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Transparency in the Public Cloud: Eliminating Public vs Private Tradeoffs [ Source: iland ]

March 2014- It's now possible to get the same visibility in the public cloud that you have in your own data center - or even better. A Best of Interop 2014 finalist, analysts and media agree that the new iland Enterprise Cloud Services portal provides unmatched visibility into the true costs of cloud as well as performance, security and compliance data.

According to Torsten Volk, research director at Enterprise Management Associates, "iland's new portal exemplifies the ...

Disaster Recovery: The Budget Item You Cannot Afford to Cut [ Source: iland ]

March 2014- According to a recent survey, the cost of downtime over the last few years increased 65 percent. Not surprisingly, growing technology dependence can expose companies to threats from human error, cybercrime and natural disaster - causing their digital infrastructures to come crashing down in a split second.

Read "Disaster Recovery: The Budget Item You Cannot Afford to Cut" and learn why virtualization ensures business continuity; how one company's strong DR plan results in millions ...

Executive Viewpoint - Dramatic IT Innovation: The Converged Infrastructure [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

March 2014- With technology reaching more aspects of business, IT leaders are faced with challenges regarding consolidation, virtualization, and the cloud. But their role is changing and IT must manage the increase of data-center requirements without additional infrastructure. Read on for Jim Ganthier's perspective on how today's server technology can help IT succeed.

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HP ProLiant DL360p & DL380p Gen8 Servers - Focus on Power, Flexibility and Serviceability [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

March 2014- HP's Gen8 servers are the flagship products bringing new technologies and capabilities to market. Delivering advances in performance, serviceability, and lifecycle automation, they address the demands of today's IT environments. Learn how these servers increase provisioning and uptime, and reduce the time and resources spent on server deployment and management.

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IDG Tech Dossier: Density Makes The Difference [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

March 2014- Ever-increasing workloads and the challenge of containing costs leave companies conflicted by the need for increased processing capacity while limiting physical expansion. Migration to HP's new generation of increased-density rack-and-blade servers can address growing demands for compute capacity while reducing costly sprawl.

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Solving Server-Management Challenges in the Cloud Era [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

March 2014- Storing, protecting, and analyzing greater amounts of digital content can strain already limited information technology (IT) resources and put heavy demands on business managers' attention. Learn how to overcome these challenges, with scalable server technology that automates routine tasks and improves system performance with minimal supervision.

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Transform Your Data Centers - HP ProLiant Gen8 - the World's Most Intelligent Servers eBook [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

March 2014- From core to cloud HP ProLiant Gen8 servers are transforming data center expectations and economics with the world's most intelligent servers. Learn how they deliver maximum performance and reliability while simplifying day-to-day management.

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Security in the Midmarket: Challenges of Virtualization [ Source: Trend Micro ]

February 2014- While IT allows midmarket businesses to maximize limited resources and do more with less, technological advances cut both ways. Improved connectivity, communication, and Web presence provide benefits to midsize businesses, yet they can also result in an increase of Internet-based security threats and expose the business to criminal elements that these companies wouldn't otherwise encounter.

At the same time, midsize organizations are increasingly utilizing virtualization as well as public and private clouds, trends ...

Enterprise Workloads on The IBM X6 Portfolio: Driving Business Advantages [ Source: IBM ]

February 2014- This paper shows how the new IBM systems with X6 technology were designed to take clients to a new frontier of x86 computing. These new X6 systems are ideal platforms for meeting business-critical demands with data base, business analytics, virtualize.

A Major Change in x86 Server Design: IBM X6 Platforms [ Source: IBM ]

February 2014- Easier Deployment due to: Reference Architectures optimized with/for leading solution partners (VMWare & SAP HANA), outstanding performance with Flash DIMMs. Includes interviews with DAU clients.

IDC Analyst Report: The Critical Need for Edge Data Protection [ Source: CommVault ]

October 2013- Many firms are acutely aware of the costs and risks associated with lost or unrecoverable data on employee devices, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. While mobility initiatives, including bring your own device (BYOD), are gaining popularity, IDC has discovered that many firms do not have adequate protection, recovery policies or tools in place to manage their ever-increasing volumes of data.

Read why IDC believes the need to protect sensitive data residing on ...

Data at the Edge: the Modern Enterprise's Next Big Challenge [ Source: CommVault ]

October 2013- Drive efficiency and productivity by centralizing protection, expediting recovery and enhancing access for remote/branch office and laptop/desktop data. This whitepaper describes how Simpana software is the best solution to make that happen.

Forrester Wave for Enterprise Backup and Recovery [ Source: CommVault ]

October 2013- op analyst firm, Forrester, has recognized CommVault as a leader in, "The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software," Q2 2013. CommVault earned the top score for the current offering category with our Simpana 10 software, which merited a 4.45 out of a possible 5, a strong validation from a respected international research firm that the market is clearly embracing the value of our integrated approach to data and information management.

