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Security Configuration Management For Dummies [ Source: Tripwire ]

May 2014- Securing your server and network configurations may be the smartest security work you can do. Why? Continually protected and hardened systems keep your data safe, repel exploits and provide measurable confidence. But it's hard to do. How do you get started? What are the capabilities to look for in an effective solution?

Security Configuration Management For Dummies shows you how to:

• Adopt and implement a security hardening policy


20 Critical Questions Your Security Programs Must Answer [ Source: Tripwire ]

March 2014- This booklet/poster takes you step-by-step through the 20 Critical Security Controls, with an additional section that focuses on the first four fundamental controls. A convenient scorecard lets you rank your specific needs against NSA rankings.

VM Article Anthology Vol. 1: Reduce Your Risk from Vulnerabilities and Threats [ Source: Tripwire ]

March 2014- This anthology of blog posts from Tripwire's award-winning blog, "The State of Security" provides five cybersecurity experts' views on vulnerability management."

Vulnerability Management Evolution: From Tactical Scanner to Strategic Platform [ Source: Tripwire ]

May 2012- Organizations have traditionally viewed vulnerability scanners as a tactical product, largely commoditized, and only providing value around audit time. How useful is a 100-page vulnerability report to an operations person trying to figure out what to fix next? But the tide is definitely turning?there is now a clear shift from a largely compliance-driven orientation to a more security-centric view. It?s widely acknowledged that compliance provides a low bar for security, and it just ...

Reducing Risk Through Prevention: Implementing Critical Security Controls 1-4 [ Source: Tripwire ]

March 2014- In almost every year since 2000, the Internet Crime Complaint Center has reported an increase in cybersecurity crime reports by individuals and organizations. Over the last dozen years, the number of attacks reported in the United States seems to grow consistently over time. After examining this trend, the question arises: Is there anything an organization can do to stop these attacks from occurring and protect their critical information systems from intruders?

Business leaders need ...

Tripwire Vulnerability Scoring System [ Source: Tripwire ]

March 2014- Measuring and managing the security risk associated with information and information technology remains one of the most challenging and elusive problems faced by all levels of an organization. The challenge of how to measure, and therefore how to manage, risk is ever-present and top of mind for information security professionals. Unfortunately, most of the tools for vulnerability and risk management that exist today do not provide a suitable metric and consequently do not improve an ...

Buyer's Guide to Choosing a Vulnerability Management Solution [ Source: Tripwire ]

March 2014- Most organizations understand the critical role that vulnerability management (VM) plays in helping them meet compliance requirements,ensure security and reduce risk. However, many organizations discover,only after investing in a solution, that it doesn't properly address their needs. Avoiding this costly mistake can be difficult though, because at first glance many VM solutions appear similar.

This guide helps you objectively choose a new or replacement VM solution by teasing out the real ...

2012 Risk and Compliance Outlook Report [ Source: McAfee ]

September 2013- To better understand how organizations are managing risk through security and compliance, McAfee retained Evalueserve to conduct an independent assessment of the factors organizations that use risk and compliance products face in 2012. This is the third in a series of global studies that highlights how IT decision-makers view and address the challenges of risk and compliance management in a highly regulated and increasingly complex global business environment.

ROI: The Value of Deployment Automation [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- This paper explains how a deployment automation framework can streamline release operations and increase business agility. The document describes the benefits of Deployment Automation. In addition, the whitepaper contains a formula for calculating the return on your investment (ROI).

Proactive response to today's advanced persistent threats [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- Powered by an intelligent agent architecture, Endpoint Manager delivers real-time visibility and control to arm IT operations with near zero-day protection across heterogeneous environments and wherever laptops roam. It includes leading analytics capabilities that provide insights for hardening the infrastructure against attacks to the network, servers and endpoints.

First Aid Kit for Sys Admins [ Source: GFI Software ]

May 2013- You've found a virus running on your server. You discover logon IDs on your network that don't belong. A hacker has your credit card database. Any one of these is enough for you to hit your panic button and lose it - don't. In this eBook, get the steps you need to take to provide immediate aid to hacked systems, infected workstations, and other IT security disasters. This ultimate first aid kit for system admin ...

Why You Need to Consider Cloud-Based Security [ Source: Proofpoint ]

February 2013- Protecting endpoints from various threats is perhaps the single most critical function for any IT department. Given the still voluminous quantity of spam that hits corporate email servers, the growing threat from phishing and advanced persistent threats, and the increasing number of physical platforms and Web-based applications that have access to corporate data resources, protecting these critical resources and platforms should be at the top of virtually IT decision maker's "must-do" list.

Read ...

Why You Need to Consider Privileged Access Management (And What You May Not Know About It That You Should) [ Source: Dell Software ]

November 2012- Access controls that define a specific set of user privileges are well accepted as a security best practice. Why, then, are these same principles so rarely applied to the most sensitive access of all: administrative accounts?

