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Transitioning to Multicore Development [ Source: Rogue Wave Software ]

May 2013- As you think about your application in the context of new multicore systems you may wonder: What does it mean to transition my application to multicore? What is the essence of a multicore application? What are the tradeoffs involved? What are the changes you need to make?

This paper, part one of two, answers these questions, showing you how to transition an application to run on a multicore system smoothly and correctly.

Why Rational Development Solutions for Power? [ Source: IBM ]

February 2013- Read about the real life experiences of two customers who used Rational Development Solutions for Power to save money and create workload optimized developers who were much more productive in meeting innovative business challenges than ever before.

Value-driven quality management for complex systems: Six strategies for reducing cost and risk [ Source: IBM ]

February 2011- Focusing on best practices that can deliver a positive return provides a way to separate practices that will deliver tangible business results from merely interesting ideas. Moreover, this paper will explore how you can further justify investments by potentially delivering savings that are bigger than the sum of the individual returns.

Driving systems engineering value through trade studies [ Source: IBM ]

February 2011- This trade study shows not only a robust technique with modeling and SysML, but it also provides a methodology that enables users to properly explore the design space with executionanalysis—all from within the design model, something that was oftenmissing from previous techniques around trade study analysis.

Retaining Your IT Staff [ Source: IntaPeople ]

November 2010- At a time when many owners are just as happy sustaining business growth as they are increasing it, holding on to key IT talent should be a top priority. The cost of failing to hold on to these staff members can be enormous, especially considering the specialist knowledge often acquired by IT workers over the course of their employment. It is not unusual for incentives to be focused mainly around the sales team, but it ...

Cloud Staffing and IT Outsourcing Evolution [ Source: Software and Web Development Company Acceptic ]

September 2010- The article, presented by Acceptic, deals with cloud staffing as a more mature approach to world outsourcing practices. The features revealed in the article explain the pros of cloud staffing against conventional outsourcing.

UML For Objective-C [ Source: Excel Software ]

January 2009- Objective-C is a popular programming language for Mac OS X computers. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the industry standard notation for modeling object-oriented software. This paper shows how to model Objective-C software using UML.

UML For C# [ Source: Excel Software ]

January 2009- C# is a modern object-oriented language for application development. In addition to object-oriented constructs, C# supports component-oriented programming with properties, methods, and events.

UML For REALbasic [ Source: Excel Software ]

May 2010- REALbasic is an object-oriented programming language for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux computers. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the industry standard notation for modeling object-oriented software. This paper shows how to extract a UML design from a REALbasic project, model REALbasic software using UML, and generate REALbasic code from UML. Furthermore, it lays the foundation for a code translation project to or from REALbasic, Objective- C, Java, Delphi, C#, C++, or any other ...

Breaking The Flat File Barrier For Embedded Developers [ Source: ITTIA ]

November 2009- In this white paper, ITTIA notes that the demand for embedded devices is growing rapidly. Discover how embedded developers can break the performance, reliability, portability, and interoperability barriers of flat file formats through embedded database.

Benefits Of Embedded Database [ Source: ITTIA ]

May 2009- This white paper discusses the benefits of incorporating an embedded database into applications for embedded, intelligent, and mobile devices. An embedded database library is an inexpensive replacement for flat files that gives applications access to relational database features, such as transaction logging and indexed search, without the overhead of an enterprise database. Applications developed with an embedded database are scalable and protected from data loss by leveraging decades of data management expertise.

Performance Comparison -- ITTIA DB and SQLite [ Source: ITTIA ]

March 2010- ITTIA DB SQL is a lightweight database management system designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of embedded systems and devices. SQLite is an open source software library. This white paper examines the performance characteristics and technical capabilities of ITTIA DB and SQLite.

Merits Of Qt For Developing Imaging Applications UI [ Source: Trianz ]

September 2009- The graphical user interface (GUI) for applications is getting more intuitive in terms of ease of use, attention to details, and the experience offered to the user. Although RAD tools like Visual Basic are capable of creating user interfaces in quick time, the flexibility they provide is very poor in terms of customizing the visual effects of the user interface. In the process, the user experience is diminished. The Microsoft solution Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), ...