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The Business Case for Application Performance Management [ Source: CA Technologies ]

March 2014- Operational complexity within IT is increasing. BYOD, IaaS, PaaS, even consumer-level cloud-based services are rolling in the door, and IT has to effectively manage everything from legacy mainframes and traditional multi-tier application servers to ad hoc systems and personally owned mobile devices, while having less control over the environment and endpoints than ever.

At the same time, tolerance for downtime is decreasing, the cost of service slowdowns and interruptions is increasing, and the ...

The Active Directory Management and Security You've Always Dreamed of [ Source: Dell Software ]

March 2014- Businesses need more from their Windows security structure - including role-based access control, automated delegation of permissions, centralized permissions reporting, and data consistency rules. A lot has changed since the introduction of the Windows NT security structure in 1993, but finding the right solution can be a challenge.

Learn why administrators need to be less involved in securing Active Directory (AD) and how employing the right solution can help your organization avoid common errors ...

Access Control is Easy: Use Active Directory Groups and Manage Them Well [ Source: Dell Software ]

March 2014- Good access control results from avoiding the use of local groups, whether on Windows file servers, in Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint or elsewhere, and instead, assigning permissions to Active Directory (AD) groups. Until you manage the bulk of entitlements through AD, you are unable to understand, much less control access.

Learn how AD groups are at the center of access control and governance - and what it takes to manage them. The whitepaper ...

The Keys to the Kingdom Limiting Active Directory Admin [ Source: Dell Software ]

March 2014- Allowing data center server operators to operate as Active Domain administrators is a common - and potentially the most damaging - security risk in the Active Directory infrastructure. The challenge for the Active Directory administrator is to adequately secure their directory, while still delegating enough domain controller administration rights to allow effective daily operations.

Learn the security risks associated with the simple implementation of the domain controller security model, and gain insight into ...

12 Essential Tasks of Active Directory Domain Services [ Source: Dell Software ]

March 2014- Learn the 12 major tasks of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) administration and management, and why it is important for administrators to delegate several of these tasks to other members of their technical team including technicians, help desk personnel, and even users such as team managers and administrative assistants. While delegation can help reduce the amount of work administrators have to perform to manage AD DS infrastructures, it only addresses one or two of these ...

Moving Single Sign-on Beyond Convenience [ Source: Dell Software ]

March 2014- Over the years, single sign-on (SSO) has been the easiest, most convenient way for users to access what they need. However, there are identity and access management requirements that SSO can't solve - governance, provisioning and privileged account management to name a few.

In this white paper, learn more about the benefits of SSO, and see why taking a flexible approach to single sign-on is critical in today's evolving application environments.

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Datacenter Hardware Support Services 2013 Vendor Assessment [ Source: HP ]

March 2014- This excerpt from IDC's 2013 Vendor Assessment provides expert analysis of the hardware support services market. See how HP was positioned and why.

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Integrating Big Data into Business Processes and Enterprise Systems [ Source: BMC Software ]

February 2014- In the paper, "Integrate Big Data into Your Business Processes and Enterprise Systems" you'll learn how to drive maximum value with an enterprise approach to Big Data. Topics discussed include:

• How to ensure that your Big Data projects will drive clearly defined business value
• The operational challenges each Big Data initiative must address
• The importance of using an enterprise approach for Hadoop batch processing

Eight Ways Better Software Deployment and Management Can Save You Money [ Source: Dell Software ]

February 2014- Software management and deployment are perhaps the most difficult and time-consuming activities undertaken by your IT team. But with the right tools and processes, you can save money, reduce overhead, and enhance user satisfaction and productivity.

The key is to acknowledge that software deployment - merely getting the software in place to begin with - is just the start of a complex, ongoing lifecycle. Learn how the eight key benefits of software management ...

IBM SmartCloud Entry for Power Systems [ Source: IBM ]

February 2014- The IBM SmartCloud Entry on Power Systems solution provides a cost-competitive, entry-level private cloud solution that helps speed time to value of your service deployments on your IBM Power Systems servers.

Customer Analytics: The Role of Integrated Systems [ Source: IBM ]

February 2014- This white paper outlines the latest customer analytics opportunities and challenges facing sales, marketing, and customer service decision makers. It draws on IDC's research into big data and analytics (BDA) business and technology trends and provides recommendations for organizations looking to improve their customer analytics initiatives. The paper also considers the role of workload-optimized systems as a technology platform to enable customer analytics and describes the IBM PureData System for Analytics as one of the ...

Designed for Business [ Source: IBM ]

February 2014- Forward-thinking organizations are recognizing the superiority of Power Systems technology. The Power Systems family offers the ultimate system for today's compute intensive business applications and databases. Power Systems continues to prove itself as the ultimate system for compute intensive workloads, high performance analytics, high performance UNIX*, and high performance computing.

