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5 Phases of Capture [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- Many organizations haven't implemented a document imaging capture system for two simple reasons: they were expensive and difficult to use. New alternatives address these problems and a noted document-management expert explains how to build an effective document strategy around them, whether you need a simple scanning or enterprise-wide capture solution.

Accelerate Software Development with DevOps and Hybrid Cloud [ Source: Skytap ]

December 2013- Agile methodologies give development and test teams the ability to build software at a faster rate than ever before. Combining DevOps with hybrid cloud architectures give teams not just the principles, but also the technology necessary to achieve their goals.

By combining hybrid cloud and DevOps:

• IT departments maintain control, visibility, and security
• Dev/test teams remain agile and collaborative
• Organizational barriers are broken down

Enterprise Ultrabook Devices for Business [ Source: Intel ]

April 2013- Intel IT is proactively gathering data about Ultrabook devices and how they fit into the enterprise, in anticipation of a wave of new devices and form factors and the associated expectations who want to buy and use these devices at work.

Lower TCO with Intel and Windows 7 [ Source: Intel ]

April 2013- Windows 8 tablets provide a PC experience, which for many workers is essential to maintaining productivity. With Windows 8, users can run familiar desktop applications, maintaining productivity without having to find new ways to carry out tasks. They can read, edit, and print their emails and Office documents - tasks that can be a challenge on other tablets. In addition to these productivity advantages, Intel Core i5 processor and Windows 8 tablets can provide enterprises with total cost ...

New Windows Tablets are Disruptive in a Good Way [ Source: Intel ]

April 2013- The introduction of Apple's iPad sent shock waves through the industry as it redefined end user's expectations on design, battery life, simplicity, content and applications. Like PC purchases driven by end users and departments in the late 1980's, iPads first entered the enterprise through executives, departments and end users. Apple added basic enterprise features and let third parties add incremental support. At the time, enterprises did not have a viable alternative, so they started to ...

The Best-of-Class Strategy Makes a Return in the Cloud Era [ Source: UNIT4 CODA, Inc. ]

November 2012- This report takes a look at UNIT4 and how the company's financial solution Coda Financials enables the financial executive to have a no-compromise approach to financial modeling and applications choice i.e. adding, keeping or changing business applications without losing control or increasing the risk of non-compliancy.

The Best-of-Class Financial Systems Strategy: An Alternative to ERP Platforms [ Source: UNIT4 CODA, Inc. ]

November 2012- This white paper features insight from the UNIT4 group (which includes the CODA Financials software suite) about the issues facing companies that need an adaptable financial system but not necessarily a full-blown enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Also featured in this white paper: TEC's suggestions for identifying financial system functionality that will support your organization's changing processes. The latter portion of this white paper includes a descriptive checklist for soliciting such information about ...

Keys to Data Protection: Myths, Realities and Proactive Planning [ Source: Carbonite ]

November 2012- Through a series of case studies, Inc. and Carbonite explore the all-too-common small business ‘nightmare’, data loss – and, examine the consequences suffered as a result of being ill-prepared. Experts Pete Lamson, senior vice president for small business at Carbonite, and Philip Jan Rothstein, president of Rothstein Associates Inc., weigh-in on the importance of making data protection a business priority. With proper – and more importantly, proactive - planning, small businesses can aptly prepare for whatever may ...

How Prepared is Your Business if Disaster Strikes? [ Source: Carbonite ]

November 2012- Research from the Insurance Institute states that up to 40 percent of small businesses affected by disaster will never reopen. Carbonite provides 10 easy tips to help small businesses develop a solid disaster preparedness plan. Having such a plan in place, helps businesses minimize loss and disruption and return to normal business operations as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster. Through this checklist, small business owners will receive ideas on how to appropriately assess ...

Five Ways Online Backup Keeps Your Data Safe [ Source: Carbonite ]

November 2012- Carbonite discusses the various steps taken to ensure the continual security and protection of customer data. Specifically, there are five areas of critical importance Carbonite focuses on – highly redundant disk drives, hardened data center facilities and best-in-class operations, specialized system monitoring software, world-class network security and encryption, and transparent access to your backup status. In this article, we explore each of these areas in-depth and the measures taken to uphold Carbonite’s commitment to data ...

IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Concepts, Planning, and Design Guide [ Source: IBM ]

October 2012- This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides information about the concepts, planning, and design of IBM WebSphere® Application Server environments. This book is aimed at IT architects and consultants who want more information for the planning and designing of application-serving environments, ranging from small to large, and complex implementations.

This book addresses the packaging and features in WebSphere Application Server and highlights the most common implementation topologies. It provides information about planning for specific tasks ...

Shifting Performance Strategies and Solutions for Mobile & Web Delivery [ Source: Akamai ]

September 2012- Did you know that most companies underutilize services that can improve the performance of Web and mobile architectures, focusing mistakenly on more costly and complex solutions?

That's just one finding in the new independent study: Shifting Performance Strategies and Solutions for Mobile & Web Delivery, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Akamai Technologies.

As users flock to a growing universe of mobile devices, optimizing browsing experiences across platforms ...

