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IBM SmartCloud Solutions: Software as a Service [ Source: IBM ]

November 2014- IBM SmartCloud Solutions enables organizations to execute business processes, analytics and applications as a service, and then realize cloud benefits by accelerating the time to market of these solutions and the transformation they bring. These solutions enable clients to reduce risk and capital investment, as well as the burden on IT resources, with instant and ongoing scalability to help them stay one step ahead of the market.

Become a Social Business in the Cloud [ Source: IBM ]

October 2014- Deepen your customer relationships. Drive operational effectiveness. Optimize your workforce. Read this solution brief to see how using IBM SmartCloud for Social Business services to become a social business can help your organization simplify, speed up and enhance interactions in practically all areas of the business.

Sales Analytics - The Path to Improving Sales Effectiveness [ Source: IBM ]

July 2014- When applying analytics to the sales process, it is important to understand what analytics can do for your business. There are three distinct levels in the analytics maturity model. Each successive level signifies that a company is more effectively integrating analytics into their operations.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about applying analytics to the sales process.

From audit compliance to app stores, accelerate your move to software asset management [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- With comprehensive software asset management, organizations can prepare for audits and ultimately implement an automated, self-service enterprise "app" store to simplify, streamline, and better control software requests, approvals, deployment and licensing.

Embracing SaaS: A Pacesetter Perspective [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- Embracing SaaS: A Pacesetters Perspective. The IBM Global SaaS Study highlights the Pacesetter segment - roughly 19% of the survey population - who exhibit the highest level of SaaS adoption and are gaining competitive advantage through their broad efforts.

Info-Tech Email & Content Archive Vendor Landscape [ Source: CommVault ]

March 2014- Leading analyst firms are recognizing the value of the singular software platform approach to information governance. With that value in mind, Info-Tech Research Group has named CommVault's Simpana 10 software a 'Champion' in their Content and Email Archive Vendor Landscape. Use the download link below to access the full report.

API Management is the SOA Renaissance [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- An innovation-centric approach that combines SOA and API management provides you with a robust integration from the Internet of Things to enterprise back-end systems. An approach to integration that can also generate new business insight and opportunities.

Embracing SaaS: A Pacesetter Perspective [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- Pacesetters: The IBM Global SaaS Study highlights the Pacesetter segments - roughly 19% of the survey population - who exhibit the highest level of SaaS adoption and are gaining competitive advantage through their broad efforts.

Champions of Software as a Service: How SaaS is fueling powerful competitive advantage [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- This paper showcases a global IBM survey of senior decision makers whose organizations have implemented SaaS. Among survey respondents, the Pacesetters are experiencing new, broader benefits resulting in powerful competitive advantage.

The Total Economic Impact of IBM's Worklight Platform [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- Adopting new mobile applications usually brings with it concerns related to security and risk mitigation. Mobile application security has a unique set of requirements to address new challenges. Key components in the enterprise security infrastructure are designed to secure browsing activity.

This 12-page technical white paper discusses how IBM Worklight:

enables mobile security such as on-device data protection
integrates with your existing security infrastructure
helps to create and deliver ...

Improve banking with the IBM Smarter Process approach [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- The IBM Smarter Process vision for banking Customers' expectations have never been so high. Yet, leaders at many banks and financial institutions still fail at providing a smooth, personalized, timely and relevant experience throughout channels. Operational costs remain high due to lack of integration between back-end and front-end systems, the lack of visibility into processes, and the inability to automate critical business decisions while managing risks.

SOA Design Principles for Dummies [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- SOA is simply good design for IT integration and for the business solutions of an ever-more-connected and ever-more-distributed world. This book details how SOA design principles are applicable to the forces currently impacting our world, including cloud, mobile, social and big data.

Optimization Buyers Checklist [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- To thrive in today's complex and rapidly evolving business environments, companies need to go beyond business intelligence. They need a map that gives them a clear understanding of the impacts, trade-offs and likely outcomes of their choices and decisions. Through the use of advanced analytics techniques from the Operations Research (OR) community, IBM has been providing companies with frameworks and models for testing business strategies for decades. With exponential improvements in computational power, OR technologies ...

Managing the Growing Pains in Today's Expanding Networks [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- Change may be constant, but in today's IT networks there's one type of change that's more constant than others' growth. More people are generating more data than ever before with iPhones, iPads, Android phones and other mobile devices. Each platform and each business operation requires new applications. Work occurs across greater distance. But functions still occur on the network. The result? To accommodate increasingly sophisticated personal devices and wider ranges of service types, networks are ...

Why Leading Marketers Outperform [ Source: IBM ]

July 2013- Put personalized marketing to work.

