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Delivering Workload Automation for the App Developer [ Source: BMC Software ]

July 2014- These are exciting times for enterprise application developers, as companies challenge them to build solutions that better exploit mobile devices, cloud infrastructures, sensor networks, big data, and APIs for widely used services such as Facebook and Gmail. Application development, however, isn't all intellectual exhilaration. It has its pain points, too, such as the toil that goes into creating and modifying batch workload jobs. This paper explores how app developers can use automation to deal with ...

Better Decision Support for Product Management [ Source: IBM ]

July 2014- Make the right decisions to define the right features and functions to build into your products for reaching the right market at the right time. Learn about making better product decisions with a Rational Focal Point solution for product portfolio management.

Controlling In-Vehicle Innovation with IVI Design [ Source: IBM ]

July 2014- In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems continues to bear greater influence on consumers' in-car experiences and purchasing decisions. The pressure on OEMs, however, to adequately adapt their solutions is exposing antiquated platforms and straining incumbent processes. In order to keep pace with this accelerating rate of evolution, OEMs are turning to a broadening suite of third-party and open source platforms and looking to the successful, post-deployment software content models from the mobile domain. As the software supply ...

Smarter automotive development: Five key areas for accelerating automotive innovation [ Source: IBM ]

July 2014- Bringing an automotive product or component to the marketplace can involve complex requirements that must be addressed by numerous teams spread across different departments, companies and geographies. This white paper explores some key challenges that automotive companies face in creating smarter, more sophisticated automobiles that are made up of many systems of systems and how a holistic approach can help address them.

Reducing the risk of development failure with cost-effective capture and management of requirements [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- In this whitepaper, a leading analyst provides his analysis and thoughts on the discipline of requirements management; discusses how managing requirements is the enabler for success and how it continues to play a role in satisfying the emerging focus on regulatory requirements.

CIC Guide: Agile Deployment for Embedded Software & Complex Systems [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- Agile is a cornerstone of software delivery from IT to complex and embedded systems. This research-based paper reports on key challenges, patterns and working practices for extending Agile to cross-discipline deployment in product and systems development.

Adopting agile methods for safety-critical systems design [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- Because of the discipline and efficiency that agile brings to development, agile can be - and is - applied to the development of safety critical systems. This paper discusses how agile methods can be used to deliver high quality results with improved predictability.

DevOps for Dummies [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- Today's fast-moving world makes DevOps essential for any business aspiring to be agile and lean in order to respond rapidly to changing customer and marketplace demands. This book helps you understand DevOps and how your organization can gain real business benefits from it. You'll also discover how a holistic view of DevOps that encompasses the entire software delivery life cycle - from ideation and the conception of new business capabilities to implementation in production - ...

A mobile application development primer [ Source: IBM ]

October 2013- Feel like your software delivery team gets productivity paralysis? Join our support group and hear Bernie Coyne, a certified "ALMopath" (and IBM ALM Technical Marketing Manager), share how to recognize the signs and symptoms that your team may be suffering from a treatable "disorder." Learn about the "treatments" available through effective application lifecycle management (ALM).

Agile in the Embedded World [ Source: IBM ]

October 2013- The agile approach is unique in that it focuses on the important aspects of the development process: the people and the artifacts - software and hardware. Learn how Agile encourages developers to be more iterative, team-oriented, self-improving and customer focused.

Accelerating innovation: New approaches to software development for smarter products [ Source: IBM ]

October 2013- This white paper describes software as the invisible thread that links product parts into an intelligent whole. It examines software delivery for smart products and strategies for evolving software development into a business process. Agile development has become a cornerstone of most software development organizations. Marked by iterative processes that deliver incremental value over time, agile development has enabled organizations to manage software complexity more effectively and to improve quality and time to market compared ...

Now reduce the risk and cost of managing change in SAP landscape [ Source: IBM ]

October 2013- Organizations that use SAP must keep pace with constant change. IBM Rational Software for SAP offers a comprehensive suite of application lifecycle management and quality management tools to extend SAP Solution Manager capabilities and enable a holistic approach to SAP and non SAP deployment.

