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Desktops for the Future [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

June 2012- With IT departments finding more room in their budgets to tackle much-needed projects, desktop operating system refresh is moving to the top of the list.

After all, OS upgrades enable organizations to rethink and restructure their entire desktop infrastructure into more efficient and productive environments. With the expiration of Microsoft support for Windows XP looming, upgrading to Windows 7 presents an opportunity to create a streamlined environment primed for virtualization, cloud computing and other ...

Windows 7 Migration: Why Now Is the Time to Say Goodbye to Aging Client Systems [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

June 2012- As client hardware, software and operating systems age, the costs - and the associated security risks - of retaining older systems eventually outweigh the expense of replacing them.

With the 2014 expiration of Microsoft extended support for Windows XP, many enterprises and government agencies are deciding that the time has come to make the move to Windows 7 on new and, in some cases, older systems.

This detailed UBM TechWeb white paper explores ...

Windows 7 Migrations: 4 Steps to Reducing Challenges [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

June 2012- The expiration of Microsoft Windows XP support is driving enterprises and government agencies to prepare for the imminent move to Windows 7.

The complete impact assessment process in this UBM TechWeb guide, which includes detailed assessment worksheets, will help IT managers accurately plan resource requirements, overcome common migration hurdles and tap into the application environment optimization that migration makes possible.

Windows 7 Migration: Analyzing Internal vs. External Deployment Strategies and Costs [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

June 2012- With Windows XP's 2014 retirement looming, enterprises and government agencies are intensifying Windows 7 migration initiatives. Most organizations are faced with the choice of managing their migration internally or tapping a third party to do it.

To make an informed decision, this UBM TechWeb analysis identifies the phases associated with a migration strategy and estimates the time and costs associated with successfully concluding each step.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Use Case: Server Consolidation [ Source: Red Hat ]

June 2012- By transitioning workloads from physical servers to virtual machines, datacenter consolidation significantly increases the utilization and agility of computing resources while reducing operational costs with more efficient use of power and space. Capital cost savings in server hardware is the most immediate benefit and can range in a reduction of 40-75 percent. Operations teams also benefit from the reduced requirements for space and power and with the improved on-going management of their servers. For new ...

The 7 Myths of IP Risk: The Real Exposure Issues with Open Source Software [ Source: Black Duck Software ]

November 2011- Open Source Software (OSS) is widely recognised as providing significant technology, innovation and business benefits to software development organisations, but it is not without associated challenges and risks.

In this complimentary whitepaper, we address the intellectual property (IP) risks that developers, development managers and c-level managers must take into account when developing and distributing software created with OSS. We also discuss a number of common myths surrounding OSS that keep developers up at ...

Free and Open Source Software: 10 Tips to Lower Costs and Gain Control [ Source: Black Duck Software ]

December 2010- The challenge with free and open-source software (FOSS) is creating a balance between management controls and leveraging the high quality, secure, free and open-source code. Discover 10 tips to manage the use of free and open source software (FOSS) as part of your code strategy to drive innovation and lower costs.

The Value of PC Refresh with Microsoft Windows 7 [ Source: Dell & Intel ]

January 2012- Microsoft Windows 7 overwhelmingly met the requirements and showed improved performance and stability compared with Microsoft Windows XP*.

In surveys, 97 percent of users of the beta release said they would recommend the OS.

A conservative total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis estimated potential net present value (NPV) of USD 11 million over three years, mainly due to lower support costs.

How to Increase Velocity and Value with Agile Development using Open Source [ Source: Black Duck Software ]

July 2010- This whitepaper explains the advantages of reusing open source components in projects implemented by agile development teams. It discusses the issues and risks that must be managed; and highlights the benefits organizations can receive by leveraging open source components. It concludes with a brief case study that demonstrates the productivity gains that can be swiftly realized by integrating agile development and open source software. Start increasing your velocity of innovation today!

5 Open Source Management Control Points: What you need to know [ Source: Black Duck Software ]

June 2010- You can succeed in gaining control of open Source in your company and still enjoy the benefits. You can also gain significant management control over open source software use in your development organization.