Customer Experience Management: Optimize the Omnichannel Experience for Your Insurance Customers [ Source: IBM ]

February 2014- Insurance companies' customers use an array of digital devices and channels to communicate, and insurers must be ready to help them. Customer experience management lets insurers deliver a seamless experience, where they see what their customers see and turn that visibility into insight and action.

Customer Experience Management: How to Optimize the Omnichannel Experience for Banking Customers [ Source: IBM ]

February 2014- Proliferating channels, heated competition and increasingly demanding customers have made it imperative for banks to provide an exemplary customer experience across all touch points. Banks that get customer experience management right can reap myriad benefits, including increased cross-sell and up-sell success, decreased contact center traffic, and ultimately more satisfied customers.

IDC: Driving Business Optimization with End-to-End Performance Testing Paper [ Source: HP ]

January 2014- The purpose of this IDC White Paper is to lay out the role that performance testing can play in the context of overall application lifecycle management (ALM), security, resource, and demand management. As part of that objective, the document defines an application performance testing framework and discusses a performance test evolution path and the relationship between a successful approach to performance testing and related IT elements such as monitoring, security, ALM, and project and portfolio ...

2013 - 2014 World Quality Report [ Source: HP ]

January 2014- Capgemini, one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, and Sogeti, its local professional services division, have released the findings of the fifth World Quality Report. The report, published in conjunction with HP, reveals that application Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) now accounts for almost a quarter of the IT spend, as many organizations undergo the process of digital transformation and reliable software applications become increasingly critical to their operations and ...

Accelerating VDI Solutions for Modern Business with IBM PureFlex and IBM Flex System [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- IBM's SmartCloud VDI solution lev-erages the IBM PureFlex and Flex System portfolio, Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure prod-ucts and the company's design/deploy services to deliver reliable, powerful and secure managed desktop infrastructures.

Expert Integrated Systems: A Next-Generation Computing Platform [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- This IDC analyst white paper discusses an important sea change happening in IT: the development of expert integrated systems. Converged systems are becoming increasingly important in the systems market. Similarly, convergence is occurring in middleware core runtime services for application development and deployment that are being unified as an enterprise application platform. Given the similarity in derived value propositions, converged systems and platforms are coming together as integrated systems; with the addition of capabilities focused ...

3 Ways to Save Software Costs [ Source: HP ]

January 2014- This paper discusses the potential for radically improving cost efficiency with a well thought-out Software Asset Management (SAM) strategy. It aims to improve understanding of the SAM discipline, including the challenges it poses as well as the tactical and strategic advantages it offers. And, it lays out a high-level plan for you to architect your own SAM approach, drawing on proven solutions that can help you optimize the returns on your software investments.


IDC: The State of Custom Mobile App Development [ Source: HP ]

January 2014- Read the IDC Analyst Connection paper featuring a Q&A with John Jackson, Research VP, Mobile & Connected Platforms. Mr. Jackson discusses the state of custom mobile app development and how this new paradigm represents a different way app developers must think about not only product design but also enterprise needs.

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Accelerate ROI: HP IT Process Automation and Orchestration paper [ Source: HP ]

January 2014- Learn how IT can to be 3-4 times more productive and save your organization $25-100K USD a week. This informative whitepaper will look at the numerous benefits to deploying a next-generation, IT process automation solution. It outlines practical examples for realizing rapid return on investment (ROI) in IT operations and provides CIOs, IT operations managers, and production support teams with a realistic roadmap for success.

HP is the sponsor of this material. ...

F5 Synthesis: Applications without Constraints [ Source: F5 ]

April 2014- Applications should just work. However, that simple objective is becoming increasingly illusive in the wake of industry trends like mobility and cloud. Synthesis is a new architectural vision for delivering application services without constraints. Leveraging a high performance services fabric, intelligent orchestration and simplified business models, Synthesis delivers the applications businesses depend on in a way that is secure, fast and reliable.

Top 8 Considerations To Enable and Simplify Mobility [ Source: ServiceNow ]

April 2014- IT departments have a huge opportunity to make their enterprises more agile, cost efficient & competitive by embracing the opportunities available through mobile devices & constant connectivity. Supporting a more mobile workforce & customer base is a necessity.

Build a Business Case: Developing Custom Apps [ Source: ServiceNow ]

April 2014- Custom applications deliver significant value and they provide the opportunity to automate unstructured work processes to make the business far more innovative, efficient and competitive.

How Modern Custom Applications Can Spur Business-Growth [ Source: ServiceNow ]

April 2014- This white paper outlines four key challenges to business growth, and explains how modern custom applications built with the ServiceNow Service Automation Platform can help to address these challenges effectively.

Enabling the evolution of enterprise voice and video collaboration [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- IBM Sametime software can help organizations provide a better collaboration environment by integrating telecommunications as part of an overall social communications strategy.

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