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The ABCs of continuous release and deploy in a DevOps approach [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- This paper focuses on the bottlenecks in enterprise software delivery caused by the handoff from development to operations. Learn how implementing the three ABCs can help you achieve a continuous release and deployment approach: Align Teams - Build Consistent Process - Create Automated Culture.

Comparing the Total Cost of Ownership of Business Intelligence Solutions [ Source: Birst ]

March 2013- In this paper we first review the three primary delivery models for BI: traditional, Open Source and Cloud. We then build and establish a TCO model by which we can evaluate the three offering types. Finally, the three BI offering types are evaluated at a summary level against this model.

Building smart products: best practices for multicore software development [ Source: IBM ]

February 2011- The planet is becoming more interconnected, instrumented and intelligent. All kinds of devices—from medical devices to the global positioning system (GPS) in your car to large-scale defense systems—rely on embedded software to interact with other systems and deliver an exceptional, differentiated user experience.

But as the marketplace increasingly demands embedded systems that deliver greater functionality, a smaller form factor, greater reliability, lower power and a lower cost of operation, the pressure ...

Building smarter products with IBM Integrated Product Management [ Source: IBM ]

February 2011- Building smarter prodcuts with Integrated Product Management. Turning product development into competitive advantage. Whether you operate in the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications or electronics marketplace, business trends dicatate that you need to deliver innovative products that incorporate advances in software, electronics and hardware to deliver a customizable experience to users.

The key to creating this new class of offerings is to elevate software development to a strategic business process while leveraging advanced modeling capabilities ...

Four keys to improving quality across the systems engineering [ Source: IBM ]

February 2011- A balanced approach to complex systems quality in aerospace and defense projects - Thought leadership white paper. This white paper examines the systems engineering life cycle and discusses four keys for improving quality across the systems engineering "V" to help A&D companies deliver quality on time while containing costs more effectively.

Ten Ways to Establish a Strategic Advantage in Managing Change [ Source: IBM ]

February 2011- To compete in the global economy, products are expanding in scope to deliver more value and function. Products are becoming smarter: they are more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent than ever before.

This paper offers ways that your company can establish a strategic advantage in managing change. It offers a structured approach to managing change in a rapidly evolving software development environment, helping you manage complex smarter product development processes — and more.

OTRS Helps Alaskan School District [ Source: OTRS Inc. ]

November 2010- OTRS, a leading provider of open source Help Desk and ITIL-compatible IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, announced publication of a major case study detailing how the OTRS help desk was used to leverage an Alaskan school district’s one-person IT staff, to the benefit of teachers, parents, students, and staff.

Magnolia CMS: Spurring Innovation in the Finance Industry [ Source: Magnolia Americas, Inc. ]

July 2010- A Web content management system (CMS) provides companies in the financial sector with the tools they need to build an engaging and persuasive Web experience to customers, prospects, employees and management. The benefits of using a CMS to create Web-based services are many: faster time-to-market and competitive advantage due to on-the-fly content creation; increased customer satisfaction through consistent presentation of services and data across channels; improved internal efficiency via "create once, use many" paradigm; faster ...

API Considerations in CRM Vendor Selection [ Source: OSF Global Services ]

September 2010- APIs should be one of the key determining factors in deciding what CRM your company will use, according to OSF. APIs are critical in determining how easily, or how hard, it is to interface your CRM with your other company software apps. They say that you save time and money by having a CRM with a good API readiness, and that the time and manpower you save with your IT people alone makes it a ...

Managing a growing threat: an executive's guide to Web application security [ Source: IBM ]

January 2010- More and more companies are relying on Web-based applications to provide online services to their employees, to support e-commerce sales and to leverage portals. All of these applications are designed to help staff better communicate with customers, partners and suppliers. However, as the number and complexity of Web applications have grown, so have the associated security risks. With increasing frequency, incidents of Web application breaches resulting in data theft are popping up as front-page news. ...

Spurring Innovation and Increasing Customer Satisfaction in the Finance Industry [ Source: Magnolia Americas, Inc. ]

July 2010- Internet banking continues to grow, spurred by competitive pressures and rising customer expectations. In support of their online banking businesses, financial institutions must build and manage rich consumer and business Web sites. Further, industry deregulation and the financial meltdown of 2008 have led to a complex and somewhat unique set of challenges at financial institutions. In essence, it is especially critical to have the right CMS tools for the job that comply with industry standards. Magnolia's ...

Extending Open Source Tools for More Effective Software Delivery [ Source: IBM ]

September 2010- IBM Rational® software provides an integrated and modular software development ecosystem that supports a broad range of open source tools. The ecosystem helps enable timely and efficient software delivery through automation of processes for consistency, efficiency, quality and insight. Rational software enables process automation and traceability to improve visibility and control of the software and systems development lifecycle. Developers can leverage the open source tools that allow them to focus on building software rather than ...

UML For Objective-C [ Source: Excel Software ]

January 2009- Objective-C is a popular programming language for Mac OS X computers. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the industry standard notation for modeling object-oriented software. This paper shows how to model Objective-C software using UML.

