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Are Your Legacy Applications Suitable for the Cloud? 3 Critical Evaluation Activities to Ensure Migration Success [ Source: Riverbed ]

January 2015- Businesses are readily harnessing the advantages of the cloud for critical applications. In fact, 81% of IT leaders are using or are planning to leverage the cloud for these business-centric apps in the next two years.

But while it is easier than ever to deploy or create business applications in the cloud, most enterprises still have critical legacy or in-house developed applications that complicate their migration strategies. After all, not every legacy application is ...

The Future of IT: From Chaos to Service Automation [ Source: ServiceNow ]

September 2014- Enterprises all over the world are transforming IT by adopting service automation tools and processes, making teams more innovative and efficient. CIOs can shift their attention from maintenance to service, effectively changing enterprise IT from the department of no to the department of Now
Service automation tools and processes provide IT value by:

• Consolidating fragmented and redundant service systems
• Standardizing operational processes
• Creating a single system of ...

Evolve SiteMinder with a Federated Identity Service [ Source: Radiant Logic ]

August 2014- Many companies use CA Technologies' SiteMinder to provide single sign-on (SSO) and Web access management, allowing easy access to Web applications and portals. Creating a single view of identity, by federating identities with RadiantOne federated identity service (FID), will allow you to get more from your existing SiteMinder deployment. In this use case we will explain why and share some examples of Radiant Logic customers using RadiantOne for SiteMinder.

If it Moves, Track it [ Source: Sprint ]

August 2014- Where are your shipments right now?
Fuel costs, efficient delivery, and cargo theft are age-old challenges for fleet managers. But new technologies are making them things of the past. If it moves, you can track it.
Read the eBook and see how the latest tracking technologies can improve the safety, security, and efficiency of your global shipments.

Cloud Integration for Hybrid IT: Balancing Business Self-Service and IT Control [ Source: Informatica ]

February 2014- It's no longer a question of if your company will be adopting cloud-based solutions, but when and how many. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2016, more than 50 percent of Global 1000 companies will have stored customer-sensitive data in the public cloud. With the proliferation of cloud-based applications, platforms and infrastructure, the potential for data fragmentation and disconnected data silos has grown exponentially. While the benefits of cloud computing have been well documented-scalability, business agility, and ...

Journey to ITaaS Report [ Source: VMware ]

January 2014- The "Journey to IT as a Service Survey" report illuminates a growing revolution in how IT organizations are managed and perceived. And in particular, how CIOs are impacting both IT and business performance by adopting a ITaaS strategy

The Apple-ization of the Enterprise: Understanding IT's New World [ Source: Code42 ]

September 2013- Today's "always-on" knowledge workers demand and will settle for nothing less than an Apple-like experience from their devices and applications. But when Apple fanboys rush to buy the company's latest creations for use at home and at the office, many CIOs and IT managers cringe. They wonder how-given this rapidly changing, technology-laden world-they can support even more devices, apps and networks; properly protect enterprise data; and maintain compliance with existing/emerging regulations.

These ...

Leading Through Connections: Insights from the Global Chief Executive Officer Study [ Source: IBM ]

July 2013- IBM conducted more than 1,700 in-depth, face-to-face interviews with CEOs, general managers and senior public sector leaders from around the globe. Our newest CEO Study, the largest of its type ever undertaken, is the latest in the IBM C-suite Study Series. It explores how CEOs are responding to the complexity of increasingly interconnected organizations, markets, societies and governments - what we call the connected economy.

Three themes emerged. Today's CEOs must:

• ...

Building Analytic Applications in the Cloud [ Source: FICO ]

June 2013- Over the last 5 years, Big Data and other major technology trends—chiefly cloud computing, social networking, mobile communications and new analytic technology applications—have created new opportunities for companies to propel their decision-making capabilities.

But building applications that can leverage the volume, variety and velocity of Big Data is the next challenge facing organizations of all sizes.

Download the white paper "Decision Management for the Masses" and learn the best practices ...

Putting the Efficiency Of End-To-End Automation To Work Across the Enterprise [ Source: IBM ]

April 2013- An end-to-end systems automation approach reaches across the enterprise's distributed and mainframe environments alike with scalability that can accommodate even the largest infrastructures. It is broad in scope to manage ever-increasing IT complexity. And it is integrated to tie together low-level information coming from critical resources with high-level views and control of the enterprise. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, allowing operational simplicity, efficiency and consistency. IBM Systems Automation provides an ...

Mobile File Sharing provides $5M savings on construction project [ Source: Egnyte ]

March 2013- Learn how Balfour Beatty saved over five million dollars in one project alone by using file sharing on iPads. Balfour Beatty leveraged a combination of local storage on jobsites and the cloud to access large digital designs with Wireless LAN speeds instead of 3G speeds.

File Sharing Beyond the Firewall [ Source: Egnyte ]

March 2013- Learn how to provide local file access with any computer or mobile device outside the firewall, without the need for VPN. See why cloud-enabled storage is the next generation of file sharing infrastructure.

