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Meet Evolving Business Demands With Software-Defined Storage [ Source: Hedvig ]

April 2015- As companies expand, they inevitably face challenges with how to best manage their growing volume of business data and content, while at the same time ensuring they have capacity for continued expansion. In large enterprises especially, business silos create major challenges for companies trying to make the most out of their storage capacity through optimization of current infrastructure. These challenges, among others, commonly prevent businesses from creating improved storage infrastructure that provides better integration, scalability, ...

Security experts' guide to the cloud [ Source: ControlNow ]

April 2015- Cloud and security are two terms that were rarely uttered in the same sentence: For many sceptics, the two did not go together. That viewpoint has changed considerably over the past couple of years with cloud-based solution providers beefing up security to the extent that it is more reliable than what a small to mid-sized business can ever muster. In this ebook, tech influencers share their views on security and the cloud and give advice ...

Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

March 2015- The explosion of virtualized workloads in today's data centers has given rise to the need for a more intelligent approach to virtualization and infrastructure management and for an IT infrastructure that is better aligned with the cloud. Microsoft, supported by Dell PowerEdge R630 and PowerEdge R730xd with Intel® Xeon® processors, is delivering on its Cloud OS vision to drive tremendous IT efficiencies and turn your data center into a flexible and scalable ...

Simplifying IT Operations with SDS [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

March 2015- No matter how advanced data centers become, they remain in a perpetual state of change in order to meet the demands of virtualized environments. But with the advent of software-defined storage (SDS) architecture, today's data centers have evolved into a converged IT infrastructure, supporting sophisticated systems built on open standards to quickly adapt to the changing needs of the business.

Powered by Nutanix software, the Dell XC 720XD Web-scale Converged appliance, which ...

Dell XC Series: A Solution for Dynamic Virtualized Environments [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

March 2015- Over the past few years, converged infrastructure systems have been readily adopted by businesses, traditionally built using a three-tier architecture. While these systems work well in stable environments, when a virtualization environment is dynamic with unpredictable growth, these traditional three-tier architectures lack the features needed to operate efficiently.

In this solution brief, we will examine what constitutes a dynamic virtualized environment and learn how the Dell XC Web-scale HyperConverged series, which is supported ...

IPFS Implements Desktop Virtualization to Meet Needs for Security, Centralized Management, and Cost-Efficiency [ Source: HGST ]

October 2014- In response to recent growth in the premium finance industry and an expanding workforce, Imperial PFS recently leveraged a VMware Horizon View virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment to cost-effectively scale their business. The addition of HGST FlashMAX II storage devices allows IPFS to meet their need for fast response times and increased performance.

The Public Sector Cloud Perspective [ Source: DLT Solutions ]

July 2014- Over the past decade, there have been several technology revolutions that have improved the way the public sector agencies do business-from client/server computing to virtualization, from virtualization to the Internet, and from the Internet to today's cloud computing. Learn what David Blankenhorn, Chief Cloud Technologist at DLT Solutions, has to say about the role of cloud computing, and how PaaS in particular plays in helping public sector agencies become more flexible and efficient while ...

Cloning Databases on Pure Storage [ Source: Pure Storage ]

June 2014- Anywhere there is a database, there will eventually be a need to make a copy, or clone of it. For example, a copy of the production database may be cloned for development testing, or reporting, or simply for backup. Or a QA environment may need to restore an environment to specific point in time to perform testing. The cloning process is generally tedious, time consuming, and subject to errors.

The Pure Storage FlashArray ...

Best Practices for Oracle on Pure Storage [ Source: Pure Storage ]

June 2014- In this document we provide information to help you to optimize the Pure Storage FlashArray for your Oracle database workload.

Pure Storage Reference Architecture for Oracle Databases [ Source: Pure Storage ]

June 2014- The goal of this document is to demonstrate the ease with which Oracle can be deployed on, or migrated to a Pure Storage FlashArray and the resulting performance improvements. In addition, we show how simple it is to perform administrative tasks such as storage provisioning and database backup and recovery using snapshots.

Federate Identities - Key to Seamless SSO [ Source: Radiant Logic ]

March 2015- In this whitepaper, we show how a federated identity service acts as a hub to empower your most critical identity initiatives, including single sign-on, web access management, federation with partners, and moving to the cloud.

Learn how a federated identity service based on virtualization offers simple, logical, secure, and standards-based access to all sources of identity inside your organization or enterprise-regardless of location, protocol, or format.

Storage Solutions for Data Center Virtualization [ Source: SanDisk ]

June 2014- For enterprises today, the promise of virtualization is what enables their business to reach its full potential-but only if it isn't hampered by a storage solution that can't keep up. With SanDisk SSDs, the users and applications your enterprise relies on can access the critical data needed-fast.

Simplifying Microsoft Windows Server Environments with Virtualized, Unified IP-Based Storage [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

May 2014- Businesses today spend 70 percent or more of their IT budget on keeping systems running, leaving very little time for innovation. The consolidation of IT storage provides an excellent opportunity for organizations to drive increased IT efficiencies with the help of:

• Centralized management of file and block data via the EqualLogic Group Manager

• Virtualized scale-out storage infrastructures that seamlessly scale to meet growing performance and capacity demands

Learn ...

Virtualization Best Practices Guide [ Source: Kaspersky Lab ]

May 2014- Virtualization promises to boost efficiency and cut costs, making it an important element in your IT department's efforts to do more with less. Whether you're running applications on physical or virtual machines, you still need to stay vigilant to guard against the constant and growing hazard of malware and other cyberthreats that can put your business at risk.

