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Three Ways To Deliver Safer and More Secure Automative Software [ Source: Rogue Wave Software ]

October 2014- Millions of lines of software code are driving the latest innovations in today's vehicles. However, with software-driven innovation comes the reality of coding defects, safety failures, and the potential to become a target for hackers. This paper outlines three important steps that embedded automotive software teams can follow to identify critical coding errors, functional safety issues, and protect their software against malicious attack.

Mobile App Development: Moving From Good to Great [ Source: IBM ]

October 2014- Great mobile app development leads to more than a compelling user interface. In fact, the majority of the cost and effort happens behind the UI, including testing, integration, security, quality assurance, and ongoing management. Also, with security and data integration becoming especially important for an enhanced user experience, many companies are turning to integrated and collaborative mobile application development environments to meet these business requirements and exceed customer expectations.

Big Data U: Exploding Volumes, Complex Control [ Source: IBM ]

October 2014- This five-part InformationWeek University track guides IT pros looking to get their data under control and working for the business. Sessions cover everything from master data management basics to infrastructure, security, governance and advanced analytics. Read this summary to learn more about Big Data.

Improving SLAs with Faster Processing Powered by HGST FlashMAX II and HGST Virident Share Software [ Source: HGST ]

October 2014- HGST Virident Share software allows a RAC cluster to use FlashMAX II PCIe SSDs inside the database servers as a shared primary storage, a unique capability in the industry for PCIe flash cards. Learn more.

Dell Cloudera Enterprise Apache Hadoop Distribution [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

October 2014- With the explosive growth in data volumes and complexity, organizations are finding that managing these vast amounts of unstructured data exceeds the capacity and capabilities of traditional data intelligence systems. In response, many companies are turning to the open source Apache Hadoop platform for the scalability, flexibility, and economics. Learn how the Dell Cloudera Apache Hadoop Enterprise delivers the core elements of Hadoop-scalable storage and distributed computing within a turnkey solution, ready for enterprise development-without ...

Dell QuickStart for Cloudera Hadoop [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

October 2014- Data is being created and consumed at never before seen rates and it is affecting all markets. With this data explosion, it's clear that data is a competitive differentiator and there's a need for more than traditional, structured systems to take control of it. Dell QuickStart for Cloudera Hadoop offers an easy and ideal way for organizations to begin managing and analyzing data. This all-in-one system designed to reduce the complexity of deploying, configuring, and ...

IBM MobileFirst: Meeting the Mobile Challenge with IBM System z [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- The need to access information on mobile devices is prevalent everywhere. Customers demand access to your enterprise from any device, anywhere, at any time. Employees require real-time access to business information. The fastest and most cost-effective way for businesses to extend data to a mobile channel is to leverage existing investments and locate the processing where the data resides. This e-guide will show you how a mobile strategy that meets all your constituents' needs can ...

Why "Good Enough" Isn't Good Enough Anymore for Software Configuration Management [ Source: Perforce ]

September 2014- Your software change management system handles what changes were made by whom, when, provides the audit trail, makes sure no changes are ever lost, and serves as the foundation for your entire software delivery pipeline. If software development is core to your business-you can’t risk it on the status quo

Seven Steps for Choosing a Software Configuration Management System [ Source: Perforce ]

September 2014- Have you been tasked with finding a software configuration management system for your team? There are many reasons you may be looking at version management. Download this guide and learn seven steps to help you analyze your needs, choose a vendor effectively, and start off brilliantly.

Customer Service Analytics: Exploit Data To Improve The Customer Experience [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- Analyst report from Aberdeen on how companies using analytics as part of customer service activities perform compared to those without analytics.

Could your Content be Working Harder - and Smarter? [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- Equipping IT with the resources that they need to optimize the user experience to match that of consumer applications can help you achieve the business outcomes you want, while making the most of your enterprise content management (ECM) investments.

The Central Role of Content Management in Case Management [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- MWD Advisors report on how Case Management technology can help drive effective outcomes & how a clear Content Management strategy underpins success in Case Management.

Disposing of Digital Debris: Information Governance Strategy and Practice in Action [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- Read this report from the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council (CGOC) to learn how to reduce costs and increase performance by disposing digital debris.

Store Less, Spend Less: Managing Data According to It's Economic Value [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- Not storing data is cheaper than storing it. As enterprise data continues to grow and IT budgets remain flat, organizations need to more effectively maximize existing storage capacity and manage storage spend based on data value. In this white paper, Enterprise Strategy Group Sr. Analyst Mark Peters demonstrates how IBM's Information Lifecycle Governance solutions can help IT buyers improve the information economics for their organizations by curtailing data growth through defensible disposal of data.

