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Four Ways to Optimize Your Hybrid Networks [ Source: Riverbed ]

November 2014- The path is clear. To accommodate new business demands, IT must institute changes in the way it manages and monitors its networks. Indeed, Gartner's 2013 report "Is MPLS Dead?" noted: "Network architects should revise WAN architectures to improve performance for external cloud applications and resources. In most cases, hybrid WAN architectures will provide the best blend of performance and availability." What kinds of shifts in its capabilities should IT be thinking about? They coalesce around four ...

Offload Reporting to Improve Oracle Database Performance [ Source: Dell Software ]

November 2014- As organizations grow and companies purchase bigger systems to accommodate, getting the most relevant data from the Oracle production database without affecting performance or productivity is a difficult issue facing businesses today. Learn how to execute the ideal solution with SharePlex, the simplest replication technology for Oracle databases today.

Big Data U: Exploding Volumes, Complex Control [ Source: IBM ]

October 2014- This five-part InformationWeek University track guides IT pros looking to get their data under control and working for the business. Sessions cover everything from master data management basics to infrastructure, security, governance and advanced analytics. Read this summary to learn more about Big Data.

Hadoop in Action: Seeing the big picture [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

October 2014- As customers become increasingly global, and supply chains become more dependent on partner networks, manufacturers like Omneo face a big challenge in identifying risks to product quality. As their volume of data continued to grow, Omneo needed one common place to view, search, and analyze large streams of diverse types of data. After an in-depth evaluation, the company concluded that a solution based on Apache Hadoop was the best fit in terms of performance, scalability, ...

Store Less, Spend Less: Managing Data According to It's Economic Value [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- Not storing data is cheaper than storing it. As enterprise data continues to grow and IT budgets remain flat, organizations need to more effectively maximize existing storage capacity and manage storage spend based on data value. In this white paper, Enterprise Strategy Group Sr. Analyst Mark Peters demonstrates how IBM's Information Lifecycle Governance solutions can help IT buyers improve the information economics for their organizations by curtailing data growth through defensible disposal of data.

Harnessing Data Captured from the "Internet of Things" to Deliver Revolutionary New Services [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- The Hildebrand Smart platform, built on IBM Informix technologies, captures and analyzes up to 300,000 time series data points per second, enabling real-time insight into big data. The Hildebrand Smart platform - built on IBM Informix and using Hildebrand's unique machine learning extensions - captures, processes and analyzes big data in real time for actionable insights. The benefit Insight at the speed-of-thought across all data sources unlocks the potential to transform every aspect of daily life, ...

Big Data Integration and Governance Considerations for Healthcare [ Source: IBM ]

August 2014- This white paper discusses how IBM InfoSphere can support the integration and governance of Big Data in healthcare. The white paper reviews three case studies including predictive analytics with Electronic Medical Records, time series data in a neonatal intensive care unit and predictive pathways for disease.

Supercharge Initiatives with a 360 View of the Customer [ Source: IBM ]

August 2014- is an industry leading cloud CRM solution which helps organizations streamline and effectively manage sales processes, customers and opportunities. The effectiveness of these initiatives can be improved dramatically by providing Salesforce with a 3600 view of the Customer to overcome the limitation of fragmented data that Salesforce currently relies on. This paper discusses how InfoSphere capabilities can be used to create comprehensive and accurate 3600 views of your customers from internal and external sources. This ...

County enhances critical services for citizens [ Source: Dell Software ]

July 2014- Miami-Dade County has deployed DellTM ToadTM software to streamline database administration and development, enhancing critical services for citizens.

Reducing Risk & Improving Reliability for Federal Agencies [ Source: Dell Software ]

July 2014- Results of a poll to uncover the biggest frustrations in managing data replication and what agencies consider the most critical database replication features.

Why IT Struggles to Innovate, and How You Can Fix It [ Source: OutSystems ]

April 2014- It seems that it's virtually impossible for IT to meet all business demands with current budgets, resources, and approaches. But the business keeps changing and IT needs to respond rapidly and innovate in order to stay relevant to the organization.

Why does IT struggle to innovate?

According to Gartner and other analyst reports:
• 80%-85% of IT budgets are spent just "Keeping the Lights On" (KTLO)
• Backlogs are ...

OutSystems 'Cloudifies' App Development: Looks to Stand Out through DevOps Automation [ Source: OutSystems ]

April 2014- This independent report explores the OutSystems Platform and the company?s move into the platform as a service (PaaS) market.

With the availability of the public cloud version of the OutSystems Platform, the company completes its product portfolio with multiple deployment scenarios - the on-premises single-tenant version, public, private, or hybrid cloud multi-tenant versions.

Its capability to fully automate devops processes that involve both developers and IT operations departments is compelling ...

Data masking everywhere - Design standard and repeatable data privacy policies across the enterprise [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- The new era of computing has arrived: organizations are now able to process, analyze and derive maximum value from structured, unstructured and streaming data in real time. However, in the rush to achieve new insights, are privacy concerns being neglected? With the average cost of security-related incidents in the era of big data estimated to be over USD40 million, you can?t afford to ignore data privacy as a top requirement.

InfoSphere Optim ...

