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Telehealth ROI: 5 Ways to Profit with Telepresence [ Source: Vu Telepresence ]

March 2013- In very recent months CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicated Services) has released new billing options that, combined with the right technology, can mean big profits for your healthcare practice.

Have you had a chance to review the new CPT and HCPCS codes? Have you seen the new technology that lets you add another layer to your services? We're happy to present this free Telepresence for Healthcare ROI Guide This guide is a ...

Gartner Magic Quadrant examines communication services vendors [ Source: IBM ]

January 2011- Selecting a vendor for telecommunications and IT network services can be complex Ė and can have an enormous impact on your organization. Communications services are important to your operation, but you also need to manage their cost. As you look for a service vendor, you need a way to evaluate the competitors against each other at a high level. Read this report from Gartner to see how the analyst ranks the 17 leading communications services vendors.

How to Bullet-Proof Your IP Voice Network [ Source: Tone Software ]

June 2009- Deploying VoIP, IP telephony, and convergence technologies can only be successful if the resulting voice services are delivered with high quality, availability and reliability. Failure is not an option Ė and yet, analysts report Voice / IT support teams are only 52% successful in supporting IP voice and unified communications platforms.

With most companies today tightening their budgets, you canít afford to put your communications services at risk. Whether youíre just starting on convergence, ...

Now more than ever, your field workers must be "ON" [ Source: Motorola ]

June 2009- Reap the benefits of a field mobility solution - enterprise-wide - one that empowers technicians, sales teams, inspectors and route sales with "always on" connectivity and real-time visibility. You can't afford not to maximize productivity and ensure customer satisfaction, service and retention levels or profitability can suffer. Discover the benefits of field mobility in this Motorola white paper.

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Video IP (VoIP) Phone [ Source: TANDBERG ]

May 2009- In a world of virtual teams and global operations, face-to-face communication shouldnít be limited to colleagues who work at the same location. And, if your organization is utilizing VoIP (Voice over Internet) technology to make and receive calls, then youíre ready for the new generation of video-enabled phones, or Video IP Phones. They give any employee the ability to collaborate with any colleague in any location face-to-face. As a result, eye contact, body ...

20 Tips to Save Energy [ Source: TANDBERG ]

May 2009- Did you know that saving 1kWh of electricity is the equivalent of saving 0.4kg of coal and 0.4 liters of pure water while reducing emission of 1Kg of carbon dioxide and 0.03kg of sulphur dioxide? This paper provides 20 simple ideas you can implement now to make a difference in global warming.

Video Conferencing Best Practices [ Source: TANDBERG ]

May 2009- Executives are beginning to embrace the value of visual communication. However, IT managers must implement a complete solution ó one thatís built on a scalable, secure platform that supports needed features and endpoints. This whitepaper examines how to ensure successful implementation.

An Emerging Triple Play [ Source: TANDBERG ]

May 2009- The combination of video communications, managed services, and unified communications is transforming the way organizations approach collaboration. This whitepaper explores the role of telepresence and the emergence of virtual MSPs within the context of enterprise communications services priorities.

SIP Fundamentals And Prospects [ Source: SIPeerior Technologies ]

November 2008- A tutorial presentation by David A. Bryan, CEO of SIPeerior Technologies, focuses on SIP. The discussion includes the background of VoIP, SIP components, SIP messages, locating users and establishing sessions, routing in SIP, media with SIP, and more.

Cutting The Corporate Energy Bill: Part 2 - Video, Teleworking, And Collaboration [ Source: NetForecast ]

November 2008- Enterprises are geographically distributed and teams are picked independent of geography. What are the key tools for interactive collaboration across geographic distances? NetForecast looks at "telepresence."

Unified Communications: Results From The Test Lab [ Source: Miercom ]

November 2008- In this presentation on Unified Communications, Miercom focuses on the essence†of†UC; UC†and†the†enterprise; UC†vendor profies; and a look ahead. Miercom conducted lab testing and claims these are the results.