Kaspersky Lab security experts have created this practical guide to help you learn about:

Virtualization Security Is Not an Oxymoron [ Source: Kaspersky Lab ]

April 2014- An overwhelming majority of organizations have adopted virtualized servers and those numbers are on the rise. While the business benefits of virtualization are clear-increased performance and stability and decreased hardware costs, floor space, and management oversight-the virtualized world makes your organization vulnerable to a wide array of new cybersecurity threats. Are you willing to bet your organization's IT infrastructure on your ability to combat these hazards?

The IT security and virtualization experts at ...

Transparency in the Public Cloud: Eliminating Public vs Private Tradeoffs [ Source: iland ]

March 2014- It's now possible to get the same visibility in the public cloud that you have in your own data center - or even better. A Best of Interop 2014 finalist, analysts and media agree that the new iland Enterprise Cloud Services portal provides unmatched visibility into the true costs of cloud as well as performance, security and compliance data.

According to Torsten Volk, research director at Enterprise Management Associates, "iland's new portal exemplifies the ...

Disaster Recovery: The Budget Item You Cannot Afford to Cut [ Source: iland ]

March 2014- According to a recent survey, the cost of downtime over the last few years increased 65 percent. Not surprisingly, growing technology dependence can expose companies to threats from human error, cybercrime and natural disaster - causing their digital infrastructures to come crashing down in a split second.

Read "Disaster Recovery: The Budget Item You Cannot Afford to Cut" and learn why virtualization ensures business continuity; how one company's strong DR plan results in millions ...

Visibility into the Cloud and Virtualized Data Center [ Source: Gigamon ]

March 2014- Security analysis and monitoring tools can't see inside the cloud. How can you shed light on workloads as they go virtual, and see inside your virtual networks?

Read this white paper to learn how a Visibility Fabric can give you the visibility you need.

How Flash Storage Changes Everything [ Source: Pure Storage ]

March 2014- Pure Storage set out with a simple mission: to create a purpose-built storage array that overcomes these barriers. The result is the Pure Storage FlashArray and its tightly-coupled software, the Purity Operating Environment.

When compared to a disk array, the FlashArray is:
10X faster (on both IOPS and latency);
10X more efficient in power, space, and cooling;
More reliable on enterprise workloads;
So simple that it installs in minutes; ...

Siemens Redefines Efficiency With Pure Storage [ Source: Pure Storage ]

March 2014-
Server consolidation stalled due to storage performance limits
IO-intensive Oracle database would not consolidate with other applications
Multiple instances of virtual applications plus the Oracle DB

Consolidated 30 servers to 5
23% increase in Oracle performance after virtualization
6.7-to-1 data reduction
Provisioning time reduced by 4x
2x increase in VMware snapshot release time

Gartner 2013 Cool Vendor Report with Flash for All - Competitive Differentiation with Flash Storage [ Source: Pure Storage ]

March 2014- Learn how every business can improve efficiency, compete better, and deliver compelling user experiences with flash. You'll also gain access to Gartner's 2013 Cool Vendor Report

Download our ebook and learn how you can:
Improve efficiency
Compete better
Deliver compelling user experiences

Using All-Flash Arrays to Solve Tier-1 Database Problems [ Source: Pure Storage ]

March 2014- Latency is the life-blood of any database application. When transactions slow, it is often a direct result of disk contention at the storage layer driving-up storage I/O latency, which directly translates into slower transactions and a slower end-user experience.

Moving to an all-flash architecture for your database affords immediate and obvious performance benefits, but also introduces a whole host of operational benefits:
Simplify operations
Eliminate tuning
Provide a price ...

San Jose Sharks Score Big With Pure Storage [ Source: Pure Storage ]

March 2014-
Legacy disk-based SAN performance plummeted with the addition of just 10 VDI users.
The management complexities of the legacy disk-based SAN did not allow for a "set-it-and-forget-it" operation, but the organization required simplicity.

Currently supporting 250 virtual desktops, with more to be deployed
Reduced latency to sub-millisecond
Dramatically simplified storage management
Achieved 12-to-1 data reduction

NetApp Private Storage for AWS Solution Brief [ Source: DLT Solutions / NetApp ]

January 2014- Despite the acceleration of cloud computing, many agencies and departments continue to struggle with cloud adoption issues. If you are looking to do more in the cloud, how can your agency ensure that its mission critical data and systems stay secure while maintaining control, compliance and mobility?

Through partnership of NetApp and Amazon Web Services AWS), DLT Solutions offers an agile hybrid infrastructure that leverages the performance, customization, and control of private storage ...

IT Influence Grows as Virtualization Matures [ Source: VMware ]

January 2014- The VMware 2013 'Journey to IT as a Service' finds that CIOs are leveraging virtualization and other innovative technologies to transform their department into business-driven service organizations. Those who have deployed an ITaaS model report a higher ROI, increased agility and responsiveness, and more resources to put towards innovation - ensuring IT's place at the head of tomorro'w business.

IT Evolution: Today and Tomorrow [ Source: VMware ]

January 2014- As virtualization has evolved and matured, some companies are benefiting more than others Why? The answer goes beyond the technology-although technology is a vital catalyst- to the way that their CIOs leverage virtualization and other innovative technologies to transform the IT organization. These CIOs have combined technology and a new way of operating to become more service oriented and more focused on delivering business value.

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