delivering Microsoft Applications [ Source: F5 ]

October 2013- Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway customers need an alternative to secure their Internet-facing Microsoft applications. F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery Controllers provide the advanced features necessary to fill the gap.

Connecting the clouds: Best Practices for Integrating IT Service Management [ Source: BMC Software ]

August 2013- With software as a service (SaaS) you are integrating an external service, hosted by an external party, with your internal systems. The SaaS integration is a matter of connecting the clouds and well articulated interfaces defining the data that is traveling back and forth. With the right integration strategy, SaaS integration can be simple, straightforward, and easy. Moreover, it can position your IT organization to effectively leverage SaaS and migrate from one SaaS solution to ...

Beyond Beta Testing [ Source: uTest ]

August 2013- Users now expect apps to be fully functional from day one. In other words, the age of beta testing as a substitute for professional testing is long gone. In this brief whitepaper, we'll show you how to avoid the common pitfalls of beta testing and get more from your early release and public-focused testing efforts.

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