Putting Big Interaction Data to Work: 10 Real-World Examples [ Source: Informatica ]

February 2014- Big data comes in two flavors-big transaction data and big interaction data. Big transaction data is the steadily growing volume of financial, customer, product, and other information in your organization's ERP system, data warehouses, CRM applications, and other back-office solutions, either on premise or in the cloud. Big interaction data represents interactions of customers, partners, and competitors that affect your organization. It is mostly external to your organization, scattered across the web. Information posted on ...

What's the Big Deal about Big SQL? Introducing Relational DBMS Users to IBM SQL Technology for Hadoop [ Source: IBM ]

February 2014- If you specialize in relational database management technology, you've probably heard a lot about "big data"? and the open source Apache Hadoop project. Perhaps you've also heard about IBM's new Big SQL technology, which enables IBM InfoSphere BigInsights users to query Hadoop data using industry-standard SQL. Curious? This paper introduces you to Big SQL, answering many of the common questions that relational database management system (DBMS) users have about this IBM technology.

Three must-have capabilities for today's warehouse environment [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- Speed, simplicity and affordability: 3 capabilities businesses need from their warehousing environment. IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration gives organizations a complete, multipurpose environment to rapidly distill insight from their data, make timely decisions and capitalize on opportunities

Running at the speed of business [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- IBM DB2 offers multi-platform flexibility and optimized capabilities for a variety of workloads. This e-book highlights some common scenarios where DB2 helps businesses derive unprecedented value from expanding data stores?affordably and reliably.

The Total Economic Impact of WebSphere Application Server [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- There are many great things to come out of open source initiatives, not the least of which is innovation. But relying on an open source application server for your most critical customer-facing apps may not be the smartest strategy. Consider the security, integrity, scalability, and ultimately lower TCO of the proven IBM WebSphere Application Server for your enterprise.

The Social Imperative in Workforce Skills Development [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- Using social technologies, organizations can develop a workforce development program where employees can develop skills on the job by collaborating with experts and sharing tacit knowledge. This white paper shows how organizations that develop a social learning program can improve employee engagement, reduce attrition and decrease the amount of time employees waste searching for expertise and information.

Delivering Exceptional Information Solutions Using Dell Toad Business Intelligence Suite [ Source: Dell ]

July 2013- More than 80: of all IT projects fail - but how is it that some IT specialists deliver spectacular results every single time? What are they doing differently? In this new white paper, discover tips, tricks and little known best practices for amazing solutions, regardless of the project scope. See how to grab a competitive edge! Get your copy of this paper today.

Delivering an Integrated Infrastructure for the Cloud [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

July 2013- Cloud computing has emerged as one of the prevailing IT trends today. By providing greater levels of provisioning and automation, cloud computing can help organizations become more nimble, reduce operating costs, improve application performance, and better allocate their compute resources. It enables organizations to more flexibly scale their IT infrastructure while reducing the administrative burden on IT organizations.

But IT departments determined to take advantage of these benefits are at risk of losing ...

Enabling Safe and Secure BYOD [ Source: Dell ]

May 2013- Work is no longer seen as a place, but as an activity that is independent of both location and specific technology. Organizations are moving from being PC-centric to a user-centric model, where employees bring their own devices (BYOD) and choose those devices that best suit their specific needs. Learn how the KACE Appliances can help your organization say "Yes!" to BYOD.

De belangrijkste componenten van Unified Communications in de cloud [ Source: Mitel ]

May 2013- Door slimmer te communiceren en samen te werken benut u kansen die anderen laten liggen. Oplossingen voor Unified Communications (UC) zorgen ervoor dat u beter bereikbaar bent, sneller handelt en de productiviteit en klantenservice naar een hoger niveau tilt. Bied uw medewerkers nieuwe, effectieve manieren om in contact te blijven, ongeacht hun locatie of het type device dat zij gebruiken (smartphone, tablet, bureautoestel). Cloud computing is een van de meest efficiënte leveringsmodellen voor UC. ...

Driving Business Innovation: 4 Ways Expert Integrated Systems Transform the IT Service Lifecycle [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- Business innovation and agility depend on the speed, efficiency and excellence with which IT can deliver new capabilities to end-users. But delivering these capabilities requires a complex process that extends from app development and testing through deployment and management in the data center.

Read this UBM Tech ebook to learn how expert integrated systems speed up and simplify previously slow, costly and error-prone IT processes, enabling nimble responses to the escalating demands of ...

The Business Analyst's Guide to Hadoop [ Source: Hortonworks and Alteryx ]

May 2013- Rapidly emerging as a transformative technology framework for storing and processing massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, Apache Hadoop plays a central role in Big Data. However, most Big Data strategies stall with IT challenges. In order to harness Big Data for competitive advantage, organizations must enable more than a handful of scarce IT specialists and expensive data scientists to access the information.

By making Big Data usable by business decision-makers and ...

How to test and launch a world-class application [ Source: uTest ]

May 2013- Testing and launching a web application isn't getting any easier. In fact, with the assortment of new browsers, plugins, third party apps and programming languages, this process has never been more complicated. Unfortunately, it's also never been more critical for success.

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