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The giant's advantage - Why cloud computing levels the playing field for SMBs [ Source: ControlNow ]

April 2015- Decision makers in SMBs often raise concerns about cloud computing. There is a belief that cloud-based solutions cause SMBs to sacrifice security and control of their business-critical data. But, according to recent IBM research, businesses relying on cloud computing have a competitive advantage. And it's generating twice the revenue - and profit - of their slower-to-adapt rivals.

Web-Scale Infrastructure at any Scale [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

March 2015- Do you ever wonder how the largest web-scale companies like Google and Amazon manage and scale their infrastructure? Web-scale infrastructure technologies deployed by these companies are now available worldwide to companies of all sizes for all enterprise applications running on market-leading hypervisors. The Dell XC Series, which is supported by Dell PowerEdge R630 and PowerEdge R730xd with Intel® Xeon® processors, integrates Dell's proven x86 server platforms and Nutanix web-scale software to provide ...

Software-Defined Storage: Enabling the Next-Generation Enterprise IT Infrastructure [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

March 2015- We live in a world that is changing at a rapid pace - the forces of cloud, social, big data, and mobile have compelled businesses to undergo a deep-rooted transformation and organizations must become service oriented to meet the demands. Software-defined storage (SDS) is an emerging paradign that is flexible, scalable, and highly automated that works across traditional silos. In this IDC whitepaper, learn how SDS platforms offer a compelling value proposition and how Dell ...

SATA vs. PCIe Solid-State Storage Solutions for MySQL Environments [ Source: HGST ]

December 2014- Database users are increasingly interested in using Flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs) to speed up application performance. For many database administrators (DBAs), increased database performance directly impacts their user experience and bottom lines. Accelerating a single MySQL instance may allow DBAs to avoid painful sharding exercises, with all their attendant administration, application changes, and high capital and ongoing costs. With the wide range of SSDs available today, choosing any one can be difficult. This paper aims ...

PaaS: We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat [ Source: IBM ]

November 2014- Everyone gets IaaS and SaaS. But PaaS is less well understood, even in enterprises with skilled app dev practices. We decided to help close that knowledge gap via this report and its accompanying which covers five key areas: Platform-as-a-Service Defined, The DevOps Cost Puzzle and How PaaS Solves It, The Many Flavors of PaaS, Public vs. Private: When to Run Your Own PaaS: Enterprise IT teams can run a private PaaS system that Evaluating PaaS ...

Three Ways to Get Started with Hadoop [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

November 2014- To extract value from mountains of data, the open source Hadoop data storage and processing system offers compelling benefits, giving your organization. the ability to store and analyze data more affordably than ever before. While the opportunity is clear, until now, the deployment of a Hadoop cluster was seen as a complex undertaking with all the risks of a big technology project. Read on to learn about three options Dell offers, together with Cloudera and ...

Cloud's Tangible Business Benefits, Brokered [ Source: IBM ]

November 2014- Midmarket companies may be less likely than enterprises to have massive sunk investments in data center infrastructure, but that doesn't mean cloud is a slam dunk. Nearly half, 43%, of respondents to our recent Cloud ROI Survey hail from companies with fewer than 1,000 employees, and the vast majority of responding IT pros say they like cloud. But they also think hard about costs versus benefits. In this report, we'll discuss the range of business benefits companies ...

Leveraging the Cloud For Your Dev Ops Workloads [ Source: IBM ]

November 2014- This report explores that by choosing the right PaaS, an IT organization can align development and operations resources, ensuring that applications are deployed quickly, cost-effectively, and error-free.

Stand Apart with SoftLayer [ Source: IBM ]

November 2014- Infographic highlighting the key differentiators of SoftLayer's infrastructure as a service capabilities, including flexible choices, high performance, granular control and security through automation and standardization.

Best Practices for PaaS Implementation [ Source: ActiveState ]

October 2014- Like any IT project, the success of a private PaaS implementation requires a combination of the right people, processes and technologies. Companies should consider the following steps to ensure a successful transition to private PaaS:

• Establish a program strategy that provides a strategic vision and guiding principles for the corporate initiative along with program management resourcing, tracking, and oversight.
• Develop clear business objectives and use those to guide and influence ...

Workload Portability: Using PaaS to Achieve the Vision of Hybrid Cloud [ Source: ActiveState ]

October 2014- As the creation and management of applications increases in importance for businesses today, so does making those applications portable. Being able to take application workloads and place them in the right environment to get the best performance and functionality is critical to an organization's success. To meet the challenges of today's digital economy, companies need to understand the workload portability choices available, what options they have, and the challenges they face in application deployment.

Cloud: The Future of Business Communication [ Source: Comcast ]

October 2014- Cloud-based communications means various things to various people, but the only definition that matters is the one that suits your needs. This UBM Tech ebook explores cloud-based voice services that keep employees and customers connected - no matter how technology changes.

The Individual Enterprise-How Mobility Redefines Business [ Source: IBM ]

October 2014- The mobility revolution is impacting every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional. But many businesses are seriously underestimating the full impact of this burgeoning transformation. Read the white paper "The Individual Enterprise to find out why IBM believes that the time has come for organizations of all sizes, in all industries, to consider the true potential of mobile. By combining the power of analytics with the ubiquity of mobile, your organization has the ...