ORSA State of Readiness Survey: Addressing the Readiness of US Insurers for the RMOSA [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- IBM conducted a survey of senior risk officers at US insurers to determine their level of preparedness for ORSA. This paper discusses their responses.

Algorithmics: Curve fitting for calculating solvency capital under Solvency II [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- The purpose of this paper is to provide an insight into how some of Europe's leading insurer's are applying Curve Fitting in practice, the benefits that are being derived and some of the practical challenges that need to be addressed.

Enabling the Internet of Things [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- In this real world application of Internet of Things, Shaspa partnered with IBM to leverage IBM Informix, for an end-to-end solution and service delivery platform for a range of market sectors, starting with a residential gateway platform. The connected environment is smart buildings that use a variety of sensor-based and other data to improve efficiencies, operations and consumer experience.

Harnessing Data Captured from the "Internet of Things" to Deliver Revolutionary New Services [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- The Hildebrand Smart platform, built on IBM Informix technologies, captures and analyzes up to 300,000 time series data points per second, enabling real-time insight into big data. The Hildebrand Smart platform - built on IBM Informix and using Hildebrand's unique machine learning extensions - captures, processes and analyzes big data in real time for actionable insights. The benefit Insight at the speed-of-thought across all data sources unlocks the potential to transform every aspect of daily life, ...

Whitepaper: Increasing Software Development Productivity with Reversible Debugging for Linux [ Source: Undo Software ]

September 2014- In a world increasingly run by software, failures caused by bugs have never been more visible or high profile. However, a study from the Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge, UK, published in 2013, found that the global cost of debugging software has risen to $312 billion annually. Finding and fixing bugs faster, in a more predictable and productive way, is vital for developers and managers. This whitepaper explores the various debugging options currently available ...

Case Study: Business Process Discovery and Improvement at Leading U.S. Bank [ Source: Fujitsu America Inc. ]

August 2014- At the close of 2008, after the tumultuous financial crisis afflicting Wall Street, a leading U.S. bank had completed U.S. government sponsored acquisitions of a prominent investment bank and a large mortgage lender. Through these acquisitions the bank had become a much larger organization with many areas of redundancy, including what they had determined to be a bloated technology infrastructure and headcount levels.

In order to improve efficiency, reduce headcounts and manual ...

WHITE PAPER: Enabling Process Intelligence Through Process Mining & Analytics [ Source: Fujitsu America Inc. ]

August 2014- Are you searching for methods to readily identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in your critical business processes?? Do you find it is difficult and costly to conduct process investigation in order to visualize the process flows?

To be successful in today's increasingly transparent and competitive business world, organizations need to provide visibility into business processes while optimizing their use of internal resources to improve business performance. Accomplishing these goals requires powerful data collection and ...

Case Study: A Multinational Energy Company Utilizes Automated Process Discovery Technology to Improve its Plant Operations [ Source: Fujitsu America Inc. ]

August 2014- Gaining true visibility into the critical business processes of an organization is not an easy task. Identifying the root causes of the process bottlenecks and inefficiencies can be extremely difficult and costly.

Due to lack of visibility into operational processes, a multinational oil and gas company with over 100 years of history and more than 15,000 employees experienced significant delays and other inefficiencies which were impacting the company's Enterprise Asset Management System supporting its Oil ...

Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management of Customer Data Solutions [ Source: IBM ]

August 2014- This Gartner's Magic Quadrant offer insight into the part of the packaged MDM solution market that focuses on how organizations master and share a "single version" of customer data.

Big Data Integration and Governance Considerations for Healthcare [ Source: IBM ]

August 2014- This white paper discusses how IBM InfoSphere can support the integration and governance of Big Data in healthcare. The white paper reviews three case studies including predictive analytics with Electronic Medical Records, time series data in a neonatal intensive care unit and predictive pathways for disease.

Supercharge Initiatives with a 360 View of the Customer [ Source: IBM ]

August 2014- is an industry leading cloud CRM solution which helps organizations streamline and effectively manage sales processes, customers and opportunities. The effectiveness of these initiatives can be improved dramatically by providing Salesforce with a 3600 view of the Customer to overcome the limitation of fragmented data that Salesforce currently relies on. This paper discusses how InfoSphere capabilities can be used to create comprehensive and accurate 3600 views of your customers from internal and external sources. This ...

The MDM advantage: Creating insight from big data [ Source: IBM ]

August 2014- To help enterprises create trusted insight as the volume, velocity and variety of data continue to explode, IBM offers several solutions designed to help organizations uncover previously unavailable insights and use them to support and inform decisions across the business. Combining the power of IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management (MDM) with the IBM big data portfolio creates a valuable connection: big data technology can supply insights to MDM, and MDM can supply master data definitions ...

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