Comparing Consumer and Enterprise Online File Sharing [ Source: Egnyte ]

March 2013- Learn the difference between consumer and enterprise file sharing. Understand the risks of rogue online file sharing (Dropbox) and how it impacts business security and regulations.

Building Value with Continuous Integration [ Source: CollabNet ]

January 2013- This paper is written to provide guidance for teams new to continuous integration or wanting to explore ways to improve their implementations. The topics explored in this paper include Value Stream Maps, Antipatterns, and Tools and Technology for Continuous Integration.

Transforming for a Customer Centric World [ Source: IBM ]

July 2012- Technology trends are converging to create a perfect storm in the world of commerce -empowering customers while raising the bar for companies to meet new, more demanding customer expectations.

Read this report to learn about solutions and services delivered by IBM and its Business Partners to help midsize companies market and sell more effectively.

Forrester Consulting Report - Empowered Customers Drive Collaborative Business Evolution [ Source: IBM ]

July 2012- IBM recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how businesses are changing in the face of today's business environment.

Read this report to learn the four key findings driving business decisions today including the customer experience, touchpoints, lack of internal collaboration and non-technology hurdles to business transformation.

Consolidate and Modernize B2B, File Transfer and SAP Processes: Reap Big Rewards [ Source: SEEBURGER ]

June 2012- Consolidating and modernizing the IT that runs your B2B and file transfer environments - the backbone of your supply chain - can deliver big rewards: cost savings, improved efficiency, and revenue growth. By applying best practices, many best-run businesses have achieved a competitive edge from consolidating and modernizing their EDI, B2B and file transfer environments - including their SAP processes. Learn their secret: the seven key success factors for a consolidation and modernization ...

Secure Managed File Transfer: Bringing Coherence & Control to Compliance [ Source: SEEBURGER ]

June 2012- Adherence to data security policies and mandates for compliance or governance is the most important objective for executives in companies running SAP. But many reveal that their data security policies are lacking. Traditional methods of managing file transfers can't prevent or protect your enterprise from compliance violations: they're insecure, inefficient, and non-auditable. This situation leaves a serious gap in compliance strategies. Learn how to close this gap with managed file transfer.

Streamline, Speed and Secure the Supply Chain with Managed File Transfer [ Source: SEEBURGER ]

June 2012- Your enterprise has invested heavily in SAP. But data exchange restrictions can limit the ability of your chain supply to reach its maximum potential. Large data files, FTP spaghetti and unreliable network connections all limit your ability to send and receive information. Just one of these problems is enough to raise costs and risks, and create long waits for data to come through.

Read the white paper to find out how Managed File ...

The TCO of FTP: Hidden Costs of Free File Sharing [ Source: SEEBURGER ]

June 2012- Information is one of your enterprises biggest assets. Yet while companies invest heavily in SAP systems, many overlook the fact that 80 percent of data is actually stored in files. While plenty of file storage and sharing methods abound - what looks like a good deal on the surface can end up costing plenty in the end.

Read the white paper to discover more about the true cost of "free" file sharing systems and ...

Improve your building's IQ with IBM solutions for Smarter Buildings [ Source: IBM ]

June 2012- In today's building management environment, organizations are stretching capital improvement projects and delaying upgrades. Yet, they still must maintain their existing assets and ensure tenant satisfaction. They are looking for opportunities to consolidate space and improve space planning. At the same time, energy costs are rising. Commercial buildings consume 40 percent of all electricity - more than any other type of physical asset or structure - and they generate approximately 10 percent of all green-house gas emissions. ...

A Smarter Approach to CRM [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- With instant access to information, customers expect a purchase experience that matches the ease and speed of the information-gathering experience. Read this white paper, created in collaboration with Frost & Sullivan, to see how a customer relationship management (CRM) solution can help you respond on the customers? terms.

Application Transformation to Cloud Assessment [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

March 2012- The Application Transformation to Cloud Assessment is a consultative service, directed at evaluating an application's fit to a cloud environment. The solution provides assessment for up to 50 applications; incremental application volumes can be assessed with a custom solution. Register to download this detailed whitepaper and learn more.

Seeding the Cloud: How Choosing the Right Model Can Be a Business Rainmaker [ Source: mindSHIFT Technologies ]

February 2012- The business benefits of cloud computing are clear, but for many IT decision makers, the path to cloud implementation is not. Each cloud model offers its own set of strengths and weaknesses and many business and technical factors must be considered. Choosing the right cloud provider with expertise in the cloud model and solutions you need based on proven technology is key to achieving the increased business agility and flexibility, reduced capital and operating expenses ...

What's the most cost-effective route to a unified IT cloud computing solution? Ask a calculator. Run some ROI. [ Source: External IT ]

February 2012- This paper offers a detailed guide to help any company calculate both the initial, transitional hard costs associated with moving to a unified cloud IT solution, and the ongoing management costs.

It offers an objective way of assessing whether your financial needs will be best served in building a unified cloud solution in-house, or teaming with a cloud unifying specialty firm.

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