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Five Tips for a Successful SharePoint Launch [ Source: Nagarro ]

April 2014- The success or failure of a SharePoint implementation depends on how well business leaders and IT have planned and implemented it. This white paper explains some of the common pitfalls enterprises face when they rollout SharePoint and how these simple but expensive errors can be avoided.If you're a CXO, IT leader, or business executive who wants to ensure the success of your SharePoint initiative, read this white paper.

You will learn:
• ...

Windows 7 Migration: An Industry View of App Compatibility [ Source: Dell Software ]

January 2013- In the two years that Windows 7 has been available to the enterprise, many organizations have made the move, and common challenges have been identified. This white paper discusses those challenges, so you know what to expect when planning your migration.

App Compatibility in Windows 7 Migrations [ Source: Dell Software ]

January 2012- Uncertainly over Windows 7 compatibility with legacy and homegrown applications is delaying Windows 7 migrations and desktop virtualization. This paper addresses new solutions that help IT organizations test for and fix application compatibility issues, helping to smooth the migration to Windows 7.

Windows 8 for Small and Medium Businesses: 6 Best Practices [ Source: Dell ]

December 2012- You may be wandering whether it is worthwhile to move to Windows 8. It is important to consider the hardware you have now and to think about the future, bearing in mind emerging trends such as virtualization and the cloud. Download now to get compelling reasons to adopt Windows 8 for your business.

Upgrade Your Infrastructure: 4 Steps to Reducing Challenges [ Source: Dell ]

December 2012- With Microsoft Windows XP support expiring in 2014, enterprises are preparing for the imminent move to their next Windows operating system. Download now to get a four-step plan and assessment worksheets to help prepare you for a smooth migration process.

Six Myths of Windows RT Revealed! [ Source: Dell ]

December 2012- There has been a lot of misinformation being circulated about capabilities of Windows RT, the new Microsoft operating system for ARM tablets. This paper dispels a number of those myths. Read on to find out the capabilities of this new operating system.

Simplify planning for a Windows 7 migration [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

August 2012- To capitalize on the benefits of Windows 7, you must make sure your computing environment is ready for the upgrade. The Dell Windows 7 Readiness Assessment is designed to identify application compatibility, hardware compatibility and migration readiness, and to provide the recommendations needed to help make your transition to Windows 7 as smooth as possible.

Read the Dell Windows 7 Readiness Assessment for a detailed analysis of your organization’s preparedness to upgrade and includes a comprehensive ...

Windows 7 Migration: Why Now Is the Time to Say Goodbye to Aging Client Systems [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

June 2012- As client hardware, software and operating systems age, the costs - and the associated security risks - of retaining older systems eventually outweigh the expense of replacing them.

With the 2014 expiration of Microsoft extended support for Windows XP, many enterprises and government agencies are deciding that the time has come to make the move to Windows 7 on new and, in some cases, older systems.

This detailed UBM TechWeb white paper explores ...

Windows 7 Migrations: 4 Steps to Reducing Challenges [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

June 2012- The expiration of Microsoft Windows XP support is driving enterprises and government agencies to prepare for the imminent move to Windows 7.

The complete impact assessment process in this UBM TechWeb guide, which includes detailed assessment worksheets, will help IT managers accurately plan resource requirements, overcome common migration hurdles and tap into the application environment optimization that migration makes possible.

Windows 7 Migration: Analyzing Internal vs. External Deployment Strategies and Costs [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

June 2012- With Windows XP's 2014 retirement looming, enterprises and government agencies are intensifying Windows 7 migration initiatives. Most organizations are faced with the choice of managing their migration internally or tapping a third party to do it.

To make an informed decision, this UBM TechWeb analysis identifies the phases associated with a migration strategy and estimates the time and costs associated with successfully concluding each step.

Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 - deployment made easy [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

February 2012- Adding additional file-based storage to your Microsoft Windows environment is easier than ever with the new HP X5000 G2 Network Storage Systems, powered by Intel® Xeon® Processors, and run on Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition.

HP’s newest Network Attached Storage solutions, with two-nodes integrated into a converged 3U chassis, are designed for a better file serving experience.

In this in-depth architecture and deployment guide you will ...

The Benefits Side of a Windows 7 Business Case [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

February 2012- Organizations should build a business case around Windows 7 deployment to ensure the project's funding and success. The strength of the business case should help decide when the project should be completed.

Q&A: The Relationship Between Windows 7 and Hosted Virtual Desktop Technology [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

February 2012- Windows 7 and hosted virtual desktops are approaching maturity. Gartner answers questions about whether to combine them into a single project, and how migrations change with HVDs.

Microsoft Windows 7 and Office Key Initiative Overview [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

February 2012- To avoid disruptions, CIOs and IT leaders must position their organizations to complete a migration to Windows 7 in a timely and cost-effective manner. But, as they work through the preparation and deployment processes, they will be confronted by a host of challenges and risk.

In this research paper, Gartner research presents tools, best practices and policies to reduce Windows 7 and Office 2010 migration costs by as much as 50%.

