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Text Analytics:The Hurwitz Victory Index Report [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- Unstructured data is everywhere - in emails, call center notes, verbatim survey responses, tweets, blogs, and online news - to name just a few sources. In fact, by most industry estimates, unstructured text accounts for eighty percent of the data available to companies. Text analytics is being embraced at a rapid rate by organizations that want to gain insight into this information and use it for a competitive advantage. Factors fueling this growth include a ...

Why Leading Marketers Outperform [ Source: IBM ]

July 2013- Put personalized marketing to work.

Evolving technology and social trends offer many avenues for improving customer engagements. Forward-thinking organizations can now interact with individuals, while using insights from hard data to improve how they invest in marketing resources. Read the IBM? white paper for more information on how to launch a system of engagement that fuels growth and innovation.

Scaling the Customer Conversation [ Source: IBM ]

July 2013- IBM recently underwent a major transformation, reorienting their entire business to focus more on customer needs. A fundamental element of this shift to Smarter Commerce was the implementation of marketing automation software. This not only allowed for cross-channel communication, it also let IBM engage with individuals directly. Read the white paper to learn how adopting this strategic approach helped improve customer experiences and response rates, while saving energy and costs.

Supply Chain Management Best Practice Guide: Three Rules for Building a Smarter Supply Chain [ Source: IBM ]

January 2013- The key to truly elevating organizational efficiency and profits lies in building a smarter supply chain. And building a smarter supply chain requires that you focus your attention on three key priorities:

1. "Connect the dots" across your supply chain to achieve a globally integrated enterprise.
2. Create an intelligent and adaptive supply chain that optimizes customer experience, costs and return on assets.
3. Deliver differentiated, profitable customer fulfillment experiences.

Read how ...

Understanding the complexity of B2B Integration: Insight for Mid-market Leaders [ Source: IBM ]

January 2013- For midmarket businesses, integrating with customers and suppliers and ensuring supply chain visibility are more important now than ever before. B2B partner communities have gone global, and supply chains are constantly expanding and becoming more complex.

Organizations that make business partner collaboration and supply chain visibility an integral part of their business can drive better relationships with their business partners and experience higher operating profits.

In the Aberdeen Group report "...

New rules for a new decade [ Source: IBM ]

August 2012- The complexities of today's economic environment and everexpanding global supply chains mandate new guidelines for peak performance. Volatile global market conditions and customer demand variability require optimal supply chain configurations to synchronize supply and demand.

Looking to switch customer service technology? [ Source: ]

July 2012- Service Cloud is now the leader in customer service. Learn what top industry voices have to say about Service Cloud vs outdated technologies.

The Benefits of Modern Customer Service [ Source: ]

July 2012- This Beagle Research Group executive white paper describes these advantages of switching to a cloud-based contact centers, focusing on lower total cost of ownership, more deployment options and better service results.

Get CRM Magazine's 2012 Service Leader Award Report [ Source: ]

July 2012- See how the Salesforce Service Cloud took home top honors in the categories of Customer Case Management and Web Support in the March 2012 issue of CRM Magazine, and how Salesforce helps transform top companies into social enterprises.

Engaging Customers in the Social Era [ Source: ]

July 2012- Top companies now know that social media is a powerful way to listen to their customers. The most successful service teams today are not only monitoring social, they're actively participating in the conversation. Learn how.

The Science of Social Listening for Customer Experience [ Source: ]

July 2012- Customers today expect immediate service and fast resolutions from the social Web. These conversations are happening right now among millions of people. Are you listening? Learn how your business can transform the customer service experience.

Complimentary Gartner MQ report for CRM Customer Service [ Source: ]

July 2012- Gartner's 2012 Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers looks at vendors responding to the challenge of "any channel" customer engagement. Follow the leaders and see why customers rely on Salesforce to transform their businesses.

The Mini-Guide to Social Customer Service [ Source: ]

July 2012- Social media is turning customer service and support on its head. It is fundamentally changing how, where and to whom people look for help. Learn Get the 6 Key Areas to Social Service & Support that top companies use to overcome today's challenges.

IDC Business Resiliency Report IBM Power Systems and Their Support for Business Resiliency in Challenging IT Environments [ Source: IBM ]

July 2012- IBM Power Systems provide a comprehensive approach designed to protect the continuity and availability of business-critical applications and services. Deploying integrated disaster recovery allows companies to deliver new services faster, with higher quality, and with superior economics.

Downtime can be highly disruptive and expensive to an organization, with cost drivers including lost revenue, reduced employee productivity, reputational damage, and the cost of resources required to address and avoid outages. Most organizations in IDC ...

Improving the efficiency, accuracy and cost effectiveness of core business activities [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- This paper describes the business challenges associated with managing core business activities and explains how IBM ECM enables greater efficiency, accuracy and cost reduction.