Today, many IT executives, enterprise architects, and development managers in leading companies have gained management control over the externally-sourced software used by their application development groups. They are ensuring compliance and promoting standardization throughout their development teams. And they’ve ...

MOSS For Airlines [ Source: Sonata Software Limited ]

February 2010- This white paper discusses how MOSS-based collaboration solutions can help airlines improve employee productivity and reduce costs. It explains the challenges faced by internal departments and how MOSS features can help address them.

10 Signs You Need an SFA Solution [ Source: Focus ]

December 2009- The exact moment an organization needs SFA is hard to nail down, but far too many realize they need SFA only after they lose a revenue opportunity. Is it time to invest in SFA? Focus presents this discussion of 10 signs that indicate you need an SFA solution.

Looking Beyond The Open Source And SaaS Marketing Hype: Why Fast And Cheap ECM Deployment Is A Bad Idea [ Source: Optical Image Technology - DocFinity ]

August 2009- This article discusses the value of carefully examining an organization's information management needs long term, and the value careful process analysis and a true content management and business process management solution offer over fast and cheap ECM. The paper also discusses the importance of carefully examining an organization's long-term information management needs and the value of a true content and business process management solution over a cheap mock solution. Document and process analysis, file indexing, ...

SPECweb2005 Benchmark Results Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 [ Source: Red Hat ]

May 2009- In the latest SPECweb2005 benchmark, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 running on a HP Proliant DL380 G6 achieved the best SPECweb2005 result to date, with a score of 71,045. SPECweb2005 is a software benchmark product developed by the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC), a non-profit group of computer vendors, system integrators, universities, research organizations, publishers, and consultants. It is designed to measure a system's ability to act as a Web server servicing static and dynamic page requests.

Open Source for Enterprise Voice: How Much, How Soon? [ Source: Digium ]

March 2008- What level of market share and acceptance has open source PBX software attained? What is expected? Which products use open source PBX software? Digium reviews the challenges, choices and outlook for open source.

ERP System Fundamentals [ Source: ]

January 2008- This paper focuses on the fundamentals of Enterprise Resource Planning. Usually ERP systems will have many components, including hardware and software, in order to achieve integration. Most ERP systems use a unified database to store data for various functions found throughout the organization. ERP systems are used in almost any type of organization, large-, medium- or small-scale enterprises.

How to Avoid the Top 10 Sockets Programming Errors [ Source: Riverace Corporation ]

December 2007- This white paper will show you the 10 most common errors developers make when programming Sockets – especially Winsock run time errors! -- and how you can avoid them.

SOA Redefined: Simple. Open. Affordable. [ Source: JBoss ]

December 2007- Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables enterprises to accelerate business execution while driving higher quality and customer satisfaction. The key to success in business is creating the ability to not only to respond to opportunities and threats, but to identify them as early as possible and drive your vision of your business to a successful delivery of product and service leadership. SOA allows enterprises to do this because it opens up the integration and automation of the ...

Bootstrap Interfaces Definition by Leveraging OSS Common JSR Design and Shared Entities [ Source: Sun Microsystems ]

January 2008- Operations Support Systems (OSS) enables telecommunications companies to manage monitor and control telecommunications networks. Service management deliberations include handling new customers and service activation with successive service assurance. Service management is always looking to minimize the costs of introducing new services and of changing existing ones. This paper provides users with guidelines about how to extend the OSS Common API. The OSS Common API was developed through the Java Community Process (JCP) as Java Specification ...

Analysis of the Linux Random Number Generator [ Source: Hebrew University of Jerusalem ]

January 2008- Linux is the most popular open source project. The Linux random number generator is part of the kernel of all Linux distributions and is based on generating randomness from entropy of operating system events. This paper published by Hebrew University of Jerusalem gives a description of the underlying algorithms and exposes several security vulnerabilities. In particular, the university shows an attack on the forward security of the generator which enables an adversary who exposes the ...