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ORSA State of Readiness Survey: Addressing the Readiness of US Insurers for the RMOSA [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- IBM conducted a survey of senior risk officers at US insurers to determine their level of preparedness for ORSA. This paper discusses their responses.

The Next Generation Employee Experience [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- The IBM Employee Experience Suite helps organizations leverage social software and real-time collaboration to deliver a personalized employee web experience across many channels.

This white paper from IBM, showcases five organizations that are strategically integrating emerging social software and tools with their existing investments and seeing measurable results in return on investment.

Onboarding 2013 - A New Look at New Hires [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- This study of 230 organizations, conducted in January and February 2013, will explore the best practices organizations use to transform basic new hire orientations into strategic initiatives and how they leverage world-class technology to boost productivity, engagement, and retention.

Addressing changing customer behavior [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- The commerce landscape has changed drastically in the last 10 years, and since the Internet gave birth to the likes of e-commerce sites and social media, customers now more than ever expect businesses to go the extra mile to maintain their custom. With competitors just a click away, understanding customer behavior and improving customer experience has never been more critical. Reducing customer struggle is no easy feat, especially as each individual customer faces a deluge of ...

Ten Steps to Better Requirements Management [ Source: IBM ]

October 2013- Requirements definition and management is recognized as a necessary step for the successful delivery of systems and software projects; the discipline is also required by standards, regulations and quality improvement initiatives like Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

Design Matters: Enabling better collaboration [ Source: IBM ]

October 2013- Today's complexity in software and systems design is only expected to rise, and more than half of CEOs doubt their ability to manage it. Whether IT or device-based, software-intensive systems continue to grow in size and complexity. Globally distributed and diverse teams, outsourcing and supply chain dependencies lead to increased challenges in the timely launch of competitive products and services. Organizations struggle to balance agility and complexity. It's not enough to manage development, the design ...

IBM Customer Experience Suite and IBM Forms Experience Builder [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- It's more important than ever to provide customers with engaging experiences. Customers expect more than static web content. They want to interact. Customers want answers to questions, they want information on how your products can help address their unique needs, and they want to request a service or perhaps to engage in a program you offer. Examples of customer interaction are limitless and can be found in all phases of a customer relationship.

The Social Imperative in Workforce Skills Development [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- Using social technologies, organizations can develop a workforce development program where employees can develop skills on the job by collaborating with experts and sharing tacit knowledge. This white paper shows how organizations that develop a social learning program can improve employee engagement, reduce attrition and decrease the amount of time employees waste searching for expertise and information.

5 Phases of Capture [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- Many organizations haven't implemented a document imaging capture system for two simple reasons: they were expensive and difficult to use. New alternatives address these problems and a noted document-management expert explains how to build an effective document strategy around them, whether you need a simple scanning or enterprise-wide capture solution.

Collaboration Case Study: Yellow Pages Group [ Source: tibbr ]

June 2013- After just two months, 80% of the company's 2,800 staff has created a profile on the platform, and 27,000 posts have been added across 200 groups. The initial use cases have been very successful, with the social intranet now replacing various different communication channels including email, and driving greater interaction between departments. The highly distributed sales team has embraced the technology particularly enthusiastically, predominantly to support sharing of success stories on the platform. While it's still early days, Yellow ...

How to Get More Out of Your Integration Systems [ Source: tibbr ]

June 2013- Enterprise social networking must intelligently incorporate business applications with conversations so employees can execute on key business outcomes. In this report, discover how tibbr empowers IT to integrate your existing systems and data to increase efficiency. This report includes an overview of the tibbr Architecture, REST API, bi-directional functionality, activity streams and other key methods for integrating all applications.

Avoiding The 7 Common Mistakes Of Windows 7 Migration [ Source: Dell ]

May 2013- Time is running out for deploying Windows 7, but the migration path isn't an easy one and there are many obstacles that can drive this project into overtime. Learn how to avoid the seven common mistakes that may trip you up on your way to Windows 7 so you can stay on time with your deployment plan.

De belangrijkste componenten van Unified Communications in de cloud [ Source: Mitel ]

May 2013- Door slimmer te communiceren en samen te werken benut u kansen die anderen laten liggen. Oplossingen voor Unified Communications (UC) zorgen ervoor dat u beter bereikbaar bent, sneller handelt en de productiviteit en klantenservice naar een hoger niveau tilt. Bied uw medewerkers nieuwe, effectieve manieren om in contact te blijven, ongeacht hun locatie of het type device dat zij gebruiken (smartphone, tablet, bureautoestel). Cloud computing is een van de meest efficiënte leveringsmodellen voor UC. ...

Secure the Enterprise with Confidence [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- The explosive increase in cyberthreats poses an increasingly daunting challenge to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of intellectual property and other sensitive information. Conflicting opinions about operational risk, myriad point solutions for security technology, and dissimilar computing infrastructures create a puzzling landscape for security and risk professionals. To assess the market, Forrester Consulting interviewed 225 IT security leaders across North America and Western Europe about their firm?s information security investments. Roughly 60% of respondents reported revenues ...