Resilience in the Era of Enterprise Cloud Computing [ Source: IBM ]

October 2014- The veritable explosion of cloud-based IT and business solutions combined with rising demand for mobility and social connection has brought with it a world of new resiliency and continuity challenges. Today IT is expected to deliver "always-on, always-available" service and assure the continuous accessibility of systems and data for an increasingly demanding user community. Resiliency strategies must address the evolving nature of IT, specifically the impact of three disruptive technologies: cloud computing, big data and ...

Building the Business Case for Continuity and Resiliency [ Source: IBM ]

October 2014- Now available: the cost data you need to build the business case for improved continuity and resiliency. Based on findings from the largest study of its kind-the IBM Global Study on the Economic Impact of IT Risk-which surveyed 2,136 IT professionals around the world, 1,069 of them business continuity professionals. Uncover what these business continuity professionals have to say about the IT threats that cause business disruptions, and what these disruptions cost. Then use the IBM trend ...

Aligning IT with Strategic Business Goals [ Source: IBM ]

October 2014- This paper discusses how to develop and implement risk management metrics that examine IT risk in light of IT threats' potential to effect overall business operations and strategic goals.

The Data Center Impact of Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social and Security [ Source: IBM ]

October 2014- An IBM white paper describing the infrastructure implications of today's converging technology forces and the software defined, next-generation data center transformation vital to capitalizing on them.

Improving SLAs with Faster Processing Powered by HGST FlashMAX II and HGST Virident Share Software [ Source: HGST ]

October 2014- HGST Virident Share software allows a RAC cluster to use FlashMAX II PCIe SSDs inside the database servers as a shared primary storage, a unique capability in the industry for PCIe flash cards. Learn more.

Smarter IT: Optimize IT Delivery, Accelerate Innovation [ Source: IBM ]

October 2014- Cloud computing, mobility, social technology, continuous delivery, DevOps, embedded intelligence, big data and other trends are bringing new levels of complexity to the data center. To cope with this complex, customer focused world, IT leaders are turning to a new set of IT service management tools to help them analyze and optimize their on-premises, cloud and hybrid operations while accelerating their pace of innovation. The net result is lower costs and greater opportunity for their ...

The Case for Flash Arrays: New Business Realities [ Source: SanDisk ]

October 2014- The new performance-minded, resource-intensive demands of big data, analytics, cloud, social media, and mobile computing are driving enterprises to take a closer look at flash-based storage options. Here's why.

Cloud University: Operations, Orchestration, Security [ Source: IBM ]

October 2014- This five-part InformationWeek University track guides IT pros looking to make cloud a business asset. Sessions cover everything from transitioning from a legacy IT model to why latecomers may have an edge to handling auditors.

Building & Managing A Private Cloud: 6 Important Questions [ Source: Red Hat ]

September 2014- Every year, more government workloads move to the cloud as agencies realize the cost, scalability, and manageability benefits that the cloud offers. The vast majority of those workloads take advantage of private clouds - dedicated clouds or secure segments of clouds that provide the highest level of security and control. According to IDC Government, private clouds dominate in federal government, with billions spent so far. We talked to cloud experts at Red Hat about the ...

Genesys - 10 Considerations in Moving to the Cloud [ Source: Genesys ]

September 2014- 10 Considerations in Moving to the Cloud - eBook Is the Cloud Right for Your Contact Center?

As more contact centers embrace the cloud deployment model, there is a plethora of service and solution choices, functionality and capability to sift through to determine the best fit.

This ebook offers ten key considerations for moving to a cloud-based contact center, including: cultural fit, accessibility to reference customers, technology, partners, integration and ...

Cloud, On-premises Or Hybrid? Top Five Considerations In Choosing Your Contact Center Solution [ Source: Genesys ]

September 2014- Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid? - Top Five Considerations in Choosing Your Contact Center Solution

Forrester Research notes that 60% of customer experience professionals surveyed are committed to differentiating or distinguishing their organizations from competitors on the basis of customer experience.

Organizations looking to differentiate and modernize their contact centers have three major architectural options to consider: on-premises, cloud, or a hybrid solution. While each option has its advantages and challenges, ...

Frost & Sullivan - Genesys Wins the 2014 North American Award for Cloud Customer Contact Solutions [ Source: Genesys ]

September 2014- Frost & Sullivan - Genesys Wins the 2014 North American Award for Cloud Customer Contact Solutions

Genesys has been able to apply the best of all strategic approaches in going to the cloud. It has acquired assets to bypass the long R&D process required to build from scratch, yet skillfully planned a phased integration to provide customers with functionality they need quickly. It also has followed an aggressive development plan to deliver ...

The Future of Data Services Delivery and Management Starts Here [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- When today's businesses succeed, they can outstrip the capabilities of existing data systems. Data workloads are evolving and as a result data services need to be more robust and scalable. IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureData System for Transactions are designed to meet these needs.

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