Software Design For PHP [ Source: Excel Software ]

January 2009- PHP is a server-side, open-source, HTML-embedded scripting language used to drive many of the world’s most popular Web sites. All major Web servers support PHP, enabling normal HMTL pages to embed code fragments that get interpreted before being served up to requesting users. PHP is often used with MySQL, a popular open source database engine.

Applying the Principle of Pull to Scale Agile Teams [ Source: Rally Software ]

April 2010- Reaping the benefits of Agile software development beyond the team level is an enticing proposition. Based on documented successes, organizations are recognizing the business imperative to “go big” with Agile. This white paper introduces the Lean principle of Pull and applies it as a theme for prioritizing actions and practices within Agile Teams and Programs.

In this paper you will learn: The specific practices that adhere to the Pull discipline; Methods to keep ...

Opposites Attract: How Can Open Source And Proprietary Software Coexist? [ Source: Bitrix ]

April 2010- Software licensing. Free open source or proprietary software? How do you combine the advantages of these two licensing models? Bitrix offers its solution of this problem -- the Bitrix hybrid licensing model.

Performance Comparison -- ITTIA DB and SQLite [ Source: ITTIA ]

March 2010- ITTIA DB SQL is a lightweight database management system designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of embedded systems and devices. SQLite is an open source software library. This white paper examines the performance characteristics and technical capabilities of ITTIA DB and SQLite.

Service-Centric IT Operations Management In Small And Medium Enterprises: Challenges And Requirements [ Source: Rivermuse ]

February 2010- This white paper discusses how the pace of innovation in service-delivery technologies has increased the complexity of IT Operations Management for organizations of all sizes. This problem is particularly acute for small and medium Enterprises (SMEs), including regional managed service providers–-which have traditionally operated with a lean staff and simpler but silo-based management systems. How do SMEs cope with the complexity? Many SMEs are streamlining operational processes and holding down costs through the acquisition ...

10 Signs You Need an SFA Solution [ Source: Focus ]

December 2009- The exact moment an organization needs SFA is hard to nail down, but far too many realize they need SFA only after they lose a revenue opportunity. Is it time to invest in SFA? Focus presents this discussion of 10 signs that indicate you need an SFA solution.

Impetus Social Media Software [ Source: Impetus Technologies, Inc. ]

January 2009- Social Media involves all the Internet-enabled means that people may use to communicate, share, and collaborate. This white paper features the social media phenomenon and the important social media trends that are being adopted successfully by various businesses. Through various real-life examples, it shares that how social media has made a tremendous impact in the growth and development of these businesses. The white paper also introduces the social media software and how it can assist ...

Merits Of Qt For Developing Imaging Applications UI [ Source: Trianz ]

September 2009- The graphical user interface (GUI) for applications is getting more intuitive in terms of ease of use, attention to details, and the experience offered to the user. Although RAD tools like Visual Basic are capable of creating user interfaces in quick time, the flexibility they provide is very poor in terms of customizing the visual effects of the user interface. In the process, the user experience is diminished. The Microsoft solution Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), ...

Getting Started with Cloud Computing: Amazon EC2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux [ Source: Red Hat ]

July 2009- The combination of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Amazon EC2 changes the economics of computing by allowing customers to pay only for the infrastructure software services and capacity that they actually use. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for cloud computing makes it easy to develop, deploy, and manage your new and existing applications in a virtual computing environment. Compute capacity can be scaled up or down on demand to accommodate changing workloads and business requirements. Red ...

Linux (RHEL 4) 64-Bit Performance With NFS, iSCSI, and FCP Using an Oracle Database on NetApp Storage [ Source: NetApp ]

January 2008- This technical report provides regulation commendations that can increase the performance of Linux 2.6- based kernel environments such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 update 4 with Oracle10g databases. A performance comparison of NFS, iSCSI, and FCP protocols is provided. The focus of this paper is technical, and the reader should be experienced with Linux system administration, Oracle10g database administration, network connectivity, Fibre Channel administration, and NetApp storage administration.

Optimizing Linux for Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processors [ Source: Novell ]

January 2008- The introduction of x 86 dual- or multi-core technologies will change commercial and consumer computing while offering new opportunities for software developers. The evolution to multi-core processors is an exciting technological advancement that will play a central role in driving relevant advancements, providing greater security, resource utilization and value for businesses and consumers. The client and consumer markets will have access to superior performance and efficiency compared to single-core processors, as the next generation of software ...

Build a Wireless Gateway With Perl [ Source: O’Reilly Media ]

January 2008- When operated in a special mode called Managed, the host computer acts as a wireless access point. HostAP does its job and does it well, but it is command line only, and that’s not suitable for everyone. A complete solution that potentially competes with off-the-shelf devices needs more features, including DHCP, firewall, DNS, and NTP, along with a web interface for configuration. This is the de facto standard nowadays.

Open Source: Is It Just One Big Hack? [ Source: Indian Institute of Technology Allahabad ]

January 2008- The latest buzz word seems to be Open Source and almost everybody seems to be propagating the idea. This first gives an introduction as to what exactly constitutes the Open Source and Free Software Movement, and the various development and Economic Models of the Open Source Movement. It also states that whole GNU project is really one big hack, one big act of subversive playful cleverness to change the society for ""better"".

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