Read this report to see how ...

The Five Fundamentals of Virtual Server Protection [ Source: CommVault ]

October 2013- The compelling benefits of server virtualizationare driving the transition to large scale virtual server deployments. From server consolidation to emergent private and public cloud architectures, virtualization technologies are rapidly becoming a cornerstone of the modern data center. With CommVault's Simpana software, you can take full advantage of virtualization technology developments and enable private and public cloud data centers while continuing to meet all your data management, protection and retention needs.

This whitepaper outlines ...

IBM Customer Experience Suite and IBM Forms Experience Builder [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- It's more important than ever to provide customers with engaging experiences. Customers expect more than static web content. They want to interact. Customers want answers to questions, they want information on how your products can help address their unique needs, and they want to request a service or perhaps to engage in a program you offer. Examples of customer interaction are limitless and can be found in all phases of a customer relationship.

Managing the Growing Pains in Today's Expanding Networks [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- Change may be constant, but in today's IT networks there's one type of change that's more constant than others' growth. More people are generating more data than ever before with iPhones, iPads, Android phones and other mobile devices. Each platform and each business operation requires new applications. Work occurs across greater distance. But functions still occur on the network. The result? To accommodate increasingly sophisticated personal devices and wider ranges of service types, networks are ...

Accelerate Software Development with DevOps and Hybrid Cloud [ Source: Skytap ]

December 2013- Agile methodologies give development and test teams the ability to build software at a faster rate than ever before. Combining DevOps with hybrid cloud architectures give teams not just the principles, but also the technology necessary to achieve their goals.

By combining hybrid cloud and DevOps:

• IT departments maintain control, visibility, and security
• Dev/test teams remain agile and collaborative
• Organizational barriers are broken down

Forrester Whitepaper: IT Operations Managers Must Rethink Their Approach to Private Cloud [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

July 2013- Organizations of all types are attracted by the promises of private cloud computing, but few actually have the virtual maturity to be successful. This Forrester report reveals the latest virtualization trends so you can see how far your peers are in their journey to the private cloud. Read on and discover best practices for improving virtualization in order to prepare for the cloud.

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Top 10 Reasons to Move to HP Blade Servers [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- According to a recent InformationWeek survey, more than 90% of IT leaders plan to increase virtualization initiatives this year. As they use virtualization to support more complex and mission-critical applications, self-service provisioning, and business initiatives in the cloud, these IT pros are choosing blade servers as their platform of choice.

Check out this HP-sponsored white paper to learn why blade servers are the best platform for high-density virtualized environments and how they can enable ...

HP Newsletter with Gartner Research: Maximizing Your Infrastructure through Virtualization [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- Virtualization is a proven way to cut costs and improve IT efficiency, so it's no surprise that IT pros are rolling out new deployments at a record pace. But to ensure that your virtualization project delivers the best results, it's important to follow best practices.

Taneja Group: Overview of Virtualization and Cloud Market Vendor Landscape for SMBs [ Source: Dell ]

June 2013- Taneja Group presents an evaluation of the virtualization and cloud solution market for small and medium business (SMB) users (companies with less than 1000 employees). This executive summary evaluates virtual infrastructure and management, end user computing, and cloud service provider solutions from leading vendors, to enable senior decision makers in SMB organizations to decide which vendors in the market offer the best virtualization and cloud solutions.

Real World Considerations for Implementing Desktop Virtualization eBook [ Source: Dell ]

June 2013- Are you considering extending the success of your server virtualization deployment to your desktops? Read this comprehensive eBook for introductory information on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), including the pros and cons of VDI, as well how to ensure a successful implementation.

How Virtualization is Key to Managing Risk [ Source: Dell ]

June 2013- Is your IT environment ready for a disaster? Virtualization can save your infrastructure before an outage occurs and can also ensure an efficient recovery without data loss. Read this eBook to learn how VMware virtualization solutions can help prepare your systems for a disaster and protect your data if one does strike.

Don't Get Stuck on Your Virtualization Journey: Where to Focus Next [ Source: Dell ]

June 2013- You've virtualized a significant number of server workloads and have likely experienced signficant cost savings and performance improvements so, what's next? Read this trend brief to identify which phase of virtualization you are in and where you should be headed to reap even more business benefits with expansion of your virtual environment.

Top 10 Considerations for Getting Started with VMware Virtualization [ Source: Dell ]

June 2013- Moving your workloads from physical servers to a virtualized environment can help your business drive down costs, increase IT efficiencies and improve application availability but it's important to carefully plan the transition to virtualization in order to avoid any complications. Read these considerations as you plan your move to virtualization to ensure a smooth transition and a successful project.

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