It also discusses the benefits of integrating IBM ECM with existing investments in ERP, CRM and other line-of-business (LOB) systems. Through integration, organizations can further improve their core business activities and deliver the business agility needed to quickly resolve complex business problems and enhance employee and customer decision making.

Smarter Commerce for Consumer Electronics White Paper [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- When we talk about the world becoming increasingly interconnected, instrumented and intelligent, the most ubiquitous example is the smartphone. It collects and disseminates data while its users are at home and on the go, likely serving up just as much - if not more - dynamic, socially driven information as static, always-there web content. And other consumer electronics companies are deep in the revolution of smarter products, providing not just one-dimensional devices but entire customer ...

What Does Seamless Cross Channel Look Like? [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- Seamless Cross Channel Execution, End to End.

You need a single view of the customer, inventory orders and shipments everywhere - across all channels, from order initiation through to fulfillment, including returns. So you know exactly what you need, where you need it and when. Access the perfect order briefcase to learn how you can achieve.

360-degree view of customers, inventory, orders, and shipments everywhere
Cross-channel order capture
Synchronized ...

Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions from IBM Powerful, agile and simple enterprise resource planning [ Source: IBM ]

January 2012- IBM provides consulting, implementation and application management services for Microsoft Dynamics AX, a comprehensive ERP solution for midsize and larger organizations that empowers people to work effectively, manage change, and compete globally.

The Social Business: Advent of a new age [ Source: IBM ]

December 2011- As the world becomes more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent and the population continues to embrace social computing, today's enterprises face the dawn of a new era - the era of the Social Business. Just as the Internet changed the marketplace forever, the integration of social computing into enterprise design represents another enormous shift in the landscape.

Organizations that successfully transform into a Social Business can potentially reap great benefits - among them the ...

Driving growth and innovation with a trusted support resource - An innovative approach to maintenance and technical support [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- There's a misconception that maintenance and technical support services are only about on-site repair or necessary when something breaks. Given today's complex technology infrastructure with multiple systems, platforms and vendors, you need more. Learn how IBM's proactive approach to support can save you time and money and help improve the availability of critical systems.

How to Eat an Elephant [ Source: Make Technologies ]

September 2011- There's an elephant in the room that nobody's talking about. Aging application portfolios are putting many organizations at risk. Organizations need a strategy and a roadmap to modernize their application portfolios. This whitepaper discusses a step-by-step approach and necessary considerations for a scalable modernization project.

After establishing a set of goals and principles to guide the modernization journey, Portfolio Assessment is the first step. Inventory the applications in the portfolio and assess each ...

Healthcare Cash Control: How to Shift from Paper Driven to Electronic Payments [ Source: Lawson Software ]

July 2011- Memorial Hermann Healthcare System (MHHS) was managing an extremely complicated procurement to payment (P2P) system that consumed countless staff hours and cost $50 each for thousands of paper-based financial transactions and reconciliations every month.

Learn how MHHS was able to shift from a paper-driven system to an electronic payment and invoicing model and review the benefits - including cost savings of $11 per invoice.

An ERP Guide To Driving Efficiency [ Source: Sage Software ]

May 2011- Improving business efficiency is a perennial concern for any company that hopes to achieve "best-in-class" operations. Businesses that successfully improve efficiency stand to reduce operating costs while improving the effectiveness and profitability of their operations. They also gain time to devote to strategic planning. While many companies employ siloed applications and manual business processes, best-in-class companies are more likely to fully exploit ERP technology.

This white paper describes how ERP technology can improve ...

Collaboration Drives Growth for Discrete Manufacturers [ Source: Sage Software ]

February 2011- Companies with an integrated company-wide business management system (or enterprise resource planning [ERP] system) are likely to have more and more accurate information readily accessible. Companies that have already implemented well-managed processes to deal with inventory, receivables, payables, and managing the supply chain are more likely to be in a relatively strong cash position. Those manufacturers can invest to differentiate themselves from their competition.

What investments are needed? An enterprise system that can ...

Transforming Finance into a Strategic Resource [ Source: Sage Software ]

October 2010- As the economic crisis eases and companies begin pursuing new opportunities, they are looking to finance for advice on investment options and business decisions. By providing insights into financial implications, finance can help the business ensure that new initiatives deliver business value.

Yet today, finance's involvement in strategic decisions is limited. Transforming finance will require finance leaders to gain a greater understanding of operational issues within the business, automation of transactional processes, and ...

7 Steps to Building a Business Case for ERP [ Source: Sage Software ]

February 2011- Businesses are looking to make technology investments to prepare for growth. But with the economic recovery uneven and uncertain, they remain cautious about these investments. One thing is clear: Any technology investments must deliver value to the business. To define this value and corresponding costs, businesses need to define a business case for their technology investments and build a framework for measuring ROI. This whitepaper describes a 7-step process that will help organizations build their ...

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