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Buyer's Guide: Unified Communications [ Source: Focus ]

December 2009- This in-depth Buyer's Guide from Focus helps you understand the process of buying a unified communications solution that can integrate your company's e-mail, chat, Web, data and video onto one platform. New advances in communications technology have made reaching customers and contacting remote employees easier than ever. However, managing applications ranging from IM to Web conferencing can be difficult for your IT staff.

Buyer's Checklist: Hosted PBX Service Plans [ Source: Focus ]

December 2009- Focus addresses the sometimes confusing world of PBX service plans. In this paper, this informative checklist will help you gather the information you need before you invest in hosted PBX.

Revealing VOIP Adoption Trends [ Source: Interactive Intelligence ]

August 2009- Is your company ahead of the pack or lagging behind when it comes to VOIP adoption?

Find out when you read the answers provided by CIO Magazine subscribers.

In this research report you’ll discover:
• Management’s top concerns
• Factors driving adoption
• Who’s using VOIP

Read the full report today.

Call Center And Contact Center Solutions [ Source: Drishti-Soft Solutions ]

March 2008- The Indian Domestic Call center industry is already worth about $1.8 billion and is expected to grow by 35% in the next four years. Given the tight working constraints of competition, resource expertise, and thinning margins, how can domestic call center increase profitability?

VoIP Solutions Help Small Businesses Trim Costs, Gain Flexibility [ Source: D-Link ]

May 2008- According to analysts, proprietary PBX telephone vendors are phasing out analog systems. IP telephony (IPT) based on IP-PBX software is already replacing these systems at a rapid pace. While cost savings has been the primary driver for the migration to IPT and voice over IP (VoIP), companies are reaping the benefits of new integrated applications that include video conferencing, presence-aware communication, integrated customer service support, and more.

SIPconnect: Interoperable SIP Trunks [ Source: SIP Forum ]

November 2008- This presentation looks at the history and benefits of SIPconnect. According to the SIP Forum, SIPconnect improves productivity, reduces interconnect TCO, and provides better compliance through clear, interoperable authentication and security models and procedures.

VoIP Network Management: Finding The Right Tools [ Source: Fluke Networks ]

November 2008- Fluke Networks features a discussion of VoIP network management in this presentation. What are the key metrics you must measure and manage? What tools are available to capture these metrics? How can you get visibility on the level of voice quality actually being delivered? The topics and more are presented.

Fixed Mobile Convergence: The Hows And Whys [ Source: dBrn Associates, Inc. ]

November 2008- To what extent is fixed mobile convergence really ready for prime time? What vertical markets or applications are the most likely targets for FMC? dBrn highlights various aspects of FMC, and discusses its future, in this presentation.

Voice Messaging: Are PBXs Still Needed? [ Source: Cisco ]

November 2008- COMMfusion discusses varies aspects of voice messaging in this presentation. Voicemail, unified messaging, enhanced UM, and Unified Communications are explored.

SIP Trunks: Where, When, And How Much? [ Source: AT&T ]

November 2008- Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an application-layer protocol for creating, modifying, and terminating sessions with one or more participants. Trunking is a communications concept around enabling many clients to share network access through a set of lines, frequencies, or bandwidth. AT&T explores SIP in this presentation.

Architectures for IP Telephony Deployment [ Source: TEQConsult Group ]

April 2008- This panel discussion traces the evolution of wireless mobile communications and weighs in on the architectural and design attributes of IP telephony platforms from Siemens, Cisco and Microsoft.

SIP Status Update [ Source: Avaya ]

May 2008- Avaya features this presentation on SIP. Included are highlights on issues driving business priorities, SIP applications architecture, and Avaya's software evolution.

Critical Components Of Unified Voice System Management [ Source: Unimax ]

March 2008- Unified voice system management drives your enterprise toward greater visibility, reduced costs, improved customer service, and increased security. In this presentation, Unimax Systems discusses the components of unified voice system management.

The Future of Voice Messaging: Are PBXs Needed? [ Source: UniComm Consulting, LLC ]

March 2008- Voice messaging has changed dramatically. In this presentation, UniComm Consulting discusses the state of voice messaging today, what is changing in the field, the justification for new investments, and the various options.

Communications-Enabled Applications: The High-Return Zone For Unified Communications [ Source: UniComm Consulting, LLC ]

March 2008- UniComm Consulting offers this presentation discussing the potential benefits of Unified Communications and the ability to optimize business processes. Among other topics, the presentation addresses UC's advances in both the productivity and business process zones.

Preparing an RFI/RFP for Unified Communications [ Source: UniComm Consulting, LLC ]

March 2008- Before you can create a unified communications request for proposal (RFP), you should first define unified communications, figure out what problems you are trying to solve, and choose what and when to buy.

WAN Services For Converged Networks [ Source: TechCaliber Consulting ]

March 2008- TechCaliber Consulting discusses varies aspects of WAN services for converged networks in this presentation. Pre-procurement preparation, supplier mix considerations, designing an MPLS network topology, pricing, and technical considerations are among the topics.

P2PSIP: Why, What, Where, and When? [ Source: SIPeerior Technologies ]

March 2008- Factors such as complexity and scalability are driving work on a Peer-to-Peer Session Initiation Protocol (P2PSIP) standard, and some consumer and enterprise products are already under development.

Troubleshooting IP Telephony Networks [ Source: PROGNOSIS ]

March 2008- The root causes of IP telephony problems frequently span multiple operational domains in your environment. Prognosis features common issues and root causes of problems in IP telephony in this presentation.

Nortel's Open Source Approach [ Source: Nortel ]

March 2008- Nortel discusses open source in this presentation. What is the expectation level of PBX open source software? Which products use open source PBX software? What are the technical challenges of open source PBX deployment? Nortel addresses these questions and many more.

Motorola Enterprise Mobility [ Source: Motorola ]

March 2008- IP telephony, RFID, and location integration are the topics discussed in this Motorola presentation. It includes a discussion of Motorola's vision for the evolving mobility landscape.

Unified Communications: Results From The Test Lab [ Source: Miercom ]

March 2008- Miercom tests Unified Communications products and posts the results in this presentation. UC solutions from Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Microsoft. Siemens are discussed.

Contact Center Market Update [ Source: McGee-Smith Analytics ]

March 2008- Contact centers are included in 30% to 50% of enterprise communications implementations. McGee-Smith reviews the state of the contact center in this presentation. Enterprise application integration offerings are reviewed, among others.

Vertical Market Focus: Government [ Source: Gateway Group ]

March 2008- VoIP and Unified Communications systems are featured in the implementation profile in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in this presentation from Gateway Group. City and government systems are improve, and public services are enhanced.

Open Source for Enterprise Voice: How Much, How Soon? [ Source: Digium ]

March 2008- What level of market share and acceptance has open source PBX software attained? What is expected? Which products use open source PBX software? Digium reviews the challenges, choices and outlook for open source.

Fixed/Mobile Convergence: What's Real For The Enterprise? [ Source: dBrn Associates, Inc. ]

March 2008- here are lots of different ways to do fixed/mobile convergence. Each solution addresses a different set of perceived problems and provides a different set of capabilities. It is important that you understand what you are getting, the costs involved, and to be able to discuss these various solutions and their benefits with your users. dBrn explores FMC in this presentation.

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