Evolving technology and social trends offer many avenues for improving customer engagements. Forward-thinking organizations can now interact with individuals, while using insights from hard data to improve how they invest in marketing resources. Read the IBM? white paper for more information on how to launch a system of engagement that fuels growth and innovation.

Transforming Your Business with Software as a Service [ Source: IBM ]

July 2013- IBM SmartCloud Solutions delivers the SaaS solutions needed to maximize collaborations, accelerate innovations, make impactful, informed decisions and become a truly customer-centric organization. Backed by IBM's deep industry knowledge and desire to continually innovate for the benefit of our clients, this portfolio aligns IT and line-of-business priorities to maximize software investments and streamline business processes. The result is a customer-centric company culture that is nimble and ready to act. Only IBM SmartCloud Solutions transcends other ...

DevOps for a New Millennium: A Lifecycle Perspective Supporting Business Growth in an Altered Economy [ Source: OpTier ]

April 2013- Cloud. Agile. Virtualization. Big Data. Mobile. Emerging from the economic wasteland that characterized the first decade of the 2000s, the IT Industry is charging out of the gate with an explosion of unprecedented innovation.

The rapid adoption of agile development and shifting market conditions has paved the way for a new DevOps paradigm. This new evolution entails a more cross-functional, collaborative, and lifecycle- focused activity than traditionally understood DevOps approaches.

This ...

5 Ways To Solidify Your APM Strategy With SaaS [ Source: OpTier ]

April 2013- The traditional approach to Application Performance Management (APM) is largely based on siloed tools that manage individual components of an application stack.The challenge is that these tools only give you one perspective of the application. What's been missing is an integrated solution that captures the full, end-to-end application perspective.

Learn how an Analytics-Driven, cloud-based APM solution can significantly improve your APM efforts by simplifying:

??Problem Detection and Isolation
??Cross-Functional ...

How to Efficiently Deploy a Virtualized Integrated Infrastructure [ Source: Dell ]

February 2013- Many Organizations understand the benefits of, but are challenged with implementing a virtualized integrated infrastructure. Download, "Targeting Use Cases for fast Deployment of Virtualized Integrated Infrastructure" to learn more about a pre-integrated, ready-to-deploy virtualized infrastructure that can:

Create a virtual environment for remote or branch offices

Support application hosting platforms

Deploy private clouds

IT Professionals can now deploy a virtualized infrastructure efficiently without being required to commit ...

Systems Management Buyers Guide [ Source: Dell KACE™ ]

November 2012- Organizations of all sizes struggle to find an effective systems management solution scaled to their needs. KACE has developed a Systems Management Buyers Guide to find the product that meets your needs. Read it today.

Taming Software License Compliance through Automation: 10 Best Practices [ Source: Dell KACE™ ]

November 2012- Turn one of your biggest headaches - asset management - into a cost and time saving initiative. Learn about the 10 best practices to tame software license compliance. Read the white paper today.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management [ Source: Zenprise ]

November 2012- Although MDM features have commoditized with little differentiation, the platforms are expanding deeper into enterprise mobile software and document management support. Enterprises should look not just at a vendor's MDM technology but also at how well it can support enterprise mobile needs.

e-Commerce Strategies for Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales and Marketing [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- You need a single view of the customer, inventory orders and shipments everywhere - across all channels, from order initiation through to fulfillment, including returns. So you know exactly what you need, where you need it and when. Access the perfect order briefcase to learn how you can achieve.

The Business Value of Business Rules Management System [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- IDC research has consistently identified BRMS technology as one of the IT industry's higher-growth areas. Just as business rules management is providing business value today, the indications are that as the industry transforms to being configuration based, service oriented, event driven, and decision centric, business rules technology is likely to play a far more important and core role in orchestrating IT activities.

Case Study eBook: Achieving Business Agility with Decision Management [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- To achieve better everyday business results, organizations are turning to business rule management, or a combination of business rules and business events processing, to improve the timing and quality of the operational decisions that are driving key business processes and applications, such as claims processing, member enrollment, campaign management, payments processing, medical monitoring and customer care.

This eBook features 12 customer stories from a variety industries and business use cases. Through these stories, you?...

Why WebSphere Operational Decision Management? A Case for Business Users of Information Technology [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- The next generation in business rule management -- IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management enables a giant leap forward in bridging the gap between business people and IT. Using this software, line-of-business subject matter experts can define their policies and automated decisions in a form that is both understandable to the non-technical user and consumable by the systems that will use them, providing clear communication between the policy managers defining the requirements and the developers implementing ...

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