Place Matters in the Helping Professions: GIS for Human and Social Services Organizations [ Source: ESRI ]

April 2012- Academics have made the case that social work needs mapping. This white paper describes how geographic information systems (GIS) fill that prescription. GIS is a key component in modernizing the information technology (IT) of many human and social service programs. By leveraging the data management, analysis, and visualization capabilities of GIS, social workers and other human service professionals (hereinafter referred to collectively as helping professionals) are empowered to understand community needs, measure environmental forces (including ...

IBM Systems Director 6.3 Improved Usability, Instability and Functionality [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- IBM Systems Director 6.3 has just been released. Read the white paper and see how this new revision can improve usability with a more logical interface, as well as simplify installation for the program and associated plug-ins. Also learn how its extended functionality enhances control over physical systems, virtualized resources and storage devices.

Three Steps to Progress BPM from Project to Program [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- In this white paper we aim to answer these and many other questions you might have about rolling out BPM in your organization. After thousands of client engagements we think we have assembled a proven guide that will ensure you succeed early and often with BPM.

What are the tools I need in place?
What expertise do I need to get going?
How long will it take before I can see ...

Readying your portals for social business [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- Improve business outcomes by adding social and real-time collaboration to your portals to realize value through greater revenue, improved customer satisfaction and lower operational costs.

An Excerpt Bridging the OSS/BSS Gap: Strategies for Dynamic Order Management by Frost & Sullivan [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- This report will describe the need for Dynamic Order Management and share results of a global Stratecast survey, conducted in conjunction with ConceptWave, of CSP views of the function and how it fits into current and future operational strategies. In addition, we profile a number of OSS/BSS vendors that are bringing Dynamic Order Management solutions to market.

Securing virtualization in real-world environments [ Source: IBM ]

September 2011- This white paper examines many of the security concerns associated with virtualization and helps you understand and prioritize these risks, as well as describing the IBM security solutions that can help you secure virtual environments and position your organization to reap the full rewards of this exciting technology.

Hadoop Challenges and Best Practices [ Source: Dell ]

September 2011- Hadoop is an ecosystem of components for implementing the Google MapReduce algorithms in a scalable fashion on commodity hardware. It enables organizations to store and process large volumes of data and analyze it in ways not previously possible with less scalable solutions or standard SQL-based approaches.

This white paper highlights common Hadoop challenges and uses and reveals a series of best practices to use when designing and implementing Hadoop solutions.

Take Web Application Performance to the Next Level [ Source: Citrix ]

August 2011- This free Citrix white paper shows how to improve the user experience for critical web applications while reducing costs. Read it to learn how Citrix NetScaler takes application acceleration, scalability, reliability and security to the next level. Then see how NetScaler goes beyond traditional ADCs by enhancing database scalability and providing real-time performance monitoring for SLA conformance. More than 2000 enterprises already use NetScaler.

Web User Experience: Common Indicators for Business and IT [ Source: Dell Software ]

June 2011- Business and IT lack a common language for working together. IT provides highly responsive application services with constant uptime—with no insight into business needs. Meanwhile, business teams deliver content and services based on user behavior, with little access to the right data.

In this Quest white paper, see how business stakeholders and IT can better understand each other’s perspective on the end-user experience. Discover common user experience management indicators and how ...

Designing a strategy for comprehensive web protection [ Source: IBM ]

May 2011- This paper discusses the security challenges associated with web applications, the importance of a comprehensive web application security strategy, and how IBM Rational solutions use IBMs virtually unmatched insight and experience to help companies create security-rich web applications.

Transaction Tracing Through Complex Web Applications [ Source: Dell Software ]

May 2011- When web applications slow down, it causes serious problems - so they must be fixed before they impact business transactions. IT groups often trace transactions from the source across the domains that contribute to response time in order to duplicate the problem. This is simplified by monitoring the application from user to database.

In this Quest white paper, learn to understand the components of a transaction as it crosses the various application domains. ...

Why Organizations Are Migrating from IBM Lotus Notes to's Platform-as-a-Service [ Source: ]

April 2011- Migrating your Lotus Notes apps is easier than you think. With your Lotus Apps will automatically become:

• Cloud apps, with no infrastructure to buy or manage
• Easier to use and integrate with other apps
• Social, mobile, and collaborative
• Less costly, with a higher ROI
• Supported always, with automatic upgrades

Read the white paper and see what other Lotus Notes users have to say about migrating ...

Top 5 Reasons to move Lotus Notes apps to the cloud [ Source: ]

April 2011- offers you an efficient and cost-saving way off Lotus Notes.

Read this white paper and find out how moving your apps to the cloud will:
• Save you a fortune on hardware and software
• Make your apps easier to manage and integrate
• Provide built-in social and mobile functionality
• Allow you to innovate faster

Social Publishing for Marketers [ Source: Acquia ]

April 2011- This whitepaper is a CMO?s guide to achieving breakthrough marketing results with social publishing from Drupal and Acquia.

Marketing has undergone dramatic change in the last ten years. While the objective remains the same, changes in technology and in buyer behavior have thoroughly transformed marketing teams, tactics and tools.

Read this Whitepaper to learn how the Drupal social publishing platform, in combination with Acquia expertise, support, and software as a ...

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