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Securing Android, iOS and Windows Tablets and Smartphones [ Source: Citrix ]

August 2013- Android, iOS and Windows-based mobile devices - including tablets, smartphones and everything in between-play an expanding role in enterprise computing, providing new mobility and flexibility for people and IT. At the same time, they compound the challenge of maintaining effective security and privacy of business information. This white paper describes these issues and explains how they can be addressed effectively with solutions from Citrix. Download the white paper for your guide to securing mobile devices

Cloud infrastructure for the Real World [ Source: Red Hat ]

August 2013- Cloud adoption is an evolutionary process that has been leading to hybrid clouds-specifically, open hybrid clouds that provide for portability of applications and data. This new model means avoiding new points of proprietary lock-in and new silos, and breaking from proprietary software and hardware. It demands that organizations make a smooth transition from one model to another, while valuing both types of workloads equally.

Fight back against stealthy attacks with security beyond the OS [ Source: McAfee ]

May 2013- Today's anti-malware solutions running as applications above the operating system are no match for the stealth techniques used by today's malware developers. Hardware-assisted security products like McAfee Deep Defender take advantage of a "deeper" security footprint.

Researchers discover an average of 2,000 rootkits each day, according to McAfee® Labs™. Rootkits are an increasingly common form of malware built explicitly to hide malicious code. Once installed, a rootkit conceals itself and looks innocent ...

Failing to Open [ Source: AlienVault ]

April 2013- Our inability to share information about how we are being attacked, and who is launching those attacks, leaves us at a disadvantage. Sharing threat intelligence is the first step to changing the dynamics of this situation.

Practioners Guide to SOC [ Source: AlienVault ]

April 2013- This guide is intended to provide a technical audience the core information necessary to evaluate the security controls essential to establishing a Security Operation Center (SOC).

The 451 Group Impact Report: Skybox Enters Vulnerability Management Space [ Source: Skybox Security ]

April 2013- New vulnerabilities are discovered at a rapid rate, so in order to discover and defend against them, companies conduct vulnerability scanning. However, the frequency and coverage of scans provide increasing challenges for some organizations. Active scanning can be disruptive if conducted excessively, and there are some parts of the network that companies don't feel comfortable scanning at all. In order to address this problem, Skybox Security has introduced what it refers to as its next-generation ...

Skybox Security Survey:Next-Generation Firewall Management [ Source: Skybox Security ]

April 2013- Organizations struggle to realize benefits of next-generation firewalls

Learn what IT professionals had to say about adopting and migrating to next-generation firewalls at their organizations, including adoption drivers, priorities, and the challenges they encounter.

The Skybox Security Next-Generation Firewall Survey 2012, conducted in conjunction with Osterman Research, polled more than 200 respondents worldwide in varying information security and C-level roles involved in the IT decision making process.

Among the findings:

Rule-Driven Profiling:A Next-Generation Approach to Vulnerability Discovery [ Source: Skybox Security ]

April 2013- Vulnerability scanning, or the process of identifying a list of known security gaps in the network environment, is the focal point for most enterprise vulnerability management programs. Before any action can be taken to assess risks or prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation – you have to know the extent of your vulnerability challenge.

The use of vulnerability scanners as security assessment tools is nearly ubiquitous in large organizations. Regular network scans are recommended by security ...

Skybox Security Vulnerability Management Survey [ Source: Skybox Security ]

April 2013- Survey reveals pitfalls of traditional vulnerability scanners

Learn what IT professionals had to say about vulnerability management programs at their organizations, including how often and what zones they scan, and the challenges they encounter.

The Skybox Security Vulnerability Management Survey 2012, conducted in conjunction with Osterman Research, polled more than 100 IT decision makers including security managers, and network and systems engineers involved in vulnerability management processes.

Among the findings:

Mobilize SharePoint Securely: Top 5 Enterprise Requirements [ Source: Accellion ]

November 2012- To stay productive, mobile workers want access to the same data they have in the office-including data stored in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems such as Microsoft® SharePoint.

When users discover that SharePoint data can't be accessed easily on tablets and smartphones, they often work around corporate IT departments (and corporate IT security policies), and post files to a variety of cloud file sharing services. But these file-sharing services represent a significant security ...

Cloud Servers: New Risk Considerations [ Source: CloudPassage ]

September 2007- The tremendous scalability, flexibility, and speed of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) make it one of the fastest-growing sectors of the cloud computing markets. IaaS providers combine virtualization technologies with massive infrastructure to deliver bandwidth, storage, and CPU power on-demand and with granular control over scale and costs. The potential benefits of hosting applications and workloads on cloud servers are enormous, making cloud servers the de facto norm for a rapidly growing set of use cases.


PCI and the Cloud [ Source: CloudPassage ]

September 2007- Cloud computing has sparked a huge trend in rapid-fire application development and dynamic, elastic application hosting. Desires for cloud-based delivery and the emergence of software-defined infrastructure have caused developers, technology operations and security functions to converge

These cross-functional cloud teams are responsible for securing the servers and applications under their care. PCI compliance is a very common demand, one that presents special challenges in the cloud.

This white paper provides cloud ...