The Future of Email and Application is Social [ Source: IBM ]

April 2013- This white paper examines the state of collaboration in today's enterprise and provides an IBM point of view on how collaboration will evolve, along with how Notes and Domino software will fit into the new collaboration equation.

Changing the Economics and Experience of IT [ Source: IBM ]

March 2013- Utilizing the right IT solutions can help reduce complexities by automating and proactively managing previously time-consuming processes, enabling IT pros to focus on value-added activities that can help bring business improvements. This white paper discusses the IBM PureSystems family of products, which was designed to change both the economics and the experience of IT. Read on to find out how utilization of these solutions will enable you to focus on higher-value business transformation services rather ...

IT Knowledge Expert - Making the ITIL 3 Service Knowledge Management System a Reality [ Source: Attivio, Inc. ]

February 2013- This whitepaper will address misconceptions regarding SKMS, explore technical challenges to creating an SKMS, present unified information access as the ideal technology to fulfill these challenges, and conclude with a financial services SKMS implementation case study.

Supply Chain Management Best Practice Guide: Three Rules for Building a Smarter Supply Chain [ Source: IBM ]

January 2013- The key to truly elevating organizational efficiency and profits lies in building a smarter supply chain. And building a smarter supply chain requires that you focus your attention on three key priorities:

1. "Connect the dots" across your supply chain to achieve a globally integrated enterprise.
2. Create an intelligent and adaptive supply chain that optimizes customer experience, costs and return on assets.
3. Deliver differentiated, profitable customer fulfillment experiences.

Read how ...

Understanding the complexity of B2B Integration: Insight for Mid-market Leaders [ Source: IBM ]

January 2013- For midmarket businesses, integrating with customers and suppliers and ensuring supply chain visibility are more important now than ever before. B2B partner communities have gone global, and supply chains are constantly expanding and becoming more complex.

Organizations that make business partner collaboration and supply chain visibility an integral part of their business can drive better relationships with their business partners and experience higher operating profits.

In the Aberdeen Group report "...

9 Steps to Building a Business Case for B2B Integration [ Source: IBM ]

January 2013- In today's struggling economy, we all know that it's crucial to establish a strategic plan when implementing a business case - from appealing to each decision-maker to making sure that the case meets basic financial requirements.

IBM has classified how to build and justify a business case, in nine steps. Following these steps will give you a clear understanding of the tools and techniques that are required for successful B2B integration. This ...

Building Value with Continuous Integration [ Source: CollabNet ]

January 2013- This paper is written to provide guidance for teams new to continuous integration or wanting to explore ways to improve their implementations. The topics explored in this paper include Value Stream Maps, Antipatterns, and Tools and Technology for Continuous Integration.

The Best-of-Class Strategy Makes a Return in the Cloud Era [ Source: UNIT4 CODA, Inc. ]

November 2012- This report takes a look at UNIT4 and how the company's financial solution Coda Financials enables the financial executive to have a no-compromise approach to financial modeling and applications choice i.e. adding, keeping or changing business applications without losing control or increasing the risk of non-compliancy.

The Best-of-Class Financial Systems Strategy: An Alternative to ERP Platforms [ Source: UNIT4 CODA, Inc. ]

November 2012- This white paper features insight from the UNIT4 group (which includes the CODA Financials software suite) about the issues facing companies that need an adaptable financial system but not necessarily a full-blown enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Also featured in this white paper: TEC's suggestions for identifying financial system functionality that will support your organization's changing processes. The latter portion of this white paper includes a descriptive checklist for soliciting such information about ...

Driving New and Organic Growth: Identify and Capitalize on Enterprise Leads and Referrals [ Source: NexJ ]

November 2012- More and more, multi-line insurance organizations are focusing on driving revenue opportunities through leads, referrals and enterprise cross-selling. As a result, the lead and referral management paradigm has expanded beyond traditional lead generation methods to include new opportunities derived by mining existing customer bases for cross line of business and cross-product leads and referrals.

Download the whitepaper, Driving New and Organic Growth:Identify and Capitalize on Enterprise Leads and Referrals, and learn how ...

Turbocharge your investment [ Source: IBM ]

October 2012- To realize the full benefit of cloud-based applications, integration must be dramatically simplified. Companies need a solution that can run anywhere, connect applications anywhere, be managed from anywhere, and require no specialist integration skills or IT infrastructure.

These solutions must be easily configurable, flexible, and scalable - which means no coding. And, the integration solution must implement projects within days, not weeks or months. WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration provides these benefits today. ...

Cloud Identity Buyer's Guide [ Source: McAfee ]

October 2012- The software-as-a-service (SaaS) application delivery model is growing rapidly. However, customers who adopt the SaaS model struggle to manage the overwhelming number of user accounts they have to create. Their users are constantly forgetting their passwords and calling the help desk. They are unhappy because they have to reenter their user ID and password every time they logon to an application during the day. Overwhelmed IT administrators take too long to create accounts for new ...

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