Integrating Mobility With UC [ Source: Microsoft ]

November 2008- Microsoft features this presentation on Unified Communications. Mobility isnít just about mobile phones. Mobile users employ a combination of devices and tools. Consistent experience across PC, Web and mobile phone is important. Solutions need to work seamlessly regardless of where the user is--in the office or on the road.

Voice Messaging: Are PBXs Still Needed? [ Source: Cisco ]

November 2008- COMMfusion discusses varies aspects of voice messaging in this presentation. Voicemail, unified messaging, enhanced UM, and Unified Communications are explored.

UC Market Update & Forecast [ Source: Cisco ]

November 2008- The Most valuable Unified Communications functions in terms of productivity are presence, IM, and conferencing/collaboration. Commfusion explores the players, components, numbers and projections of Unified Communications.

Introduction To Unified Communications: Concepts And Opportunities [ Source: UniComm Consulting, LLC ]

April 2008- UniComm Consulting provides this presentation on the benefits of Unified Communications. UC enhances user productivity and helps streamline workflows and business processes.

Communications-Enabled Applications: The High-Return Zone For Unified Communications [ Source: UniComm Consulting, LLC ]

March 2008- UniComm Consulting offers this presentation discussing the potential benefits of Unified Communications and the ability to optimize business processes. Among other topics, the presentation addresses UC's advances in both the productivity and business process zones.

IP Pricing/Licensing: Paying How Much For What? [ Source: PlanNet Consulting ]

March 2008- PlanNet Consulting discusses recent trends in the IP telephony market in this presentation. The company highlights current vendor software license models, what to expect for IP telephony costs, and how to negotiate better pricing.

The Company As Contact Center [ Source: Nortel ]

March 2008- Nortel features the notion of the company as a contact center in this presentation, emphasizing customer centricity. Contact centers were designed to create efficient and effective customer interactions. Corporate culture can redefine the implicit purpose of a contact center as "blocking and tackling." As a result, the customer becomes isolated from the expert knowledge of the employee community. Nortel discusses the value of the contact center.

Pricing and Budgeting For Unified Communications [ Source: N'compass ]

March 2008- What is UC? Why is software licensing so important? What are the key procurement considerations? What are common technology costs? N'compass explores various UC aspects in this presentation.

Unified Communications: Results From The Test Lab [ Source: Miercom ]

March 2008- Miercom tests Unified Communications products and posts the results in this presentation. UC solutions from Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Microsoft. Siemens are discussed.

Contact Center Market Update [ Source: McGee-Smith Analytics ]

March 2008- Contact centers are included in 30% to 50% of enterprise communications implementations. McGee-Smith reviews the state of the contact center in this presentation. Enterprise application integration offerings are reviewed, among others.

Presence: The Cornerstone Of Enterprise Communications? [ Source: COMMfusion LLC ]

March 2008- How has presence evolved beyond instant messaging "buddy lists?" What applications use/require presence capabilities today? Presence servers gather presence information from various sources and provide unified presence information to end users or applications. Today, rich presence provides context: status info about any of the communications or workflow tools a person may use along with the personís context. COMMfusion explores presence in this presentation.

Unified Communications Market Overview And Forecast [ Source: COMMfusion LLC ]

March 2008- UC integrates real-time and non-real-time communications with business processes and requirements based on presence capabilities, presenting a consistent unified user interface and experience across multiple devices and media types. COMMfusion discusses the players, the pattens, the status of UC and future scenarios for the market.

WDM Delivers Value Add for Dark Fiber Service Providers [ Source: PacketLight Networks ]

January 2009- This white paper explores how dark fiber providers can gain value from offering Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) services to end users.

7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Video Conferencing Solution: How to Avoid the "Gotchas" [ Source: TANDBERG ]

December 2008- Donít have the time or money to support the travel demands of your far-flung operations? Video conferencing has emerged as the on-demand solution for a fraction of any travel and expense budget. But the explosion of video communications has created a multitude of video conferencing products ó and itís increasingly difficult to navigate the maze of choices and end up with a solution thatís powerful enough to meet your communications needs today while ...

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