Creating a Timeline for Deploying Windows 7 and Eliminating Windows XP [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

February 2012- Windows XP support ends April 8, 2014. Therefore, organizations must decide when to begin their migration to Windows 7, set a target date to have Windows XP out and define the scope of the project.

This research paper reviews Gartner's key findings and recommendations for deploying Windows 7.

Simplify your Migrations to Windows Server 2008 R2: Tips and Tricks [ Source: Dell/Windows 7 ]

September 2011- When and how should you migrate to Windows Server 2008? Experts agree that a phased approach to migration is the way to go. This technical brief dives deep into migration recommendations and explains how to plan thoroughly, adopt a phased approach and who to ask for help.

Top 10 Reasons to Migrate to Windows Server 2008 [ Source: Dell/Windows 7 ]

September 2011- Reducing the cost and complexity in your school's data center allows you to devote more resources to making innovation a daily business practice.

Download "Top 10 Reasons to Migrate to Windows Server 2008" to learn how WS08:
• simplifies server management
• gives you secure access to internal applications through firewall-friendly ports
• increases system availability for end-to-end management of dynamic data centers

Windows Server® 2008 is ready to run ...

Windows 7 Migration Challenges and Best Practices for Large Enterprise and Public Sector [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

September 2011- Today, IT managers worldwide are accelerating their efforts toward planning for and migrating to Windows 7, and the next 12 to 18 months will be critical.

In fact, Forrester Consulting recently completed an online survey of 200 large enterprise and public sector organizations in the US, Canada, and the UK with 1,000 or more employees, commissioned by Dell, concerning their migration plans for Windows 7, and the study found that 93% of firms planned on completing their enterprise-wide migrations before 2014. ...

Avoiding the 8 Common Mistakes of Windows 7 Migration [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

September 2011- The recession put important things on hold for many organizations, like upgrading to new client systems. Now organizations such as yours are ready to upgrade and gain from better performance and efficiency by purchasing new laptops and notebooks with Windows 7 factory-installed.

Before you move dozens - or hundreds - of important business applications into a new environment, find out how other organizations tackled this challenge.

Download "Avoiding the 8 common mistakes of ...

Laptop durability showdown: Dell vs HP & Lenovo [ Source: Dell & Intel ]

September 2011- The Dell Latitude E5420 and E6420 batteries also lasted longer than the competition's batteries, increasing the time workers could use their systems by as much as 18.2 percent, or an entire hour of working time!

The Dell Latitude E5420 and E6420 withstood damage and protected data, even after three drops. Neither the HP EliteBook 8460p nor the Lenovo ThinkPad T420 emerged intact - each experienced system failure before we were able to finish our ...

Windows 7 migration challenges and best practices for large enterprise and public sector [ Source: Dell & Intel ]

September 2011- Forrester Consulting's online survey of 200 large enterprise and public sector organizations in the US, Canada, and the UK with 1,000 or more employees, commissioned by Dell, targeted firms that had already migrated at least 20% of its users to Windows 7 to ensure they can share actual costs and benefits realized with the upgrade.

Migration Lesson Plan for Educational Institutions [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

February 2012- Is your university or K-12 school system ready for Windows 7? Study up on what your classrooms need to support the ever-growing multimedia workloads and new applications with a Windows 7 migration - all while keeping your legacy apps flowing smoothly and maintaining a flawless end-user experience.

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Windows 7 Migration [ Source: Dell ]

June 2011- Many public organizations and large enterprises had ridden out the tough economic times by delaying an operating system (OS) migration from Microsoft Windows XP to Windows 7. Today, however, the case for a migration is highly compelling.

Using Windows 7 to Regain Control over Rogue Applications and Peripherals [ Source: Dell ]

June 2011- Security concerns remain a high priority for IT departments as hackers continue to target corporate computers, hoping to steal data for malicious purposes. Adding to the security woes, users today routinely install their own software on work computers, thus exposing the systems to addition risk. To combat these threats, some companies and organizations are finding relief by upgrading operating systems to Windows 7.

SAS strengthens sales and streamlines global operations with Windows 7 on Dell client systems [ Source: Dell ]

June 2011- Helping businesses operate more intelligently is what SAS Institute Inc. does. ?We work with a wide variety of organizations, from banks to government agencies to pharmaceutical, healthcare and retail companies,? explains Brent MacDonald, global IT manager, enterprise client software technologies. ?One thing that all of our customers have in common is that they deal with huge amounts of data. SAS analytics solutions help them use that information to better run their businesses.?

Avoiding the 8 common mistakes of Windows 7 migration [ Source: Dell ]

June 2011- An early adopter of Windows 7 within its own global infrastructure, Dell has distilled valuable advice and best practice recommendations for other enterprises looking to maximize Windows 7 value and reduce migration risk.

This paper presents best practices based on the experience of the Dell IT group and many of Dell's largest customers, focusing on eight common mistakes to avoid during migration projects.

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