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CIOs strive to harness Big Data while keeping an eye on the bottom line [ Source: Red Hat ]

April 2014- As the economy improves, CIOs must lay the foundation for the next generation of enterprise business growth, and the new battleground is data. Companies focused on transforming themselves into data-driven organizations are seeing increased innovation and improved financial performance. To meet the data challenge, CIOs must create a unified information platform that is highly reliable and scalable, one that makes it easy to access and integrate all data sources across the enterprise.

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Enterprise architects challenged to manage data explosion [ Source: Red Hat ]

April 2014- Today's enterprise faces dramatic change and tremendous opportunity. Enterprise architects are finding it challenging to ensure adequate technology governance, drive transformational initiatives, and support critical business processes.

Collecting and storing unprecedented amounts of data threatens to usurp fundamental business processes and puts key initiatives at risk. Architects must take the lead in championing a future-proof data platform as digital media plays an increasingly important role in today's mobile, social, and web environments.

Administrators need an agile platform to usher the new era of enterprise storage [ Source: Red Hat ]

April 2014- With the increasing demand for social, mobile, and big data applications, the creation and consumption of data continues to grow. Cloud computing is changing the way services are deployed and managed.

The enterprise IT landscape is evolving rapidly and software-defined storage is critical to its successful transformation. Read this whitepaper and learn how administrators are keeping up by guiding their enterprises toward new, software-defined storage platforms that simplify and unify storage capacity across ...

Architects lead the next generation of data-driven applications [ Source: Red Hat ]

April 2014- Modern application architects are being asked to deliver a new era of social, mobile, and big data applications at a time when the entire application stack is shifting around them. Successful architects are taking a page out of the cloud computing playbook and turning to open, scale-out storage software running on industry-standard servers.

Read this whitepaper to find out how application architects can quickly and confidently deliver long-lasting applications that minimize cost, complexity, ...

A Modern Approach to the Data Deluge [ Source: Red Hat ]

April 2014- Modern enterprises require I.T. organizations to become more agile to manage complex physical, virtual, and cloud technologies. I.T. leaders and their organizations must manage this complexity, keep operating costs low, and deliver on ever-increasing SLA expectations. With the rapid growth in unstructured data volumes, I.T. leaders are rethinking how storage is delivered for their organizations.

Read this whitepaper to learn how infrastructure leaders can confidently manage cost, complexity, and risk, ...

Server and system administrators challenged to keep up with enterprise storage explosion [ Source: Red Hat ]

April 2014- The rapid evolution of enterprise storage technologies, combined with external forces, like the explosion of big data, can cause Linux and server administrators to play catch-up when it comes to storage. Running a bunch of monolithic storage devices and proprietary, disconnected technologies forces administrators to spend valuable time creating and managing complex solutions.

To reduce complexity and enable rapid deployment of new technologies and applications, server administrators need a single open and extensible ...

Mixed All Flash Arrays Delivers Safer Higher Performance [ Source: Dell ]

April 2014- What is the impact of an all-flash array with enterprise features and reliability on the mainstream data center? In the mainstream environment, storage system reliability and consistency are as important as extreme performance. This lab report from Storage Switzerland details how the Dell All-Flash Array achieves this balance nicely, allowing you to do more with the same hardware while spending less time fine tuning the storage for performance.

Dell EqualLogic Hybrid Array Leaves Competition in the Dust [ Source: Dell ]

April 2014- Online transaction processing (OLTP) applications are at the heart of today's business functions. As the foundation for a wide range of mission-critical applications, OLTP operations depend on exceptional storage performance and reliability. Read this article to learn how Dell's EqualLogic hybrid SAN array compares with other OLTP storage solutions in the market.

Boosting Storage Performance for IO Intensive Enterprise Applications [ Source: Dell ]

April 2014- Implementing enterprise applications can be a complex undertaking for IT organizations. Successful deployments depend on high-performance storage systems that are easy to manage and quick to scale. Read this white paper to learn how Dell Compellent Storage Center 6.3 arrays address specific storage challenges to help optimize workload performance in business-critical application environments.

Flash Optimized Data Progression [ Source: Dell ]

April 2014- For several years, Dell Compellent Storage Center arrays have leveraged a unique application of RAID and tiering methods - Dell Compellent Data Progression - to optimize storage performance and capacity. With the emergence of higher performing controllers, as well as the rapid adoption of SSDs, Dell has a new level of Data Progression optimized for flash drives. The combination of write- and read-intensive SSDs and Flash-optimized Data Progression enables Storage Center arrays to deliver large ...

How Flash Storage Changes Everything [ Source: Pure Storage ]

March 2014- Pure Storage set out with a simple mission: to create a purpose-built storage array that overcomes these barriers. The result is the Pure Storage FlashArray and its tightly-coupled software, the Purity Operating Environment.

When compared to a disk array, the FlashArray is:
10X faster (on both IOPS and latency);
10X more efficient in power, space, and cooling;
More reliable on enterprise workloads;
So simple that it installs in minutes; ...