ROI: The Value of Deployment Automation [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- This paper explains how a deployment automation framework can streamline release operations and increase business agility. The document describes the benefits of Deployment Automation. In addition, the whitepaper contains a formula for calculating the return on your investment (ROI).

Business Value of Compilers [ Source: IBM ]

February 2013- The compiler you use can impact whether or not you achieve optimal performance from all parts of your systems. This whitepaper provides details on how IBM compilers are designed to unleash and exploit the full power of IBM Power processors.

Implications of Migrating to Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7) [ Source: VersaLogic Corp. ]

October 2010- This paper describes some of the differences between Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7) and Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (WES2009). WES7 is the next-generation offering in Microsoft's family of embedded operating systems. Specifically, WES7 is the successor to WES2009, which in turn was the successor to Windows XP Embedded (XPe). The goal is to provide OEM developers with a detailed understanding of the differences between the two embedded products in regards to building and deploying a fully functional ...

Secure Boot Requirements and Capabilities in Embedded Systems [ Source: CPU Technology ]

May 2010- The No. 1 vulnerability source in embedded processors is the initial boot phase of the device. Solutions to the problem of insecure boot processes vary enormously depending on the protection requirements of the system. Rather than relying on solutions based on product name, engineers will learn to make more informed decisions on how much end-system security they need, and match that to the various secure boot capabilities on the market, according to CPU Technology.

Building Smarter Products with Requirements Engineering [ Source: IBM ]

April 2010- Developing smarter products can be challenging; there are many benefits, however, including improving your customer's lives and helping drive your revenue goals. Managing successful smarter product projects hinges on adopting a requirements-driven development process one that can help you prevent costly incompatibility failures, delayed product launches, and assist in managing complex, interdependent engineering tasks. Learn how in the Deliver smarter products with requirements engineering white paper.

Breaking The Flat File Barrier For Embedded Developers [ Source: ITTIA ]

November 2009- In this white paper, ITTIA notes that the demand for embedded devices is growing rapidly. Discover how embedded developers can break the performance, reliability, portability, and interoperability barriers of flat file formats through embedded database.

Benefits Of Embedded Database [ Source: ITTIA ]

May 2009- This white paper discusses the benefits of incorporating an embedded database into applications for embedded, intelligent, and mobile devices. An embedded database library is an inexpensive replacement for flat files that gives applications access to relational database features, such as transaction logging and indexed search, without the overhead of an enterprise database. Applications developed with an embedded database are scalable and protected from data loss by leveraging decades of data management expertise.

Performance Comparison -- ITTIA DB and SQLite [ Source: ITTIA ]

March 2010- ITTIA DB SQL is a lightweight database management system designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of embedded systems and devices. SQLite is an open source software library. This white paper examines the performance characteristics and technical capabilities of ITTIA DB and SQLite.

Secure Anchor Point [ Source: CPU Technology ]

December 2009- As the world computing infrastructure becomes likewise complicated, network and system communications have significant problems in identifying who to trust. Corporate and government personnel enter systems through a variety of methods: remote access, wireless PDAs, laptops via VPN from public access points. Establishing trust includes the identity of hardware and processor nodes, the identity and authenticity of software instructions, and the identity and authenticity of system users. Describing and categorizing all of the different types ...

Mobile Multiplayer Gaming, Part 3: Multiplayer Games With Bluetooth [ Source: Sun Microsystems ]

January 2008- The focus of the mobile gaming industry, centers on the wide-area wireless capabilities of mobile devices. The ability to connect to anywhere in the world is what defines the wireless computing revolution. But gaming is fundamentally a social phenomenon, and it makes sense that one would want to challenge players within earshot. This paper published by Sun Microsystems expose the raw potential that Java technology and Bluetooth bring to mobile gaming. It gives as basic ...

Transmission Control Scheme for Fast RFID Object Identification [ Source: ETH Zurich ]

January 2008- The scheme specifically addresses characteristics of the RFID domain such as the strong capture effect. It also makes no restrictive assumptions on channel traffic. Experimental evidence and simulation results are presented showing that the proposed transmission control scheme performs well in practice. The results indicate that the time it takes to identify a large tag population can be reduced significantly when compared to existing approaches.