In this ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® report, you’ll discover common excuses given to justify this oversight. You’ll then see how modern privileged account management solutions provide the control and monitoring capabilities needed to bring privileged access ...

Forrester: Prepare For Anywhere, Anytime, Any-Device Engagement with a Stateless Mobile Architecture [ Source: Blue Coat ]

October 2012- This report outlines Forrester's future look for mobile security and operations. This report is designed to help security and risk (S&R) and infrastructure and operations (I&O) executives understand and navigate the major business and IT trends that will affect the development of a future-proof mobile support strategy.

August 2012 Global Threat Report [ Source: ESET ]

October 2012- Get the most up-to-date view of the IT security threat landscape from the experts at ESET. This monthly threat report is required reading for anyone involved with IT Security.

The Cloud Checklist for SMBs: 7 Tips for Safer Cloud Computing [ Source: ESET ]

October 2012- The cloud is supposed to be a "cure-all", but it also creates numerous new security issues for SMBs. Download this techbrief for 7 tips you must have before you commit to any service!

How you build a secure network and growth ready network that is as agile as your business [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

September 2012- Learn how you build a secure network and growth-ready network that is as agile as your business. With a growth-ready network, small business can put new technologies to work on their schedule - and the rapid pace of doing business in the Internet age will never be too fast.

Sponsored by: HP and Intel®


Building Cloud-Optimized Data Center Networks [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

September 2005- This white paper reviews the impact of cloud computing on data center networks and describes HP's approach to building simpler, more secure and automated networks that fully meet the stringent performance, security, reliability and agility demands of the new data center in the Cloud.

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Insights from the Global CIO Study - Midmarket Perspective [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- How are technology leaders adapting to the change and complexity that mark today's economic landscape? Read this white paper to identify the 4 patterns, or mandates, employed by CIOs when leveraging business and information technology to innovate. Learn how each pattern indicated a distinct approach to IT leadership, and are derived from specific organizational needs.

Spam 2011: Protection Against Evolving Threats [ Source: Proofpoint ]

October 2011- 2011 anti-spam email security whitepaper. Today's enterprise anti-spam solutions typically deliver 95% effectiveness. Unfortunately, that's not good enough. A border-line attack that gets through a 5% gap in defenses could cost your organization millions of dollars in terms of lost business, exposure to privacy threats, and brand loyalty.

Recent attacks show that spammers and scammers are determined to find their way through any gap, however slight, in an enterprise's defenses. They're exploiting a variety of tactics ...

Four key strategies for enabling innovation in the age of smart [ Source: IBM ]

February 2011- On a smarter planet, intelligence is infused into the products,systems and processes that comprise the modern world. Theseinclude the delivery of services; the development, manufactur-ing, buying and selling of physical goods; and the way peopleactually work and live. Nowhere may this transformation bemore evident than in the creation of smarter products.

Planning and designing for smarter cities [ Source: IBM ]

January 2011- Infusing intelligence into the way cities work. The interconnected nature of people, resources and environments is driving a revolution in how and where people live. By 2050, city dwellers are expected to make up 70 percent of the Earth’s total population1—or 6.4 billion people—equal to adding seven New York’s to the planet annually.

To attract the best and brightest citizens and businesses, which bring the flow of economic capital, cities must compete ...

Using cloud technology to manage your availability, data and overall resiliency [ Source: IBM ]

January 2011- Your business is challenged with meeting the demand for continuous availability while also effectively managing enormous amounts of information that continue to grow, much of it online, and often with no offline option for conducting business. When your systems are down, you risk more than loss of revenue and productivity: you jeopardize business-critical data as well as damage to your brand.

Read this IBM white paper to learn how to develop a cost-effective ...

ITIC 2009 Global Server Hardware and Server OS Reliability Survey [ Source: IBM ]

November 2010- The ITIC 2009 Global Server Hardware and Server OS Reliability Survey polled C-level executives and IT managers at 400 corporations from 20 countries worldwide. IBM AIX UNIX running on the Power or P series servers scored the highest reliability ratings among 15 different server OS platforms, including Linux, Mac OS X, UNIX and Windows.

Managing a growing threat: an executive's guide to Web application security [ Source: IBM ]

January 2010- More and more companies are relying on Web-based applications to provide online services to their employees, to support e-commerce sales and to leverage portals. All of these applications are designed to help staff better communicate with customers, partners and suppliers. However, as the number and complexity of Web applications have grown, so have the associated security risks. With increasing frequency, incidents of Web application breaches resulting in data theft are popping up as front-page news. ...

New Data Protection Strategies [ Source: IBM ]

August 2010- As the demands for data capacity and higher service levels grow, protecting corporate data becomes more challenging. Continuous Data Protection, as discussed in this white paper by Evaluator Group and IBM, can cost-effectively improve security with minimal impact to business.

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