Siemens Redefines Efficiency With Pure Storage [ Source: Pure Storage ]

March 2014-
Server consolidation stalled due to storage performance limits
IO-intensive Oracle database would not consolidate with other applications
Multiple instances of virtual applications plus the Oracle DB

Consolidated 30 servers to 5
23% increase in Oracle performance after virtualization
6.7-to-1 data reduction
Provisioning time reduced by 4x
2x increase in VMware snapshot release time

Gartner 2013 Cool Vendor Report with Flash for All - Competitive Differentiation with Flash Storage [ Source: Pure Storage ]

March 2014- Learn how every business can improve efficiency, compete better, and deliver compelling user experiences with flash. You'll also gain access to Gartner's 2013 Cool Vendor Report

Download our ebook and learn how you can:
Improve efficiency
Compete better
Deliver compelling user experiences

Using All-Flash Arrays to Solve Tier-1 Database Problems [ Source: Pure Storage ]

March 2014- Latency is the life-blood of any database application. When transactions slow, it is often a direct result of disk contention at the storage layer driving-up storage I/O latency, which directly translates into slower transactions and a slower end-user experience.

Moving to an all-flash architecture for your database affords immediate and obvious performance benefits, but also introduces a whole host of operational benefits:
Simplify operations
Eliminate tuning
Provide a price ...

San Jose Sharks Score Big With Pure Storage [ Source: Pure Storage ]

March 2014-
Legacy disk-based SAN performance plummeted with the addition of just 10 VDI users.
The management complexities of the legacy disk-based SAN did not allow for a "set-it-and-forget-it" operation, but the organization required simplicity.

Currently supporting 250 virtual desktops, with more to be deployed
Reduced latency to sub-millisecond
Dramatically simplified storage management
Achieved 12-to-1 data reduction

Changing the Economics of Storage with Compellent Flash Optimized Solutions [ Source: Dell ]

March 2014- As the exponential data growth and an increasing pressure on the data center to become more efficient continues, a traditional "one size fits all" strategy for storage design is no longer adequate. Trends such as server virtualization, proliferation of multi-core processors, and a rising adoption of desktop virtualization are increasing the requirement for high I/O performance with low latency and very fast response times. On the other side of the spectrum, an explosive growth ...

Embracing Flash Storage [ Source: Dell ]

March 2014- Flash storage can deliver impressive performance, especially for random I/O, by eliminating rotational and seek latencies that are common in all hard disk drive (HDD) storage systems.

Read this technical bulletin to understand some basics of flash storage technology, along with key adoption considerations, to help determine if flash storage is right for your organization's needs.

Embracing Tiered Storage [ Source: Dell ]

March 2014- All data is not created equal and thus all data need not be treated the same by the storage system. IT executives must deploy innovative solutions to make the most relevant data available to applications and decision makers in the most expedience way while containing overall storage costs.

This brief describes the need for automated and intelligent tiered storage, the benefits of tiered storage, and adoption considerations to help you differentiate the available ...

Simpana Software Storage Efficiencies Calculator [ Source: CommVault ]

March 2014- CommVault Simpana software combines archiving, backup, reporting, snapshot management, eDiscovery, and secure data access into a single software platform - an industry first.

Forrester Wave Report for Enterprise Backup & Recovery [ Source: CommVault ]

March 2014- The enterprise backup and recovery software market is, as ever, in a state of flux as more and more I&O professionals grow tired of traditional backup methods. From missed backup windows to slow or failed recoveries, many firms are weary of the constant battle with their backup software and are looking for a change.

The role of the network in cloud computing [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- For a cloud to deliver on its full potential, it needs optimal utilization of all available resources. The network plays a vital role in determining how well other resources are utilized, connected and secured. But too many organizations leave network planning until late in the design of a cloud solution. The result is a cloud that delivers less-than-hoped-for business value.

Private cloud services from IBM: Flexible end-to-end solutions for transforming the enterprise [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- Cloud technologies have proven to be a force of change, upending established methods of acquiring, managing and using technology, and providing exceptional opportunities for transforming traditional business models. As the evidence mounts, cloud computing is increasingly becoming a priority for many companies. The IBM 2011 Global CIO Study and 2012 Data Center Study pointed to rising levels of interest and adoption.

Application Performance Management Is Critical To Business Success [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- This Application Performance Management Forrester Research study captures insight into the benefits and challenges with today's IT monitoring solutions as well as the types of monitoring features that will help meet application performance and availability expectations.

Worldwide Application Performance Management Software 2012 Vendor Shares [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- This IDC study examines leading vendor shares and market trends in the worldwide APM software market during 2012.

InfoGraphic: 5 steps to simplify APM for business-wide results [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- Application downtime is just one of many costs associated with a fragmented application performance management (APM) strategy. Managing today's more complex and interdependent mission-critical applications is a growing challenge with even larger business implications.

Deploy a dynamic, services-oriented cloud for your business [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- There is no "silver bullet" in the cloud. No single product or packaged bundle can deliver all the virtualization you need to make the cloud real or all the control you need to make it effective. Heterogeneous, evolving and typically complex, the cloud requires a measured approach to its implementation and an integrated approach to its many components. A technology such as the hypervisor that creates compute virtualization is, in fact, only one of a ...

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