Simplify planning for a Windows 7 migration [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

August 2012- To capitalize on the benefits of Windows 7, you must make sure your computing environment is ready for the upgrade. The Dell Windows 7 Readiness Assessment is designed to identify application compatibility, hardware compatibility and migration readiness, and to provide the recommendations needed to help make your transition to Windows 7 as smooth as possible.

Read the Dell Windows 7 Readiness Assessment for a detailed analysis of your organization’s preparedness to upgrade and includes a comprehensive ...

2012 Essential Checklist for Backup and Recovery [ Source: appAssure Software ]

July 2012- In this new eBook, Greg Shields, Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert, reveals the essential checklist of 10 capabilities any company's backup and recovery approach needs to include. Find out if your recovery solution can deliver all ten of these key capabilities and when to consider an upgrade to your backup and recovery approach.

Download the eBook now.

Simplify your Migrations to Windows Server 2008 R2: Tips and Tricks [ Source: Dell/Windows 7 ]

September 2011- When and how should you migrate to Windows Server 2008? Experts agree that a phased approach to migration is the way to go. This technical brief dives deep into migration recommendations and explains how to plan thoroughly, adopt a phased approach and who to ask for help.

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Windows 7 Migration [ Source: Dell ]

June 2011- Many public organizations and large enterprises had ridden out the tough economic times by delaying an operating system (OS) migration from Microsoft Windows XP to Windows 7. Today, however, the case for a migration is highly compelling.

Trust But Verify: Managing Risk In Outsourced Applications [ Source: IBM ]

May 2011- Reasons for outsourcing application development are many and varied. Outsourcing can be a cost effective and efficient solution to demand for new and specialized applications in today?s Internet-based marketplace.

The team responsible for evaluating outsourced applications must make security one of its principal criteria prior to acceptance of each release.

The right tool for the right job: An applications security tools report card [ Source: IBM ]

May 2011- A range of application security tools have been developed to support efforts in securing the enterprise from threats posed by insecure applications. But in the ever changing landscape of application security, how do organizations choose the right set of tools to mitigate the risks their applications pose to their environment?

Designing a strategy for comprehensive web protection [ Source: IBM ]

May 2011- This paper discusses the security challenges associated with web applications, the importance of a comprehensive web application security strategy, and how IBM Rational solutions use IBMs virtually unmatched insight and experience to help companies create security-rich web applications.

Auditing Software Acts Like A Server Security Camera [ Source: ObserveIT ]

January 2010- ObserveIT auditing software acts like a security camera on your servers. It provides bulletproof video evidence of user sessions, significantly shortening investigation time. Every action performed by remote vendors, developers, sysadmins, business users or privileged users is recorded. Video recordings include mouse click, app usage and keystrokes. Each time a security event is unclear, simply replay the video, just as if you were looking over the user’s shoulder.

ObserveIT is the perfect ...

Windows 7 Security and Compliance [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

December 2010- Organizations today are under increased pressure to secure their computers, protect their users' and customers' data, and comply with new regulations. Download this paper to learn how Dell computers running Microsoft Windows 7 can help you make your operations more secure and meet compliance requirements.

Financial Services: The Need For Visual Privacy [ Source: 3M ]

October 2010- Whether it is being stored, transmitted or viewed, the protection of sensitive customer data and internal financial statements is non-negotiable. Make sure visual privacy isn’t being overlooked in your company’s comprehensive protection strategy.

Bit9 Parity Suite vs. Windows 7 AppLocker [ Source: Bit9 ]

August 2010- There are a lot of reasons to upgrade to Windows 7: new convenience features, improved stability and – no surprise amidst the explosion in media coverage of zero-day attacks targeted at the endpoints, enhanced security.

As part of Window 7, Microsoft has introduce a new feature called AppLocker that is intended to protect endpoints from malware. Preventing the execution of unauthorized software on endpoints must be a priority for any security conscious organization. Doing so is ...

Why Companies Aren't Relaxing PC Lockdown Policies [ Source: Viewfinity ]

July 2010- Connect with Viewfinity featuring Gartner Research on recent trends related to how organizations are revisiting PC control policies and increasing desktop lockdown.

Gartner states, “Survey results and feedback from Gartner clients show that organizations are increasing the number of PCs that IT controls by removing administrative rights and using other measures to control PC configurations.” This practice reduces system vulnerability by allowing end users to use only the applications and desktop functions that ...

Extending Your Web Security Solution to Address Data Loss [ Source: Websense ]

March 2010- Web 2.0 technologies have forever changed the nature of the Web and, along with it, the nature of Web security. Web content is now highly dynamic, precipitating the need for security solutions that are capable of real-time assessment, categorization, and threat control. But that’s not all. Web 2.0 has also turned things around, quite literally, by enabling the use of the Web as a channel for outbound communications. Because of its ability to enhance collaboration and ...

Implementing Best Practices for Web 2.0 Security [ Source: Websense ]

March 2010- The way to address Web 2.0 threats that combines the best aspects of traditional security and control techniques is with new technology designed specifically to address the dynamic, real-time nature of Web 2.0.

This paper describes how the Websense Web Security Gateway enables you to quickly and effectively implement a best practices approach to making Web 2.0 secure and effective.

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